7 Best Flat Iron Models That Don’t Fry Hair

Best Flat Irons

Want to straighten, curl, and flip your hair with just one styling tool?

Look no further than the best flat irons we have reviewed here. But with many price ranges and tons of functions to choose from, where do you start?

We’ve narrowed it down to the 7 bestselling hair straighteners on the market.

What Is the Hottest Flat Iron on the Market?

There are a lot of straighteners out there that promise to do the same thing but have different features. Flat irons come with metallic, ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline plates, and they can work for thick hair, fine locks, or bangs. Not to mention there are many different brands, negative and positive ion technologies, diverse heating elements and temperature settings. How do you choose from all these different models?

Check our comparison chart of top rated flat irons and find more answers in the buyer’s guide below.

ModelPlate WidthMax °FHeat Up timeAuto ShutoffLCD displayPrice
Remington - Editor’s Choice
1 inch410° F
30 sec
YesYes Check Price
1 inch450° F15 sec
NoNo Check Price

1 inch392° F60 secNoNo Check Price
Infinity PRO by Conair
1 inch455° F15 secYesNo Check Price
BaByliss PRO
1½ inch450° F60 secNoNo Check Price
1 inch450° F30 sec
YesYes Check Price
2 inch445° F90 secYesYes Check Price

#1: Remington S5500 Anti-Static — The Right Hairstyles’ Choice

With over four thousand positive reviews, it is the number one hair straightening iron on Amazon. The S5500 Anti-Static flat iron is one of Remington’s bestsellers and the love for this product is absolutely well-deserved. It has powerful digital controls and salon-quality temperature settings. Long floating plates increase coverage for every stroke. Want to finally take styling control into your hands? The Remington S5500 is the flat iron for you.


This iron gives you marvelous results thanks to its salon-quality 410°F heat level. With the turbo boost feature, the iron can reach its top temperature in just 30 seconds. Amazing when you’re on-the-go. The 60-minute auto shut-off option will keep you safe if you forget to turn it off.

Material and design:

Remington S5500 has 1-inch plates with an advanced sol-gel ceramic coating and concentrated nano-particles. This premium technology provides a better glide through your hair and creates a powerful anti-static and anti-frizz effect. When compared to previous Remington flat irons, the S5500 reduces flyaways up to 50%.

The 4.5 inch adjustable plates provide maximum coverage. If you have fine to normal hair, you won’t have to go over the same section twice. Plus, the rounded edges make the S5500 great for making beach waves.

The LCD screen lets you keep an eye on the temperature and choose the optimal heat level for your hair needs. The salon-length, 360-degree swivel cord allows you to style at any angle. The S5500 comes in an almost-matte purple and the slim, ergonomic design fits neatly in your hand.


When you turn on the S5500, the numbers on the display begin to blink. Choose the turbo boost option and it will automatically jump to the maximum heat in 30 seconds, or you can manually adjust the temperature up and down by units of 10 degrees.

The LCD shows 1, 2 or 3 bars indicating the temperature range:

  • 1 bar means 310 to 330°F
  • 2 bars mean max of 370°F
  • 3 bars mean max of 410°F

Be sure to use the correct temperature setting for your hair type (read more about hair type in our FAQ section below the reviews). The display blinks until the plates reach the correct temperature, then the screen will glow steadily. You can secure your desired temperature with the LCD lock. The lowest temperature setting is 310 degrees, so it might be not a good choice for heat-sensitive locks. Also, the plate width may be not be big enough if you have long, thick or coarse hair.

Travel safely with this cool option — the hinge lock (a sliding bar near the hinge). Ceramic plates can break if you drop the device. Thanks to this hinge lock and a heat-resistant pouch, included in the packaging, you can store and travel worry-free with your flat iron.

Voltage: single, 120 only, may need a plug adapter and a voltage converter to be safely used abroad.

One more tip: register your Remington device online and you will get a proof of ownership, product protection, registration, and special bonus offers.

  • Long, floating plates
  • Advanced ceramic coating
  • Static control
  • Turbo boost feature
  • Digital readout
  • Temperature lock
  • Hinge lock
  • UL-approved
  • At very high heats handle gets hot too (especially near the word ‘Remington’)
  • Can sometimes have a ‘burning smell’ when is heating up
  • Single voltage
The Remington S5500 is a budget-friendly, salon-quality flat iron for those with fine to normal hair texture of any length. Reviewers say it’s also a good choice for shorter, coarse and curly hair too. Gives your hair a professionally-styled look and the anti-static feature makes this easy-to-use, inexpensive straightener a great addition to your beauty arsenal.

#2: HSI Glider Ceramic Flat Iron — Professional Tool with Affordable Price

With 29 thousand reviews and 1000 answered questions, the HSI Glider Ceramic Flat Iron is loved by many.

