20 Charming Pixie Haircuts for Women over 50

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Pixie haircuts for women over 50, contrary to popular belief, may look current and flattering. You just need to find your perfect short crop and keep it stylish with a suitable product. Discover exciting pixie trends that work for older women and choose the cut that will flatter you best!

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To look much younger than your age, you need to coordinate the choice of a new cut with your face shape. Complement an undefined jawline and full cheeks with angled asymmetrical haircuts. Volume on the top of the head will elongate the face. To soften square face, consider rounded cuts with shaggy styles. Also, rethink your color. Update your natural gray pixie with silver blonde highlights or dark gray lowlights. Balayage, bright shades and two-toned colorings are in too. Learn styling basics: defined layers, spiky or swept back top will always work. Check the images with short crops over 50 below and save ideas you love the most.

#1: Feathered Pixie for Fine Hair

Feathered Pixie for Fine Hair Over 50

Instagram / @lisakthefoundry

There are plenty of pixie haircuts for women with fine hair over 50; it’s just a matter of selecting which one looks best on you. The messy, feathered style with highlights and lowlights is a worthy solution.

#2: Two-Toned Choppy Pixie for Older Women

The wispy side-swept bangs of this edgy two-tone pixie frame the forehead, while the extra-long, chocolate sideburns call attention to the cheekbones and ears (so wear some dazzling earrings!). The darker undercut gives the hairstyle an unexpectedly groovy twist.

Brown And Blonde Undercut Pixie

Instagram / @summerevansstudio

#3: Razored Pixie with Balayage and Root Shadow

If you need a current and easy short hairstyle for thick hair, you’ll appreciate the shaggy cut with feathery layers. Blowdry with a round brush or tousle and airdry.

Short-To-Medium Layered Haircut Over 50

Instagram / @whenhairymetmissy

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#4: Rounded Pixie with Dimensional Highlights

Wear your hair in a long pixie with feathered bangs that sweep across the forehead. You can position the long side pieces so the ears are covered, but make sure that you leave them angled so they can frame your cheekbones. The honey-blonde highlights add a healthy shimmer that also brings out your youthful radiance.

Long Bronde Balayage Pixie

Instagram / @elainedoes_hair

#5: Sophisticated Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

A tousled top and a tapered back are the mainstays of short pixie haircuts for women in their 50s because this combo is youthful and easy to style. The long, silver-gray highlights can match in color with your frames and help to make a fashion statement.

Short Piece-Y Highlighted Pixie Over 50

Instagram / @kimberlydupuy

#6: Rounded Feathered Pixie with Babylights

Long feathered layers are popular in pixie haircuts for women over 50 because they are easy to style and look natural. Babylights add shine and help to disguise the unwanted grays on the dishwater blonde base.

Voluminous Layered Pixie Cut

Instagram / @_shobestyle_

#7: Asymmetrical Pixie with Messy Volume on Top

One of the best ways to add height to your pixie hairdo is to tousle the crown. To achieve the super-messy look, ruffle it up with your fingers, tease it, and consider using a root lift product for more height. This is an eye-catching haircut, even if you choose to use a solid color, but if you really want an accent, add some colorful streaks.

Brunette Tapered Feathered Pixie

Instagram / @erin.boha

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#8: Youthful Short Layered Haircut

The short, choppy cut with random long chunky pieces has a sporty feel to it, but it’s not tomboyish at all. The ash blonde balayage offers a subtle way of covering your gray locks, but it looks so natural that no one will ever guess it’s not your real color.

Uneven Choppy Dirty Blonde Pixie

Instagram / @cosmo_camee

#9: Voluminous Silver Gray Pixie for Ladies over 50

Show off your silver-gray locks by feathering them out towards the back in a wedge shape. Pixie hairstyles for women over 50 are sassy and feminine and can be styled in a multitude of ways. Change the part; comb it straight down and forward, or slick it back – there’s no shortage of options for everyday wear.

#10: Tapered Pixie with Long Wavy Layers

No one will ever guess that you’re a 50-year-old woman when you wear your hair in a bright wavy pixie with uneven layers. The dramatic rusty red tones of the copper balayage indicate that you are a young thinking woman who is aware of current fashion and beauty trends. The extra-long curly pieces that drape over the eyes add flair and individual style.

