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Updated on February 14, 2022

A fabulous hairstyle is an absolute must have for a memorable Valentine’s Day, except having a boyfriend, of course. Actually, our hair can say a lot about our mood and intentions. Throughout the whole evolution of romantic relationships, men have learned to read these messages subconsciously. Among other factors, that’s why we believe in the power of the “right” Valentine’s day hairstyles and share the hottest ideas with you. Let’s start reviewing!

Romantic Hair Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Sultry curls, touchable waves, romantic braids, sexy crops and sensual updos… you have plenty of ideas to choose from regardless of your hair length and your styling skills.

1. Cute Flirtatious Braids

If you want to “let your hair down” and open the face for sincere emotions, this beautiful hairdo will serve all the purposes. Such a lovely and effortless braid can be easily secured with a couple of hidden bobby-pins and finishing spray.

Braided Half Updo For Long Hair

Instagram / @kykhair

2. Voluminous Curls

There’s a huge difference between prom curls and catwalk curls, and we suggest to choose the second option and use foam rollers properly. Also you can open your face playing with the shape of this win-win hairdo. Use bobby pins to make it more comfortable to wear.

Fluffy Voluminous Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @eduardomella

3. Neat’n’Messy Hairstyle

The most charming hairstyles look both done and naturally messy. That’s why we offer to combine a tight braided headband and a messy bun made of slightly curled strands. This durable and stunning Valentine’s day hairdo will look perfectly appropriate, regardless of how you plan to celebrate it.

Low Curly Bun With A Braid

Instagram / @hairbymatilda

4. French Twist

If your celebration of love will look like a classical and luxurious restaurant date, then a French twist is one of the most magnificent Valentine’s day hairstyles for you to choose. It looks perfectly feminine, classy and seductive, especially in conjunction with elegant earrings and a laconic evening gown.

Red French Roll Updo

Instagram / @bethshanefelter

5. Short Wavy Hair

Short hair can also look romantic and sexy, if you play with various textures. We choose effortless flat iron curls and evening la-femme-fatal makeup. Don’t forget to fix the result with a firm-hold finishing spray, because short hair is bad at keeping its shape.

Short Messy Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @cabelocurto

6. Hair Bubbles

The bubble ponytail is one of the most ingenious takes on the classy ponytail, so you simply can’t miss watching some tutorials and learning how to create such a festive and cute Valentine’s hairstyle. Your beloved will be impressed, and you’ll raise your inner hairstylist’s level.

7. Around-the-Head Braid

The era of romance is not over, that’s up to you. Try on this extra romantic and stylish hairstyle for Valentine’s Day and enjoy being the one. But don’t overdo and make it too tight, because the right mess and chaotic strands look sexy, fashionable and more natural.

Headband Braid Updo

Instagram / @brittsully

8. Glitter Roots

February is quite a boring month when everyone can’t wait for this dull winter to end, but you can always shake things up by adding some hair glitter to your roots. Create a truly memorable look and stay gorgeous all night long. Moreover, this trend is still powerful and interesting to try.

Half Updo With Hair Glitter

Instagram / @gabisaari_hair

9. Old Hollywood Waves

Retro vibes are all around, and men usually have old-fashioned perceptions of beauty, that’s why these Lana Del Ray inspired curls is a great idea for any date. The glamorous but smart hairstyle is easy to implement for all lenghts. Be sure to use a strong hair spray to preserve this loveliness.

Vintage Side Waves Hairstyle

Instagram / @heidimariegarrett

10. Evening Ponytail

“The less is more” mantra is still topical, and if you don’t want your boyfriend to guess how hard you tried, choose a simple fluffy ponytail for your gala dinner. Here you can find tricks and tips that help to make a pony more voluminous and do without elastics.

Low Voluminous Ponytail

Instagram / @brittsully

11. Three Buns Mohawk

This amazing hairstyle is perfect for cozy romantic Valentine’s Day walks, a party or whatever you plan to do. It looks sweet and daring at the same time. The main success secrets here are the smooth parting and strong fixation.

Triple Bun Mohawk

Instagram / @chamstyle

12. Half-Up Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids look much more elegant than usual ones, especially in conjunctions with beautiful natural waves styled for long-awaited magical dates. Use invisible bobby pins to secure your braids and curl the rest of the hair with a flat iron.

Waterfall Braid Half Updo

Instagram / @braidsbyjordan

13. Messy Braided Hairdo

Classic and fashionable, this hairstyle seems to be created for catching admiring glances and breaking hearts. Also it is a perfect idea for 2nd day hair, if you’re such a busy girl. Master the art of braiding and be sure to look gorgeous.

Messy Dutch Braid Updo

Instagram / @laurendunnhair

14. Crimped Hair

This hello from the 80s is getting very popular among celebrity hair stylists and trendsetters. So, you can join the club just before the Valentine’s Day in order to both achieve your fashion goals and impress your boyfriend with an extravagant fluffy hairstyle.

15. Red Carpet Pony

This neat, glamorous and luxurious ponytail is right what you need for celebrating the best Valentine’s Day in your whole life. If your hair is not long enough, you can use hair extensions, which are highly popular now. Or just make it shorter and still look awesome!

Ponytail With A Hair Wrap

Instagram / @stephenyoungsalon

16. Heart Braid

The heart, a symbol of love, can appear in your hair in about 5 minutes after watching this tutorial. The rest of the hair can be curled or strengthened – depending on your mood and outfit. Isn’t this heart cute? Such Valentine’s day hairstyles will be the center of attention without any doubt.

St Valentine's Day Hairstyle With Heart

Instagram / @neebebe

17. Another Heart Variation

A braided heart can look casual and ultra festive – everything depends on your outfit and the hair accessories you choose. If you want to create a perfect hairstyle for your Valentine’s Day date, put elastics aside and pay attention to sophisticated hair jewelry (these small pieces can totally change the whole hairstyle).

Braided Heart Half Updo

Instagram / @jennamarieee_

18. Side Puff

If you’re a lucky African American girl who has embraced her natural hair, take note of this brilliant hair idea for any case, including the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Add bright makeup, right accessories and enjoy getting compliments!

Asymmetrical Afro Puff

Instagram / @beautybybeemarie

19. Short Androgynous Hairstyle

A molding paste with long lasting hold can help you to transform usual short hair into a stylish and sexy hairstyle for the perfect celebration of love. Moreover, you can temporally dye separate strands and use a wet shine gel to completely kill him.

20. Two Topknots

Sexy ladies know that sometimes frivolous hairstyles are the best. Try wearing these magical cute topknots with a refined evening dress and master the power of contrasts. Curl the ends if you want to increase the level of solemnity.

Two Half Up Buns

Instagram / @frankiemiles

All you need is love, for sure. Loving him is nature. Loving yourself is art, so, never lose your awesomeness and try on these amazing Valentine’s day hairstyles!

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