50 Most Captivating African American Short Hairstyles

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There were times when we believed that short hairstyles did not offer us much freedom and variety. Today we are impressed at how versatile short hairstyles can be, especially those stunning styles for African American women, whose hair is naturally thick and dense. Some girls simply start blooming with short hairstyles, while longer hair makes them ordinary. If you haven’t found your perfect short hairstyle yet or seek for new variations, if you do not know how to style your short hair for the coming party so that it looks chic, here is an abundant source of inspiration in pictures.

To wear short hair in the previous century was rather a sign of manliness. Today female short hairstyles look very feminine and sexy. Practically every woman at least once dares to try a chin length or shorter haircut.

The Gist of Short Hairstyles

A beautiful short hairstyle begins from the correct choice of a short haircut, optimal for you personally. Note that short haircuts tend to highlight the shape of your face and your facial features, especially the eyes. That’s why it wouldn’t be appropriate to claim that short hairstyles suit everyone. However, if you can boast of beautiful healthy skin and oval face, you will be a goddess with literally any short hairstyle, starting from an extremely short pixie to a chin-length bob. At the same time, if you believe you have something to conceal, you should be more exacting about the choice of the right short haircut.

In case your face shape is not as perfect as you’d like, you can still correct it even with a short hairstyle. Round faces will benefit from hairstyles with volume on top and thinned sides. Oblong faces, on the contrary, require volume on the sides (waves work very good) and long bangs, blunt cut or slanting.

#1: Hairstyle with Red Balayage Bangs

The classiest short hairstyles for black women involve a combination of pronounced texture and statement color. These black choppy layers, teased and combed to the front burst out into mahogany bangs for a chic hairstyle that doesn’t need length or curls to be feminine and voguish.

#2: Blonde Balayage for Short Hair

Some African American women also want to check what it is to be a blonde. With a popular balayage highlighting technique you will be able to blend blonde with your natural color so that it doesn’t look awkward, quite the opposite – more natural than the solid color and much more sophisticated.

#3: Wavy Pixie for Thick Hair

A solid black color, thick, wavy texture and a short length make for a style that may seem discreet at first sight, but it is classy and doesn’t distract from your beautiful face, especially if you have big eyes and such a brilliant smile.

#4: African American Choppy Pixie Cut

As a rule, short haircuts for black women don’t require long bangs or asymmetrical twists, because they are more into texture. Choppiness suits thick black hair. This cute sassy pixie doesn’t even need any particular styling.

#5: Undercut for Natural Hair

Undercut is a hot trend not only for men. African American ladies can successfully pull off these gorgeous extra short looks with no sacrifice to their femininity. Try a two-tone hair color and maybe some carved designs to make your style even sharper.

#6: Short Curly Vintage Fauxhawk

When vintage and modern blend in one hairstyle so harmoniously, you get a fashion statement ‘do that turns around the perception of your whole look. This pastel pink/red fauxhawk is remarkable from every angle thanks to its stunning texture, flattering silhouette and unhackneyed, appealing color.

#7: Sexy Layered Bob

Not every woman feels comfortable with an extra short length. But a bob is probably the only haircut every woman has tried at least once. When it comes to bobs, African American hairstyles are stunning even when no flashy colors or unusual textures are used.

#8: African American Curly Purple Pixie

Dark purple hair color looks interesting on black women, especially if it’s a short hairstyle. Purple in this case is not as expected as different shades of red, so you can count on a fresh look even if you go for your usual curly pixie cut.

#9: Messy Hairstyle for Tapered Cut

A short haircut with a tapered silhouette is another popular style for women who prefer to wear their hair short in a classy way. Tapering means neat gradually shortened sides with longer hair up top, and this is where you can unleash your creativity and experiment with different finishes. Messy, tousled texture looks modern and remains trendy, so this is likely to be one of your favorite options.

#10: Black Asymmetrical Side-Part Hairstyle

Short black hairstyles with accents and edgy twists are no less popular than simple classic styles. You can go for a long colored bang, a dramatic side sweep, undercut, carved designs or… all of them in one style!

#11: Two-Tone Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Platinum blonde is a rather rare color to see on black women – not every girl would dare to strip her locks off color so drastically, but the result deserves attention. If you want a dramatic change and want a light, dazzling color, you may consider this option.

#12: Messy Short Black Hairstyle

Neatly combed sides and a wild top reveal your inner sassy girl. It’s a stylish, present-day look that always makes you look a couple of years younger, more active and ready for life as an adventure.

