The Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 70

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Age is not a hindrance to good taste and desire to look attractive. A flattering haircut and a beautiful hairstyle are affordable in any age. This selection of images with styles for older women will help you to get inspired by the looks of womens who are aging gracefully, remaining beautiful and feminine through the years.

Refined Hairstyles for Women Over 70

Here are trendy haircuts and new ideas of hairstyles and hair colors for 2022.

#1: Perfect Tapered Pixie Bob

A pixie bob is the best haircut for adding multiple levels of layers into your locks. Also don’t forget about trendy hair colors. Something that makes your grays purposeful, like an ash blonde or silver balayage is a smart hair color solution.

#2: 70+ Gray Pixie for Fine Hair

A pixie cut is undoubtedly one of the best hairstyles for women over 70, for anyone with fine hair or rapidly thinning strands. Rather than spiking layers up, keeping them angled downwards can help mask the areas where the hair is sparse, and also allow for bangs to blend seamlessly into the rest of the style.

#3: Trendy Short Haircut

If you do not want to expose your locks to the aggressive impact of chemical hair colors, follow the example of Judi Dench. She has found a way to ennoble her grey hair with a beautiful silvery hue. In combination with a trendy pixie haircut and a sassy hairstyle, you will achieve a stylish contemporary look.

short pixie haircut for older women

Featureflash /

#4: Jaw-Length Silver Stacked Bob

Neat, well-shaped hairstyles for women over 70 can be pretty stylish and effortless-looking. Here’s a nice example. Embrace your white hair with a chic cut and add toners from time to time to enjoy all the nuances of silver hair.

#5: Short Ash Blonde Pixie

When choosing among short haircuts for women over 70, be sure to focus most on the overall desired shape. This classic style provides a rounded shape with the sides and back being clipped very short. The key to keeping it feminine is height on top and bangs in the front.

#6: Short Salt-and-Pepper Cut with Highlighted Bangs

Want your grays to look purposeful? Embrace them and enhance! Let a stylist strategically place color to achieve a more polished look. Focus lighter strands towards the front to draw attention to the face.

Gray Pixie Hairstyle over 70

Instagram / @lady00goodman

#7: Stacked Gray Pixie Bob

Need a good grandma ‘do? A short stacked bob is one of the best hairstyles for women trying to keep their cut simple and stylish. To add a little personality to your look, give long side bangs a try and opt for stacked layers in the back. This style is equally beautiful whether you have black hair or rock sophisticated silver strands.

#8: Short Dishwater Blonde Hairstyle Over 70

Does your color start to feel a little too “bottle blonde?” Darkening it up just a touch with a dishwater blonde shade can be incredibly flattering for a fair complexion. Pair the hue with a cropped cut that has longer layers throughout, and use a texturizer to make sure the shape stays not too “done”.

#9: 70+ Short Feathered White Hairstyle

This feathered cut shows how thick and luscious short hairstyles for women over 70 can look. The layers give the illusion of a fuller style but the length is low-maintenance.

Feathered Short Hairstyles For Women Over 70

Instagram / @wildhorsessalon

#10: 70+ White Choppy Pixie

The choppy white pixie is perfect for women over 65 who have thin hair. Pixies are great at hiding thinning hair in a cute and hip way.

Over Choppy Pixie For Thinning Hair

Instagram / @heiditaverner

#11: Short White Choppy Cut for Straight Hair

The best short haircuts for women over 70 are the ones that don’t require a lot of upkeep. Now that you’re living your best life, spend less time fussing with your hair and go for this cute choppy cut!

Choppy Short Haircuts For Women Over 70

Instagram / @jaytaylorhair

#12: Airy Gray Pixie with Feathered Layers

A flattering hairstyle is the key element of an old lady look. Hair shouldn’t be left to its own devices with age. The feathered pixie is here to prove that a hairstyle in your senior years can be current and easy to style. This cut is a great way to keep some of your fun and carefree nature, and it is also one of the best choices for women with thinning locks.

Textured Silver Pixie for Older Women

Instagram / @samjonssalon

#13: Short White Hairstyle with Bangs

Some women reject the idea of white hair, but today it’s actually a stylish shade, popular among young women too. Embrace the stylish hue with an equally chic pixie cut that features a deep side part and side-swept bangs for a little movement up front.

Long Silver Pixie Hairstyle over 70

Instagram /

#14: 70+ White Feathered Pixie for Thin Hair

Haircuts for women over 70 have become more stylish in the past couple of years. This feathered pixie is also great for women with thinning hair. Its delicate and soft side-swept bangs cover the problematic areas and work as a lovely accent.

#15: Short Wispy Brown-and-Blonde Hairstyle

Dying hair a solid blonde or brown can be exhausting, expensive, and damaging, but an in-between shade that ties in naturally brown and blonde strands is a thousand times easier in terms of upkeep, and it looks current.

