30 Best Haircuts for Men with Round Faces

Do you know that specific hairstyles can balance your round face shape rather than accentuate features like a rounded jawline or full cheekbones? For faces that have equal width and height, choose slimming haircuts with short sides that add extra height to your face and bring different angles to it.

Spiky styles, faux hawks, undercuts, fades, quiffs, and pompadours work great with round faces. Check out all the best ideas below!

What Hairstyles Flatter a Round Face Shape

There’s a stereotype that it’s challenging for men with round faces to find the right hairstyle. But if you define your face shape and facial characteristics well, it won’t be difficult to choose the type of haircut that is best for you. Just spend some time looking through the most popular and stylish options.

Here’s a list of the 30 best hairstyles for men with round faces for your inspiration.

#1: Curly Hair Undercut Look

Curly hairstyles often radiate flirty and romantic vibes. Here, natural curls and a thick beard contrast each other well, creating a stylish and confident look. This is probably the best haircut for those who want to take attention away from the cheeks and round face.

Curly Fringe Mid Fade Haircut for Men

Instagram / @_nicolerenae

#2: Taper Cut with a Skin Shave

There’s a simple rule about men’s haircuts for round faces – grow out the top, add height to your hair, and keep the sides short. If you opt for a skin shave like this, you can leave short hair on top. This will visually elongate your round face.

Short Hair Cut for Black Man with Full Face

Instagram / @thegirlcancut

#3: Neat Middle-Part Haircut

Here’s a tidy, more formal haircut for gentlemen with a circular face that’s an excellent choice for work. By keeping your locks long on top, you can make your round face shape visually more oval and cheeks skinnier.

Slicked Back Middle Length Cut for Men with Round Faces

Instagram / @kiwicutz

#4: Classic Tapered Pomp with Beard

Another classic haircut that would work for anyone is a pompadour. The top is combed upwards and then grooved to create a more rounded form, thus distracting attention from the circular face shape. If you are wearing a thick beard, you can leave it longer too, as it pairs well with the cut.

Short Pompadour Haircut with Thick Long Beard

Instagram / @hair_splinter

#5: Skin Fade Hairstyle for Round Face

When it comes to choosing the perfect style for a round face, most guys want something that’s stylish yet relatively low maintenance and adaptable. This is why we added this skin fade cut to the list. It suits men with both thin and thick hair types.

Caesar Cut for Men with Round Faces

Instagram / @erickgomezz1

#6: Crispy Cut for a Round Face

Drop fade haircuts are becoming more popular among guys with round faces. Every line and detail of this hairstyle looks quite neat yet stylish, and it highlights facial features well. Also, let’s not forget that it does not require much maintenance.

Natural Hair Tapered Sides Edge Up Haircut

Instagram / @barberben100

#7: Pompadour Hairstyle with Slicked Back

Classic pompadour is one of the best hairstyles for reducing face roundness as it provides extra volume and density at the top of the head. Pair it with a tidy beard to create a masculine yet neat look that works great for any occasion.

Pompadour Hairstyle with Tapered Sides for Round Face

Instagram / @_nicolerenae

#8: Wavy Side Swept Hair for Round Face Shapes

Leave your hair longer at the front to let it form those nice natural waves you might lose cutting your locks shorter. Make the wavy texture stand out against the high skin fade, and you’ll be enjoying everyone’s admiring glances.

High Fade Wavy Hair Cut for Oval Face Men

Instagram / @barbergreg

#9: Highlighted Caesar Cut

This ultra-simple classic style with a fringe works marvelously on gentlemen with round faces. Want to make it more extravagant and one-of-a-kind? Ask the hairstylist for a bleached hairstyle or even opt for a whimsical hue like this one. This will look bold and extremely trendy!

Funky Color Caesar Crop Cut for Men

Instagram / @enzo_m3

#10: Short Tapered Side-Parted Hairstyle

Just check this out! This haircut looks like you’ve just come from the salon! To create such a look at home, you need to sweep your hair to one side and style it with hair wax or a similar product to develop extra volume on the top of your head. Nice and easy!

Side Parted Short Cut for Men with Round Faces

Instagram / @parker_thebarber

#11: Gorgeous Red Spiky Hairstyle

A spiky haircut is another short hairstyle that perfectly suits round faces. Check how great these tall spikes work with the bald disconnected undercut and vivid hue this natural redhead can boast of. This looks modern, fresh, and fashionable, especially when paired with a beard.

Spiky Hairstyle with Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @titan_barber

#12: Short Fade for Round Faced Men

Short hair is undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles, mostly due to its low maintenance. With taper faded sides, your rounded jaw will seem thinner. You can pair it with facial hair or make a clean, shaved look, depending on your own style.

Buzz Cut for Men with Round Faces

Instagram / @razothebarber

#13: Faux Hawk Style

Faux hawk doesn’t necessarily come with shaved sides, but you can experiment with your style and ask your hairstylist to do something like this for a very catchy, trendy, and low-maintenance cut. You can style this look with a blow dryer and little to no products, which is awesome for those who don’t like to spend much time on hair styling.

Modern Quiff Style for Round Faced Men

Instagram / @wan_slaw

#14: Perfect Undercut Haircut

Here’s one of the skin fade variations that’s flattering guys with round faces. A drop fade and rough transition between the shaved sides and a longer top make this cut special and turn this seemingly simple style into a real catch for true fashionistas!

