30 Trendy Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 60

Who told you that you couldn’t look sassy or fashionable in your 60s? The right short haircut may help you broadcast any message you want, as well as save you time on hair styling. Check these popular short spiky haircuts for women over 60 that will help you look stylish while wearing your hair short. Save the most inspiring ideas to show your hairstylist on the next appointment.

#1: Playful Spiky Pixie for Older Women

This style is all about edge and fun! Even though it doesn’t look like classic pixie short styles, it is quite easy to style and maintain. A good haircut for those who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves.

Low Maintenance Short Spiky Hair Idea for Older Women

Instagram / @kariebell_hair

#2: Sassy Short Cut for Thick Hair

Just because you are 60+ doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from experimenting with your hairstyle. Repeat this shaggy pixie cut and add highlighted feathers, and ta-da! — your new inspiring hairdo is ready!

Sandy Blonde Spiky Cut

Instagram / @tress_elegance

#3: Auburn Spiky Pixie and Micro Bangs

Could you think of a more classy and charming haircut for older women than a spiky pixie? Add a brighter hair color, like this rich auburn shade, and we guarantee everyone will fall in love with your updated style!

#4: Gorgeous Blonde Pixie for Mature Women

Pixie cuts are easy and low-maintenance, yet they look swanky on older women. If you want to bring more texture and volume to your thinning hair, it’s time to pay attention to this hairstyle with a textured crown and spiky layers.

Short Blonde Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Instagram / @hair_by_pedro

#5: Delicate Purple Spiky Pixie

Add a few stylish accents to your neat natural look to make it sparkle with new colors. Feathered layering delivers more movement to your short hair, while the purple-gray shade highlights its texture and dimension.

#6: Modern Gray Pixie for Older Women

A pixie haircut suits women of all ages, so you can easily match it with your gray hair. Such a hairstyle will help you make an impression of a confident and fashionable woman, as you really are.

Neat Gray Pixie Cut

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#7: Short Feathered Pixie Haircuts

Haircuts for women over 60 can be really stylish and appealing, no matter if you have thin or thick hair. Feathered layers bring texture and dimension to your short strands; wispy bangs emphasize the beauty of your eyes, making your gaze more in-depth and expressive.

Short Blonde Haircut for Women with Thin Hair Type

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

#8: Shaved Nape Pixie Cut for Over 60

This is one of the simplest yet coolest short pixie haircuts that will always be in style! The nape undercut brings more attention to the voluminous crown, which allows you to elongate the face shape and get rid of its roundness if necessary.

Short Spiky Cut on Dark Salt and Pepper Hair

Instagram / @kariebell_hair

#9: Dark Red Pixie with Undercut for Thick Hair

You may believe it or not, but bright colors look good on older ladies, especially reddish shades. Just check out how the dark red hue goes with this short edgy pixie with a modern undercut! Chic and fashionable!

#10: Two-Toned Jagged Spiky Pixie

Jagged pixie looks incredibly stylish on its own, but with multi-tone hair color, this cut is an absolute stun! Make your hair lighter on top to give extra volume to your crown.

Edgy Two Tone Pixie Hairstyle for Older Ladies

Instagram / @insta_b.allen

#11: Caramel Brown Pixie Haircut

Here’s a simple yet attractive short spiky pixie hairstyle for women who prefer natural looks. With this gorgeous caramel-brown shade, your hair will shine brighter than ever. Plus, choppy layers give a pretty silhouette and texture to the hair.

Short Cut for Thinner Hair with Face Framing Layers

Instagram / @yukistylist

#12: Short Pixie with Long Layers

This haircut is a great fit for ladies with straight thin hair who dream of more volume and movement. Ask a stylist for a longer pixie and put the layers away from your face to focus attention on the beauty of your facial features.

Woman over 60 with Short Pixie Styled to the Top

Instagram / @susanbarton

#13: Shaggy Pixie Cut for Mature Women

Here is a good example of a cool, eye-catching hairstyle for a mature lady. Highlight the messy texture of your natural graying with the help of spiky locks and give your beautiful silver mane a more modern and voluminous look.

Spiky Gray Pixie Bob for over 60

Instagram / @chebangssalon

#14: Bright and Soft Silver Hairstyle

Short spiky haircuts for over 60 like this one can easily turn heads! The edgy styling perfectly matches the bright platinum blonde shade. Brighten your strands with a toning shampoo to make them shinier and silkier.

Sassy White Pixie Haistyle for Over 60

Instagram / @timelesbeauties

#15: Fiery Copper Hair and Stylish Undercut

This spiky pixie cut is truly eye-catching thanks to its bright copper color and stylish undercut. The main secret of this fantastic texture is to tease your hair a little to get this slightly messy look and fix the result with the appropriate styling product.