70+ Two-Tone Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @indigothesalon994

#16: Shiny Feathered Nape-Length Bob

Hairstyles for 70-year-old women that don’t age you can be hard to come by, but this nape-length bob will make you feel young again. Subtle hints of blonde woven into a gray base are bright and beautiful.

#17: Tapered Pixie with Long Crown Layers

When choosing short haircuts for women over 70, it’s important to determine first which texture and cut is going to work and look best with your particular face shape. If you’re not quite sure where to start, consider a tapered pixie with longer layers in the crown. The style is very versatile and works for most older ladies.

Gray Layered Pixie Cut

Instagram / @craftacademysalon

#18: Feathered Pixie for Thin Hair

If you have fine hair, you know the struggle is real when it comes to short hairstyles. That’s why this featured short cut that’s angled frontwards is ideal for women who don’t have a lot of strands to work with.

Older Women's Silver Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram / @zoierose

#19: Short Salt-and-Pepper Cut with Wispy Layers

Even short haircuts for women over 70 don’t necessarily have to be super short. If you’ve got long hair and want to transition to a comfortable medium length, consider the timeless bob. Be sure to ask for fluffy, wispy layers so that the style doesn’t appear blocky and weighed down.

Gray Pixie Bob over 70

Instagram / @noriko_h_hair

#20: Classy Straight Gray A-Line Bob

Need a haircut that’ll look perfect with glasses? An A-line bob with pin-straight bangs that meet the eyebrows and curvy face-framing pieces is just the style for you.

Over Short Choppy Cut For Thin Hair

Instagram / @energyhair

#21: Short Finely Chopped Cut

Whether you have thick or thin hair, texture is crucial for a short cut. With thick hair, the finely chopped technique delivers the best results if you are after a neat style, simple in shape and easy to style.

Short Blonde Hairstyle over 70

Instagram / @studioarj

#22: Short Choppy Salt and Pepper Cut

It’s no secret that as we age, our hair tends to become thinner. If you’re over 65, the best hairstyles to make your thin hair look thick are short choppy ones. This salt and pepper cut mixes the best of light and dark colors.

Chocolate Pixie Over 65

Instagram /

#23: Layered Pixie with Sideburns and Bangs

Current hairstyles for a 70 year old woman make it easy for you to incorporate feminine and boyish elements into your cut. If you want a feathered pixie cut with a tomboy vibe, you may want to accentuate your sideburns. Cut longer side bangs for a nice face framing effect.

#24: Ruffled Purple-Tinted Gray Pixie

Who said hairstyles for over 70 had to be boring? If you’ve gone gray but want to keep things interesting, a lilac tint might be the answer to your prayers. A tiny touch of color adds a lifted, animated look to dull strands, and can be easily maintained by incorporating a purple shampoo into your shower routine.

Feathered Silver Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram / @gutoferreiras

#25: Tapered Pixie with Long Crown Layers

Spicing up a pixie cut is easier than you might think. Ask for long layers on the top and crown of your head and let them flow smoothly into subtle side bangs. The back and sides could be tapered or undercut.

Short Ash Blonde Layered Cut

Instagram / @marip_hair

#26: Feminine Feathered Pixie

Pixie cuts have a reputation of looking quite tomboyish; however, you can easily make your crop more feminine with feathered layers and a deep color. Try feathers for the right texture, and if you have wavy or curly hair, this cut will work especially well for you!

Brunette Pixie Hairstyle over 70

Instagram /

#27: Short Tapered Pixie with Textured Crown

Short hairstyles for women over 70 are super easy to keep tidy and low maintenance. With a length like on the photo, only a bit of a product is necessary. You may style without a comb, just running your fingers through your hair and defining layers.

#28: Feathered Chocolate Pixie with Babylights

The chocolate pixie over 65 shows us that if you are not comfortable with gray hair, you can stick to your favorite hair color from your younger years. Ask your stylist for babylights for a fun take on the hip pixie.

Short Gray Hair Over 70

Instagram / @sassyforhair

#29: Choppy Pixie Transformation

Looking to try a different style? It’s not hard to quickly transform your hairdo into something spunky and fun. Opt for a super short pixie with choppy layers that stick out nicely. The cut is the right combination of messy and polished, and it looks really fresh.

Chopped Gray Pixie

Instagram / @rouge22salon

#30: Fluffy Snow-White Pixie with Tapered Back

Wondering how to achieve a fluffy finish for your strands? It’s a combination of the right layers and the proper blow-drying technique. Ask for wispy layers (for this, fine hair is ideal), and when it’s time to blow dry, spritz in some root-boosting spray to keep things elevated. Zhuzh hair while drying to shape!

