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No matter how trendy your haircut or color is, it is healthy hair that gets the most applause. It’s our initial beauty duty to maintain the right hair care routine for healthy and shiny locks. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily, dry, frizzy, or greasy, there are hair tips that will help you deal with the bad hair day challenges and medical issues, get healthy hair, and bring out the natural beauty of your tresses. We know that your locks deserve to be pampered and have collected the best hair care routine recommendations and the most helpful hair care tips. So if you are still asking yourself what you should do with your hair, we’ve got you covered.

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10 Best Leave-In Conditioners for Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, it’s important to use styling techniques and products that are gentle and beneficial to your delicate strands. Choosing the right leave-in conditioner is essential when it comes to styling coily hair and can make or break your routine. Here’s a list of 10 leave-ins that I have personally tried. What I’ve learned is that the needs of natural hair are very different, depending on how fine or coarse your strands are. See all the fantastic options along with handy recommendations I’ve learned through experience.

by Celicia Meredith
February 04, 2023
Hair Care

5 Best Shampoos for Itchy Scalp, According to Master Trichologist

Before I begin a service, one of the most common concerns spoken of in my chair is dandruff or an itchy scalp. As unpleasant as itchy scalps can be, they are not always caused by serious illnesses and can be treated with over-the-counter products. Let's discuss some of the basic causes of a flaking, dry itchy scalp and get into some shampoos that can help.

by Jasmine Hicks
March 10, 2023
Hair Care

20 Black Owned Hair Care Brands to Support

Since the rise of the natural hair movement, hundreds of brands have emerged offering high-quality products to the masses. For many, the timing couldn’t have been better because for quite some time, it was extremely challenging to find the ideal product for your hair texture and density.

by Chenise Johnson
June 14, 2022
Hair Care

10 Summer Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair

Summer’s almost here. For many of us, that means sand, sea, swimming pools, and soaking up the sun. Of course, that also means your hair’s going to be dry, brittle, and faded by fall if you don’t take care of it over the next few months. Don’t let summer wreak havoc with your hair. Use our ten tips to keep it healthy!

by Steph Davidson
May 28, 2022
Hair Care

101 Hair Care Rules for Workout Fanatics

Congratulations girl, you just finished the hardcore workout that you put 100% of your effort into. But have you ever addressed your hair care? Yes, that’s right, there are ways you can prep your hair before your workout and ways to take care of it after. Keep reading to find out how sweating and working out impacts your hair and what you can do to make your hair’s life a little easier.

by The Editors
May 23, 2022
Hair Care

Signs of Protein Overload and 3 Ways to Fix It

Hair requires a good protein-moisture balance to retain its softness, elasticity, and strength. That's why protein treatment can help improve detangling and add structure and support to your locks. Unfortunately, too much protein in your hair due to the wrong haircare routine or protein buildup can become as nasty as a lack of it. This article will help you identify and fix the protein overload problem.

by Stacey Biro
May 10, 2022
Hair Care

6 Best Heat Protectants for Hair and How to Use Them

Throughout our modern lifestyle and busy days, maintaining a healthy and uncomplicated hair care routine can be quite a challenge. Among all the steps we try to follow in our daily hair care, do we really remember or understand the importance of applying a heat protector before using a hot styling tool? If you have skipped or forgotten this step before, we all did, let an expert explain why you shouldn't.

by Dani Caldeira
April 09, 2022
Hair Care

Argan Oil Benefits and 5 Products Worth Your Investment

Today’s market is full of products based on argan oil. Many popular brands add this ingredient to their hair care products to make hair look and feel luxurious. Moreover, argan oil is considered a perfect alternative to beauty salon treatments made to give your tresses a better look.

by The Editors
March 31, 2022
Hair Care

Why Your Hair Hurts and How to Reduce Scalp Pain

Those who have faced scalp pain at least once in their lives know how unpleasant and painful it can be. In such cases, we always ask ourselves the same question, "Why does my hair hurt, and how to reduce this pain?" A little spoiler: whatever the reason for your scalp pain is, it is fully reversible. Read on to learn what causes scalp pain and how to reduce it effectively.

by The Editors
December 14, 2022
Hair Care

How to Get Shiny Hair in 6 Easy Steps

It is not news that beautiful and shiny hair is healthy hair. Unfortunately, it suffers from everyday exposure to numerous harmful influences. This is not news either. While it's easy to look fascinating after a visit to the hair stylist, caring for it at home may be a bit trickier. Still, it's not rocket science. Here are some tips for shiny hair that will come in handy.

by The Editors
December 14, 2022
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