The HSI ceramic straightener reportedly cuts styling time in half! This is thanks to a special technology that uses 8 microsensors (called Heat Balance) to effectively regulate the flat iron’s temperature. If that’s not enough to convince you, the anti-frizz effect, soft styling abilities, and cute packaging certainly will.


Plates are designed to protect hair with 8 unique, integrated, heat-balancing micro-sensors (4 on each plate), which distribute heat evenly. You will need to process each section of hair just once leading to less damaged hair. The device reaches its max temperature of 450°F in less than a minute. The iron’s minimum temperature is 140°F.

Material and design:

The 1-inch ceramic plates are tourmaline-infused. The tourmaline is crushed into powder and embedded into the ceramic heating element. This coating makes locks extra-shiny and smooth.

Ceramic and tourmaline heating elements produces 20 times more negative ions. Why is this an important feature? Because the positive ions in our hair make it frizzy. So, for smooth locks, you need to use a flat iron with negative ionic technology to neutralize positive ions. Ion technology is also known for not over-drying hair.

Thanks to the infrared advanced technology, the HSI iron heats the hair from the inside, locking moisture in the cuticle.


The HSI ceramic iron has an ergonomic design that provides a better grip. The floating plates are adjustable to the styling angle to give you more control while styling. Its rounded edges are great for creating trendy, loose waves.

HSI is really easy-to-use. Just turn the temperature control dial to the desired heat level, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and begin styling.

Voltage: dual (110-220v), device adjusts to different voltages.

  • Ionic ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • Infrared heat
  • Reflexive plates
  • Adjustable heat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual voltage
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Surface becomes hot during styling
  • No automatic shut-off feature
The HSI Glider Ceramic Flat Iron may be the best hair straightener for both professionals and beginners. With the adjustable heat setting, it’s easy to adjust the heat for fine to coarse hair. The surface gets hot when using at high temperatures, merely a small inconvenience since there is a heat-protectant glove is included in the packaging.

This comfortable-to-use, ergonomic iron also comes with a soft storage pouch and a sample of the leave-in argan oil treatment. There is no automatic shut-off feature, but it comes with dual voltage, a lower price, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Designed for salons, this budget-friendly flat iron is great for frequent use and will be a good addition to your home styling toolbox.

Note: It is not recommended to flat iron locks when wet. Blow dry your hair after applying argan (or any other) oil to your strands.

#3: CHI Original Ceramic Straightener – Basic, Powerful Flat Iron

The CHI brand is one of the top manufacturers of hair-styling tools. Not only is it on our list of best flat iron models, it frequently becomes the top choice of other authoritative beauty magazines. Reviewers swear by this product. Its infrared heating reduces frizz and static and it can straighten as well as any existing professional salon model.


The CHI Original Ceramic Straightener heats up to its maximum of 392°F in 10 to 30 seconds, however, the heat setting is non-adjustable. When you turn it on, it is automatically set to 392°F.

Material and design:

The 1-inch plates are infused with CHI 44 Ceramic. This exclusive material is responsible for reducing frizz and was developed by NASA and used for spaceship instruments and space suits.

Environmentally safe, CHI ceramic is made from 44 inorganic substances, for example, aluminium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, zinc, germanium, etc. The CHI team was the first to combine ceramic heat and negative ionic power in one beauty device. Infrared heat penetrates hair, negative ions improve hair structure and seal the cuticle layer — simple and effective.


This lightweight, yet sturdy, flat iron is comfortable to hold with a swivel cord for styling at any angle. Just turn it on and create your curls, waves, spirals, flip or bends — any style is possible with the multipurposed CHI ceramic flat iron.

CHI brand also produces great thermal protecting hair products including a shampoo, a conditioner, and a spray. Amazon buyers say they are worth a try.

Voltage: dual voltage, but requires an adapter.

  • Professional salon model
  • Created by stylists for stylists
  • “All-in-one” ergonomic design
  • Advanced ceramic technology
  • Dual voltage
  • Gets hot really fast
  • No temperature control
  • No automatic shut-off feature
  • No ionizer/tourmaline conditioning
The trusted CHI brand produces very good flat irons that can be described as reliable and versatile. The industry’s first ceramic flat iron will work with your unruly, wavy, and naturally frizzy hair. With just one temperature level, it can be too hot for thin and damaged hair, however, it may not be hot enough for very thick hair textures. Be aware of your hair type before you purchase. Although CHI has a lot of other models available — in gold, marble, and even the Aurora Borealis — the classics never go out of style and the standard 1-inch straightener is bought most often.

#4: Infiniti Pro by Conair – Best Budget-Friendly Hair Straightener

The Conair Infiniti Pro offers 29% longer plates than other straighteners on average, with a three-times smoother surface to reduce frizz and flyaways and protect hair from damage. This affordable flat iron may be the one for you.


