30 Gorgeous Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles

A short wavy bob haircut is a great choice for women who want to try a shorter style without compromising on femininity. Beyond looking beautiful and chic, wavy bob hairstyles can be incredibly versatile — you can experiment with bangs, parting, and your hair color to achieve quite an outstanding look. Instead of a thousand words, explore our compilation of awesome short wavy bob hairstyles to get some inspiration for your next salon trip.

#1: Messy Wavy Bob

If you’re looking for something hot but naturally looking at the same time, consider this short bob haircut. Loose messy waves deliver a distinctive sexy vibe, while the chunky highlights step just a bit from the woman’s natural hair color, beautifully framing her face.

#2: Super Short Wavy Bob

This very short bob might be your best choice if you’re endowed with thick wavy hair. By removing length (and weight!), you’ll get that awesome lift and your well-deserved volume. And this is not all: leverage a deep side parting to create an even larger volumizing effect.

Asymmetrical Bob with Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

#3: Chin Length Bob for Naturally Wavy Hair

Let your beautiful natural texture shine through with a short bob haircut! Natural waves look defined and more voluminous when cut shorter. This chin-length wavy bob is an ultimately cute option, indeed.

Brown Naturally Wavy Hair Bob Cut

Instagram / @seabrapaullo

#4: Beachy Waves

What is better than a blonde bob? A blonde wavy bob! The iconic combination of a bob haircut and shiny blonde gets a fresh twist thanks to the beautiful beach waves. This short wavy bob is destined to stand out.

Short Blonde Cuts for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @hirohair

#5: Short Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

A bob cut is renowned for flattering any hair type, including fine hair. For starters, it deprives you of those irritating thin ends, giving your hair a fuller look. And next, like any short cut, your bob can work wonders in lifting your tresses at the root and making finer hair appear more voluminous.

Textured Wavy Hair for Brunettes

Instagram / @ruteboazhair

#6: Inverted Bob with Soft Waves

Although it requires regular trims and curling iron sessions, this is a truly stylish option that will make you feel like a red-carpet celebrity on a daily basis. A wavy undercut inverted bob looks especially elegant on brown hair, but don’t forget about some shine spray to seal the deal.

Wavy Inverted Bob with Hidden Undercut

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#7: Layered Wavy Bob with Bangs

A layered bob haircut has won millions of hearts due to the mind-blowing fullness it provides. While this bob looks awesome by itself, baby bangs are a cherry on top, making this hairstyle look totally mesmerizing.

Voluminous Short French Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @erika.king_

#8: Blunt Bob with Flat Waves

If you’re tempted to give a try to a bob haircut but find it hard to say goodbye to your long locks, consider a shoulder-length wavy bob. It is a perfect chance to test the waters before making your big decision. Explore different hair color ideas to juice up your wavy lob, for instance, get a naturally looking ombre like this one.

Gorgeous Brown to Ash Blonde Bob

Instagram / @eunicekimhair

#9: Chin Length Bob with Chunky Highlights

A short wavy bob is a great go-to option for ladies who prefer low-maintenance but still elegant hairstyles. To make your wavy strands look more interesting and up-to-date, try spicing them up with chunky highlights that match your skin tone.

Side-Parted Dark Bob with Honey Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @belximenes

#10: Messy Bob Haircut

A wavy bob with irregular parting is an awesome way to show off your naturally wavy hair. A messy wavy hairstyle is an excellent choice for women who’re always on the go. Tuck one side of your wavy bob behind the ear and add some statement jewelry to immediately transform your hair for a special occasion.

Low Maintenance Short Haircut for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @acasasilva

#11: Messy Bob for Thin Hair

This messy wavy bob looks fabulous on blonde hair. Elaborate layering at the nape helps achieve a stunning volume, and this effect is greatly reinforced by loose waves. What is more amazing, this hairstyle can be easily adjusted to any face shape by incorporating the right parting.

#12: Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

We’ll never get tired of saying that wavy bob hairstyles can be exceptionally versatile — apart from playing with the parting and highlights, you can try different types of bangs. If you’re seeking a trendy solution, consider short curtain bangs that seamlessly blend into longer layers.

Brown Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @eastonhair

#13: Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Despite being fairly simple, this slightly messy bob looks very stylish. Beach waves juiced up with a touch of blonde are all about femininity and youthfulness, while center parting and classic length make this short wavy bob look elegant and formal.

Short Wavy Hair with Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @nataliarok

#14: Choppy Bob with Thick Bangs

If you’re looking for a face-framing option to balance out your square face shape, a short wavy bob with bangs has you covered. Heavily textured, this bob hairstyle is a great option to tame your unruly naturally thick waves.

Short Haircut with Bangs for Round Face

Instagram / @nakedeyebeauty

#15: Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs

Many women who want to try shorter hair are often discouraged to give it a go because of the daunting hair straightening routine awaiting them. But who said you should fight with your beautiful natural waves? Let them thrive with a charming pixie bob like this!

