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Updated on May 30, 2022
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Short Red Hairstyles and Haircuts

There are 35 most seductive, passionate and sexy looks from redheads. The most beautiful, stylish and confident women are sharing their breathtaking short red hairstyles and haircuts. So, let’s see what new red hair ideas we can draw from them.

1. Strawberry Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

Strawberry Blonde Messy Bob

Instagram / @seolahair

With dark brown or black hair, it can be challenging to add in the tones you want, but with a professional color stripping, you can create a gorgeous strawberry blonde balayage, no matter your hair type. Match this hue with a messy layered bob to get a sassy short red hair cut.

2. Sexy Red Bob Cut

What can be more eye-catching and appealing than a sexy short bob paired with a fiery red hue? This short red hair will look appropriate both at the office and at a fancy party. Plus, lighter skin undertones help achieve a rather contrasting look with this hue.

Chin Length Auburn Bob

Instagram / @hirohair

3. Wavy Copper Bob

Red hair looks great in all forms, but we do have a soft spot for curly red hair. This voluminous look is stunning in the сopper tone and it ideally suits ladies with light skin tones. Plus, such short red haircuts are easy to maintain.

Wavy Red Bob with Central Parting

Instagram / @yukistylist

4. Natural Red Hair with Side Part

We encourage everyone with red natural hair to emphasize their color with a stylish chin-length bob. With a side part and messy locks, this cut will look more voluminous and brighter, giving more texture to your red strands.

Straight Red Bob Haircut

Instagram / @donovanmillshair

5. Angled Bob with Red Highlights and Lowlights

If having short red hair isn’t for you, having red lowlights appearing from the darkness is a fun style to match with an angled bob cut. With this highlighted look, you can have the pleasure of red hair with less commitment.

Messy Angled Bob

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

6. Red Spiral Curls

If you want to catch everyone’s attention, then this hairstyle is just what you need. Curls add more dimension and fun to the whole style, and the red hue makes it look even more vibrant. This type of hairstyle perfectly complement tanned skin tones.

Shoulder Length Bouncy Copper Curls

Instagram / @axfagundes

7. Red Hair with Yellow Highlights

This hairstyle deserves special attention. Not so many younger women dare to wear such bright, extravagant haircuts, hairstyles, and hair colors. Yet, once you decide to go for this terrific experiment, you’ll never regret it!

8. Red Choppy Shag for Round Face

There’s something captivating in the bright hue of the hair, especially when you’re wearing nude makeup. The haircut done this way is a great way to frame the face and visually elongate it, while the red color is a good option to emphasize your facial features.

Short Red Shaggy Haircut

Instagram / @pinkdagger

9. Auburn Hair with Blunt Ends

This auburn cut is stunning. A straight, neck-length bob is an excellent solution for all face shapes and hair types. Also, this ’do is easy to style at home with a flat iron or a hot brush.

Auburn Bob with Central Parting

Instagram / @alyssamikaylahair

10. Terrific Blonde Hair with Red Ombre

This spunky look combines blonde with orange tones underneath for a dramatic scene look. Although it suggests a lot of touch ups at the hair salon, it creates a magnificent first impression that is definitely worth any extra maintenance.

Blonde Hair with Orange Highlights Underneath

Instagram / @bescene

11. Dimensional Red Hair

When experimenting with short red hair, ask your hairdresser for a multi-tonal look. Having both lowlights and highlights of red adds a sparkling dimension to your locks. Just imagine how stunning this tousled red hair will look in the sunlight!

Vibrant Red Angled Bob Cut

Instagram / @toniiii_j_hair

12. Red and Yellow Ombre

Don’t you mind some extra attention to your personality? Then opt for bright and eccentric looks, just like this fancy wavy bob with red-orange-yellow balayage. The face-framing locks will accentuate your cheekbones while elongating your face a little bit.

Red to Orange to Yellow Ombre

Instagram / @thegoodhairwitch

13. Highlighted Red Pixie Cut

Add sassy notes to your dark red hair color with a short haircut and long side-swept bangs. The vivid red hue refreshes the skin tone and overall look, so you can look younger than your age.

14. Pixie Mullet Enhanced with a Vibrant Red Dye

Having a dark red or purplish-toned red dye added to your hair can create a lot of interest in the look, especially when an eye-catching color is paired with a creative cut. With this cut, you will draw a lot of attention and turn heads everywhere you go!

