50 Fresh Trendy Ideas for Copper Hair Color

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#2: Deep Copper Curls

Long Wavy Copper Hairstyle

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The deep copper hair color with hints of red and honey makes for a bright and eye-catching solution. Throw in a few soft waves to help the color flow luxuriously through your hair. Low maintenance and easy to style, this is a fabulous everyday ‘do, but it’s also ideal for any kind of formal occasion.

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The warm golden pink tints of the famous ductile metal – copper – inspire a whole range of red hair hues we refer to as coppers. Copper tones embrace a rich spectrum of shades from soft auburn through ginger and Satsuma to spicy tangerine. Even in their light versions, copper tones are always very special and eye-catching.

Today, there’s a rich variety of complicated and intelligent copper shades which are able to offer you exclusive modern looks. We’ve collected 50 fresh examples of the best currently popular copper hair hues. Have a look and don’t hesitate to give a go to one of these awesome hair color ideas!

Copper Hair Color and Its Opportunities

Copper hair color looks good with any skin tone and eye color. However, for ladies with green eyes and fair skin tone, copper hair seems to be the best choice. We believe that each woman can find her perfect copper shade since red and orange tones look gorgeous on any hair type:

  1. Copper hue for straight hair. If your hair is straight and you are thinking of dyeing it copper, consider ombre. Let it be dark auburn or ginger at the roots melting into tender strawberry blonde. Treat your tresses with a silky finish to enhance the radiance of the gorgeous copper fade.
  2. Coppers for wavy and curly hair. All copper hues look fantastic on wavy and curly hair. Anything from scrunch styles or beach waves to polished vintage curls is extremely flattering on redheads. Loose messy curly updos or messy braids adorned with field flowers, twigs or leaves create fantastic rustic hairstyles and are actively used as bridal ‘dos in eco style.

Red Hair Palette

Below there are some trendy examples of copper hues and hairstyles you may try to embrace this gorgeous shade of red hair color. Enjoy the gallery and get inspiration for your next great look with copper hair.

#1: Light Copper Highlights

This copper hair looks so natural! Brighten up your base of red copper hair with light copper highlights blended in with the other shades of red. This trick creates a vibrant appearance of your locks that practically illuminate from within.

#2: Deep Copper Curls

The deep copper hair color with hints of red and honey makes for a bright and eye-catching solution. Throw in a few soft waves to help the color flow luxuriously through your hair. Low maintenance and easy to style, this is a fabulous everyday ‘do, but it’s also ideal for any kind of formal occasion.

#3: Short, Copper, and to the Point

This hair color is simply stunning! Bob haircuts and copper red hair go together like peanut butter and jelly. Wavy, messy texture of this cool cut lends itself well to the edgy appeal of the rich coppery hue.

#4: Cool Copper Lights

Bright golden coppery highlights lend a bit of radiance to any hairstyle. Instead of going for a streaky look, it’s best to opt for something natural, just like this! The maintenance is easy, plus the warm highlights look as if they’re meant to be there!

#5: The Lightest Copper

Sometimes, copper turns out subdued, as almost blonde. It looks one way in pictures and another way in real life. A light copper like this blends peachy blonde shades with touches of orange, ginger, and red hair color for a light and soft color solution.

#6: Dark Copper Hair with Chocolate Hints

Brunette and copper shades blend together beautifully. Here, again, there are hints of red, copper, and even auburn. The blend creates a completely natural look, which is just the thing for ladies who appreciate delicate and sophisticated hair color solutions which are called to enhance their natural beauty.

#7: Coppery Brown

If you’re not ready to get totally copper hair, it’s easy to give brown hair a coppery tint, so it’s not quite red but carries subtle highlights and a slight coppery sheen. The upkeep on something like this is effortless, especially compared to a full copper dye job.

#8: Velvety Auburn into Tender Peachy Ombre

This vivid auburn hue is a fantastic match for fair skin tone even if you use a nude make up. To add some spice to this gorgeous copper hair color, make the tips lighter. Strawberry blonde would be a perfect hue to pair.

#9: Short Auburn Hair with Natural Copper Highlights

Is red a good hair color for dark skin tones? Absolutely! We adore how different shades of copper look on this girl with a dark skin tone. A short cut coupled with a rich palette of red tones is something that will definitely turn heads.

#10: Shiny Copper Balayage

You can give your long wavy hair a Hollywood vibe with the help of this beautiful copper balayage. Just look how the tone of highlights changes from a darker shade of copper at the top and down to fair golden copper at the bottom.

#11: Bright Copper Highlights on Auburn Hair

Rich copper highlights make long auburn hair look vibrant and eye-catching. Copper streaks help to emphasize the shape of this amazing red hair. You should definitely steal this look to rock Instagram!

#12: Baby-Doll Natural Copper Hair

If you’re not into the deep, daring bright copper but still want to try red hair, ask your colorist to recreate this awesome look. Just have a glance at how beautifully locks of a lighter shade frame the face. Natural copper hair looks exceptionally good on ladies with gray to green eye color and fair skin with warm tones.

