5 Cheap Braiding Tools to Take Your Hair to the Next Level

Best Hair Braiding Tools

Let’s face it, even though you may try for hours and watch multiple tutorials, sometimes you just can’t figure out how to copy those sophisticated hair braiding styles on Instagram. Whether you need some extra help completing complex hairstyles or you’re just learning how to braid hair, these 5 hair braiding tools will help you create trendy braids by doing most of the work for you!

Choose the Best Hair Braider Tools

Braid maker tools are mostly made in China or Korea because Asian girls are always open to beauty innovations. Remember how we talked about game-changing Korean hair care products? Well, hair maker tools deserve even more attention! Their concepts are brilliant and easy as 1, 2, 3. This article gathered all the best hair braider tools and tips on how to use them properly.

Conair Topsy Tail - Editor’s Choice
Conair Topsy Tail Maker
Topsy tail hairstyles Check Price
Conair Waterfall Braid Maker
Conair Waterfall Braid Maker Tool
Waterfall braids of different sizes Check Price
Mia Ez Braider
Mia Ez Braiding Tool
Fishtail braids Check Price
Sponge Hair Braider
Sponge Braider
French braids Check Price
Quick Twist
Quick Twist Tool
Multiple hairstyles with twisted elements Check Price

#1: The Right Hairstyles’ Choice: Conair Topsy Tail – For Multiple Topsy Tail Hairstyles

The topsy tail ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for anyone to rock because it looks like you’ve put in a lot of effort but in reality it only takes a few minutes to complete. The final hairstyle looks as if it’s been braided, but the secret is that the hair of the ponytail has just been flipped through the rest of the hair, creating a very cool look. The Conair Topsy Tail is the perfect tool to help you pull off the hairstyle effortlessly. But if you think that hiding elastics is its main feature, you’re so wrong! Keep reading…

How to use: First, collect your hair into a half-up hairstyle. Then put the topsy tail (loop side up) behind your elastic and thread your hair through the loop and pull on the end of the topsy tail to pull your hair through the loop. To create a braided ponytail effect repeat these steps three or four times then pull at the strands of hair to make sure they’re loose.

A quick tip: If you don’t want Conair Topsy Tail to stick in your hair or get knotted, which sometimes happens to complete beginners, just be sure to move steadily and don’t stop halfway through. Also, a good detangler may help.

  • Easy to use
  • Has a booklet with 10 different hairstyles
  • Great for multiple hairstyles, even complicated
  • Best topsy tail hair braid/ponytail maker
  • A lot of YouTube tutorials feature this tool
  • Comes in a regular size and a mini one + two elastics
  • Takes some time to master the skill
  • Hair can get knotted if you’re a beginner

There are so many awesome styles you can create with the help of Conair Topsy Tail from a simple ponytail with hidden rubber band to sophisticated braids and updos. Take a look at this video to see the topsy tail in action and discover different looks you can achieve with the tool:

#2: Conair Waterfall Braid Maker – For Different Waterfall Braids

A waterfall braid is one of the most beautiful braids, but it is also one of the more complicated braids to execute. Next time you try a waterfall braid, use this Conair hair braider tool to help you keep track of all the steps that go into creating this hairstyle. Inside the package you’ll find 7 weird looking pieces, but don’t worry — after watching a couple of tutorials you will know how it’s done.

How to use: Start with two strands from one side of the front of your head and twist them together. Then grab the waterfall braid maker tool, adding the top strand to the right slot and the bottom strand to the left slot. Add a new strand of hair from the top of your hair to the middle slot then pull the hair from the left slot out and let it drop. This is your first piece of the waterfall braid. Next, turn the tool clockwise and add a new strand of hair from underneath the strand that was dropped to the right slot. Add a new strand to the middle slot and continue this pattern.

A quick tip: Waterfall braid is a perfect hairstyle for 2nd day hair when you need to both add volume and take your locks away from the face.

  • Set of 7 pieces
  • Easy concept
  • For all hair types
  • Durable tool from respectable hair brand
  • Sometimes you need to start over and over again to make it perfect

Waterfall Braid Maker from Conair is a very helpful tool with a brilliant concept behind it. Although you can use the tool by yourself, it works best if used by another person, so you may be better off asking a friend to help (or you simply need more time to master the skill). Anyway, this braider is very fun to try, especially if you’re a girly girl who adores trying new hairstyles. To watch the tool in action, check out this tutorial:

#3: Mia Ez Braider – For an Easy Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids look great on everyone but can be pretty time-consuming and difficult to achieve. If you are still learning how to do a fishtail braid try something like the Mia Ez Braider styling tool (or “shang du”). It will be your new best friend.

How to use: First, gather a small section of hair from the center of your head and twist it; then attach the Ez Braider to the hair. The top of the tool has an anchor similar to a bobby pin, making it easy to attach it yourself at the back of your head without worrying about it falling out. Once it’s attached, take a small section of hair from one side of your head and twist it once then insert it into the opposite side of the Ez Braider. Do the same with the other side and continue on until all of your hair is in the braider. Secure with hairspray if you struggle with flyaways.

A quick tip: If you decided to DIY, grab two mirrors in order to see your head from behind. This trick saves time and guarantees neat results.