50+ Red Wavy Messy Pixie

Instagram / @scout.hair

#11: Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Side Bangs and Glasses

This is one of the best pixie haircuts for fine thin hair for women over 50. It makes the most of the flat textures that are the hallmarks of very fine hair. Allow the super long, jet-black bangs to fall over your glasses for a classic rock and roll look that takes years off your appearance.

Straight Black Pixie With Long Side Bangs

Instagram / @pixie.cut.queen

#12: Short Razored Cut with a Side-Swept Fringe

If you’re a natural blonde who’s trying to decide on the best hair color to cover up your grays, go with ash hues. Make sure the entire hairstyle is feathery and wispy around the face, to soften the look and minimize wrinkles.

Ash Blonde Layered Pixie For Older Women

Instagram / @nelsonstylist

#13: Stylish Lifted Pixie with Undercut

Volumize your pixie hairstyle by adding an undercut. Tousle the top to achieve a thicker and higher silhouette. You can stick with a basic neutral color like chocolate-brown or liven it up with highlights.

Over Pixie Comb Over

Instagram / @caitlinsenna

#14: Sassy Gray Pixie for Round Faces

Pixie cuts for women with round faces over 50look much better when the sides are long enough to graze the cheeks. Balance out a wide face with rectangular glasses and side-swept bangs.

50+ Silver Pixie For Round Faces

Instagram / @robyn_styledit

#15: Textured Bright Colored Pixie with Undercut

What looks better than a bright fuchsia pixie? How about a bright fuchsia pixie with an undercut? Here’s a standout haircut that ensures all eyes are on you; wear it with confidence! The long straight locks are tousled on top, and the shadow of the dark roots adds character and depth.

50+ Choppy Pixie With Nape Undercut

Instagram / @alteregoraleigh

#16: Short Razor Cut with Angled Sideburns

A short pixie haircut is a great way to show the world you’re proud of your 50-year-old status. Highlight the crown section with a bold blonde color, and keep the base color a conservative ash-brown tone. The hairstyle goes well with glasses because the temples call attention to the long, triangular sideburns.

Pixie with Glasses For A 50 Year Old Woman

Instagram / @ateljebym

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#17: Dark Gray Short Sassy Pixie

Here’s a classic pixie haircut that’s appropriate for women of all ages; but it looks especially fantastic on women over 50-years-old. For a more sophisticated appearance, part the hair on the side and tousle the crown. Go with your natural salt and pepper hair color or choose a tint that works with your skin tone.

Over 50 Gray Classic Pixie Haircut

Instagram / @hollyhugheshair

#18: Shaggy Silver and Dark Gray Pixie

A choppy pixie does wonders if you have naturally thick hair that wants to do its own thing. Don’t fight it! Let your locks go spiky and messy, throughout the cut. A woman over 50 years old should avoid matronly looks!

Choppy Gray Pixie for a Woman Over 50 Years Old

Instagram / @elena_cali_hair

#19: Sliced Tapered Pixie

Color your hair a bright icy-white tone to bring out all your best facial features. Pixie cuts for women over 50 are rejuvenating when you let the bangs grow long to cover your eyes. The razor cut edges give it a casual look when they are blow-dried; for a more sophisticated style, slick it back with some extra-hold gel or mousse.

White Sliced Pixie for Women Over 50

Instagram / @stacy_stylist

#20: Pixie with Gray Balayage

Let your pixie haircut grow out gracefully by keeping the back section trimmed close to the nape and letting the crown section go a bit longer. For thick hair, make sure to cut the bangs on an angle, so they lay down flat and frame your forehead and eyes. The silver-gray balayage combines nicely with dark brown and blonde hair.

The fact that you are over 50 or even over 60 doesn’t mean you need to stick to one boring hairstyle and stop embracing your beauty. Try different cuts and colors, create your style! Especially now when you have so many options to experiment with. We hope you’ve found your short crop among these pixie haircuts for women over 50. Have fun with your hairstylist at the salon and let him or her rejuvenate you a bit!

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