#13: Vibrant Copper Ombre

If you want something to rock this fall, steal this look! A bold copper ombre with a smooth transition from deep auburn to golden tones is the hair color you need to brighten up rainy days.

#14: Shiny Waves

This is a great example of how a mixture of red tones can create volume if you have thin hair. Hundreds of tones and subtones are elaborately arranged to emphasize the structure of this awesome mane, the golden streaks being a cherry on top.

#15: Daring Copper Ombre Hair

We love the transition the colorist managed to achieve with this copper ombre hair. Although the darkest and the lightest tones are strikingly contrasting, the transition looks smooth and natural. These vibrant orange and red tones are an excellent choice if you consider getting bright copper hair color but don’t want to stick to a single hair tone.

#16: Medium Length Red Hair

Nothing in this world complements blue eyes and pale skin tone more beautifully than copper hair. Ask you colorist to create an amazing look like this by elaborately mixing red and orange strands and highlighting the face-framing pieces with a light tone.

#17: A Messy Pixie + Copper Hair

If you’d love to create a bright look for fall, consider getting a pixie with a piece-y fringe and couple it up with the bold copper. Light orange highlights help to emphasize the shape, while curly style makes this gorgeous copper hair look feminine.

#18: Vibrant Ombre to Steal Looks

If you find it hard to choose a copper shade for your next great look, we recommend getting them all at one time, as this lady did. This splendid ombre combines a wide range of red tones, from dark to light to make this medium hair look absolutely stunning.

#19: Soft and Sensual

There’s something incredibly sensual about loose ombre waves. They give an impression that you have been rolling around in bed all day, but still manage to look effortlessly chic. For such a natural look, try a subtle ombre to show off every hint of the copper color.

#20: Everyday Elegance

Unfortunately, many women who work in corporate environments aren’t able to experiment with color and cuts as much because of conservative dress codes. A dark copper hue is eye-catching yet elegant. Balance the color with a sleek haircut.

#21: Bold Body Wave

Ginger hair has a distinct mix of golden blonde and red that blends to create a lively orangy color. It works best on women with fair and porcelain skin, and bright green or blue eyes.

#22: Long and Natural-Looking

Make your own distinct copper hair color by blending different shades. A dark auburn at the roots will make strands look thick, while a light spicy red at the ends will appear sun-kissed and natural.

#23: The New Nineties

W With the age of Netflix, it’s not hard to draw inspiration for your next style from old television classics. Buffy the Vampire Slayer may be known for her spunky blonde locks, but who can forget her best friend Willow’s deep copper bob? Years later it still remains a timeless and stylish must-have look.

#24: Ginger Hair Color with Copper Touches

This ginger hair is multidimensional with sultry shades of orange and rust. Try both balayage and ombre in one hairstyle to come up with a customized red hair color solution that’s modern, pretty, and radiant.

#25: Bright Copper Hair with an Orange Tint

Copper hair can involve all sorts of shades from the red color family. A copper color with an orange undertone is ideal for girls who want to grab onto the ginger trend. There are touches of gold and copper, which come together beautifully.

#26: Every Shade of Copper Red

Different shades of red mix together beautifully. Rich copper red highlights and auburn lowlights combine to create a hair color that’s vivacious and ever-changing. For an eye-catching red hair look it’s best to choose a mix of dark and medium shades, although a few pale copper strands can brighten the hair too.

#27: From Brown to Copper

Copper is a perfect complement to brunette shades. One way to add interest and flair to brown hair is to introduce some rich red and copper streaks.

#28: Light Copper Streaks on Fleek

Copper highlights go a long way. A few lighter streaks can brighten a plum red or burgundy base, creating loads of texture and healthy-looking radiance.

#29: Bold Tangerine

Oh well, it’s heavenly but let’s assume it’s not for everyone. If you strive for a bold pop of color and can withstand this degree of saturation and contrast, go for it, it’s worthy. Pair with bright lips.

#30: A Subtle Take on Copper

Copper-colored hair doesn’t have to look like a new copper penny. Light copper is a subtle take on the color. The hair looks stripped down and sleek with golden undertones mixed in with the red, leading to a dazzling hairstyle.

#31: Dark Copper with an Edge

A An edgy cut calls for an edgy color and, likewise, a unique, eye-catching color works best with a signature haircut. They complement each other, as in the case with this modern shag, brightened with a rich blend of copper-red hair dye.

#32: Fiery Ombre with Copper Tones

Ombre is still a sizzling trend, and it looks exceptional when it’s done up with shades of red and copper. These stunning curls are on fire with a mix of dark, light, and medium copper tones, as well as hints of true red and apricot.

#33: The Brightest Red Copper Hair

This is almost a true red, yet the tones of orange mix in for a rich, vibrant copper hair color that’s too good to be true. Red hair looks beautiful whether it’s straight or curly, but these bouncy curls really have something magnetizing about them.