#13: Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Some simple African American short haircuts manage to make dapper styles. Color and styling can really do wonders. This medium brown hue matches the color of the girl’s eyes and makes her complexion brighter. The effortless side- and front combed short locks draw attention to the beautiful facial features. The beauty of your hairstyle should never overpower your own beauty.

#14: Black Choppy Haircut with Bangs

The most eye-catching looks today come from the styles which blend a few different textures. A short choppy crown, styled spiky and a longer, sleeker front section is a very good solution for a short length.

#15: Flicked Back Vintage Hairstyle

Vintage hairstyles flatter most African American women, and you don’t necessarily need long locks and styles like passionate finger waves or dramatic Victory rolls. A short bob neatly flicked back with an accurate side part gives the same flair and looks modern while hinting on the past.

#16: Extra Short Natural Hairstyle

Extra short natural hairstyles look very charming and moving. It’s almost like baby’s hair that nevertheless, doesn’t look childish. Yes, hair grows out quickly and you will need an update soon, but that’s the fascination of black short hairstyles like this one.

#17: Asymmetrical Side Part Style

All sorts of black updos with the front section styled like a pillbox hat look very elegant and feminine. If you like this flair, you can re-create it even on the base of a short side part hairstyle with expertly swirled long side bangs.

#18: African American Pastel Blue Hairstyle

The pastel hair trend has swept through all ethnicities, but who can pull off a bright unnatural color better than an African American lady? This icy blue hairstyle looks exceptional. It creates a temperature contrast to the warm-toned skin which may be liked or disliked, but it won’t leave anyone indifferent, that’s for sure.

#19: Cute Kinky Curls

Black short haircuts for natural hair may also feature a tapered silhouette with longer hair up top to show off your beautiful kinky texture. For an accent, shape a few tight ringlets in the front section which are lost in the mass of short natural curls.

#20: Black and Gray Layered Hairstyle

A mixture of black and gray layers is another powerful attractant used in modern hairstyles. Trying this hair color solution on shorter hair, you will be able to switch to another color and style quite soon if in a while you’ll decide to try something else.

#21: Classy Tapered Short Hairstyle

This excellent cut with bangs and tapered sides/back really shifts the focus towards the models eyes and cheekbones. Not only is it extremely practical and easy to maintain, but it is also more versatile than you would imagine. You can change your look by swapping between hair colors, which is one of the year’s biggest trends. The beautiful lady in this image is sporting a lovely hue similar to Marsala – the trendiest color of the year. We love it!

#22: Extra Short Textured Pixie Cut

As much as we love beautiful long locks and edgy hairstyles, simplicity often manages to create the most sophisticated look. In addition to this, black short haircuts are usually more attractive than long ones. Just take a look at this gorgeous simple pixie cut that does nothing more than enhances the model’s natural beauty. The best thing about the short pixie cut is the fact that it requires little to none maintenance. Simply ruffle it up a bit in the morning for a casual look, or add some hair product for a sleek appearance.

#23: Layered Short Black Haircut with Bangs

More and more women are proving that short is the new sexy. The courage of embracing one’s femininity through a masculine short haircut is an undeniable sign of self-confidence. The model in the photo is sporting quite a powerful look: a modern take on the basin-cut bob. The hair strands embrace and define her cheekbones, while the uneven fringe accentuates the eyes. To achieve this look you simply apply hair products on towel-dried hair and style it with a soft paddle brush while blow-drying.

#24: Short and Sassy Look

The short and sassy black hairstyle was branded a while back. Since then, it has been a favorite with women, and hair-stylists are confident it will continue to be a trend-setter for years to come. The African American beauty in the image is wearing this playful haircut styled into spikes in the centre and shorter sleek sides. Hair stylists also recommend applying texturing cream and finishing everything off with hairspray in order to achieve the perfect fauxhawk look.

#25: Short Retro Hair

Vintage short hairstyles have made a strong comeback. This timeless finger-wave pixie, inspired by 1920s looks, perfectly demonstrates just how versatile short cuts can be in styling. Like many other short hairstyles, this pixie is designed to highlight your facial features. You can achieve this look with the help of a curling iron/curlers and hair cream.

#26: Textured Pixie for Natural Hair

The textured short haircut is a modern and fresh style that showcases one’s playful and independent nature. The center-piece of the cut is the Mohawk-like fringe. The sides are tapered and they blend practically seamlessly with the top. If you want to make a stronger impression with this hair style, you may consider dying the fringe in an unusual color.