Short Sides Hairstyle for Round Face Male

Instagram / @pure__harry

#15: Spiky Faux Hawk

This faux hawk is not a common haircut for men with round faces, but it’s totally acceptable and all the more interesting. Keep your hair spiky to create even a more eye-catching and unique hairstyle. You can also dye your spikes blonde for contrast with a base hue.

Male Mullet with Shaved Sides and Bleached Spikes

Instagram / @tailorfade

#16: Natural Hair Long on Top

This haircut is a good choice for men with square faces. It allows you to balance the height and width of your face, thus making it look a bit softer yet masculine. A perfect option for those who want to obtain a modern and flattering haircut that is easy to maintain.

Slimming Haircut with Flat Top and Taper Fade

Instagram / @mocliving

#17: Buzz Cut with Undercut Design

This is definitely the best hairstyle for those looking for a way to express their personality! A vivid hue and sassy haircut design make this buzz cut really stylish and one-of-a-kind. Show this pic to your stylist to experiment with your hair if you want to draw everyone’s attention to your style!

Punk Hairstyle for Men with Chubby Faces

Instagram / @nto_hair_mugen

#18: Pompadour and Shaved In Line

If you are looking for more styling options for men with round faces, this cool pomp would definitely grab your attention! Clear drawn lines at both sides of the temples add uniqueness and interest to this cut, while a quiff makes it more voluminous on top.

Haircut Design for Round Face Men

Instagram / @zackthebarber

#19: Mid Fade Cut with a Quiff

If your goal is to make your round face appear longer, a modern quiff may be the best solution. Create volume by simply brushing up your quiff or fixating it with a favorite hair product, depending on how high you dare to go.

Male Hairstyle for Thick Neck and Receding Hairline

Instagram / @razothebarber

#20: Round Face Hairstyle for Longer Hair

If you prefer long hair, consider this stylish slicked-back look. It works awesome for any hair type and flicked ends look very interesting!

Medium Length Hair Slicked Backward

Instagram / @nickbarford

#21: Cool Pomp Haircut

Styling middle-length hair into a high quiff is always a good idea when it comes to creating a ’do for a man with a round face. You can style your hair with a blow dryer by applying an appropriate hair product and blow-drying them upwardly.

#22: Vivid Fringe Haircut

Long gone are the days when only women were meant to experiment with hair color. Like most slimming haircuts for chubby faces, this fade hairstyle places all the attention on top of the hair. An unusual bangs shape and dyed hair are a good match and look really fresh and fashionable!

Angular Fringe and Fancy Hair Color Idea for Men

Instagram / @dannistylez

#23: Chopped and Textured Spiky Hair

Taper fade with textured spikes is what makes this style so casual yet very catchy. Such stylish haircuts may seem extravagant, but they are quite versatile, as you may pair them with any outfit. The shave makes a very clean move and creates an excellent contrast with the messy look of the hairstyle.

Short Sides Textured Blonde Top Mens' Hairstyle

Instagram / @razothebarber

#24: Textured French Crop Top

Crop top haircuts with short sides have always been advantageous for a round face shape. Getting an edge-up hairstyle that involves cutting along the natural hairline will contribute to a nice, masculine face shape.

Best Haircut for Men with Round Faces Without Beard

Instagram / @lomas_thebarber

#25: Mullet and Mustache

If you are a big fan of classic hairstyles, you’d love this cool messy mullet with green hair tips. This haircut looks fresh and catchy, but it’s definitely not for everyone, as it might be inappropriate for your job.

Retro Mullet Haircut for Men

Instagram / @kiwicutz

#26: Long Kinky Crop

A crop with shaved sides and long kinky spikes sounds like a well-designed mix of modern and classic. It’s is perfect for fashion-forward guys who like trying and inventing new styles.

Best Haircut for Black Men with Thick Neck and Rounded Jawline

Instagram / @briancaliberhair_

#27: Very High Skin Fade

Another great example of a hairstyle is where the volume is focused on the top of the head. If you have fine straight hair, this haircut would probably require some heavy-duty hair wax to keep the hair in nice shape, but it’s truly a fantastic choice for men with a round face shape and receding hairline!

Quiff Cut with Shaved Sides and Back

Instagram / @ryoheisugi

#28: Neat Middle Part Hairstyle

This hairstyle works wonders for a round face, isn’t it? It distracts attention from chubby cheeks and round jaw and is extremely easy to style. All you need is to blow dry your hair while making a middle parting.

Middle Part Curtain Hairstyle for Round Face Shapes

Instagram / @hairlabs.id

#29: Short Taper with Off-Center Parting

This is a good haircut for those who want to look unique and eye-catchy, so if it’s your goal – go for it, and you’ll always be standing out in a crowd! One more thing you need to know about this cut: with such an extraordinary round-face hairstyle, men look younger than their age!

Interesting Short Haircut for Men

Instagram / @hair_splinter

#30: Man Bun with Undercut

This style is an excellent example of how facial hair may elongate the face shape. With a sharp beard like this, your face will definitely look thinner. The hair pulled back in a man bun also creates more volume on top, bringing more attention to the owner of this creative cut.

Sharp Beard and Men Bun Undercut for Men with Round Faces

Instagram / @damianosgrooming

Everyone has a unique face shape and facial characteristics, which is why you should analyze your face before choosing an appropriate haircut. Use one of the described ideas and adapt it for your round face to feel confident and handsome.