7 Best Hot Rollers on the Market for Modern, Natural-looking Curls

Best Hot Rollers

Not everyone is blessed with volume and curls. Whether you want some volume, effortless-looking waves, or bodacious curls, special styling tools and products can help achieve the styles you want.

The problem is that hot styling tools, such as straighteners and curling irons, can damage your hair with continuous use, even with a heat protectant.

There is an alternative: hot curlers or rollers are gentler on hair, easier to use, and much faster than other hot styling tools. Scroll through this article to see the best hot rollers on the market today!

Choosing the Best Hot Rollers for Your Hair

Electric rollers have been around for many years. There are so many different kinds to choose from, it may be difficult to know where to start. Here is our unbiased review of the best hair rollers on the market to help you decide which one is for you.

Brand and ProductSize and
MaterialHeat SettingsHair TypePrice
Remington Ceramic Multi-Sized Roller Set - Editor’s Choice¾”, 1”, and 1¼”;
20 pieces
Ceramic rollers with a wax core, velvet flockingNo All hair types Check Price
Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Rollers1 ¾” x 4 and 1 ½ ” x 8;
12 pieces total
Flocked ceramic rollersNo All hair types; work well for frizzy hair Check Price
Caruso Steam HairsetterPetite, Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo;
30 pieces
Foam coated plastic rollersNoAll hair types Check Price
BaBylissPRO Jumbo Roller Hairsetter1 ½” x 12Titanium core, velvet flockingNo All hair types Check Price
T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers1 ¾ “ x 4 and 1 ½” x 4 “;
8 pieces
Aluminum core, velvet flocking 2 temperature settingsAll hair types, including hard-to-curl ones Check Price
Conair Infiniti Pro Rollersjumbo 1 ½” x 4, large 1 ¼” x 6, medium 1” x 6, and small ¾ ” x 4; 20 pieces Flocked ceramic rollersNoAll hair types Check Price
Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave Hair SetterExtra long large 1 ¼ " x 6 and Extra long medium 1” x 6;
12 pieces
Hard plasticNoAll hair types; best for long hair Check Price

#1: Remington Ceramic 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set – The Right Hairstyles’ Choice

As the #1 Best Seller at Amazon.com, the Remington Ceramic 20-Piece Roller Set is a powerful curler, is gentle on hair, and easy-to-use. It features color-coded rollers, quick heating, and even heat distribution.

How to use: Start with dry hair. Roll your hair, section by section, and secure with metal pins. Let the rollers stay in for 15 to 20 minutes or until they cool down. Unroll and style as usual.

Results: Fluffy, bouncy curls without frizz, static, or tangles. The color-coded rollers come in three sizes to make styling a breeze. Experiment with tightness and size of the curl to get different modern looks from relaxed and tousled, to sleek and defined.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Variety of sizes for big curls and small ringlets
  • Gentle, velvety surface
  • Plastic ends of the rollers prevent burning
  • Easy to unroll
  • Good price
  • Set only has u-shaped metal pins, no plastic clamps
  • May not hold very thin hair well
  • No auto shut-off
Compared to rollers with a metal core, ceramic hot rollers can take longer to heat up and you may need to keep them in your hair longer to get a nice curl. However, some hair types hold curls better than others, and based on the number of positive reviews, we can say that the Remington Roller Set can definitely give the titanium rollers some competition. This set is also much more affordable than any 20-piece metal core set. The only drawback is that the U-shaped metal pins can potentially damage your hair, but if you pick up some plastic clamps, it’s not an issue. We recommend the Remington Roller Set if you want a budget-friendly set of hot rollers with a variety of roller sizes.

#2: Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Rollers – Super-Quick Curls Without Damage

The Conair set of large, flocked ceramic rollers quickly and safely delivers frizz-free, smooth and shiny waves, curls, and volume for hair of different lengths. These rollers save time compared to a curling iron or rollers of other brands as they heat up in just a few minutes. With a generous coating of protective velvety material, the Conair curlers are designed to protect hair from heat damage better than competitive products.

How to use: Start with dry hair. Heat the rollers. Roll your hair, section by section, to mid-shaft or all the way up to the scalp. Secure with clips. In order to avoid possible dents from the clips, brush your rolled hair with the teeth of the clip before securing it on a curler. Let the rollers stay in for 10 minutes. Unroll and style as usual.

Results: Long-lasting curls and waves with volume for medium and long hair, lift with shine for shorter cuts in 15 minutes or less. Beautiful styled hair without frizz or static.

  • Enhanced heat-protective flocking
  • Super-fast heating
  • Compact
  • “Ready” signal
  • Multi-purpose plastic clips
  • The clips may leave crimps in the hair
  • No storage for the clips
  • No on/off button
Want to save time on styling and still get wavy and curly hair with body? This Conair set may be the one for you. The large-sized curlers suit both long and short hair that requires lift and volume. The only complaint you may have is with the clips. They may not hold very thin and straight hair well and may leave dents in the curls. If you happen to have spare clips from other sets, that would solve the issue.