#27: Puffed-Up Pompadour

We were surprised that a look as edgy as this can look so elegant. The puffed-up pompadour, which is a mix between the quiff and classic undercut, goes well with dark complexions. If you want to achieve it at home, you will need a curling iron, mattifying powder and bobby pins. You must curl back sections of the quiff individually and secure them with bobby pins until you’re finished. The sides, which should have a sleek appearance, can be styled with hair cream.

#28: African American Short Hairstyle

This particular haircut is slightly difficult to pull off, but it looks extremely cute. First of all, you will have to get an asymmetrical cut with longer side-swept bangs. The geometric lines are obtained by layering each strand of hair individually or by adding highlights on the bangs. The back of the hair is gradually tapered and styled in a straight line.

#29: Shaved-Side Style for Black Women

This year is all about asymmetrical looks. What you see in this photo is arguably the boldest hairstyle choice. It has a little bit of everything: one side is shaved, the back is sporting an undercut, and the other side has a beautiful long mane. What’s interesting about this style is the fact that it looks different from every angle. As you can imagine, the styling possibilities are infinite: the mane can be swept to the side, styled towards the back or arranged so that it covers the shaved area.

#30: Asymmetrical Black Short Hairstyle

Since we’re on the topic of asymmetrical cuts, here’s another fresh and edgy look. This one is quite easy to pull off. All you need to do is to get one side shaved, while keeping the strands on the other side perfectly styled. What we love about this short hairstyle is the fact that you can play around with its styling.

#31: Adorable Curls and Neat Side Undercuts

African American short hairstyles have infinite styling options. For example, you can spice-up the short crop with a long fringe and transform it into something modern and cute. The cool look with side undercuts can be obtained by working the bangs and the top hair into a big curly ‘do. Add some highlights optionally, and you’ll get yourself one sassy hairstyle! Did you know Rihanna wore the same hairstyle on the red carpet?

#32: Short Undercut with Highlights

The undercut has become a classic unisex look. Its beauty lies in the fact that it works with all types of hair, hair colors and hair lengths: long blonde locks, short black hair, you name it. This type of hairstyle is characterized by a longer portion of hair at the top of the head which is styled in a unique way, and closely clipped sides & back. This image is a great example of a curly undercut that has a layered appearance due to the carefully styled highlights.

#33: Sleek Asymmetrical Bob with Undershave

Shaving one’s head (or a section of the head) has become a bold fashion statement. More and more women are cutting their locks in favor of undercuts. The cute model in the image is boasting a beautiful sleek asymmetrical bob with a cool quirk: one side is shaved. Once again, we have a hair-style that looks different from every angle. The shaved side highlights her feminine features, while the longer part creates a sense of mystery and sensuality.

#34: Fun Curls for Black Hair

Short hair-styles are all about self-expression. That’s why you will often see women wearing amazing never-seen-before hairstyles. The idea is to be creative, like the model in the image. She decided to go with a vintage short-style, featuring Betty Boopdyed curls. If you want her look, you will need a curling iron and hair cream. This sexy short hairstyle with ombre hair strands is really fabulous!

#35: Super-Short Flicking Bob

The super-short flicking bob is a beautiful and effortless cut. It is basically a classic bob with a clear parting for straight or wavy strands. To achieve this look you need to style cute flicks and fix them with hair spray. Use a round brush and blow drier for styling. The bob haircut enhances one’s natural features with minimal effort.

#36: Boyish Short Style with Balayage Highlights

One of our previous examples featured a simple black women short hairstyle. While we believe it’s extremely elegant, some might consider it a little too simple. Don’t worry! You can make the look more exciting by adding vividly colored highlights. Just take a look at these beautiful tangerine streaks!

#37: Side-Parted Style with Long Bangs

This pretentious cut is a combination between the bob and the pixie. The longer side-swept fringe is perfectly styled over the forehead, and the sleek sides gradually become shorter towards the ear and nape to add more volume to the ensemble. This unique look is really cool but it requires constant maintenance and styling to keep the perfect shape.

#38: Short Black Hair with a Stylish Quiff

This style represents the perfect combination between a refined lady’s classic appeal and rebel heart. The quiff, which is considered by most a hipster cut, is styled in sophisticated wavy strands. If you are torn between getting an extremely short cut and keeping your medium-length hair, you should definitely go for this look. Simply style your hair on the sides with pomade and use a curler for the wavy quiff.

