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Updated on July 16, 2021

Hair rinses are such an easy treatment to work into your hair routine. Whether you are looking for added hydration, strength or even ph-balancing, you are covered in these easy water-based hair rinses. In this article I will be focusing on three main benefits: hydration, strength and ph balance, plus all you need to know about how to make and use this type of treatment.

What Are Hair Rinses?

A hair rinse can be anything water-based, such as tea, apple cider vinegar, aloe, rose water, anything that is hydrating in nature. For these treatments, you add just a few tablespoons of your choice of mixture. As an option, you can also add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil(s). Then, you fill the rest of the jar up with warm shower water. I personally like to apply my hair rinses after I shampoo and before I condition.

What Are Hair Rinses


For hydration and Ph-Balancing rinses, leave the mixture on for 10-30 minutes. For strengthening treatments, such as green/black tea, or clay, leave on for only 3-5 minutes, at most (leaving this mixture on too long can make hair feel straw like, dry or brittle). Strengthening treatments are similar to protein treatments, so these should be done only once or, at the most, twice a month for maximum benefits.

My DIY Hair-Rinse Recipes

When I first found out about rinses I was shocked at how simple they are to make and how easy they are to rinse out. I hope you get inspired to come up with your own recipes. Here are my favorite ones.

1. Sweet Water Rinse (Hydration Treatment)

My favorite rinse of all time! This rinse replenishes your hair with hydration to the max with its star ingredient, Honey! For an alternative to honey, you can use any of the following: Agave Nectar, Sugar or Maple Syrup!

  • 2 Tbsps ACV
  • 2 Tbsps Aloe Vera (juice or gel)
  • 2 Tbsps Honey (warm honey to dissolve)

Instructions: Mix ingredients together in a large jar or cup and bring the mixture into the shower with you. Shampoo hair first, then fill the rest of the jar with warm shower water. Pour the rinse all over your head and hair. Make sure to really get your scalp and ends. Lightly massage this into your hair, and wrap hair up in a shower cap. Leave on for 10-30 minutes before rinsing out. Condition and moisturize as usual. Use this mixture as often as you like.

Sweet Water Rinse


2. Fresh Scalp Rinse (Ph-Balancing Treatment)

If you don’t have Fenugreek, you can just use ACV, but I highly recommend you try Fenugreek for all its amazing benefits. Benefits of this beautiful seed: Fights dandruff, promotes hair growth, prevents premature graying, reduces hair fall, and makes hair shiny and silky. Plus it smells delicious like maple syrup! You can find this seed on Amazon or any Ayurvedic shop.

  • ½ cup Tbsps Fenugreek Tea
  • 2 Tbsps ACV
  • 1-3 Drops of Tea Tree Oil

Instructions: Put two tbsps of fenugreek seeds or powder in 2 cups of hot water. Let it brew for about 8 hours, then strain. After you have created your fenugreek tea, add a ½ cup of tea into your cup or jar with your ACV and a few drops of tea tree oil. Pour the rinse all over your head and hair. Focusing more on your scalp than your ends, gently massage this into your hair, and wrap hair up in a shower cap. Leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing out. Condition and moisturize as usual. Use this mixture as often as you like.

Fresh Scalp Rinse


3. Clay Wash (Strengthening Treatment)

This is my preferred strengthening treatment. I love clay rinses for their clarifying, strengthening and conditioning benefits. There are so many different clays you can use in this recipe, such as Bentonite, Rhassoul, Kaolin (white clay), French (green clay) or Moroccan Clay (red clay). Any of these clays will work perfectly, but I usually stick to Bentonite or Rhassoul.

  • 4 Tbsps of Bentonite or Rhassoul Clay
  • 2 Tbsps of ACV (helps to activate clay or just use water)

Instructions: Add choice of clay in container along with ACV and add 3 cups of water. You can adjust the recipe to your desired thickness in texture. Do not use a metal container or metal utensil when mixing. I like to pour the mixture into an applicator bottle so I can focus on my scalp. This mask is the messiest out of the ones mentioned in this article. Make sure to apply it in the shower on wet hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse. Since this rinse is also conditioning and clarifying, you can skip the conditioner and shampoo, if you would like. You can use this treatment 1-2 times a month. Don’t forget to give yourself a clay face mask to match your clay rinse. Just use 2-3 Tbsps of clay and mix a small amount of water to make up a paste and apply. Wash it off when dry and moisturize.

Clay Wash


4. Alternative Strengthening Treatment

  • 2 Black Tea Bags
  • 2 Tablespoons of aloe juice or a humectant, such as honey (this is to keep the treatment balanced)

Instructions: Brew the black tea in 2-3 cups of water and, when it’s cooled, pour into your container. Just like before, add your choice of aloe or honey, then pour the mixture all over your scalp and hair. I suggest using aloe or honey in this recipe to help balance the strengthening treatment. Depending on your hair’s porosity, you might be sensitive to strengthening treatments. Leave on for only 5 minutes. Rinse and use your favorite deep conditioner, along with your normal conditioner, to help seal your cuticles. Use this treatment only once or twice a month.

Alternative Strengthening Treatment


Over the years, I have learned so much about hair and how to create a regimen that works for me. Lately, I have been inspired by incorporating ayurveda into my hair-care routine. I created a hair course that I would love for you to check out, especially if you want to build a routine. This course goes hand in hand with the product bundle, so you may want to check out both options. for more hair inspiration and tips, follow me on Instagram.

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