#3: Caruso Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers – The Long-Lasting 30 Second Curl™

The Caruso roller set is referred to as a Molecular Hairsetter. Molecules of steam restructure chain bonds within the hair shaft to shape smooth, long-lasting, professional-looking waves and curls. Only 5 to 10 minutes is needed for curls to set and it can be reduced to just 30 seconds if the rolled hair is blow-dried while setting.

How to use: Part your hair into sections. Pour some water into the designated container of the steaming unit, plug it in and wait until it starts to produce steam. Place a roller in to heat up. Don’t keep the roller over the steam too long, just long enough for the foam of the roller to be heated, not damp, usually about 4 to 7 seconds. Take the curler out and place a clip on the unit to heat it up. Quickly wind a piece of hair around the curler and secure with the heated clip. Keep rollers in until they dry or use a blow dryer to accelerate the process.

Results: Beautiful long-lasting curls that are steam-treated for a conditioning effect, making hair healthier and looking shinier.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Variety of sizes from petite to jumbo
  • 30-second curls with a blow-dryer
  • Curls last 1 to 2 days
  • The steam conditions hair
  • Rollers are heated one at a time
  • You may need to shake the excess water off the roller
  • No on/off switch
Many Amazon customers claim that with the Caruso hairsetter, you can get full, conditioned, voluminous curls. Your hair will look and feel healthier after styling thanks to the conditioning effect of the steam. If your hair is medium or long, you will probably use the large and jumbo rollers for modern curly and wavy styles but they are probably too big for short hair. You may need some practise to get the timing of heating the rollers just right. Heating them for too long will make them damp and will take longer to get the curl you want. With a bit of patience, you will be rewarded with lovely curls.

#4: BaBylissPRO Jumbo Roller Hairsetter – Non-Damaging Salon-Quality Curls

The jumbo, velvet flocked rollers from BaByliss are safe and gentle on hair. They are designed to be safe for fingers and scalp while styling beautiful, touchable, bouncy, and crease-free curls. Creases can be caused by the clips or the slits in some hot rollers. Suitable for long and short hair, the jumbo rollers can give you luscious curls, loose waves, or just plenty of volume and root lift. You can get different results depending on your hair length and how long you leave the rollers in your hair.

While many similar sets from other brands offer a variety of roller sizes, the BaBylissPRO hairsetter includes 12 big curlers of the same size. If you prefer big waves and curls or volume for shorter, fine hair, these rollers are for you. BaByliss uses the best materials for heat transfer and curl setting in their rollers, including a titanium core and velvet flocking.

How to use: Air dry or blow dry your hair as usual and apply a heat protectant. Heat the rollers for 10 minutes. Roll your hair on the rollers section by section and secure with plastic or metal clips. Take out in 10 to 30 minutes. Style as usual.

Results: Big, sexy, frizz-free waves and curls. With this size, you won’t get curls in short hair, but you will get lots of volume at the root.

  • Quick, natural-looking curls
  • Titanium core heats faster than wax core in ceramic rollers
  • Two types of clips: metal and plastic
  • No heat settings, only on/off switch
  • No indicator or “ready” signal
  • Pricey
BaBylissPRO jumbo hot rollers are a great and top-rated styling tool worth the price. Customers love the quick and effortless styling. Pre-heat the rollers and put them in your hair while you do your makeup and get dressed, and your hair will be ready when you are. This set is for you if you prefer only the biggest rollers and don’t want to pay for smaller ones you won’t be using.

#5: T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers – Works Even for Hard-To-Curl Hair Types

The T3 technology of the Voluminous Hot Rollers transforms them into an updated, high-end version of traditional rollers. They heat up faster and retain heat longer for well-defined curls and waves even in unruly and hard-to-style hair types. Beautiful packaging makes these rollers a great gift, and universal voltage allows for international travel.

How to use: Divide your hair into sections. Plug the hairsetter in and choose a comfortable temperature setting. Wind each strand around a roller and secure with a clip. Leave in for 10 to 20 minutes. Unroll and style as usual.

Results: Voluminous, all-day-hold for waves and curls with no tangles and beautifully styled hair for hard-to-curl hair types.

  • Cool grip rim prevents burning
  • Universal voltage 100-240 V
  • Comes with a handy carrying case
  • Great for travel
  • Temperature settings available
  • Dent-free clips
  • Storage for clips
  • Charging base
  • “Ready” indicator available on each roller
  • Beautiful design and packaging
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Crimp marks from the “no-crimp” clips
  • Only 8 rollers in a set aren’t enough for thick hair
  • The rollers aren’t easy to pull out with one hand
  • May get very hot
  • Very pricey
The T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers have many added options that are unavailable in competitive products, such as, temperature settings, universal voltage, and storage for clips. They work for hard-to-style coarse, curly hair as well as for pin-straight, fine hair. The curlers are designed to be easy-to-use, however, they can get very hot and we suggest using heat-protectant gloves. With only eight curlers, it might be difficult to style extra-thick hair. The set is also quite expensive. If the amount of rollers matters to you and you are not impressed with the additional features and beautiful design, have a closer look at similar products with a lower price tag.

