30 Hairstyles for Thin Curly Hair That Look Simply Amazing

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Choosing the right hairstyles for thin curly hair is crucial. To make your locks look full and bouncy you need to put some effort into styling. Fear not. We’ve gathered 30 inspiring pictures that show everything is possible with skillful hands, a good product and a strong desire to feel beautiful. Find out how to manage your fine and thin curly hair!

Top Rules for Fine Curly Haircuts

Short and medium cuts are best for this challenging hair type. To add fullness to thin natural curly or wavy hair, stylists usually cut a lot of layers all over or just in the front (bangs). Different types of highlights work great, as well as defining low-density curls with a wand.

A fatal mistake will be overusing thick creamy and oily hair products, as well as hair gels. Also, avoid straightening curls as your locks will look even flatter. A selection of cute hairstyles below will shed more light on the topic.

#1: Deva Curls with Highlights

When you choose a shaggy, curly cut, you’re telling everyone that you’re comfortable with your thin curly hair and wouldn’t change it for the world because it looks so pretty.

#2: Soft Natural Curls with Highlighted Ends

If you’re searching for thin curly hairstyles that can double as art, look no further. The brown roots are a sharp contrast to the white-blonde ends, and that’s what helps the hair to gain the appearance of fullness and volume.

Dark Blonde Curly Bob with Platinum Highlights

Instagram / @celscurls

#3: Simple Medium Hairstyle for Thin Curly Hair

Add definition to your naturally curly hair by experimenting with your preferred color palette. A golden-blonde balayage gives each curl a sun-kissed appearance that makes the hair shine and glow. The curls tumble all around the head and frame the face beautifully.

#4: Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are a sure-fire way to give your thin curly hair that so much wanted bouncy look. Don’t forget to treat your curly ringlets with a bit of volumizing product to make your natural texture thrive.

#5: Balayage Highlights on Neck-Length Curly Hair

Fine curly hair can feature really beautiful curly patterns along with nice volume and body making your hair look anything but thin. People are jealous; simple as that. The gorgeous bob has been cut at the neck length, making the thin curls look plump and round.

Honey Blonde Curly Bob

Instagram / @crista_quijada_

#6: Layered Bob

Short hairstyles are a great choice for curly thin hair. It’s not a secret that shorter hair will always look more voluminous, with a curly texture and layering multiplying your chances of getting instant volume by a thousand times.

Gorgeous Black Curly Bob

Instagram / @praisedahair

#7: Side Parting

Another trick you can use to get a fuller hair look is side parting. If you insist on long hair, consider a shoulder-length cut and give more volume to your thin curls by wearing them a bit messy.

Voluminous Lob with Wavy Curls

Instagram / @ells_marie

#8: Short Curly Bob

A short bob is a popular choice with curly girls whose hair texture is a bit on the thin side. Fair enough, since it provides your thin hair with plenty of bouncy volume. This lady has gone combo: apart from the shorter cut, she went for dark roots that are known for visually adding that stunning dimension and volume.

Curly Blonde Root Fade Bob

Instagram / @steven_champine

#9: Silver Curls

Consider a curly angled bob if you want to add volume to your thin curly hair. No matter your curl pattern, a layered bob won’t let your thin curly locks fall flat.

Gray Midi Hairstyle for Thin Curly Hair

Instagram / @transcurlcarolyn

#10: Curly Bob with Side Bangs

This bob with curly bangs looks very relaxed and casual. The great shape of this hair is the result of elaborate layering and glazing, while bangs falling over the forehead make this look way hotter.

Above-the-Shoulders Curly Bob with Bangs

Instagram / @praisedahair

#11: Defined Blonde Curls

If your long and thin curly hair has been giving you hard times, consider shorter blonde curls to enhance natural texture. An A-line bob with blonde highlights works like magic: it gives your thin locks tons of volume and cool bounce.

Inverted Curly Lob with Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @transcurlcarolyn

#12: Curly Shag

Thin curly hair might be challenging to maintain, however, there’s, fortunately, no problem that a good curly shag couldn’t solve. A shag has the power to make your natural curls more defined even if you just air dry it. Magic!

#13: Short Curly Hair

If you have thin, fine locks, wearing your hair straight doesn’t seem a good idea. Instead, you can go for a perm combined with a shorter cut. Getting bouncy curls is a great way to add volume to your thin hair.

Neat Curly Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram / @ramonmmaia

#14: Shoulder-Length Cut for Thin Curly Hair

These before/after pics are absolute proof that thin curly hair calls for a shorter cut. Cutting curly hair short, or at least medium-length instantly injects more volume into thin tresses.

#15: Hello, Shag

Although cutting your long locks into a shag might look like a risky business at first, the result proves the opposite. Shag is definitely one of the best haircuts for thin curly hair. Beyond providing your thin hair with lots more volume, it gives you an attractive youthful appearance.

Cute Medium Thin Curls for Round Face

Instagram / @nubiarezo

#16: Curly Bob for Thin Hair

We’ll never get tired of saying that shorter cuts are the best hairstyles for thin curly hair. Curly hair with any curl pattern, from loose waves to tight curls, will inevitably look more voluminous with a bob.

