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Updated on December 20, 2023

Every season is a wedding season, because love knows no time limits. Meanwhile, bridal trends are more capricious and transient. Even the timeless classic style reckons with ultramodern voguish rules. If you’re still lost in a heap of thematic magazines, in search of a perfect hair idea for your biggest day, this article will save you from the unnecessary fuss. We’ve gathered the most fashionable and charming bridal hairstyles for you to get inspired and eventually choose the right one.

Wedding Hair Ideas to Steal in 2024

All in all, your final bridal hair solution will depend on the dress you’ve chosen, style of the ceremony and type of venue. Just one simple tip: be sure to feel comfortable and find the harmony between your appearance and state of mind.

1. Heart Braid

Elegant, luxurious and extraordinary, this hairstyle will become the most unforgettable attribute of your wedding. Tiny invisible elastics make it look like an 8th wonder of the world. Use hair extensions if your length does not allow implementing this beauty.

2. Top Knot Bun

The majestic bridal updo pictured here works like a magic wand ― it’s almost a crown for the Queen of the day, only made of your own hair. Leave some chunky face-framing pieces to add some coquetry to your look and be sure to use the best shine spray from your hairdresser’s collection.

3. Posh Waves

This hair idea may seem too obvious as for a wedding, but it is a win-win option for any celebration. Especially if you appreciate the classic elegant style and feel more comfortable wearing easy but magnificent Old Hollywood waves.

4. Asymmetrical Curly Style

The curly hair and sleek roots combination is a good idea for stylish brides who want their hair down. You may also introduce an asymmetrical twist pinning your hair higher on one side and lower on the other.

5. Braid and Ponytail

If you’d like to be a very active bride, this hairstyle will make you feel not only beautiful, but also very comfortable and cozy. It’s a perfect hair solution for dynamic weddings with lots of fun and unexpected entertainment.

6. Futuristic Updo

Not so many brides want to look like porcelain dolls with identical dresses, hair and makeup. If you’re the one who likes to break stereotypes, pay attention to the popular futuristic trend and this cute updo made of braids, fancy curls and intricate knots.

7. Greenery Crown

Floral wreaths, as a wedding hair trend, are obsolete, fortunately or not. But you can adorn any simple romantic hairdo by wearing such a glorious crown made of leaves. An innocent forest nymph is a charming image to try on for the big day if you plan an outdoor wedding!

8. Fishtail Mohawk

The texture of fishtail braids adds chic and intricacy to any festive updo, that’s why top hair stylists recommend mastering the art of fishtail braiding this year. Create more volume by “pancaking” or pulling the braid apart and make a cute row of buns down the back of your head.

9. Massive Natural Bun

Natural voluminous hair can be styled into this excellent bridal updo with the help of the right softening styling mousses and smoothing gels. Huge buns and mohawks are very glamorous, ever-popular and eye-catching, so have fun in the spotlight ― it’s your wedding day!

10. Loose Waves with a Bouffant

Accents and highlights play a crucial role in the completion of a bridal look. Such cute undistinguished braids and floral accessories add a charming touch to any wedding hairstyle.

11. Bubble Updo

This chic and elegant hairstyle is perfect for bright and fashionable brides. While choosing wedding hair jewelry, turn on your inner stylist and match all the details of your image properly. Neat and elegant pieces are the best in complementing traditional white dresses.

12. Pin-Up Rolls

If you like the idea of a cute vintage hairstyle for the big day, you are likely to have an adventurous and flirtatious temper. Sexy and glamorous pin-up rolls are a popular choice of today’s wedding hairstyles, especially when you make a classy update of an old favorite like Victory rolls.

13. Bridal Scarf

All brides-to-be dream about unique and unforgettable wedding hairstyles. If you’re one of them, this bridal scarf idea can look very inspirational, especially in conjunction with an elegant side knot. Veils are no longer the rule, because your own imagination decides everything!

14. Mermaid Braid

This voluminous boho chic wedding hairstyle is worth your attention, if you’re a creative bride who’s looking for hair experiments to choose that “one of a kind” ‘do. A huge fishtail braid around the face looks fabulous, extraordinary and very classy ― isn’t that the effect you have been looking for?

15. Elegant Braided Hairdo

Sometimes classic wedding updos need an upgrade to remain looking timeless yet with that desired modern feel. Go for the traditional updo form, but introduce some fancy braids and you’ll achieve your goal.

16. Ethnic Elements

Unique authentic hair accessories can turn a wedding ceremony into a colorful flamboyant party to remember forever. Moreover, fancy African styles are highly fashionable now. Come back to your roots to brighten such an important day!

17. Bridal Headband

This simple accessory can become the key note of your elegance, due to its fine exquisite design and compatibility with other details of your wedding look. Don’t wear too bright and eye catching hair jewelry with delicate blonde updos ― choose neat and sophisticated pieces.

18. Festive Bow

A hair bow is an old but immortal wedding hair idea. Moreover, bridal fashion 2024 welcomes such cute, flirty and stylish updos. With creative hair coloring, this easy hairstyle seems even more interesting and attractive. Curl the front strand and leave it falling down!

19. Messy Wedding Chic

This dainty hairdo is a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding and a strapless dress. Be sure to fix the result with a firm-hold finishing spray in order to save this beauty till the end of your big day.

20. Sleek Chignon

Simplicity and laconism are the key attributes of the traditional bridal chignon. Add two criss-crossed twists to its base and keep the look minimalistic without any hair accessories for pure elegance.

Hopefully, these wedding hair ideas will help you to choose the right hairstyle and become the best version of yourself for the most beautiful and important day in your life!

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