10 Game-Changing Curly Hair Products

Curly hair is often envied for its body, volume, and style. While naturally curly hair is a blessing, few people understand the struggle of maintaining healthy curls. Humidity, frizz, and dryness are all things that make waves and curls look deflated, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult to have consistently good hair days. Here’s a list of the best curly hair products to manage your curls.

#1: Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

Miss Jessie calls this Curly Pudding a “smooth operator”, and after just one use, you will see how true that claim is. This is one of the best products for banishing frizzy hair and creating soft, plump curls. This cream formula turns tight kinks into extra-shiny, stretched-out curls, while keeping the true shape of your ringlets in the process. This styling product has the firmest hold and is best for those with tight curly, kinky hair. For the best results, comb a nickel-sized amount of product through small sections of your hair and let air dry.

#2: Ouidad Climate Control Gel

Need some extra control with your curls? Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel fights humidity and has a curl-defining formula that won’t leave your hair feeling sticky or stiff. This curl-enhancing gel includes anti-frizz nano technology for even more advanced frizz protection, as well as all-day protection from UV damage. Even with thick, wavy hair, this product won’t weigh down your locks or leave them looking shapeless. Work the gel into small sections of hair so you’re sure to coat every single curl.

Ouidad Climate Control Gel

Photo: @ouidad

#3: Devacurl No-Poo Shampoo and Conditioner

Devacurl is known for producing the top curly hair products on the market, and their No-Poo shampoo was rated the Best Beauty Buy for 2016 by InStyle. The No-Poo Shampoo and Conditioner duo gives your curls the right amount of essential moisture and works well with all curl types. Devacurl’s shampoo is non-lathering and contains peppermint and grapeseed oil that stimulates the scalp and hair without getting rid of your hair’s natural oils—oils that help keep curls shiny and bouncy. These two products are completely free of sulfates, paragons, and silicone, so you can be confident in what you are using to clean your curls.

#4: Bumble & Bumble Curl Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer

This multi purpose hair primer has a bunch of super powers curly, wavy and coiled hair types. Bumble & Bumble’s Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer is the sulfates and parabens free product that helps to define, moisturise and nourish your curls. Also it has UV protective function, which is important under the burning sun. Use this primer on damp hair to style your locks and you’ll see the difference!

#5: Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse

A drugstore staple, Dove’s Defining Mousse has a lightweight formula that promotes the enhancement of each individual curl and leaves them soft and bouncy. With this soft-hold mousse, your hair will be more manageable and silky to the touch. Natural waves and curls need to be taken care of in order to look beautiful, and Dove’s product makes doing so much simpler. Protecting against frizz and flyaways, this defining mousse promises long-lasting shape and definition in one simple step. This product will soon become your go-to for all of your curly hair needs.

Dove Mousse

Photo: Dove

#6: Kerastase Discipline Keratine Thermique Smoothing Taming Milk

If you struggle with extremely frizzy locks, give Kerastase’s Smoothing Taming Milk a try. Its advanced technology is the best way to get salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. The cream smooths hair and fights even the most unruly frizz but doesn’t weigh down your curls. Those who have used this product have experienced 85% less breakage after blow-drying their locks. The cream works to restore hair’s inner flexibility, making it more durable. Because this is a heat styling product, apply a small amount to towel-dried hair before blow-drying.

#7: Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Define & Shine Custard

Looking for a product with a little bit stronger of a hold? Cantu’s Define and Shine Custard will keep your curls in place as well as provide a moisture boost. Made with shea butter, this product reduces your hair’s bulk and elongates your curls. Cantu’s cream is free of mineral oils, parabens, gluten, and silicone, and their products are also completely cruelty-free. Apply to your hair right after you step out of the shower for the best results. Work in the product beginning at your roots and working your way down towards the ends.

Cantu Shea Butter

Photo: Cantu

#8: Deesse’s Elujuda FO Fluent Oil

Hair oils are the holy grail when it comes to maintaining curls, and Deesse’s oil, extracted from the Baobab tree in Africa, is very effective at restoring your hair cuticles and moisturizing your locks. After a couple of uses, the oil works from the inside out to give hair enhanced manageability. For those with hair on the thinner side, this product is perfect for your curls because the light leave-in treatment won’t overpower the texture of your natural hair. This oil leaves hair soft and supple and restores hair to its prime condition.

#9: Bumble and Bumble Curl Style Defining Creme

A cult favorite styling cream, Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Defining Creme is UV protective and helps create flexible, yet highly moisturized, curly styles. Bb’s products are all about giving you definition and movement with your curls. Whether you have loose curls, ringlets, or coils, this creme will make sure that each strand is hydrated and nourished, resulting in an overall softer look. This product is also free of mineral oils and alcohol.

#1o: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray

Want something quick and easy? Look no further than John Frieda’s frizz-fighting styling spray. This curly hair product will transform wilted waves and curls into redefined and reinvigorated spirals. The alcohol-free formula will never leave your hair feeling crispy, but rather restores your hair’s elasticity and bounce. Simply spray throughout damp hair, from roots to ends, and allow your hair to air-dry or blow-dry. For next-day curls, spray throughout your hair and scrunch to enhance and revive day-old ringlets.

At times, curly locks can seem to be completely unmanageable. However, with the help of the curly hair products listed above, controlling your beautiful waves and ringlets can be easier than you ever imagined!

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