Thin Highlighted Curls with Dark Roots

Instagram / @eujayrodrigues

#17: Side-Parted Bob for Fine Hair

Fine curly hair feels best when cut a bit above the shoulder length and layered. The effect produced by these two tricks can be greatly enhanced with the help of side parting. Remember the winning formula for the most flattering fine curly haircuts: shorter length + layers + side parting.

Shoulder-Grazing Bob with Messy Curls

Instagram / @leidy.retro

#18: Shorter Bob for Curly Hair

Loved by millions of women for flattering virtually any hair type, a short stacked curly bob is a great hairstyle for thin curly hair. Still, remember that you’ll need to devote some extra time and effort to style your bob.

Tapered Pixie for Fine Curly Hair

Instagram / @ells_marie

#19: Bouncy Curls

This young lady chose to cut her fine curly hair and she couldn’t be more right. Shorter curls are always bouncier and more voluminous. Deep side parting and bleaching are also well-known for adding more volume to thin hair, so keep that in mind when rushing to the salon for your ‘new me’.

Blonde Curly Lob with Dark Roots

Instagram / @leidy.retro

#20: Messy Thin Curly Hairstyle

The best way to combat thinning curly hair is to let it go wild. Use the natural volume of large curls to fill in the gaps where your scalp may be showing through. Adding highlights to a rich base color also creates a sense of depth and texture. Once your hair is dry, avoid touching it, so the ringlets stay neat and frizz-free.

Short Hairstyle For Thinning Curly Hair

Instagram / @pierpaolohw

#21: Short Curly Hair with Bangs

We are crazy about exploring these cool before and after pics. They clearly demonstrate that choosing the right hairstyles for different hair types is fairly crucial. It’s a good idea to analyze your face shape and hair type before making your next hair decision and take these details into account when discussing your big transformation with your hairstylist.

Medium Cinnamon Brown Curls

Instagram / @eujessyamaral

#22: Short Cut for Fine Hair

Growing out the relaxer and getting back to your tight ringlets is always a good choice for a woman with fine hair. Combined with a shorter cut and side bangs, curls will appear even more voluminous. And this is what you’ve been looking for, right?

Side-Parted Curly Hairstyle with Thin Highlights

Instagram / @shirleycerqueira_

#23: Short Layered Cut for Fine Hair

If you boast defined natural curls but lack volume, consider getting a short layered cut. Layers will make your pretty ringlets thrive, giving your hair that gorgeous bounce and volume.

Neat Neck-Length Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @jerseycurlsalon

#24: Curly Lob

Ladies who don’t want to cut their thin curly hair short often choose a long bob. However, keep in mind that the longer the hair, the less the volume of your curls. To get better results, it’s worth falling into a habit of applying some volumizing product to your wet hair before blow drying it.

Medium Golden Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @_ggstyle

#25: Youthful Layers

Thin curly hair is notorious for giving women tough times: it’s often dry, unmanageable, and lacks volume. A shorter cut with plenty of layers comes to save the day! Your thin or thinning hair will get more volume, and you’ll get rid of split ends. And we’re not talking about the pixie cut (although a curly pixie might be a great choice, too!). Different types of bobs make the best haircuts for thin curly hair.

Wheat Blonde Curly Lob with Root Fade

Instagram / @shirleycerqueira_

#26: Soft Natural Curls with Highlights

Apart from chopping off long locks and incorporating side parting, you might want to leverage highlights to add dimension to your thin curly hair. Make sure you go for a hue that will flatter your skin tone.

Bronde Lob with Thin Defined Curls

Instagram / @eujessyamaral

#27: Loose Waves with Highlights

Add some highlights to your loose waves to make them look more dynamic. Don’t forget to apply your favorite volumizing product to make your locks stand out.

Highlighted Bob with Thin Curls

Instagram / @curlprosb

#28: Thin Curly Long Bob

If you’ve spent most of your life wearing short haircuts for thin curly hair, maybe it’s time for a change. Let your curly locks cascade down to shoulders and use a classic bronde balayage to keep it natural and down-to-earth. Long ringlets sprout from the slightly off-center part and beautifully frame the cheekbones and chin.

Long Curly Bronde Bob

Instagram / @hairbykatiek

#29: Loose Shaggy Curls and Curtain Bangs

Cut your thin wavy hair into a shaggy bob style and allow the long and loopy curls to add fullness to the overall silhouette. The honey bronde color is natural and pure and does a great job of covering up any stray gray strands that might be poking through.

Honey Bronde Wavy Bob For Thin Hair

Instagram / @jaysonstacy

#30: Thin Curly Bob with a Shadow Root

A two-toned curly bob looks best when it’s parted on the side and angled so that the back is slightly shorter than the front. Let the white-tipped tendrils caress the neck and curve outwards into a wedge shape, which will also add to a rounder and fuller profile. Match your eyebrow color with the dark root color.

Blonde Curly Bob With Shadow Root

Instagram / @luizaugustohair

The hairstyles for thin curly hair above show that you have plenty of options for your texture. You may experiment with medium bobs and short crops, partings, color accents, bangs and sizes of curls. A stylist will help you choose a flattering cut. You’ll just have to buy the right product for pampering and enhancing your curls, e.g., a lotion-like styling cream, a root volumizer, an oil mist, or/and a good hairspray. The beauty of curls is in their shape, volume and bounce. Help them to shine and thrive!

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