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Updated on December 20, 2023

Over the last 5 years, I’ve seen a lot of change when it comes to natural hair. I have a lot of clients in my chair that have felt compelled by society to wear their beautiful curls straightened and tamed. Now, it’s cool to have voluminous, wild, sexy hair! So, for all of you that need an idea of what to do with your hair, I want to share some of my favorite looks for Prom 2024!

Black Hair Styles for Prom

The cool thing about fashion in 2024 is that we are no longer stuck with one look for all mentality. Everyone wants to express their individuality through cultural references and artistic exposure as well as the limitless content shared on social media.

The recent couture shows now have many models rocking unique looks from all over the globe. It’s so fun to see top designers and stylists showcasing modern looks that embrace the best of different cultures. It’s difficult to figure out whether its designers that influence streetwear or if it’s the other way around.

No matter the origin of current hair trends, you are going to look perfectly on point choosing one of the following ideas as a prom hairstyle for your natural hair.

1. Braids

Unless you have been living in a cave (with no Wi-Fi), you could not have missed the fact that so many ad campaigns and fashion shows have models with cornrows and box braid styles! So many ways to wear them, so little time!

I love that you can get vibrant colored extensions, that you can have a half-up look with beads on the end or jewelry or flowers woven into your braids or cornrows. The short hair cornrows with a fade on the sides is a really hot look, too, as well as a braided high pony.

2. Ponytail

A black ponytail hairstyle is a very modern, flirty look for those who want to showcase their neck and shoulders and it’s so easy to wear – either wear it high or at the nape. You can add drama with a ponytail extension (there are really beautiful curly ones!). Adorn your pony with pearls, diamante clips or flowers cascading down. The bigger or longer, the better, and don’t forget your edges!

3. Big Lush 70’s Blowout

Channel Diana Ross or Donna Summer 70’s diva vibe. The bigger the better! Day 2 hair is easier to get the volume and you’ll still have enough curl definition. Clip-in extensions are an easy way to get the volume when your hair is fine and soft. If you’ve always wanted a fringe, this would be a great opportunity to try that look with a fringe extension. A big flower is a beautiful finish. This look works well with a simple sheath or a body con dress.

4. Finger Waves

One of my all-time favorite looks! Perfect look for a pixie, bob and long hair. A very sophisticated look that hails back to the “it girl” flappers in the 20’s. Level 4 curls may need to soften their curl with a relaxer. Would look amazing with a YSL inspired tuxedo look.

5. Top Knot

2024 has a lot of classic, elegant and clean looks and a top knot is one of my favorites. It adds height and is just straight up classy! This look is ready to be updated with hair accessories and detailed edging to take it to another level. You can use a ponytail extension to fill out your natural.

6. Wigs

The cool thing about wigs is that you can literally have any style and color in an instant. The quality of wigs is superior now and they are relatively inexpensive as you can choose synthetic or natural ones. They look completely natural and you can style them the many ways you like.

A Few Things to Remember

You may want to book an appointment with a stylist to do a dry run and figure out how you want it to look. Make sure you take pictures of the finished result so you can reference it on the day. Make sure you schedule enough time for the hairstyle not to be late for the event and take extra hair pins with you for an emergency.

A good prom look depends on several other things you would better not miss. Remember to make an appointment to have your makeup done and treat yourself to a manicure. If your shoes are new, wear them around the house to break them in.

If you need more curly haircuts and hairstyles advice and inspiration, please follow my Instagram @vancityhairgirl.

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