Layered Pixie Bob with Long Wavy Bangs

Instagram / @marinapett.hair

#16: Peachy Blonde Curly Bob

A short bob cut can flatter virtually any hair type, curly hair being no exception. A thoughtfully layered bob is a surefire way to make your natural wavy curls pop. To secure an outstanding look, choose a hair shade that goes beyond usual, like this dazzling peachy blonde.

#17: Graduated Bob on Jet Black Hair

Graduated bobs have shorter layers on the top to create body and fullness, making them a perfect option for ladies with fine hair. Paired with asymmetrical waves and face-framing bangs, this cut helps achieve a youthful appearance.

Dark Brown Micro Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @nothingobvious

#18: Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

A chin-length wavy bob might be your way to go if you’re looking for a short hair idea to flatter your thin locks. Elaborately stacked back and loose waves create dimension and volume, while bangs make this dark brown hair look absolutely cute.

Chocolate Brown Wavy Bob with Bangs

Instagram / @tatumshanehair

#19: Copper Red Wavy Bob

This wavy bob haircut is an ultimate head-turner due to its vibrant copper red color. Steal this idea if you want your wavy hairstyle to be the center of attention wherever you go. However, your choice of a statement shade should primarily depend on your skin tone and eye color, so keep this in mind when browsing hair color ideas.

Vibrant Ginger Bob with Beach Waves

Instagram / @garageacibadem

#20: White Blonde Wavy Bob

Loose waves are a breeze to create with the help of a straightening iron, making this short wavy bob hairstyle an easy, low-maintenance option. Pair it with a bold shade like light blonde, and you’ll get an extremely elegant look.

Platinum Blonde Shaggy Bob

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

#21: Wavy Bob in Rich Caramel

Wavy bob hairstyles look especially beautiful with a balayage for short hair. The play of shades emphasizes the wavy texture, resulting in a truly impressive look. There are plenty of versions to choose from — this is you who decides — but we definitely recommend trendy caramel balayage like the one you see in this pic.

Short Deep Copper Waves with Lighter Highlights

Instagram / @moon_hair_bygaby

#22: Short Wavy Bob in Flamingo Pink

If you want your wavy bob hairstyle to stand out, go for an unusual shade such as this dreamy flamingo pink. Couple it with glamorous curtain bangs and dark roots, and you’ll get a really chic look.

#23: Dark Brown Wavy Bob with Babylights

A wavy inverted bob is a great choice for women who prefer classic hairstyles. It looks awesome on dark brown hair with blonde babylights that make the waves look more distinctive.

Angled Blunt Long Wavy Bob with Subtle Balayage

Instagram / @esteticamagazine

#24: Messy Center Parted Bob

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance short hair idea, this short wavy bob might be what you need. Keeping it deliberately messy is a breeze, especially with the right product. What is more, you can experiment with the parting and various types of bangs to get a totally new look.

Brown Bob Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

Instagram / @ruteboazhair

#25: Short Wavy Bob for Salt’n’Pepper Hair

Short wavy bob hairstyles work well on thick hair, instantly making thick tresses look well-groomed and more voluminous. A short wavy bob is a good choice for graying hair, providing it with a flirty vibe you might be coveting.

Dark Brown Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram / @hollygirldoeshair

#26: Dark Blonde Shaggy Bob with Bangs

A wealth of shaggy layers make this short wavy hair appear ultimately voluminous and elegant. Long layers at the front seamlessly transition to the shorter hair at the nape, creating a mind-blowing movie star effect.

#27: Curly Bob in Vivid Green

We bet your wavy curls will feel great when packed into a short bob. Shorter curls look more bouncy and defined, and if you want them to look even more remarkable, try an unconventional hue such as this juicy green.

Short Lemon Blonde and Green Curls

Instagram / @msklarie

#28: Angled Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

Although a wedge haircut is already an outstanding option, you can go further and boost dimension with natural-looking highlights and lowlights. They not only add a fresh touch to this thick wavy hair but also help beautifully accentuate facial features.

Inverted Layered Bob with Light Brown Highlights

Instagram / @mqm_beauty

#29: Medium Bob with Hollywood Waves

A fair compromise between short and long hair, medium wavy bob hairstyles look incredibly chic with a deep side parting. To make sure your wavy hairstyle keeps the perfect shape at all times, consult your hair stylist on a reliable product that can take on this important mission.

Stunning Warm Brown Bob with Deep Side Parting

Instagram / @borisboriswho

#30: Cute Wavy Bob

It’s safe to say that wavy bobs are among the cutest hairstyles ever. So if you don’t mind joining the cute crowd, consider getting one as soon as possible. The good news is that besides being fairly low-maintenance, this wavy hairstyle can be easily adjusted to various face shapes.

Short Hair Style for Brunette Wavy Hair

Instagram / @spellbound_manes

If you’re eager to get a trim without losing your femininity, short wavy bobs are your way to go. This trendy option can be easily adjusted to different face shapes and hair types, and you can make it look more or less formal with the right color.