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Published on December 03, 2022
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With the changing of the seasons, you’ll probably want to change your hair color, too. Totally normal! So, here are some great winter hair colors that will inspire you to refresh your look and add some variety to your season!

Winter Hair Color Ideas

Whether you want an icy blonde tone, a rich brunette hue, or a cute shade from reds for winter, you have a good choice – the pictures below prove that. Winter is the season of contrasts, that’s why darker browns and light, cool-toned blondes are very welcome for the coldest days of the year. At the same time, if you are willing to test the red palette, you can either go for passionate vine hues or try orangey reds, as hot and magnetizing as the flame in a fireplace.

1. Dark Brown and Blonde Hair

Wavy Brown Lob with Subtle Golden Highlights

Instagram / @gustavomigli

Blonde highlights on brown hair is one of the most popular colors among fashionistas worldwide. A perfect winter balayage will feature a warmer brunette base and warm blonde highlights. So if you are still rocking “summer blonde” hair with light and platinum highlights, consider toning these down for winter.

2. Red Brown Hair

Auburn hair color is one of the most natural-looking red shades, and it oozes a simple yet sensual vibe, making you look more feminine and appealing. Step it up with copper face-framing highlights to bring out warmer undertones in your skin.

Reddish Brown Winter Hair Color

Instagram / @danielmbeauty

3. Smokey Copper

Some hairstyles speak for themselves and these long thick locks with dimensional copper color are no exception. Use the balayage technique to add marvelous dimension and movement and bring radiance to the whole mane. Such a thrilling mix of colors is sure to put you in the spotlight.

Golden Copper Balayage on Long Wavy Hair

Instagram / @dvcolour

4. Toffee Balayage

A cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and toffee candies is a famous winter treat that can serve as a source of inspiration for your next winter hair color. Use the hues for your new balayage or ombre to show off the most delicious shades in the best light.

Long Brown Locks with Honey Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @muzobilir

5. Strawberry Blonde

Warm and sunny strawberry blonde is going to light the surroundings and lift everyone’s spirits on cloudy winter days. You may want to try a light brown hue at the roots that blends into the warm strawberry blonde for a cute temperature contrast. We love the colors in this photo, and they are probably going to look even more gorgeous in real life!

Dark Blonde Winter Hair Color

Instagram / @juliajamessalon

6. Cinnamon Spiced Chestnut Brown

Looking up photos for new ideas can be oh-so-motivating! Here is a dark chestnut brown base accented with lighter cinnamon-toned highlights. The lighter color is applied like the occasional brushstrokes which look very chic and effortless. Keep a medium length, and add curls to accent those lovely highlights.

Dark Brown and Auburn Wavy Locks

Instagram / @xoxoannerz

7. Burgundy Red Hair

This burgundy shade whispers chic and good taste and requires many pictures to capture how awesome you look. One of the best vivid yet deep winter hair colors out there!

Dimensional Rich Burgundy Hairstyle

Instagram / @hair_by_nate_

8. Medium Brown Caramel Glaze

The final look we have chosen to showcase in this collection of winter hair colors is this caramel glazed style with highlights. Two shades of brown are combined, enhancing your hair layers and creating amazing depth for your long mane.

9. Rich Mahogany

This mahogany red color is bold, intense, and simply adorable on brunettes. Keep your length, allowing the natural waves to cascade down the back. This is an all-over dye process, and so worth it!

Chic Reddish Brown Hue for Loose Curls

Instagram / @isthatpat

10. Salted Caramel

Photos like these always serve as a potent source of inspiration. Warm colors give us life energy and brighten our mood on winter days. That’s why cinnamon, caramel and honey blonde hues are very welcome during the fall and winter months.

Chestnut Hair with Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Instagram / @sarabotsfordhair

11. Ash Blonde

This vanilla icy blonde tone is another winner among trendy winter hair colors. Choosing a flattering blonde hair shade, you should remember to pick a hue that will compliment your complexion. A rule of thumb is to match cool undertones with cool colors.

Icy Blonde Color for Winter

Instagram / @blassomhair

12. Brunette Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

The top hair colors for winter are here, tied together like best friends. A warm blonde hue brightens your hair, increasing the WOW factor of your hairstyle! Enhancing your natural brunette color with an all-over rich brown shade boosts hair shine and contributes to the overall look.

Brunette with Blonde Front Highlights

Instagram / @dvcolour

13. Platinum Blonde

This divine platinum blonde hair color requires lots of care both in the salon and back home (read platinum shampoo and deep conditioning), but it is so much worth it! If you are naturally blonde or have already bleached your hair to bring it a few shades lighter, the transition to this hue will be easier and saying “no” so much more difficult.

14. Chocolate Brown

2023 is a great time to try out a new look, and if you’re not ready to go too bold, try this one! The chocolate brown color accented with lighter chestnut tones makes these curls stand out for sure!

Rich Brown with Melted Caramel

Instagram / @coloredbyphuong

15. Spicy Ginger

Ready to get daring with the bright and heart-warming color for winter? This ginger shade will give you a reason to smile every time you look in the mirror. The random orangey highlights accent the shade perfectly!

Vivid Ginger Copper Curls

Instagram / @marian.estilistas

16. Dreamy Lavender

This is a fun look to try! Lavender makes a lovely color combo with super dark roots, but mind that dark hair should be lightened in several stages to pull off the hue while preserving health. With a shiny finish, your flowing waves will look like pure silk! You will love the way your length shows off the hue.

