Stacey Bradshaw
Updated on February 16, 2021

A pull-through braid is love from the first sight! Fishbone braid not really your forte? Complex braiding patterns sap the soul? You’d be surprised at how very smooth-sailing this hairstyle can be. Here we have a special tutorial with 10 simple steps that will help you make this trendy look, without any assistance.

How to Create the Pull-Through Braid

This pull-through braid updo is not for extremely short hair. At the least, your hair needs to be shoulder-length or longer.

Want to cut through the party clutter or make a marked effect on someone at your business gathering – definitely choose this hairstyle in a heartbeat! It’ll be appropriate for any formal occasion. Even if you received a last-minute invitation, no biggie, you’ll need no more than 10 minutes to create this stunning pull-through braid hairstyle.

To create a balanced and harmonious outfit, you should put aside your wardrobe staples. Choose a reserved, classic style and use little details as accent colors. Such little things should have something in common with your hair decoration. Delicate, colored ribbons or flower pins are great to use. Basic and nude shades of clothing will go perfectly well with this hairstyle. If you like sumptuous gala clothes, you should not have any color accents in your hair.

For implementation, you’ll need some colorless or color-matched elastic bands. Prepare beak clips. Heat your curling iron up to 212-230° F. To make some volume, you’ll need a texturizer. Use medium fixation spray to affix your hair at the end. If you want to put some accents on the outfit, prepare your decorations beforehand.

Step-By-Step Pull-Through Braid Tutorial

Prepare all the accessories and hair products mentioned above, and let’s begin!

Step 1. Don’t brush your hair to keep it more textured. Use a texturizing hairspray for the volume. Start with dividing a big section of hair on the top of the head and secure it into a ponytail.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 1

Step 2. Flip the ponytail around (in the middle), add some volume and clip away the hair.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 2

Step 3. Take strands from both parts of the head and make a ponytail again.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 3

Step 4. Remove the clip from the previous section, and here we go… two ponytails.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 4

Step 5. Then, divide the upper ponytail into two sections and put the lower ponytail into the middle of the upper one. Take lower strands from both sides, put them together with upper strands and secure with the help of an elastic band. Pull out the hair to add the amount of volume you want.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 5

Step 6. Keep going all the way down. This is the result you should end up with.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 6

Step 7. Pull out some strands of hair and curl them with a curling iron.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 7

Step 8. To make the hairdo even more stylish, add any kind of decoration you like between the strands. Give the hairstyle a little shape.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 8

Step 9. Finish with hairspray. Be sure that all the details are fixed in the right way.

Pull-Through Braid: Step 9

Step 10. So, here we are! Your simple, yet elegant and romantic, hairstyle is ready!

Pull-Through Braid: Step 10

Watch the step-by-step instructions in our video.

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