Over 70 Layered Tapered Pixie

Instagram / @kristaschlag

#31: Short Layers with Highlights

Blonde highlights on a soft brown color look so pretty with aging skin because they are not jarring (like overly dark colors can be). Ask your stylist for a piecey cut (that will provide tons of volume to fine hair) and highlights through the bangs and upper layers.

short hairstyle for older women

Instagram / @bellosalon

#32: Short Stacked Gray and White Bob

Thick, healthy hair is perfect for creating a stacked bob. The style requires enough hair for layers to be quite literally stacked on top of one another, and based on your preference, you can build the look as short or long as you like.

Stacked Gray Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @ariasalongp

#33: Over 70 Fluffy White Pixie

In case you are absolutely comfortable with gray hair over 70, try out this fluffy white pixie. If you have thin or fine hair, a hairstyle like this will bring back the volume you want.

Short Gray Hair With Purple Highlights

Instagram / @ghyenczy

#34: Short Choppy Gray Cut with Purple Highlights

Ready for something completely different than your typical gray or white haircut? Pick your favorite color and have a few highlights put in, like this choppy cut with well-placed purple highlights.

Tapered Feathered Pixie For Older Women

Instagram / @saloncabeloaveda

#35: Fluffy White Tapered Pixie

The snow-white tapered pixie with feathered layers and soft light bangs is the ultimate classic hairstyle. It’s perfect for showing off your eyes, cheekbones, and dangly earrings for a date night.

Over Gray Tapered Cut

Instagram / @boholoribeauty

#36: Short Gray Tapered Cut for Older Women

Tapered cuts may seem a little intimidating because of how short they are, but if you can’t rock it now that you’re living your best life, when can you? Keep bangs and hair at the nape of the neck short, and the hair around the crown long and voluminous.

Instagram / @bhair888

#37: Textured Salt-and-Pepper Pixie with Tapered Nape

Pixie cuts don’t need to be straight — in fact, natural textures can really amp things up. If your long hair was curly, your short hair will likely have more of a wavy texture, which can look amazing as a pixie and make styling super easy. A salt spray and some finger work can create the perfect tousled finish!

70+ Wavy Pixie with Nape Undercut

Instagram / @hair_by_jailynn

#38: Neat Rounded Bob

For a 65 year old woman, worrying about styling and managing her hair is the last thing she wants to do. In order to keep your locks neat and tidy, opt for a rounded bob with minimal layers. The style is still trendy while it considerably reduces your upkeep time.

#39: Piece-y Pixie Bob with Elevated Crown

To look flattering, hairstyles for women over 70 shouldn’t sit flat on your head. Try to inject as much natural volume into the cut as you possibly can. Consider a pixie bob combination with piece-y layers that will lift the hair around the crown and build a lovely short yet voluminous style.

Over 70 Short Feathered  Haircut

Instagram / @allcutupsalon

#40: White Hair with Side Bangs

White hairstyles were known for reading not just old — but old fashioned. No more! The straightness factor (instead of tight curls) keeps this cut looking cute and modern. The smart addition of side bangs has the same effect, while being incredibly flattering to boot.

#41: Cute Textured Bowl Cut

The best hairstyles for older women are those that make you still feel young at heart, and this textured bowl cut is a great way to be fun and flirty at an older age. In this picture, you can really see how enhancing your texture can bring life into your basic hairstyle.

Choppy Short Haircut over 70

Instagram / @schylerdoeshair

#42: Spiky Pixie Undercut over 70

Looking to add a little edge and spunk to your hair? Borrow from the younger punk stars and cut a pixie style with a dramatic undercut. Your gray or white hair will make the look age-appropriate, so you can enjoy a personalized style even in your later years.

70+ Very Short Haircut for Women

Instagram / @_areyouflawless

#43: Curly Golden Blonde Pixie for Older Ladies

Want to upgrade a classic grandma haircut? Get a perm! Permed hair doesn’t have to look like traditional Shirley Temple ringlets — when done right, it can create a soft, wavy texture that saves you time getting ready in the morning and allows to stop applying heat to delicate strands.

Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle over 70

Instagram / @pmstylist

#44: Tousled Pixie with Torned Fringe

Andrea Romano looks fresh and youthful, and it’s mainly the merit of her sassy short hairstyle. If you want to wear your locks grey, find a way to neutralize the yellowish hue. The hairstyle itself is not difficult, but very showy, and it does become Andrea.

short sassy hairstyle for grey hair

HelgaEsteb /

#45: Natural Aged Color

Short hair is a common choice for ladies who are on the more mature side, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune at the salon. Instead, have your stylist work with your natural grey to only enhance instead of conceal.

Choppy Pixie for Women over 70

Instagram / @hertadye4

#46: Short Feathered Hair

Sometimes the best style is the one where you just let nature take its course. Short haircuts for those who are 70 plus years old should be low-maintenance rather than adding effort. If you have naturally wavy or “feathery” hair, just ask for the best haircut to enhance your natural beauty.