Cool Pink Blonde Hair with Shadow Roots

Instagram / @hairbytna

17. Dark Brown Hair Color

Brown hair reflects the light best, which is why brown locks look so shiny and healthy. More so, it is quite fail-proof as it flatters most skin tones. Rich brown single-process color is trending, and this winter season is a great chance to give it a try.

Long Polished Dark Brown Haircut

Instagram / @stylesbygiselle_

18. Metallic White Blonde

The lightest metallic shades are another option for winter hair colors you may try this season. Platinum blonde needs some shadowing to pop, and an ash blonde base is a perfect choice for this fabulous coloristic solution.

Icy Blonde Lob with Side Parting

Instagram / @lochair

19. Warm Brown Balayage

Winter color trends also include classic options. This timeless alluring look always wins hearts. Use a very dark brown base color, then highlight with a medium brown tone to accent both the darker hair shade and your skin tone.

Deep Brown and Caramel Blonde

Instagram / @sarahzstylz

20. Natural Blonde with Money Pieces

Looking for a perfect shade? Why not get back to the basics and wear your natural dark blonde hair? The color gives many women real hair envy and looks great for winter. If it still seems too boring for you, enhance the color with eye-catching face-framing highlights. Simply adorable!

Blonde Money Pieces on Light Brown Base

Instagram / @mastersofbalayage

21. Ash Brown Balayage

Light brown highlights are all the rage! Here, the sassy mix of ash brown and platinum blonde hues is nicely blended with dark brunette roots, making sure the new color will serve you the whole winter season!

Blended Medium Ash Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hair.byale

22. Hazelnut Brown

Rich and warm, a chestnut shade of brown hair has golden or red undertones in it. The root shadow and subtle face-framing highlights make this dimensional look the one to fall in love with!

Brown to Golden Copper Hair

Instagram / @sarabotsfordhair

23. Sassy Aubergine

Finding color trends that pop is exciting and evokes a sense of freedom. A shade of aubergine and plum on the dark (almost black) hair is quite striking. Blend the color with natural dark roots to get depth.

Black Hair with Chunky Maroon Highlights

Instagram / @chandsalonandspa

24. Mushroom Brown Hair

Cool brown shades like hazelnut and cocoa are excellent for letting cool undertones shine through. Consider using a blue shampoo to cancel red undertones in your natural hair color and help ashy browns stay on the cool side.

25. Black Hair with Ashy Babylights

Black is a welcome color in winter seasonal color trends, but the solid hue is likely to look too gloomy. The black diluted with cool brown and thin blonde highlights is another matter. This is a do-not-miss brunette idea for sure!

26. Pastel Pink

When it comes to hair colors for winter, your options are endless. Making the most of your color palette is essential, and this cool pastel pink is simply irresistible! It’s a subtle, softer shade, like the spring blossoms yet to arrive.

27. Sombre Babylights

These blonde waves will bring you right into spring with the energy of their color! Make the best of the darkest time by being the brightest one in the room. Keep your length, and add two shades of highlights over a medium brown base. You can definitely bring some cheer to the wintery days of 2023.

Gorgeous Ash Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @hairby_chrissy

28. Gray Hair Blending

When searching for winter hair colors, remember, a smart blending of gray is a trendy option! It’s a bit longer process to get sophisticated hair color like this, but if you’re willing to sit, you can have this amazing look and make root touch-ups much less frequent! For a dramatic look, length plays a big role, as well as the natural wave that flows down.

Cool Blonde Tone with Brown Underneath

Instagram / @mychaelabeauty

29. Bronde Hue

This look will continue to be popular in 2023, assuring that two-toned styles are here to stay. This fantastic brown-blonde mix looks glamorous and very winter-appropriate. Here come the compliments!

30. Mulled Wine

Aren’t winter and mulled wine synonyms? The trend of incorporating the best of deep red and burgundy shades into a beautifully nuanced mulled vine color has been building for some time now, so why not treat yourself to a mug and a salon trip this winter?

Rich Burgundy Winter Hair Color

Instagram / @isthatpat

Your next decision on which winter hair color to try this season just became a bit more of a challenge, huh? Feeling bold but not sure which look you like the most? Whatever your choice, be sure to try something fresh and new this season!

Wavy Brown Lob with Subtle Golden Highlights Reddish Brown Winter Hair Color Golden Copper Balayage on Long Wavy Hair Long Brown Locks with Honey Blonde Balayage Dark Blonde Winter Hair Color Dark Brown and Auburn Wavy Locks Dimensional Rich Burgundy Hairstyle Stunning Transition from Brown to Blonde Chic Reddish Brown Hue for Loose Curls Chestnut Hair with Blonde Face Framing Highlights Icy Blonde Color for Winter Brunette with Blonde Front Highlights One Tone Platinum Blonde Hair Rich Brown with Melted Caramel Vivid Ginger Copper Curls Cool Pink Blonde Hair with Shadow Roots Long Polished Dark Brown Haircut Icy Blonde Lob with Side Parting Deep Brown and Caramel Blonde Blonde Money Pieces on Light Brown Base Blended Medium Ash Blonde Highlights Brown to Golden Copper Hair Black Hair with Chunky Maroon Highlights Dark Chocolate Shade with Lighter Babylights Subtle Highlights on Dark Brown Locks Soft Mix of Light Pink and Blonde Hair Gorgeous Ash Blonde Balayage Cool Blonde Tone with Brown Underneath Effortlessly Dirty Blonde Hair Rich Burgundy Winter Hair Color
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