20 Top Short Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces over 50

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Short hairstyles for women with round faces over 50 are not just boring one-length pixies and classic bobs. You can’t even imagine how differently a really good master can cut, style and color your locks! Even if they are fine or thin. We`ve found 20 hairstyles that perfectly balance out round faces, hide age and always remain stylish. A must-see for any woman 50+!

Round faces have soft and non-angular features. The forehead, cheekbones and rounded jawline are almost of the same width, the cheeks are usually full. If this is your case, try hairstyles that cover your ears, slimming asymmetrical cuts with side bangs, crops with angles, spikes, or shaggy layers. Looking for a pixie? Choose volume on top and backcombing. Prefer bobs? A chin length, angles in the front and a stacked/graduated back in modern bob variations will work for you best. Rounded hairstyles will flatter you only if they have a lot of texture. All this theory is visualized in the pictures below.

#1: Slimming Long Pixie with a Side-Swept Fringe

Over Layered Pixie with Bangs

Instagram / @leigh.tack.hair

A short pixie cut with long side bangs is an ideal choice for women with round faces and glasses. The thick, brushed-forward crown section adds height to the look, and together with elongated sideburns and angular frames, slims down the face and brings it the desired edge.

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#2: Youthful Chin-Length Cut with Flipped Ends

The bright magenta underlayer and the golden blonde top section of this cute hairdo will make you look much younger than a 50-year-old woman. It will also show the world that you have the guts to be a trendsetter. The ends are feathery, light and flipped up slightly for a whimsical touch.

Shorter Blonde Cut with Pink Peek-A-Boo Highlights

Instagram / @zoomhairstudio

#3: Banged Bob with Strategically Placed Balayage

The long side pieces of the face-framing bob act as extended bangs and help slim down the round face and double chin. The strategically placed soft brown balayage is a classic color choice that blends well with most fair-to-medium complexions.

#4: Burgundy and Copper Pixie

By wearing your hair in a short style, and choosing an eye-catching color, you create a bright, dynamic, and youthful look. It distracts attention from the round face and double chin.

Bright Copper Pixie For A Round Face

Instagram / @hairbyambrastyle

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#5: Natural Gray Angled Bob with Purple Lowlights

The classic Cleopatra cut works well for round faces and thin hair. The gentle A-line angle runs across the jaw and does a great job of disguising the heavy jowls. Long, wispy bangs draw attention to the eyes and unique purple lowlights.

Gray Bob with Bangs for Older Women

Instagram / @hairbyamberparks

#6: Messy Highlighted Crop for Fine Hair

When it comes to short hairstyles for women with round faces and fine hair over 50 stick to the layered cuts that build height on top. Wispy bangs gently brush across the forehead and blend in with the long angular side pieces, producing an elongating effect on the cute chubby face.

Choppy Pixie Over 50

Instagram / @hairbyrobynrente

#7: Short Sides and Longer Highlighted Top

Keep your hair clipped closely but be sure to leave the top section long enough to show off your bright highlights. The razored bangs and long sideburns make this one a worthy option of popular short hairstyles for women with round faces over 50.

#8: Inverted Bob with Chunky Highlights

If you have thick hair that has a mind of its own, consider cutting it into one of these frizz-taming bobs or long pixie haircuts for round faces. The bright highlights are chunky and give the overall impression of healthy and lush hair, especially when combined with a rich base color.

Caramel Blonde Tapered Bob

Instagram / @_hairbybrandy_

#9: Classic Bob Upgraded with Texture

The right hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces have features that help slim the face and add a bit of character to your appearance. Keep the hair a bit tousled and try a slightly off-center part to create the effect of peek-a-boo bangs.

Wispy Brown Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram / @katej.hair

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#10: Lavender Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Add a modern twist to a standard short gray pixie by embracing the popular lavender tint that’s all the rage right now. If your hair is a little thin, tease the roots and leave long bangs to sweep across the forehead. The vertical position of the angled side pieces helps to narrow a too-round face.