#39: Sexy Short Cut with Long Bangs

This fresh and effortless black girl short hairstyle accentuates your facial features such as eyes and lips. It is a timeless look that flatters all complexions and most face shapes. The side-swept fringe blends perfectly with the profile, while the closely clipped side adds an edgy and modern look to the style. Here’s an extra tip if you want to go for this sexy look: use red or fuchsia lipstick.

#40: Extra Short Pixie Crop

The extra short pixie crop is arguably the most comfortable and practical of all black haircuts. It doesn’t require any styling, it is very feminine (if you have big eyes and slimmer face) and it looks good with statement jewelry. The only thing you need to worry about is trimming your strands quite often.

#41: Auburn Faux–Hawk with Tapered Sides

Not quite a Mohawk, this tapered look sports curls on the top for length throughout the crown. This allows you to showcase blended highlights in any color that you prefer, although shades of red truly complement brown skin tones, as they bring out the undertones in the complexion.

short black fauxhawk hairstyle

Credits: Melissa Green, Studio 102 Hair Salon LLC, Chip Foust

#42: Black Short Hairstyle with Highlighted Bang

A layered bang is an easy way to add length around the face while still keeping a style of a shorter length. Perfect for relaxed hair, this look uses gorgeous reddish brown highlights to brighten the face. This hairstyle is a sleek, classic look for any occasion.

black pixie hairstyle with long bangs

Credits: Denise Cummings, Signature Styles By Denise, Chip Foust

#43: Bob Haircut with a Side Undercut

If the typical bob haircut is not for you, try one with a bit of pizazz. This chin-length cut uses soft shades of brown to create dimension, but the undercut section is even a stronger attraction of the look. It is especially beneficial for women with piercings to show off their sparkly studs.

African American short undercut haircut

Credits: Deirdre Clay, Wave Links Hair Studio, Chip Foust

#44: Curly Cropped Hairdo with Swirled Bangs

Closely cropped curls can sometimes look a little matronly on short black hair, which is why this style stands out. Instead of crisp curls, the look utilizes sleek coils for an interesting and sophisticated ‘do with a vintage flair. To take the style to the next level, add copper highlights in the front.

short black curly hairstyle

Credits: Natasha Johnson, 10 Gems Salon, Chip Foust

#45: Spiked Mohawk with Blonde Front

A spiked style is a great way to show off a spunky personality. To add extra texture, try 360 waves to achieve the rippled effect. A pop of color in the front gives another bold element, for an all-around impactful look that is perfect for the woman who wants to turn heads in a crowd.

fauxhawk with 360 waves for women

Credits: Constance Purnell, Alter Ego Hair Salon, Chip Foust

#46: Short Bob for Natural Hair

Jet-black hair always looks healthy and shiny, whether you have relaxed or natural hair. The sleek bang covering one eye creates a bit of mystery similar to the iconic Aaliyah style. This alluring hairstyle is classic enough for work and casual enough for play.

classy short hairstyle for African American women

Credits: Rasheeda Berry, Godly Image Hair Studio, Chip Foust

#47: Fiery Red Bob with Layers

The edgy short bob with heavy layers creates lightness throughout the style, which is especially helpful for natural hair that has been relaxed. This sexy style also utilizes a pop of red color for an enticing look that is perfectly suited for your next date night.

short hairstyle with red highlights for black women

Credits: Shae Thompson, A Heavenly Place in Hair, Chip Foust

#48: Textured Bob with Highlighted Fringe

A sultry haircut for black women, this style combines shorter and longer layers for a cute everyday look. Chin-length blonde pieces are the ideal way to brighten up golden brown complexion and slim your face. A good idea is also to match your eye shadow with your highlights!

long pixie with highlights for African American women

Credits: Jackie Evans, All About You Salon & Boutique, Chip Foust

#49: Updo with Side Curls

A messy side ponytail with curls is a classic style, but if your hair is not long enough there are ways to fake it. Sweeping your bangs and brushing your hair loosely to one side creates the appearance of a ponytail and the tighter hanging curls further support this idea. As with the previous styles, using blonde highlights is a perfect way to brighten and add a glow to your skin.

black short curly hairstyle

Credits: Carol Deas, Phenominal You Hair Care Salon, Chip Foust

#50: Feathered Short Hairstyle for African-American Women

This is a worthy look for a more mature woman, as it is classy and polished with a hint of spice. The highlights are fun and the flirty and the loose curls match the print of the dress, creating the perfect harmony of the look.

short curly hairstyle for black women

Credits: Sheronda Coleman, Beauty Speaks Hair Lounge, Chip Foust

Well, that’s all for short hairstyles for now. We wonder what you have chosen for yourself.

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