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Updated on August 14, 2021
Looking for a kids mohawk that will suit your little boy? Then look no further – we have some cool ideas here. The style has been around for years and hit its peak in the nineteen eighties. Mohawk hairstyles are timeless and still on trend today. Mohawk reflects an attitude of rebelliousness on most adults but looks sweet and mischievous on little boys.

Mohawks for Kids

Something that is extremely popular today and much to kids’ delight is Mohawk with shaven designs. We have all kinds of Mohawks here for any taste – from some modest versions to bright colored Mohawks and seriously spiked looks you’ll be amazed to see!

1. Hair Raising Style

This little boys haircut is very edgy but quite fun. The sides are cut as short as possible with a mohawk section left on top for spiking. This is a great version of a mohawk that looks great on boys of all ages. It’s classic and works best on straight hair textures.

2. Mohawk for Black Boys

This version of a mohawk for kids is really thick with slightly poofy texture. The contrast between the super short sides and the fluffy central section is really nice. We love the crisp hair line that is essential for a super clean look.

3. Design Time

This awesome hairstyle shows off a unique zig-zag design. Hair is plastered up in the center and secured with a strong gel. Choose to do a fun design of your choice on one side of the head or both!

4. Point Cut Feathers

Mohawks with longer plumage also look very cute on little boys. We love the jagged outline of this hawk and how the hair is pushed forward towards the front to create a cool fringe.

5. Star Power

This kids mohawk highlights the child’s initials with a stellar accent. Make sure you go to a very talented barber or hair artist to get the best results. This is a specialty haircut that needs a master’s touch. The contrast of the curly texture and the undercut is pretty impressive.

6. Long Sweet Fauxhawk

Toddlers would make great clients for this look since their hair is usually softer and easier to style. This Mohawk is quite long and suggests styling with some mousse or gel to hold. When else to rock longer strands if not in childhood, when you are so cute!?

7. Red Tipped Hawk

Transform a classic Mohawk into a piece of art by dying it a bold color. Moms with tiny tots may not want a permanent look, so an alternative is to opt for a fun, temporary hair color spray that washes out. This is a creative and imaginative hairstyle for Halloween or a spirit day at school.

8. Platinum Heights

Could this mohawk get any taller? Check out this amazing mohawk hairstyle for kids that is bleached out to the max and stood on end. It’s a hair raising style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Hair strands are cut with a razor to achieve those wispy ends, and hair goes from long on top to short in the back with jagged ends all the way down towards the nape.

9. Fun Braided Mohawk

Braided hairstyles are very on trend and have been for awhile. This is a great example of how mohawk braids for kids can be intricate and fashionable. If your kid doesn’t have long hair, extensions can be braided in easily if you take him to a professional braiding artist.

10. Aqua Appeal

Got curly hair and want a Mohawk? Don’t worry about it! Curly hair is actually great for an edgy style as it can offer a great texture. This cute toddler had his curls spiced up with some teal color. We love!

11. Party Pick

Take a traditional kids mohawk to the next level by wearing it down and to the side. Not all mohawks have to be spiked up and plastered with hair gel or hairspray. This is a great way to wear it on the days when you don’t feel like dealing with hair products or when hair gets too long.

12. Faking It

If you don’t want to commit to a full Mohawk or if your son’s hair is not long enough yet, this short version of the edgy hairstyle is very wearable. Kids with mohawks are spunky and always ready to have a good time.

13. Adorable Curly Mohawk

Mohawks are linked with mischief and mayhem but can look quite adorable on little boys who just want to have fun. This curly version keeps the look soft and age appropriate.

14. Kinky Mohawk

Thick, kinky coils can be chopped into a great hairstyle that is touchable and cool. This mohawk haircut for kids shows how super thick hair can stand up on its own and hold on its own, too.

15. Faux Hawk for Little Boys

A wider area of hair is styled into a very trendy hairstyle. The top spiked section spans from temple to temple. This Mohawk is, actually, thels popular today undercut haircut. Its adult version works for kids too.

16. Mohawk with Fade

Hair goes from almost no length at all to a good couple of inches up on top for this super spiky Mohawk. A fade cut is blended perfectly into this cool porcupine hairstyle.

17. Little Charmer

Not all mohawks are created equal. This kids mohawk isn’t stiff and harsh like a typical mohawk usually is. Instead it has a soft and wavy feel to it that keeps it mom friendly and absolutely adorable.

18. Straight Up Kids Mohawk

The easiest way to create a Mohawk is to gel it straight up the middle and fix with a strong hairspray. Longer hair is great because you don’t have to commit to the spikes severy day. It’s just a fun style to create when you’re in the mood.

19. Smile Style

When somebody loves the way they look, it’s evident. This little cutie is grinning from ear to ear and he’s obviously in love with his awesome Mohawk. The trail starts from the forehead and goes all the way back to the nape of the neck.

20. On the Edge

Check out this totally cool kids mohawk. The hairline is cut in a square and arched design that is very neat and accurate. The top strands are given a lift and then secured with a strong hold gel.

Every kids mohawk is unique and special to them. Choose one that’s low maintenance and don’t be afraid to commit, knowing that the varieties and options of Mohawks are almost endless.   mohawk for little boys black boy's short mohawk mohawk for kids with shaved design on the sides kids mohawk with shaved sides black curly mohawk for kids fauxhawk for little boys kids spiky mohawk long blonde mohawk with shaved sides for boys braided mohawk for kids kids curly mohawk for thin hair mohawk for toddlers short mohawk for little boys cute curly mohawk for toddlers fun mohawk for black kids boy's faux hawk hairstyle kids mohawk with faded sides preppy hairstyle for little boys spiked mohawk for little boys little boys' short mohawk mohawk for boys with side undercut