#6: Conair Infiniti Pro 20 Ceramic Flocked Rollers – Quick Curls with Volume and Bounce

Customers love this product for the fast results and the voluminous curls it delivers, however, the Infiniti Pro 20 Ceramic Flocked Rollers is the most controversial hairsetter in our review. Many customers noted that the rollers don’t get hot enough. They produce a curl, but it’s rather loose and not very long-lasting. In the many reviews of their updated plastic clips, some customers love the new dent-free clips, while others claim they still leave creases in the curls and look rather flimsy.

How to use: Turn the hairsetter on. Divide your hair into sections. When the rollers are heated, wrap sections of hair around them. Leave curlers in the hair for 5 to 20 minutes or until they cool down. Unroll and style as usual.

Results: Spiral curls or big, bouncy curls without damage, frizz, or static, and natural-looking waves or curls in hair of any length.

  • Variety of roller sizes for different curls
  • On/off switch
  • Argan oil as a bonus gift with purchase
  • Doesn’t burn fingers
  • Ready-to-use indicator
  • Clips may leave creases in the hair and break easily
  • No storage for clips
  • Confusing layout
  • May not produce well-defined curls in some hair types
The Conair Infiniti Pro set of rollers has some benefits, such as, a good number and variety of roller sizes, the flocked roller surface, and improved plastic clips. On the other hand, the rollers take longer to heat up than the advertised 85 seconds and don’t get hot enough to deliver a well-defined curl in all hair types. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, this set may not be for you.

#7: Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave Hairsetter – Perfect Curls for Long and Very Long Hair

The Revlon Longwave Hairsetter is designed for hair that is too long to be wound properly on standard length curlers. Whether you are after tight, spiraling curls or soft, beachy waves, the extra-long rollers are gentle on hair and the curls last for 1 to 2 days. This set adds volume, as well as, eliminates frizz and unruliness.

How to use: Plug in, wait for the ready-to-use signal and wind your hair, section by section, on the rollers. You can section your hair in advance for faster application. Use claw clamps to secure the rollers. Leave them in for 5 to 10 minutes. Unroll gently and tousle the curls or leave them untouched if you prefer a tighter curl.

Results: Cute ringlets and loose waves with shine and body even for very long hair, and body and dimension for thin, flat hair.

  • Compact and perfect for travelling
  • Ready-to-use indicator
  • Heat-proof storage pouch
  • The claw clips may be too loose to hold the curlers well
  • May be too long for shorter hair
  • May feel heavy because of the extra length
  • Pricey
If you are not satisfied with standard rollers, these Revlon extra-long curlers have space for your shoulder length hair and longer locks to be wound easily and comfortably. For shorter hair, the extra length will be useless and the rollers may feel too heavy. This hairsetter heats up fast and curls fast, delivering a variety of curl sizes you need for modern styles. It’s a bit pricey compared to similar products, but it’s compact and perfect for longer hair.

Buyer’s Guide to Hot Rollers

If you are seriously thinking about buying a hot roller set, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to this product.

Are Heated Rollers Good for Hair?

They do not damage your hair like other hot tools. You get the styling results you want without exposing your hair to overheating. Many women who style their hair with heated curlers notice their locks feel healthier and look shinier. Hot steam rollers are also famous for their conditioning effect.

How Long Do Hot Roller Curls Last?

It depends on how well your hair holds a curl, the quality of the roller set, and whether you follow the instructions. Rollers have to be hot enough to produce a curl. Start with dry hair and let the curlers cool before you take them out. Curls styled this way may last up to 2 days.

How to Use Hot Curlers?

  1. Section your hair and clip each section in advance in order to put in the rollers quickly once they are ready.
  2. Plug the base in with rollers in it to heat up. Most roller setters reach maximum temperature within 5 minutes.
  3. Prepare the clips before you start so they are easy-to-reach while setting the rollers.
  4. When rollers are ready, take one and place it under or on the end of a section of hair. Roll it up to your scalp or the middle of the section (if you want curls from midshaft-to-ends) and pin or clip to hold the roller in place.
  5. Wait 10 to 20 minutes or until rollers cool and unroll. Use a bit of hairspray to set curls or apply no product at all.

Can You Use Hot Curlers for Short Hair?

Yes, depending on how short your hair is, you’ll get a nice lift and volume or cute curls if you choose a setter that includes smaller sizes of rollers.

Do You Need a Heat Protectant When Roller Setting Your Hair?

You may use one or not. Some women prefer natural-looking curls without the crunchy feeling products may give. For rollers with felt or velvet flocking, styling products can wear out the flocking faster.

Are Heated Rollers Better Than a Curling Iron?

Definitely, yes! They can be used every day or after every wash, and are gentler on hair. Roller setting is much faster than using a curling iron. Setting rollers takes about 10 minutes compared to 30 minutes with a curling iron. And the curls set while you are doing other things like getting dressed or doing your makeup. Then take the rollers out and you’re ready to go!

Beautiful, bodacious ringlets and cute, tousled waves are the most desired textures for modern hairstyles. Electric rollers are the safest and quickest way to deliver them. If you still haven’t found your ideal hairsetter, we hope our review will help you find your way to perfect curls.