Red Pixie Mullet with Darker Roots

Instagram / @kiyotaka_tsutsumi

15. Pixie Undercut with Red Curly Bangs

Step up your pixie cut with a bold undercut and longer curls on top, dyed a bright warm hue. Paired with fiery curls, this undercut pixie looks so sassy and rocky that you have no chance to be overlooked at a party.

Orange Red Curly Pixie with Undercut

Instagram / @tanarosehair

16. Radiant Red Cut with Choppy Layers

OMG, isn’t that fiery red hair fabulous? These radiant red highlights will amazingly shimmer under the sunlight, attaching more eyes to your voluminous layered cut. Perfect for those who want to have a more dramatic look.

Short Choppy Copper Locks with Burgundy Edges

Instagram / @kristinacheeseman

17. Short Red Orange Hair

This piecey, red short hair is super low maintenance , yet it draws no less attention than all those catchy curly hairstyles. Styles with orange red hues don’t suit all skin tones, but if you have a pale skin tone, you are free to go.

Short Copper Red Cut with Micro Bangs

Instagram / @shapeshifthair

18. Bright Red Undercut Pixie

This pixie hairstyle is a worthy red short hair look to try out. A cherry red tone like this will perfectly complement your darker skin tone. In addition, shaved sides will give a bit more rock’n’roll to your style.

Burgundy Pixie with Undercut on Relaxed Hair

Instagram / @ugcolorss

19. Red Loose Waves

Go for these admiring large waves with textured ends if you want to stun everyone with a trendy yet elegant style. Include rose gold highlights to add dimension to your color and apply texturizing spray when styling your hair.

Red with Cool Rose Gold Undertone

Instagram / @savanna.h.blake

20. Angled Lob with Red Highlights

If you prefer short to medium lengths, an A-line bob like this one is a worthy option. Ask your stylist to add red and blonde highlights to your dark brown locks to make your hair color look more elaborate.

Brown Red Bob with Highlights

Instagram / @casistauffer

21. The Red Long Bob (AKA “The Lob”)

This gorgeous red hair look is great for any occasion because it can be dressed up or down. Can’t you just imagine how cute this would look with a sparkly barrette or headband? It also requires very little fuss in the morning because it looks wonderful with both wavy and straight styles.

Long Layered Angled Bob

Instagram/ @maxwellmathson

22. Light Red Straight Cut Hair

Red hair can be done in a few ways, with straight lines or with a more gradient cut (like a layered lob). This blunt style helps the honey tones of this light red hair shine.

Blunt Red Bob

Instagram / @peachstockholm

23. Short Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Pixie haircuts are perfect for sassy short red hairstyles which would really be appreciated by moms, because of the minimal amount of effort they need to look chic. Even the just-got-out-of-bed approach often works with this kind of haircut.

Red Pixie for Curly Hair

Instagram / @meucabelocurto

24. Deep Red Two-Tone Curls

For black people, it can be more difficult to get that bright red hair dye to stick. In these cases, we recommend going for a deep red look to bring out the browns in your skin and to highlight your face. This curly short red hairstyle with dipped ends looks gorgeous in elegant up-dos and sassy loose styles.

Red Curly Hairstyle for Black Women

Instagram / @kandyfhair_

25. Clean Red Bob

There are so many different shades of red, and we believe this gorgeous copper hue flatters light complexions, but looks good with tanned skin too. Red hair can work with any skin tone with just a little tweaking and consideration.

Blunt Red Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @miriansoares_

26. Copper Red Hair with Layered Bangs

This ginger-hued variety of short red hair looks lovely with a soft bang. Side-swept bangs like these are perfect for a relaxed and less structured look.

Red Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram / @trianonsalon

27. Auburn Shoulder Length Hair

Layers help to communicate the richness of color. This style illustrates that perfectly. Having shoulder-length red hair with layers is ideal for those who want to have the flexibility and convenience of putting their hair up into a bun or ponytail.

Medium Layered Red Haircut

Instagram/ @maxwellmathson

28. Brownish Red Hair

This copper red is a great color to try for those who want to have red hair without being too loud. With this tonality, the hair will look brownish when indoors but will have a red sheen in the sunlight.

