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Published on May 14, 2022

Hair accessories are a dime a dozen! They are available in all colors, sizes, shapes and prices! So how do we know what accessory is a must have? Follow the trends!

Adding an accessory into your everyday life is one of the simplest ways to elevate your style, look good, and feel good, right? With the trend setting black bow popping up all over Hollywood and parties galore, it’s time to learn a few simple ways to incorporate bow hairstyles into your routine!

How to Make Hair Bows out of Ribbons

Bows in hair may look exquisite, but they are easy to make with just a beautiful ribbon of your choice. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Using ribbon of your choice, cut 2 strips to desired length of accessory;

Step 2. Trifold 1 of the precut ribbons and place on top of the second, full-length ribbon;

Step 3. Tie the two with a smaller ribbon or beading string and secure;

Step 4. The bow can be fastened into hair with a Bobby pin.

For those who want the premade bow that can be easily fastened, I have created The Everyday Bow, an easy accessory that can be worn every day, no matter what may come your way! The Everyday Bow comes in 2 sizes and is made of mulberry silk to be super gentle to your locks!

Now then you have your bow ready, what bow hairstyle should you style? Here are some great ideas to copy!

1. Large Bow on a Low Pony

Tie a large bow into a low or high pony tail on the go! Simply secure hair into low ponytail using a small runner band below the occipital bone. Then, tie the large 8” Everyday Bow or your self-made bow around ponytail, and go!

Big Bow in Hair

Instagram / @jill901

2. Fishtail Braid with a Bow

The small 5” Everyday bow with the same simple tie feature allows for it to be worn in all hair types and lengths. Like this fun fishtail braid! Starting with a side part, begin an inverted French braid that continues to the other side of the head. At the end of the braid, begin a Fishtail style braid with the rest of the remaining hair. The bow accessory at the end will look perfectly on point.

Braid Hairstyle with Black Ribbon at the Ends

Instagram / @jill901

3. Chic and Sleek

In addition to casual attire and an on-the-go lifestyle, bows can be worn for fancier occasions too, like the Red Carpet! This beautiful braided ponytail was created by Bridget Brager, a hairstylist to the stars!

Braided Ponytail with a Bow

Instagram / @bridgetbragerhair

4. Short and Sweet

Don’t worry, my short hair gals, you can wear this look too! With a simple mini pony or a small braid, the accessory looks adorable secured on the side for a perfectly placed look! For hair that is too short to pony or braid, simply rubber band a small section of hair where you want to see the bow. Then, secure the small bow around the mini pony with the two ties.

Messy Bob Hair Bow Hairstyle

Instagram / @jill901

5. Paris Ready

Who else is obsessed with Emily In Paris?! This adorable character has brought a whole new edge to fashion and of course a bow completes her look! Lily Collins, one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood chose a black headband style bow for her red carpet premiere.

Silk Hair Bow Hairstyle for Adults

Instagram / @lilyjcollins

6. Messy Ponytail

There are so many fun ways to use an accessory, even when hair is dirty! One of my favorite looks is to throw my hair into a relaxed messy ponytail and simply add the accessory to fit my mood!

Simple Bow Hairstyle for Every Day

Instagram / @jill901

7. Keep it Edgy

Trends are moving from casual and undone to sleek and chic! A high, structured ponytail is a go-to styling look that can be worn at any occasion. To add an edgy twist, take a small section of the pony and braid it. Secure the braid and non-braided hair together with a rubber band and add your favorite string, beads or chain to the end of the ponytail. Adding a bow and cool ribbon will dial in the perfect look.

Unique High Ponytail Idea with Braid and Ribbons

Instagram / @jill901

8. Too Cute

A high ponytail and a bow? What’s not to love! On a fierce high pony, try adding your accessory or Everyday Bow to the front of the pony instead of the back. Whether you are heading out the door to yoga or running to a meeting, this look will for sure get you stopped on the street!

Cute Hairstyle with a Bow in front of a Bun

Instagram / @jill901

9. Short and Chic Short Hairstyle

Short hair gets put into the boring category or hard to work with category often because it can be hard to style. So, I’d like to encourage everyone to keep chic! Accessory’s will be your best friend after a big chop! Just sweep the sides up and into a rubber band, keeping it loose and soft, then add a small bow to finish off the look!

Half Up Style with a Small Bow for Short Hair

Instagram / @jill901

10. Half Up with a Black Bow

This picture-perfect look is so great for everyday hustle and bustle! You can’t go wrong with a sweet simple swept up style and a simple black bow to go along with it. Take only the crown section of hair, leaving the bangs or front hairline pieces out. Secure the hair low with a rubber band, then add a soft wave to the hair that is left out and add your small Everyday Bow.

Half Up Half Down with a Bow

Instagram / @jill901

11. Red Bow in Hair

While I adore the look of a black silky ribbon, the beauty of self-made bows for hair is that you can use a stripe matching your clothes, too. This red bow in hair is an elegant edition to the red attire and would also look great with white and navy blue.

Hairstyle with a Red Bow

Instagram / @glambynatalie

12. Bow out of Hair

For particularly skillful and thick haired ladies, making a bow out of hair is also cute variant to try. Here, the ideas may vary from a Minnie-style hair bow bun, like the one below, to a small hair bow on one side or behind your bun and hair bow out of half up half down pony.

Bun with Bow Out of Hair

Instagram / @missysueblog

If you want to master making bows out of hair, this easy tutorial by Missie Sue can help:

Hope you have enjoyed these hairstyles with a bow and will consider adding this accessory to your arsenal. For more hair inspiration, follow my channel @jill901.

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