#16: Funky Pink Spiky Haircut

Experiments are good at any age. Show this cool spiky pixie to your hairstylist on your next salon trip, and get ready to hear dozens of compliments. This is a super creative cut for those who aren’t afraid of taking risks!

Pink Faux Hawk with Darker Roots

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#17: Long Ginger Pixie with Temple Undercut

Women in their 60s can easily liven up their gray hair with a short spiky haircut and some bright, catchy shades, like this fiery ginger. Style your pixie to the side and add a cute undercut on another side to come up with modern trends.

Orange Red Short Spiky Cut

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

#18: Pearl Blonde Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

If you are more into delicate hair colors, consider trying this tender pearl blonde shade. This elegant spiky pixie cut is definitely one of the best short hairstyles for thin hair, as it goes well with any face shape.

Short Gray Hair with Purple Undertone

Instagram / @jeicobylanney

#19: Short Top and Long Sides

The half-gray half-black pixie hairstyle that features longer sides is a great option for women over 60. Accentuate this elegant style with massive earrings and stylish sunglasses to look chic wherever you go.

Short Spiky Cut for Salt and Pepper Hair

Instagram / @50s_stylingup

#20: Voluminous Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Fine hair usually requires more volume, especially if wearing it short. Yet, with this gorgeous layered pixie cut, your hair will look as voluminous as never before! Pair this inspiring hairdo with bright makeup to draw more attention to your new style.


#21: Stylish Pixie Cuts for Women Over 60

We like how this short pixie bob frames the face and softens its contour. At the same time, it amps up the volume at the crown, thanks to the right amount of layers. Use a texturizing spray to emphasize the layering and create long-lasting styling.

Voluminous Short Cut with Bangs for Women over 60

Instagram / @diegomarcsant

#22: Short Pixie Cut with Layered Highlighted Bangs

The best thing about pixie haircuts is they are easy to style and maintain, which is why pixies are so popular among women over 60. To create this particular cut, ask the stylist to feature longer layers and dye them blonde using this highlighting technique.

Spiky Cut with Long Side Swept Bangs

Instagram / @saharkarimi1986

#23: Edgy Platinum Long Pixie Cut

Uneven bangs are an excellent way to refresh your short pixie hairstyle. Add a platinum blonde shade to complement your skin tone and create a beautiful, lightweight look in your 60s.

#24: Messy Pixie Shag with Bright Accents

This gorgeously textured and low-maintenance spiky pixie cut is truly mind-blowing! Tease your hair a bit on top to bring extra volume, and add vivid pink bangs to contrast the blonde hue. A great trick to spice up short haircuts.

Short Spiky Pixie with Pink Color Block

Instagram / @hair_by_pedro

#25: Catchy Short Gray Cut with Turquoise Bangs

This stylish, bold hairdo is a real catch for mature women who love experiments. The gray pixie looks quite simple on its own, but with bright aquamarine or turquoise accents in front, it achieves a truly trendy appearance.

#26: Sassy Gray Hair with Wispy Bangs

Let’s rock your short hair with this messy pixie cut with bangs and layers! Thanks to the feathered ends all around, your new style will look absolutely airy and flawless. An awesome idea for older women over 60.

#27: Flattering Short Hair with Babylights

This funky pixie haircut is an excellent idea for those who want to improve thinning hair after 60. Style your sparse hair to the side to give it a more voluminous look, and add contrasting subtle highlights for extra dimension.

Platinum Blonde Short Spiky Cut

Instagram / @serynaatlionokc

#28: Wavy Pixie Haircut for Mature Woman

Spiky pixie haircuts look good on both straight and wavy hair, so if you decided to brighten up your hairdo in your 60s, this is an excellent solution. Embrace your cute style with this elegant, warm blonde shade to add romantic vibes to your appearance.

#29: Long Spiky Hair with Micro Bangs

Not all short hairstyles can suit ladies with thin locks, but this pixie mullet hairstyle is an exception. A layered crown and micro bangs make hair very voluminous and textured on top, thus delivering more dimension to the whole haircut.

Trendy Cut with Spiky Texture for Older Women

Instagram / @manija_hair

#30: Spiky Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

A short feathered pixie cut with teased roots provides a voluminous hairstyle that flatters most face shapes. Use hair wax when styling your spikes to create a sassy style that will make you look younger.

Brown Spiky Cut for over 60

Instagram / @jeicobylanney

These 30 short pixie haircuts will definitely inspire you to a new flattering hairstyle. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to experiment with your hair!