Long Red Pixie Haircut

Instagram / @nataliakop

29. Emma Stone’s Red Textured A-Line Bob

At the Venice Film Festival, Emma Stone was shining with beauty, tenderness, and naturalness. The honey-toned red locks of her A-line bob were styled to match the texture of the draped tulle of her dark green dress. A lovely combination of colors and textures has led to the ultimate success of this look.

Emma Stone Red Bob Hairstyle

Andrea Raffin /

30. Jena Malone’s Copper Red Vintage Look

Jena Malone’s short curly hairstyle is a good idea of an evening look. It bears a vintage flair and breathes with beauty that burns you like flame and ice. Such curls are easy to shape with flat irons. If you want to introduce a modern twist into your hairstyle, let the ends of your curls stick out mischievously. This lady in red is irresistible!

Jena Malone Short Copper Red Curly Hairstyle


31. Aristocratic Short Hairstyle for Judith Hoag

The easiest way to ennoble your a bit outgrown pixie is to texture your locks with mousse and comb them back with a light lift at the roots. Judith Hoag has achieved a lovely look with an aristocratic flair bringing this idea to life. We love her sophisticated subdued red hair color.

Judith Hoag Short Red Hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

32. Sassy Red Pixie of Caroline Manzo

Caroline’s light red tresses look as if they have faded under the bright sun of Miami. The effortless volume on the crown, light mess in the locks and the edgy bangs make an impression of a lady who has just returned from her vacation, so rested, fresh and stylish she looks.

Short Red Pixie Hairstyle

s_bukley /

33. Symmetric Auburn Bob from Scarlet Johansson

Even Scarlet Johansson was once tempted to try the red hair color. Her light auburn tone is elegant and not too bright. Scarlet’s red haircut offers a simple silhouette solution and blunt edges, but it’s styled into light irregular waves to appear less strict and graphic.

Scarlet Johansson Red Bob Hairstyle

Rena Schild /

34. Red Feathery Pixie of Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan’s pixie doesn’t provide shortened locks at the nape and temples, but her bangs and top tresses are cut with an effect of layering. Karen’s auburn tresses, teased at the roots and combed back, offer us a neat look that is going to look equally beautiful in the office and on the red carpet.

Karen Gillan Short Red Hairstyle

HelgaEsteb /

35. Sharon Osbourne’s Short A-Line Haircut and Bright Red Hair Color

The Osbournes know how to surprise us with eye-popping hair colors. Sharon’s pomegranate red is a challenge, feasible only for strong and self-confident personalities. As for the haircut, it’s a good combination of length, silhouette, and low maintenance. If you go for it, you won’t have a problem with its styling.

Sharon Osbourne Short Red Hairstyle

Featureflash /

Red hair color is bright enough to encourage people to cast curious glances at you. If your hairstyle is just as fine as your hair color, you will be on your way to the total success. Red hair looks equally good when styled in smooth waves or straight and sleek layered hairstyles. If you opt to add a naughty messy touch to your red locks, you’ll bring out the sassy facet of your character. Anyway, without trying all variations of red short hairstyles, you won’t find your individual style. So, feel free in your self-expression and stay beautiful.

Strawberry Blonde Messy Bob Chin Length Auburn Bob Wavy Red Bob with Central Parting Straight Red Bob Haircut Messy Angled Bob Shoulder Length Bouncy Copper Curls Short Copper Red Hair with Yellow Highlights Short Red Shaggy Haircut Auburn Bob with Central Parting Blonde Hair with Orange Highlights Underneath Vibrant Red Angled Bob Cut Red to Orange to Yellow Ombre Dark Red Pixie with Long Bangs Red Pixie Mullet with Darker Roots Orange Red Curly Pixie with Undercut Short Choppy Copper Locks with Burgundy Edges Short Copper Red Cut with Micro Bangs Burgundy Pixie with Undercut on Relaxed Hair Red with Cool Rose Gold Undertone Brown Red Bob with Highlights Long Layered Angled Bob Blunt Red Bob Red Pixie for Curly Hair Red Curly Hairstyle for Black Women Blunt Red Bob for Thick Hair Red Blunt Bob with Side Bangs Medium Layered Red Haircut Long Red Pixie Haircut Emma Stone Red Bob Hairstyle Jena Malone Short Copper Red Curly Hairstyle Judith Hoag Short Red Hairstyle Short Red Pixie Hairstyle Scarlet Johansson Red Bob Hairstyle Karen Gillan Short Red Hairstyle Sharon Osbourne Short Red Hairstyle
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