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Updated on December 19, 2023
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10. Light Red Curly Hair

Without any doubt, coppery golden hair and bouncy curls were made for one another. Multiple tones of light copper add dimension and enhance that mind-blowing volume provided by curly locks. Also, check out how fabulously this natural copper shade complements pale skin with peachy pink undertones.

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Red hair color can be really impressive! While blondes and brunettes are arguing about who has more fun, redheads are simply enjoying themselves. You don’t need to participate in absurd discussions, as there is a perfect red shade that flatters your skin tone and even your personality. You just need to find it!

Look through the divine palette of red hair hues comprising every beautiful shade, from fiery red and light auburn to deep red brown and ruby red hair.

Beautiful Shades of Red Hair

Light shades of red hair flatter women and girls whose natural hair color is dark blonde. These are going to bring out the playful note of your look, softening your facial features and adding a naughty spark to your eyes. If you have black or brunette hair, you may enhance it with a darker shade. Natural redheads also benefit from dyeing their lock, making the color richer and better defined.

Look through our new review of the most stylish red hair color ideas and choose the one you’d like to try during your next visit to the salon.

1. Bright Copper

This rich, bright red hair shade is what you need if you want to combine a classic look with a daring color. A great choice for ladies with green eyes, this awesome red hue looks especially good on long hair.

2. Cinnamon Waves

If you’re striving to achieve a more natural feel, consider getting cinnamon hair. This light auburn shade looks gorgeous when enriched with darker auburn lowlights and light copper highlights. Of course, hair texture means a lot to this look, too, so don’t underrate messy waves and curtain bangs.

3. Dark Brown Red

You’re destined to steal all the looks with this stunning dark red hue. We’ve fallen for this perfect transition from dark roots to brighter red tones. Side parting and Hollywood waves seem to be the best match for this eye-catching cherry red hair.

4. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde, which has been among steady hair trends for a while, is an excellent option for women with fair skin tones. Messy 80’s-inspired shag coupled with short chopped bangs is just right for creating that cool vibe.

5. Golden Blonde Highlights

If you’re a lucky owner of natural red hair color but still looking for ways to make your locks even more outstanding, consider getting blonde highlights. Golden highlights will accentuate your natural shade and enhance it with a soft glow.

6. Deep Auburn Hair

Brunettes might like the idea of upgrading their dark brown hair with a deep red hue. This chic shade of red perfectly flatters darker skin tones, and loose textured waves do an awesome job in adding that classy gloss to dark red hair.

7. Jaw-Dropping Red Balayage

What can be more attractive than a juicy shade of red on your mane? A couple of bold reds! Check out this bombshell combination of rosewood red with bright copper tones, created to win hearts. Inspired by October vibes, this lush red balayage will drive amazed looks all year round.

8. Perfect Melt

This lady opted for shadow roots that are smoothly transitioning to a couple of tones lighter, strawberry blonde ends. Steal this idea if you’re a natural redhead in search of a trendy, low-maintenance style.

9. Burgundy Red Pixie

Women with pixies often go for dyeing their hair red to make their look even more daring and eye-catching. Burgundy red seems to be the perfect shade if you have a warm complexion.

10. Light Red Curly Hair

Without any doubt, coppery golden hair and bouncy curls were made for one another. Multiple tones of light copper add dimension and enhance that mind-blowing volume provided by curly locks. Also, check out how fabulously this natural copper shade complements pale skin with peachy pink undertones.

11. Deep Red Hair Color

We can’t take our eyes off this beautiful dark red hair! A rich copper color is the right shade for ladies with medium skin tones.

12. Ginger Highlights

Playful ginger highlights are a sure-fire way to add extra dimension to your dark brown hair. It’s also an ideal option for women with dark skin tones who are dying to add a sun-kissed effect to their locks.

13. Bright Copper

Turn heads with this lush, juicy shade of copper. This hue looks great with fair to medium skin tones, and is a good choice for any hair length. However, keep in mind that such bright colors require proper maintenance to shine longer. So, ask your hair stylist about products that will help your locks stay bright.

14. Dark Red Medium-Length Hair

Give your dark hair a classy glamorous edge by dyeing your tresses deep red wine. Deeper red lowlights create that awesome depth, while lighter red highlights add volume and dimension.

15. Dark Brown Hair with a Touch of Red

A deep auburn hue with a hint of red, curtain bangs, messy waves, plus tousled ends make up a secret formula of a cool trendy look.

16. Hollywood Babe

It’s safe to say that natural red hair will never go out of fashion. Everything you need is to find ways to accentuate its spectacular beauty. For instance, this lady opted for a classy wavy hairstyle with side parting that is sure to make her feel like a queen.

17. Caramel Highlights on Auburn Hair

Auburn hair perfectly pairs with ginger and caramel highlights, so consider this idea when heading to the hair salon next time you want to spice up your brown locks.

18. Rich Auburn Balayage

If you’re a fan of chocolate shades on your mane but looking for ways to hit a bit different this time, light auburn highlights seem like a good solution.

19. Ruby Red Ombre

This hot blend of a dark base and ruby red ombre at the ends will surely brighten up your look! Perfect for ladies that like to stand out from the crowd.

20. Vibrant Bob

This awesome blunt bob became even more outstanding due to multiple fiery highlights. While it can be difficult to select a red shade that will perfectly flatter deep complexions, vibrant highlights on a darker base hit the spot.

