The Best Products If You Are Growing Out Your Hair

Tired of never being able to get your hair to the length that you want it? The problem could be dry ends and damaged hair, and these products to grow hair longer below will help heal unhealthy hair, making it grow back even stronger. It’s easier than you think to grow out your hair; you just need the right tools!

#1: Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo

Iles Formula’s Haute Performance Shampoo is rich in antioxidants that improve hair’s texture and help detangle those annoying and damaging knots. This shampoo works to infuse hair with moisture, revitalizing any dryness and making your hair irresistibly soft. What makes this one of the best products to make hair grow faster? It is infused with silk proteins that promote hair growth and improve the overall strength of your hair. This shampoo is also safe to use on color-treated hair, for it cleanses without stripping away your color or drying out your locks. Because this hair care product has a water-activated formula, you will use less, making your bottle last even longer.

#2: Ouai Treatment Masque

Ouai’s Treatment Masque is formulated to repair hair damage in just a few minutes, leaving your locks extremely smooth in a very short amount of time. These hair masks are made with artichoke leaf extract that heals and protects hair cuticles from current and future damage. This Ouai product is paraben-free and isn’t tested on animals, so you can feel good about putting this mask on your locks, and makes it one of the better choices for natural hair products to make your hair grow. To use, spread evenly throughout your hair and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly and enjoy your healthy hair!

Ouai Treatment Mask

Photo: @theouai

#3: Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender

This lightweight formula instantly seals split ends with its lotion consistency and keeps your hair looking as though you got just got a haircut. Living Proof’s Fresh Cut Split End Mender has their original Healthy Hair Molecule which helps smooth out your hair and keeps it fresh and polished. Prolonging your most recent cut will help your hair grow even faster than you ever imagined. This product is great for those with fine hair who suffer from easily split ends.

#4: ORIBE Supershine Moisturizing Cream

This product isn’t your average leave-in conditioner. This new, luxurious formula hydrates even the most damaged hair all while calming your frizz. This product is great for those with thicker, drier hair because the extra moisture provided by ORIBE’s Supershine Moisturizing Cream. It will make your locks healthier and help them grow faster. This product also works to seal split ends and restore hair to its original smoothness. Work a small amount of product into your damp or wet hair and let dry. If you wish, you can also use it on pesky flyaways throughout the day.

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

Photo: @oribe

#5: Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Conditioner

Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Conditioner was created with the sole purpose of helping hair grow quicker and stronger than ever. This conditioner is made with essential vitamins, herbs, and seed extracts that strengthen and moisturize hair to encourage growth. For the complete effect, you can also use Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Shampoo, which cleanses hair and is packed with length-promoting ingredients.

#6: OGX Weightless Healing Oil Mist

OGX’s Oil Mist contains collagen, biotin, and wheat protein, which are all key ingredients for thicker, healthier hair. Because of these ingredients, you can actually expect noticeable results in your hair’s length. The spray has a thickening and quickly-drying formula, to aid in the fast growth of hair. With its pleasant vanilla scent, this mist also gives hair a lasting shine and softens the texture of your locks.

#7: Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense

This density serum is your secret weapon to achieving the long, healthy hair of your dreams. When it comes to products that help your hair grow, serums yield the quickest results because of the vitamins and natural ingredients that are being directly absorbed into your locks. Just like this particular serum, organic hair products mainly contain floral extracts and proteins that promote the healthy growth of your mane. To use, apply at least 20 drops directly to your scalp, massage through, and do not rinse out. You can apply the serum in the morning or at night, whichever you choose.

#8: Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir

With their tagline “Healthy hair starts from within,” Viviscal created Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir packed with botanical fragrance as well as key hair-nurturing ingredients like zinc, biotin, and keratin. To learn more about growth-promoting vitamins, check out this list! Viviscal produces some of the best hair growing products. This elixir has a lightweight feel but is loaded with nutrients that will make your hair grow back looking fuller and feeling stronger.

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir

Photo: @viviscal

#9: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Hair Growth Treatment works to fertilize your hair follicles, creating the perfect environment for hair to grow quicker and stronger than ever. It’s always disappointing when your hair finally gets to the length that you desire, but your ends are damaged and dry. This growth treatment prevents that from happening. Its soothing formula reduces any irritation and hydrates your scalp, improving not only the growth of your hair but also its volume and texture. This treatment needs to be used in between your shampoo and conditioner; so after cleansing your hair, massage a scoop into your hair and rinse out after five minutes.

#10: Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

One of the ideal African American hair products that make your hair grow, Moroccanoil Oil Treatment works best on tightly coiled hair that is often extremely dry. This argan oil-infused treatment is perfect for conditioning your hair, adding moisture to your dry locks. The oil also contains vitamin-rich flax seed, which aids in the strengthening and growth of your hair. Hair growing products for black hair also help with detangling your mane, and this treatment is no exception. After applying this oil, your hair will feel irresistibly soft and will gradually grow longer.

With the help of these products, you won’t believe how quickly your hair will grow, free of any split-ends and dryness. So, if you’re longing for longer locks, try some of these products and take care of your hair.