Mushroom Brown Hair: A Hot New Trend You’ll Fall In Love With

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#2: Ashy Blonde Babylights

Ashy Blonde Babylights 

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If you’re looking for a flawless finish for your mushroom brown color, then babylights – delicate highlights that create a dimensional hair color – may be for you. Mimicking the subtle highlights on children’s hair, this look is easy to maintain and is perfect for creating a natural-looking contrast between the top and the ends.

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#2: Ashy Blonde Babylights

If you're looking for a flawless finish for your mushroom brown color, then babylights - delicate highlights that create a dimensional hair color - may be for you. Mimicking the subtle highlights on children's hair, this look is easy to maintain and is perfect for creating a natural-looking contrast between the top and the ends.

#3: Mushroom Brown Balayage and Babylights

Balayage and babylights are the perfect match! If you're after a softer, more subtle transition from darker to lighter, then this look is bound to inspire your next trip to the salon. These ashy babylights perfectly achieve a cool and more natural dimension throughout.

#4: Ashy Light Brunette Balayage

This ashy mushroom brown color is here to steal your hearts! Perfect for any season, it combines shades of gray and blue, achieving a moody and highly sophisticated result. It's a much more unique hair color choice than the warmer tones out there, which you're bound to see on every corner.

#5:  Smoky Sun-Kissed Balayage

Say 'hello' to this strikingly beautiful, sun-kissed look. Taking dark and smoky mocha mane and giving it contrasting sun-kissed balayage is a wonderful way to transform your locks into a fresher, edgier look for summer.

#6: Sleek And Matte Bronde

Landing somewhere in between, 'bronde' hair color takes the best from both blondes and brunettes, achieving color perfection. If you've been blessed with smooth and sleek hair, then this cool, matte bronde is a style you should seriously consider. Your hair will thank you!

#7: Subtle Mushroom Brown Hair Balayage

Simplicity is key - and subtlety is beautiful. If these truths resonate, then you may want to try this earthy and beautiful mushroom brown hair balayage, which maintains the dark tones - but adds some playful lighter hues for contrasting waves.

#8: Mushroom Brown Ombré

Mix warmer tones with purple hues - and you'll be left with this beautifully contrasting mushroom brown hair color. We love the dark mane which gets transformed with the help of mushroom brown ombre balayage, successfully achieving a sophisticated - and a little dramatic look.

#9: Medium Mushroom Brown Hair

If these cool, metallic tones don't make you want to try mushroom brown hair color the next time you're at the salon, then we don't know what will. It isn't surprising that this hair color is taking the hair industry by storm - it's much more unique and sophisticated than the warmer tones we're used to seeing everywhere.

#10: Light Mushroom Brown Hair

Simply scrumptious - that's what this hair color is! Babylights with beige and grayish tints have been used to create a natural, multi-dimensional hair color and add 'iciness' to the look. If you're a blue-eyed babe, this look is ideal for you.

#11: Dimensional Brunette

Sleek hair will most beautifully show off this incredible dimension. Forget ever having to stick to just one colour - ask for a combination of lowlights, highlights and pastels to achieve a hair colour that looks interesting from every angle.

#12: Mushroom Brown Brunette

Contrasting babylights are key to achieving this pretty color! The dark tones are still there, but adding icy babylights helps achieve a not-so-muddy look, which can sometimes be associated with mushroom brown hair color.

#13: Mushroom Brown Hair With Gray Ombre

While back in the day, gray was nowhere near cool - the times have radically changed. Gray hair color is becoming more and more popular among the young and trendy - and we think that the combination of mushroom brown with gray ombré is a match made in heaven.

#14: Mushroom Brown Lob With Purple Tones

You don't have to give up your natural dark hair color for the hairstyle to look awesome - a subtle balayage will achieve a hairstyle that turns others green with envy. This particular style adds purple, gray and icy tones to this mushroom hair color - and we think it looks wonderful.

#15: Mushroom Highlights Hair

There's hardly anything more sophisticated than mushroom highlights hair right now - and if you haven't found your style yet, then this beautiful mushroom brown balayage is bound to melt your heart. The contrast between dark mocha and mushroom brown balayage makes hair look thicker (which is always a bonus!).

#16: Subtle Mauve Ash Ombre Hair

For a different take on the mushroom brown hair, you may want to give the mauve ash color a try. Combining hues of pale purple, this ombre hairstyle is ideal for the ladies looking for a trendy, urban hair color that will make you feel unique.

#17: Dark to Mushroom Brown Ombre

Ombre hairstyles allow long hair to truly shine by creating a beautiful, smooth transition. If your hair is naturally a deep brown colour, not considering this beautiful mushroom brown ombre would be a crime.

#18: Mushroom Brown Hair with Violet Hues

If you're ready to say goodbye to a warm brown hair color, then adding violet tones will work perfectly in removing the warmth - and creating a cool and earthy mushroom hair color. The monochromatic finish is simply beautiful, don't you think?

#19: Monochromatic Mushroom Brown Hair

This is one of our absolute favourite styles, which also shows that it isn't all about dramatic ombre - monochromatic hair color can look just as stunning. This is mushroom brown hair in all its fully-toned glory with very slight lighter and darker shades - and we love it!

#20: Subtle Sun-Kissed Balayage

Going for mushroom brown hair balayage is the perfect option for those looking to try out the look without committing to an entirely new colour. This subtle balayage is the perfect example of how fantastic mushroom brown highlights can look - without fully immersing your hair in hair dye!

With the summer just around the corner, many choose to freshen up their look with popular warm color tones like gold, caramel and honey. Don’t be afraid to go down a different route and give your hair a unique, earthy and cool color make-over – which is bound to look fantastic with sun-kissed skin.

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