50+ Choppy Gray Pixie

Instagram / @palsfortana

#11: A Pop of Color for Ladies over 50

The simplicity of the classic bob is a beautiful thing, but if you want something a little jazzier, consider adding some splashes of a vibrant color. It’s a great look for women with round faces and glasses, especially if you concentrate the color towards the front and around the face.

#12: Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with Babylights

By angling the bangs and blending them into the sides, you create a one-of-a-kind slimming effect that’s stylish and on point. Try one of these flattering hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces, and you’ll see the difference.

Long Layered Pixie Over 50

Instagram / @petramichutova

#13: Low-Maintenance Short Curly Haircut

Use big rollers to help tame the texture of short curly hairstyles and gain a little extra control over the frizzies. This conservative cut still has a lot of personality, particularly if you choose a color a couple of shades lighter than your eyebrows. Add some highlights or a balayage, and you’ll have a style you can call all your own.

Shorter Curled Hairstyle with Bangs

Instagram / @adamdoesmyhair

#14: 50+ Blunt Haircut with Bangs

Embrace your super-thick hair by cutting it into a jaw-length bob with bold, straight-across-the-forehead bangs. It’s among the best short hairstyles for women with round faces over 50, because it’s so feminine and youthful. Choose a solid hair color to make an even stronger impact.

#15: Stylish Pixie for Older Women

Older ladies who want to appear leaner and thinner tend to select long hairstyles because they think they’ll look younger with longer hair. However, for women over 50 with a round face, a short bob may be a more comfortable and more flattering option if the basic recommendations for such cuts are taken into consideration.

Short Bob For Women Over With A Round Face

Instagram / @tiffanysouza.work

#16: Short Angled Bob with Balayage Highlights

If you’re a 50-year-old woman who enjoys staying abreast of the latest haircuts and styling trends, you already know that classic A-line bobs never go out of fashion. The sharp angle of the cut perfectly camouflages heavy jowls, and the subtle copper highlights help to lengthen the face.

A-Line Bob For A 50-Year-Old Woman

Instagram / @jdthomasandco

#17: Sassy and Classy Stacked Cut for Round Faces

An inverted wedge-shape isn’t always the first idea when we think of suitable pixie haircuts for round faces, but it’s a great option if you’re in the market for something different. The distinct stacked back does a good job of showing off the darker and lighter sections of the sophisticated ash blonde dye job.

Inverted Ash Blonde Pixie Bob For Round Faces

Instagram / @fringe.artistamy

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#18: Neck-Length Bob with Bangs

When choosing medium length hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces, it’s important to look for cuts that help elongate the face. A symmetrical bob with textured bangs offers a youthful vibe, making you look friendly and approachable. The vibrant rusty-auburn color is attractive for most skin tones in this age.

Over Auburn Bob With Textured Bangs

Instagram / @stanley_salon

#19: Blonde Bob with Pastel Roots

Here’s a short hairstyle for fine hair that looks yummy enough to eat. Women with round faces can try basic hairstyles that experiment with unique colors.

Blonde Bob For A Round Face And Fine Hair

Instagram / @rouge22salon

#20: Creative Pixie with a Pompadour

If you’re ready to try out unique hairstyling options for round faces and thin hair, consider experimenting with a classic pompadour as a refreshing and fashionable choice. The sharp side part offers a hint of masculinity, as do the closely clipped sides. Try to get the top section to stand up at least 2-3 inches off the head, as this will help elongate the shape of your face.

Round faces are not so hard to define: too soft features may be easily corrected by angles in your cut. As you’ve noticed, a hair color matters too. A new shade or several highlights here and there are always a good idea if you are over 50. So, the right cut will elongate and slim your full round face, and a fresh color will lift your mood and boost confidence. Try one of the above styles and you`ll see instant positive changes!

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