21. Auburn Chic

We’ll never get tired to repeat how incredible auburn hair flatters green eyes and neutral skin tones. This girl opted for intense auburn, and she couldn’t be more right – this shade, paired with a layered haircut, beautifully accentuates her porcelain skin and regular facial features.

22. Coppery Waves

Shades of red look gorgeous on any hair length, but nothing can beat luscious long red hair. If you’re dying to try this look but can’t boast long locks, there’s nothing to worry about. You can always ask your hair stylist to add some extensions like this lady. We bet you didn’t even suspect she’s wearing them.

23. Fire Engine Red

If you’re in search of a hairstyle to make a statement and have all eyes on you wherever you go, fire engine red might be what you’ve been looking for. The stylist used dark shade for base and brighter red for the top layers, and leveraged the potential of loose waves to create this striking dimension and fullness.

24. Copper Penny

This shade of red is a bit on a dull side, which makes it a perfect option for ladies who prefer to implement changes step-by-step. If you don’t feel like taking a risk of dyeing your mane bright red, consider this hue instead.

25. Brightening Copper Highlights

Give your long brunette tresses a major boost with light red highlights. They look incredibly awesome when styled into glossy waves, adding that special red carpet vibe.

26. Dark Merlot

If you’re into dark hair shades, but want to give to your locks a touch of red, steal this idea. Make your hair stand out with this beautiful transition from darker red, almost black color at the roots to wine red ends.

27. Lovely Butterscotch

Inspired by a sweet candy, butterscotch is a great choice for women who prefer to stay closer to natural hues. A warm brown base coupled with lacing golden tones helps create a dimensional, soft look.

28. Medium Copper Bob

If you don’t mind going all-in to freshen up your look for the upcoming season, opt for this awe-inspiring auburn bob. And yes, don’t forget to ask your stylist for that trendy curtain fringe.

29. Red of the Reds

This rich, spicy shade of red is doomed to turn heads! This is another spectacular example of red hair color perfectly matching fair complexion and green eyes.

30. Dark Auburn Shag

If you consider coloring your hair brown, you might want to give a go to dark auburn – a richer and more intense relative of the reds. This beautiful brown red shade is the best bet for women with a warm skin tone.

31. Burgundy Brown

This is an ideal shade for women with pale complexions. The mix of strawberry and rose colors adds warmth to cool toned complexions. Plus, it’s subdued enough to still work in conservative environments.

32. Full and Flirty

Those who need some inspiration for red hair color ideas should look to one of the most famous red heads of today—Julianne Moore! She embodies class, elegance and style while rocking long vibrant copper red strands; Style with all black to make your hair really pop.

33. Bangs and Highlights

Everyone loves the casual chic “French girl style.” Tousled bed head and mysterious bangs are all you need to look instantly classy. If you have a round face, make sure your bangs fall past your cheekbones so they don’t highlight your widest points.

34. Sassy Layered Style

One of the best ways to get body into thin hair without big curls is by flipping out the ends. This works best for medium length hair that has been layered. Make sure to ask your stylist for long face-framing options.

35. Crimping It

Crimps may have been something that you wanted to leave in the early 2000’s. But, everything old becomes new again. Loose s-shaped waves in a copper color are a modern version of the retro hairdo. A middle part is ideal for women with round cheeks because it slims at the widest part.

36. Ginger Shade Of Red Hair

Today ginger red is so popular that the imaginary club of celebrity redheads welcomes a few new members every new season. To try this cute hue, you do not have to expose your locks to the aggressive action of permanent dyes. If your natural hair color is dark blonde, you may resort to semi-permanent products. Marcia Cross gives us a bright example of burning ginger red hair for inspiration.

Ginger Red Hair Color

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37. Amber Shade

Jessica Chastain hit the mark when she had her hair dyed into the amber red tone! Its golden notes set off hazel or blue eyes ideally. In case you want to follow Jessica’s example, know that it’s not going to be difficult to choose makeup and outfit to pair with amber red hair. It’s a good match for both pastel tones and rich saturated colors.

Side Downdo Amber Red Hair Color

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38. Cinnamon Red

If your eyes are green or gray and you have peach skin undertone, the cinnamon red hair color will flatter you and look extremely feminine on your locks. Check Emma Stone’s image to visualize the result. The light waves and the exclusive hair color like this are going to turn you into a style icon. Wow, red is truly multi-faceted! Who knew?

Cinnamon Red Hair Color Wavy A-line Hairstyle

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39. Chocolate Red

There’s one interesting unwritten law. When you change your hair color for a new, unexpected hair hue, you attract positive changes into your life. Drew Barrymore’s color is the mix of chocolate and red hair shades. Sophisticated hues like Drew’s are going to attract to you extra attention, revealing your good taste and sense of style.

Symmetric Medium Wavy Hairstyle for Brunettes

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40. Mind-Blowing Tangerine Shade

Eccentric people can’t live a day without bright impressions. Tangerine hair color makes your look more flamboyant, and your actions are getting more confident accordingly. Christina Hendricks appreciates these fabulous effects of tangerine hair hue and uses them to her advantage. Messy curls and a light lift at the roots are all it takes to achieve the gorgeous celebrity look.

Short to Medium Curly Hairstyle

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Different shades of red hair convey different moods. Warm reddish caramel tones add a sassy note; bright orange shades let everyone know that you are fun to be around, and deep wine shades are just extremely tempting and mesmerizing. We hope you’ve liked these red hair color ideas and made up your mind about your new hair hue.