#34: Brown Fading to Copper

Mixing copper with brown and adding in an ombre effect is eye-catching and outside-the-box without being too wild or ostentatious. This hairstyle represents a perfect way for brunettes to ease into the shades of the copper color. Starting off with a natural base makes for easier upkeep, plus, the touches of the vivid color at the bottom draw even more attention, as they are sprinkled next to a more subdued shade.

#35: Orange, Pink and Copper Color

Copper red is a versatile shade that throws off a variety of fiery hues. Blending light copper, dark copper and every shade in between results in a marvelous, molten head of hair that looks like a gorgeous autumn day. All by itself, that’s a beautiful style, but it’s easy to take it up another notch with a few well-placed pink streaks.

#36: Copper Curls

Here’s a stunning example of how to pull off copper brown hair. A brown base with shades of light, dark, and medium copper hair on top is on-point, on-trend, and out-of-this-world. Note how every curl seems to throw off a different hue, and how the brown underside is dark enough to make all the reds stand out.

#37: Copper Goes Ombre

This copper ombre hairstyle is trendy and totally cute! Yes, you can mix in copper into your hairstyle softly if you have black hair. We love how the black at the roots blends with burgundy midshaft and then lightens to a pretty, penny-inspired shade of copper-red hair color. The cut itself complements the color perfectly!

#38: Spiraled Side Bang

Create a contrast of textures within your copper red hair by mixing tight spirals at the ends with a long loose side bang. It’s a sort of a sexy peek-a-boo that remains flat on top but still manages to work in some soft, touchable curls through the ends.

#39: Slick from Root to Tip

If you have fine hair that won’t hold a curl, there’s still hope for a sassy and exciting style. Using a bright copper color with a dark brown base creates the illusion of density. Keeping your strands straight will easily show off the variations in hair color.

#40: Waves of Warmth for Olive Skin Tone

Olive skin tones such as this look best with warm hair colors because they pick up on the gold and yellow undertones. An easy trick to tell your skin undertones and choose flattering colors is to look at the veins in your wrist: green veins indicate warm tones and blue veins indicate cool tones.

#41: Beach Hair

Beach waves can be worn not only when you are on vacation. While they may look tropical or disheveled on blonde and brown hair, somehow, they manage to look edgy with a copper hair color. Parting your hair with a deep side part adds an element of mystery.

#42: Just Jessica Rabbit

E Even though she was just a cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit is still one of the sexiest redheads around. With her side part and flowing waves, the classic layered style is undeniably attractive. Make it more modern with a two-tone hair color solution – red and blonde hair dyes are good companions.

#43: Enchanting Fairytale Waves

While we all know that fairytales aren’t real, that doesn’t mean that we can’t look like a Disney princess in real life. Style your long copper brown hair in giant shiny waves that almost seem too good to be true. You don’t need to wait for Prince Charming to rock hair that looks this good.

#44: Awesome and Angled

Angled haircuts are usually reserved for thin or fine strands, but it doesn’t mean that thick-haired women should count them out. The key is to use a rich color with highlights to break up the density and look sophisticated.

#45: Cute and Casual

Gone are the days when only geeky women wore glasses. Now they are hipster chic and pair well with a trendy golden copper hue and casual half-bun. Add winged eyeliner to make an accent on the eyes.

#46: Sharp and Sexy

The ultimate look for a busy woman on the go is an angled bob. If you need a hairstyle that will easily transition from work to play and will always fit in any occasion, this picture is a good example. Add a bit of flair with a blonde streak that will pop against copper hair.

#47: Fine Red Strands with Bangs

Balance fresh-faced beauty with an equally minimal hairstyle. Long copper red hair and a flirty fringe are effortless and fashionable without being overdone. If you want a little extra oomph, try working with accessories like a fun hat or a flower to bring more style points to your look.

#48: Hot Copper

Going for a bolder and hotter hue, be ready for extra attention. With a fun messy hairstyle like this, you will only double it. And that’s not a bad thing when you are pretty, young, and adventurous.

#49: Sultry Coppers

This rich velvety copper tone won’t leave anyone indifferent. With a hair color like this, you can’t stay unnoticed in the crowd even if you are wearing neutral colors and the plainest of casual outfits.

#50: Saturated Auburn for Curly Hair

A solid intense auburn hair hue works fantastic for naturally curly hair in eco-inspired hairstyles. I love this intricate messy braided downdo with simple natural adornments, intensifying the copper notes of the hair.

As you see, copper hue is not referred only to the copper penny. It embraces a much wider palette of hair colors, including soft and natural shades along with bold and vivid ones. Besides, you may play with the basic component of your hair color, varying it from ginger to tangerine. As long as red suits your warm skin tone, try one, another or anything in between to find your ideal copper version.

Keep in mind that red hair color requires proper maintenance: to keep your copper hair color from fading, stock up on products for dyed hair, shampoo and conditioner in the first place. Ask your colorist about which shampoo for dyed hair will best match your hair type.

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