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Updated on September 20, 2021
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2. High Pompadour Quiff

pompadour hairstyle for men


There is something so retro, sexy and all around badass about a pompadour, so when you combine it with the classic Quiff, the result is amazing. This one features a high pompadour that is given a lift and carefully combed back.

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In a world where women’s hair generally gets the bulk of attention, it’s refreshing to see a stylish men’s haircut able to grab a portion of the spotlight to shine. The Quiff haircut is one that combines elements of the pompadour, the flat-top and even the Mohawk. Read on to check 20 of the best quiffs we have rounded up for you!

Quiff Haircuts and Hairstyles Ideas

One of the great things about the Quiff is that it has the ability to look really neat and polished or have that messy bed head look that is incredibly popular in modern hairstyles for men. If you are looking to switch up your regular haircut and want to try something classy and a bit funky, perhaps, the following photos of the Quiff will turn to be the inspiration you need. Take a look and see which ones can make the next cut you want!

1. Short Spiky Quiff

disheveled quiff hairstyle


Short, spiky and expertly coiffed, this Quiff haircut combines the best of both worlds, as it is somehow messy and sleek all at once. If you want a stylish representation of the men’s Quiff, this is it.

2. High Pompadour Quiff

There is something so retro, sexy and all around badass about a pompadour, so when you combine it with the classic Quiff, the result is amazing. This one features a high pompadour that is given a lift and carefully combed back.

pompadour hairstyle for men


3. Extreme Spiked Quiff

When you think of Quiff haircuts, many modern versions look like this one. Here, the hairdo is extremely spiked in the top, so it largely resembles the punk rock look of the Mohawk.

spiky quiff Mohawk for men


4. Disheveled Quiff

For men, the modern Quiff can look any way you like, even if you prefer to wear it short and a little messy-looking. While the short length keeps this haircut understated, the disheveled top offers a bit of edge.

quiff haircut for thick hair


5. Spiky Quiff with Faded Sides

The Quiff hairstyle is the one that allows you to play with the sides. You can opt to wear them totally full, closely clipped or faded, like seen here.

edgy faded quiff haircut


6. Extra Voluminous Feathered Quiff

Definitely for the daring guys out there, this extreme Quiff is totally amazing! Incorporating a little bit of rockabilly, a little bit of punk rock, and a whole lot of edge, this modern Quiff looks stunning from every angle.

long top quiff haircut for men


7. High Voluminous Quiff

This Quiff haircut seems so effortless because of the longer length and the way it is combed. The beard and moustache make the look even hotter.

upswept quiff hairstyle


8. Neat and Polished Quiff

If you have been wearing a discreet haircut and decided to try a men’s Quiff now, you’ll need to let the top section of your hair to grow out first. A hair Quiff like in the photo visually elongates your face, so if this is what you want, give it a try.

Quiff Haircut with Short Sides


9. Dramatic Quiff

By simply incorporating a little texture into your male Quiff hairdo, you can make it look thicker and better-looking. Whether your hair is straight or curly, a dab of styling product is going to bring out its texture and make it more manageable. If you also need volume, find your ideal volumizing product.

side-swept quiff hairstyle


10. Gray Quiff

Proving that gray hair can be sexy, this Quiff hairstyle is pretty nice to look at due to its polished appearance. The sides are closely clipped, and the front has a bit of a messy look to it.

long top short sides gray hairstyle for men


11. Windblown Quiff

Looking as though he got caught in the perfect wind storm, the male Quiff hairdo in this photo seems effortlessly chic and, therefore, very appealing. That’s exactly why it looks so good.

edgy quiff hairstyle


12. Side-Parted Quiff

An expertly placed side part is always guaranteed to make Quiffs look their best. Here, the side part isn’t that defined, but you can still tell where it separates the top and the side sections.

high pompadour hairstyle for guys


13. Neat Tapered Blonde Quiff

A little more on the conservative side, Quiffs like this one are ideal for the office, school or more formal occasions. The blonde hair color is a perfect balance to this modern Quiff look.

tapered quiff haircut for guys


14. Flipped Front Long Top Quiff

If the extreme look of the modern Quiff is what you’re going for, then this one is right up your alley. The front is left long and flipped up, which gives it a somewhat deconstructed pompadour appearance.

tapered side part quiff haircut


15. Thick Textured Quiff

Men’s Quiffs also look fabulous if you happen to have thick hair. As seen in this image, thick hair is textured throughout to achieve the optimal silhouette and the perfect lines of the cut.

layered quiff haircut


16. Upswept Quiff

Every Quiff hairstyle doesn’t necessarily have to stand out – some look just as good when they’re quite discreet but with a certain twist. This one doesn’t feature any outrageous styling apart from the cool upswept quiff, but it does look neat and polished.

quiff haircut with faded sides


17. Rocker Quiff

Channel your inner rock star with a hint of rockabilly by trying out this version of men’s Quiff. It features the perfect amount of height above the forehead and on the crown, and low sides.

long top short sides quiff hairstyle for men


18. Dark Blonde Choppy Quiff

If blondes have more fun, then this modern Quiff is at the top of the list. As far as sexy male haircuts go, this one has all of the elements to garner loads of attention and turn heads.

edgy quiff haircut


19. Harsh Faded Quiff

When worn rather short, Quiff hairdo has a surprisingly conservative look, just like the version in this photo. Here, you have expertly faded sides that surround the short, stiff Quiff hair up top.

short faded quiff haircut


20. Disheveled Jagged Quiff

Embracing a disheveled jagged look with your hairstyle is one of the oldest ways to give a haircut an edgy new look, even a male hair Quiff. You can also create a wet look by using hair gel or any other texturizing product that suits your hair type best.

edgy quiff with mid fade


For men and boys, Quiff hair cut is one of the best modern cuts around because of the way it incorporates a collection of other classic haircuts. With a Quiff the styling possibilities are endless, so just make sure you experiment with a host of different looks and have a ton of fun along the way!

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