Over 70 Salt and Pepper Curly Pixie

Instagram / @hair_by_kbo

#47: Brushed Back Style

Go for a style that is serious and simple, without being dull. A honey blonde blend looks great on this basic style that keeps hair out of the face while still brightening it up.

70+ Feathered Blonde Balayage Pixie

Instagram / @charlies_hair_

#48: Haircut with Very Short Bangs

Sassy and tons of fun, the fire engine red hair hue is the perfect solution to many tired hairstyles for 70 year olds. When you have a bright color that pops like this deep red does, your haircut can be much simpler and conservative while still being fun.

Auburn Pixie for Women over 70

Instagram / @fusshairstudio

#49: Short Layered Bob

The cute bob hairstyle like in the photo is trendy, modern and flattering for women of any age. Here, you have a medium length style that is parted in the center with layers that frame the face while also adding depth and volume. The whole idea of this look is to keep it current, but still age-appropriate – this bob does just that.

#50: Short Blonde Crop

The best hairstyles for women over 70 are not complicated. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being brave enough to venture into the short hair territory. Especially if you’ve had long hair for years, it can seem intimidating to go for a completely different look. Consider a fun blonde hue to complement your new cropped style.

#51: Choppy Brown Pixie with Babylights

You’re never too old to get highlights — in fact, they can often be a helpful tool for making your hairstyle dimensional and drawing attention to the face. Ask for a choppy pixie cut and keep the bangs area slightly longer, then get golden babylights strategically placed up front and around the crown to give the whole style a lighter, more lifted look.

#52: Chin-Length Bob with Choppy Bangs

There’s nothing more flattering than a traditional bob that features face-framing layers and bangs! Talk to your hairstylist about the style of bangs you like, and then decide whether you want them choppy, piece-y, or blunt.

A-Line Bob with Bangs for Older Women

Instagram / @cortneyfarkashair

#53: Layered Bronde Balayage Bob Over 70

If you don’t want to be bothered with regularly dying strands to match your roots, the balayage is the best possible hair coloring technique for you. It blends hair in a way that creates harmony between dark roots and lighter ends, and this balayaged layered bob proves that brondes (brunette blondes) have more fun!

Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @spankie1

#54: Textured Wavy Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Do you want to make your fine hair appear fuller? A short piece-y cut will help in the first place. Next, style with a light-hold product to define the layers and get some lift for a flattering, moderately voluminous look.

Short Piece-y Dark Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @cklinehair

#55: Blonde and Gray Swept-Back Bob

Lots of hairstyles for 70 year old woman will feature bangs to help mask a forehead of wrinkles, but what if you’ve been smart about your skincare? A swept-back look shows off a great complexion and appears particularly sleek when paired with a straight stacked bob cut.

Classy Gray Bob for Straight Hair

Instagram / @sghairdressing

#56: Choppy Silver Pixie Bob

A cut that fits somewhere between a pixie and a bob is a great option for someone who wants to go shorter over time, but isn’t ready to take the plunge. It’s a beautiful shaped cut for thick hair that you may style straight and sleek or wavy/curly.

70+ Gray Stacked Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @ariasalongp

#57: 70+ Short Feathered Strawberry Blonde Bob

A feathered bob is a fluffy, flattering take on the style that can sometimes be hard and heavy. Ask your stylist for feathered layers all the way from top to bottom, and complement the look with some light, straight-across bangs. To keep layers looking lifted, blow dry with a round brush away from the face.

Short Layered Creamy Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @manicpixie00

#58: Short Pixie with Soft Spikes

Feel free to spice up the so-called grandma hairstyles by experimenting with your dye job! The same cut will look absolutely different in a tender pastel pink and an eye-catching saturated burgundy.

Before and After Pastel Pink and Burgundy Pixie

Instagram / @zt.hairapartment

#59: Nape-Length Dark Ash Blonde Bob

The best shade of blonde to mask graying hairs is a darker, ashy color that allows grays to blend in, not stand out. An ashy hue looks especially nice when paired with a neatly trimmed bob kept nape-length all around. Ask your stylist for a stacked shape with slightly shorter layers to enjoy some bonus volume.

Short Stacked Gray Blonde Bob over 70

Instagram / @forhairbymoon

#60: Grey Pixie Cut

It is a bold choice to wear very short hair at any age, but after 70 it’s often the most flattering option. This cute pixie cut has a few layers to give it definition and dimension. Additionally, the back and sides are cut very neat, showing just how chic short haircuts can be. It’s easy to style and a pleasure to wear.

These pictures show us that older ladies can look very stylish with simple haircuts and hairstyles. Use them to find your own perfect hairstyle that won’t let you forget that you are a contemporary woman who knows how to present her beauty and charisma in the best light.

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