  • Easy braid tool
  • Neat fishtail braid
  • Affordable hair braid/ponytail maker styling tool
  • Can be used for multiple hairstyles
  • Lasts all day
  • Comes only in black color
  • One item inside the package (you can’t make two braids)

Mia Ez Braider is the best spider hair braider on the market today. Its size fits all heads and almost all lengths. In addition to the ordinary fishtail braid, you can do side, half-up and even cute peek-a-boo braids with this helpful tool. If you have very thin hair, you have to try hard to hide the spider braider inside your hairstyle or find more neutral colors from other brands. Take a look at this tutorial to see the fishtail braid tool in action:

#4: Sponge Hair Braider – French Hair Braiding Tool

French braids are a very common hairstyle but can be really tricky to create with just your own two hands. Oftentimes the braid does not come out as tight or polished as we want it to look, but with the use of this French hair braiding tool you won’t have that problem! The sponge is a great tool for beginners learning how to French braid as it locks in each strand of hair tightly, allowing you to take your time without ruining the braid.

How to use: To use the sponge, start off how you normally would start a French braid by taking three sections of hair from the front of your head. The sponge has four spots, labeled by numbers from left to right. Put the left section in the first spot, the middle section in the third spot and the right section in the fourth spot. Then crossover the 4th spot to the 2nd, move the 3rd to the 4th, crossover the 1st to the 3rd, then move the 2nd to the 1st. Now that you have the beginning of your braid, add two new sections of hair to the left and right spots (1st and 4th) then just repeat this pattern until you reach the end of your hair. It may seem complicated at first, but following along with this tutorial makes it very easy to accomplish a perfect French braid.

A quick tip: Grab two mirrors to see your head from behind, especially the first time when you need to understand the mechanism and develop the tactile memory.

  • Works on all hair types
  • Nice-looking tool
  • Helps to learn the basics of braiding hair
  • Durable
  • Useless if you can French braid with your own fingers

Sponge Hair Braider is an awesome tool for those who want learn how to French braid their own hair. Some people say fingers are easier to use but if you never could braid your hair like this, Yo-Yo’s cute braider will become your best friend. Check out the tutorial to see this little tool in action:

#5: Conair Quick Twist – For Multiple Hairstyles with Twisted Elements

If you’re on the hunt for a tool that requires minimal effort on your part, try out an electric or automatic twist styling braid tool. While most of these tools actually create twists instead of braids, the finished result looks Instagram-worthy.

How to use: Most electric hair twister tools like the Quick Twist by Conair have two clamps that hold one strand of hair each. After your hair is secured in the clamps, slide the button up to make the strands twist tightly to the top of your head. Next, in the direction of the arrow, rotate the tool so the two twists wrap around each other and secure the end with an elastic band, creating a tight twist braid.

To create a gorgeous cob braid, make three twist braids down the center of your hair. Then gather the twists into three sections from the base of your neck and proceed by braiding your hair normally or by creating a fishtail braid for a beautiful sophisticated hairstyle!

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Interesting to experiment with
  • Safe for children
  • Durable twists for multiple hairstyles
  • The quality could be better but it does what it says

We adore hair tutorials featuring Quick Twist by Conair because this little electric tool really gives freedom to create. Also, this cute apparatus can be the best toy for your daughter if she loves wearing cute styles. This tool is safe but the quality could be better; it may break after a few months of constant use. But who cares when it’s so much fun?

For an even more interesting hairstyle, check out this tutorial on how to make a cob braid:

Buyer’s Guide to Hair Braiding Tools

Are you excited about hair braiders but still some have questions left? Then be sure to check out the FAQ section below!

Do Hair Braiding Tools Work on Shorter Hair?

Absolutely yes! You just need to experiment to find your favorites and master the skill. This helpful video tutorial by Milabu was created to illustrate the process.

Do Hair Braiders Last Long?

Unfortunately, most of these items don’t last very long because they are made of cheap materials but they’re as cheap as chips and can always be added to your standard order from Amazon. Also, it depends on how careful you are.

How Can I Master Braiding Skills with the Help of Hair Braider Tools?

If even the easiest hair tutorials can’t teach you how to braid, modern braiding tools might help! When you braid your hair with the help of a braider, you see the principle and understand how it’s done. After a couple of weeks of daily use, your neural connections and fine motor skills of your fingers will be ready to work without any tools!

Do Hair Braiding Tools Work on Very Thick and/or Curly Hair?

It depends on how neat and patient you can be. Not enough? Then ask your boyfriend for help. These braiders are easy even for people with two left hands.

Can an Electric Hair Braider Damage Hair?

No. The technology of automatic hair braiders is clever and well thought out, so you shouldn’t worry about tangles or damage. Just be sure to order the original device—not a copy of a copy.

How Can I Avoid Knots While Using Hair Braiding Tools?

If your hair tends to be knotted and tangled all the time, spray some detangler throughout the hair or simply use your favorite leave-in conditioner before styling. If you need ideas what products to choose, we have a list of the best leave-in conditioners for damaged hair, dry locks and all other hair types, check.

Where Can I Find Braided Hair Ideas to Try?

There’re a lot of articles dedicated to braids on this website: 38 Quick and Easy Braided Hairstyles, 30 Elegant French Braid Hairstyles, 60 Inspiring Examples of Goddess Braids and many, many others (check Related Articles section). Also you can use Instagram hashtags and numerous YouTube tutorials to find hair ideas worth trying.

Braiding your own hair can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of these braiding tools, you’ll quickly learn how to braid your own hair so well that soon you’ll be the one showing off on Instagram!

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