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Even the healthiest and most beautiful hair doesn’t look its best if your hairstyle is dated. Broaden your horizons, finding out about the latest hairstyles seen on the runways and red carpets. Discover new textures, modern exciting hair colors and innovative styling techniques to style your hair like you’ve never done before. Check top haircuts of the year and upgrade your locks with a new length or throw in some mind-blowing layers to refresh your look. Try shower-fresh hair and the no part hair trend for effortless sexy looks that are going to be all the rage in summer and spring. Test new ways to color and accessorize your hair and feel beautiful and fashionable every day of the week!

With the warm and welcoming weather, hot holiday season and outdoor restaurant terraces, the summer season is exactly the best time to rock a new hairstyle. Are you looking for some hair inspiration and willing to explore the most recent hair trends? We’ve got you! From the latest haircuts and hairstyles to some hairstyling tips, we have collated everything you need to make your hair look great this season. Scroll down to see some of the best and seriously sought-after 2021 hair trends.

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Bold and rebellious, female mullet has grown to be one of the biggest hair trends of this year. Clearly nonconformist, yet practical, it is now seen everywhere, from a schoolyard to the red carpet. Once the celebrities known for their prominent hairstyles like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus took up the trend, it became clear that the girl mullet would be a big thing now. If you dare to try it too, here are the styling tips you will definitely need.

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Juicy and vibrant, yellow hair color, a complete opposite to the popular ashy blonde, is a new trend of 2021. Who could imagine back in the days, when golden undertones were every blonde girl’s nightmare, that yellow hair will be a thing? Bold and bright, yellow hair hues are taking off on Tik Tok and Pinterest adding that longed-for spice to lockdown boredom. Check the best toners for yellow hair and the most flattering color combinations to rock yellow this season.

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Tik Tok is not only about dancing and doing pranks – it hosts some excellent hair hacks and hairstyle trends you might have already seen on the streets. Want to know an easy way to style curtain bangs? Learn to tie your hair in just a few seconds without any hair ties? Or turn your shower hair into a hair extension? Tik Tok trends are here to show you how.

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Hair accessories are total game-changers for finishing a look. If you’re like me, you have plenty of options, from combs to headbands to barrettes, but how do you know which one to grab? As a hairstylist who loves a good accessory, keep reading to see all the fun ways you can step up your hair game. [click to continue…]

Made popular in the ’90s, hair tinsel is back in full force. It’s not just for celebrities and people with colorful unicorn hair, hair tinsel can upgrade anyone’s look. You can find a color that coordinates with your hair (gold for blondes, silver for gray, copper for red, brown for brunettes, and black for the darkest shades) or choose any shade of the rainbow to stand out from your own color. Looks range from a few subtle strands to full-blown goddess — a whole head of glitter! [click to continue…]

The weather is turning cooler, and the days are getting shorter. It’s time to switch the summer wardrobe of bright colors and tank tops over to the muted hues, cozy sweaters, and cute boots of fall. But what about changing up your hair color? For everything from blonde to brunette and balayage to bold vivids, read on for your fall hair color trends forecast. [click to continue…]

Bloggers, stylists, brands and influencers seem to scream from their pictures, “Welcome to the new era of hair accessories!” Take your seats and let’s discover some absolutely adorable hair pieces coming into fashion! Aren’t you excited? [click to continue…]

If you’ve been slightly bored recently, and your reflection in the mirror doesn’t please you like before, it’s time to change something in yourself – for example, the color of your hair. According to Instagram accounts of trendsetters, there’s been one unusual coloring technique very popular for several seasons in a row – metallic hair color. Bronze, silver, platinum, pink gold – now these can be not only jewelry items but also your strands! [click to continue…]

The new season is coming, and it’s always a time for changes and a new experience. Variations of hairstyles in fall/winter 2018-2019 please us with their diversity. So lovers of experiments will be satisfied — there will be bold colors and shapes in fashion. Besides, there’s also something universal yet trendy for everyone this season: layers, slight negligence, and the return of one forgotten detail from the past . . . [click to continue…]

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