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Updated on July 01, 2021

The first years of child’s life are very special, and we certainly want to capture every important moment on camera. Parents, especially mothers, are particularly obsessed with the look of their kid, and baby boy haircut is an extremely important element of this look. Whether it is the snipping of a few strands during his first haircut or a heavily designed style for his first day of school, your child’s haircut will always be remembered.

Baby Boy Haircuts

The cutest today’s little boys’ haircuts are copies of adults’ cuts. Yes, Mohawks, undercuts, shaved designs, comb overs, quiffs – they look incredibly fun on baby boys! Check out the 20 pictures of cute little boys haircuts in our gallery below to find the best fit for your charming child.

1. Cool Medium Haircut For Little Boys

Kids hair is so soft and tender – it’s often a pity to chop it off, especially when it has such a beautiful wavy texture. This medium length haircut styled as a preppy style is just too cute to be ordinary. Such baby boy haircut will give him a look that is trendy and still appropriate for his age.

2. Punk Rock Tot

If your kid is already a bit of a rebel, give him a haircut to match. Pairing a long side bang with shaved sides is an instantly edgy touch. Slick it down, spike it up, the possibilities for this look are endless.

3. Must-Have Mohawk

Is there anything cuter than a smart little boy in a bowtie with a Mohawk? While this cut may seem a cliché on someone older, on this kid it looks like an adorable on trend baby boy haircut style.

4. Super Spidey Senses

It’s no secret that little boys love (and want to be) a super hero. Ask his barber to make his dream come true with a fun shaved spider web design. While it is a great look for young ones with black hair, it could work well on a variety of different hair colors and textures as long as the cut is closely cropped or features an undercut.

5. Short Young Boys Haircut with Shaved Waves

As stated previously, many different hair types can rock etched designs. This look combines a disconnected undershave and a shaved wave pattern for one cool-looking haircut.

6. Cute and Confident Quiff for Baby Boys

This kid is a star, and he knows it. If your standout son owns any room that he enters, make sure that his baby boy haircut makes a similar statement. Flipped bangs and an edgy design should do the trick.

7. Precious and Parted Young Boys’ Hairstyle

If you are in search of a good look for a church service, family dinners or special events you can’t go wrong with a classy comb over. Haircuts for little boys with sleek styling are always sophisticated and appropriate for any occasion.

8. Modern Mullet

We all know the saying about mullets: business in the front, party in the back. What was once looked at as unfashionable has now become super popular with a modern touch of side undercuts. Such toddler boy haircuts are perfect for the wild child in your family.

9. Rocking Racing Stripes

If you ever get into a barbershop quarrel with your little man about his new haircut, try meeting in the middle—literally. Try the following baby boy haircut – tie the long and short sides together with a fun striped detail.

10. Playground Popular Boys’ Haircut

Help your child rule the playground with a super cool look that will make him the king of the slides and swings. Elevate an edgy fauxhawk with a fun zig-zag design.

11. Sweet Spiky Hairstyle For Baby Boys

If you are worried about committing you child to a full-on Mohawk, try a long bang that can be styled in different ways. Use gel to spike it when you want a fun weekend look, or smooth it down for special occasions.

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12. Wild Wavy Long Top Short Sides Style

Let your son’s natural hair texture shine with a baby boy haircut that allows his soft curls to flow freely. Add some shape by closely clipped sides for a style that is full of personality just like he is.

13. Baby Means Business

A skin fade is a great way to ensure that your child’s haircut lasts and you don’t have to worry about taking more trips to the barber than necessary. The best part is that you can still leave the top long to experiment with fun styles like this sleek look.

14. Rocking and Retro

The slick-back hairstyle was extremely popular in the 50s (especially thanks to Elvis) and this style is a classy nod to that era. Make it more current by incorporating fun shaved details for a bit of modern rock and roll edge.

15. Petit and Professional

It’s never too early to get your kid started on his ideal career path. If you want him to play the part he must look the part, which is why this haircut for baby boy is just the thing you need.

16. Crazy and Curled

Your number one son will want to strike a pose and show off his unique haircut. Just because you have a slick style does not mean that it does not need volume. As this look shows, you can have both for an adorable moment.

17. Super Sonic Style

Never get in between a little boy and his favorite video game. If your son loves Sonic the Hedgehog, give him a haircut to complement it. It’s one of the best-selling video games of all time which means that little boy hairstyles like this one are sure to be a hit.

18. Nice and Natural

No need for gimmicks and distractions. Make your son’s natural curls the focal point of the baby boy haircut style. It’s an easy and effortless look.

19. Cute and Cuddly

When your child is this young, you may want to wait until his first birthday to give him a haircut to make sure that you allow time for his true texture to shine through. Scissors instead of clippers will ensure that you maintain the softness of the curls.

20. Classic and Comfortable

An angelic style just for your little angel; whether you are headed to school, dinner or a playdate, it is an appropriately winning style.

The baby boy haircut that you choose for your son will stick with him forever in early moments you’ll capture on the camera. Make sure that the style you select for him suits his personality and remains youthful and fun.

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