This flat iron comes with a lightning-fast, 15-second heat up time, instant heat recovery, and 30 heat settings! The max heat level is 455°F, which works for curly hair of any type. It will straighten your hair evenly without hot spots. Heat levels 1 to 8 are for delicate, thin hair types, levels 9 to 14 are best for average, thick, and color-treated locks, levels 15 to 20 will straighten curls and thick wavy strands, levels 21 to 25 are for those with hard-to-straighten tresses, and levels 26 to 30 are for resistant hair. Auto shut-off is another reason to pay attention to this gadget.

Material and design:

This ceramic flat iron has adjustable 1-inch plates that are longer than regular straighteners making styling easier. Apart from having tourmaline coating, they are also oil-infused. What does this mean? The oil is within the plates!

But it doesn’t make hair look greasy or weigh it down, it just acts as a conditioner for hair, prevents damage, eliminates frizz, repairs and restores hair from damaging environmental factors. You will also get a pleasant bonus when you buy this iron — a small bottle of argan oil treatment.

The straightener has a very cute design. Purple color makes the it a top-choice for creative types with a keen sense of fashion.


The design is very simple. Press the ON button, and the small round indicator will start to blink red. When it becomes solid, it means that the flat iron is fully heated and you can start styling. Pro tip: process hair in sections that are 1.5 inches wide and no more than half an inch thick.

Voltage: is designed to be operated at 120 volts only, AC.

  • Long plates
  • 30 heat settings
  • Salon-length swivel cord
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating
  • Floating plates
  • Prevents static
  • Auto shut-off
  • Single voltage
  • Does not lock close
The Infiniti Pro smoothes, straightens, de-frizzes and curls even the most difficult hair types. With 30 temperature settings available, you will be sure to find a heat setting for your locks, even for the fussiest, finest, or thickest among you. It works for human hair wigs, too. Gives the desired salon finish for a low price. The manufacturer promises a 24-hour hold, with all-day humidity protection, 70 percent less frizz, less breakage, and 5 times stronger hair.

#5: Titanium BaByliss PRO – Nano-Materials for Salon-Like Results

BaByliss Pro is the latest innovation in the world of hot styling tools. It has wider, extended plates, and is able to process hair up to 40% faster than with simple drugstore flat irons. But what do ‘nano’, ‘ionic’, and ‘titanium’ refer to?


The BaByliss Pro has 50 heat settings. Its maximum heat level is 450°F and minimum temperature is 240°F. Be careful when using high temperatures on very thin hair, it can cause damage.

The ceramic heater delivers instant heat with the shortest heat recovery time and faster start-up heat. The device heats up to max temperature in less than a minute. Titanium plates have improved heat conduction, and no damaging hot spots.

Material and design:

This flat iron contains nano-titanium, ionic, far-infrared, and ceramic technology. ‘Nano’ means tiny. Very small particles of titanium are embedded into the plates for a better glide and an anti-corrosion effect. ‘Ionic’ refers to the flat iron emitting negative ions that calm down frizzy locks. Far-infrared heat penetrates hair deeply and straightens gently without damaging hair. All this also makes the plates 37% stronger and 22% smoother.

The BaByliss Pro has a soft, cool-touch patented Ryton housing that withstands ultra-high temperatures. Metallic-toned blue surface looks mega-stylish. Plates are 5 inches long and 1 ½ inches wide, allowing you to tame even very coarse hair. The BaByliss PRO is also available with 1-inch and 2-inch plates.


The ultra-lightweight BaByliss Pro’s slim design makes it easy to work with. Just set the desired temperature with the small side rolling wheel. The surface of this flat iron doesn’t get very hot making it safe enough for your teenager to use.

Voltage: single voltage, 120 v.

  • Ultra-thin
  • Lightweight
  • 50 heat settings
  • Titanium plates
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Swivel cord
  • High price
  • Single voltage
BaByliss PRO with 1 ½-inch plates may be uncomfortable to use on shorter locks, but this size is perfect for straightening more hair with one passing. If you have thick and medium length to long hair, this is the size for you. BaByliss also offers plates in smaller and larger sizes. Even with the wider plates, the flat iron reaches roots with ease. If you want a flat iron that not only straightens hair, but also gives tighter curls, this might be an ideal solution for all your needs.
The titanium mirrored surface is smoother than other brands and it doesn’t cause frizz. The higher price in this case is actually worth it according to 1K+ reviews, it really lasts years and does the job.

#6: KIPOZI Pro Straightening Tool – Digital Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

Salon high heat, modern anti-frizz coating, smart LCD touch screen and many more interesting features for under $50. You get all of this with the KIPOZI Pro Straightening Tool. Reviewers most often describe it as ‘great’, ‘easy’ and ‘good’.


The Kipozi flat iron has multiple temperature settings, varying from 170°F to 450°F. If you press the plus “+” and minus “-” buttons together, the Fahrenheit degree will change to Celsius.

What do words “fragile”, “damaged” and “healthy” on the LCD-screen mean? The first word appears when you choose temperature 170°F to 320°F, which is right for fine hair, the next one means 330°F to 380°F for damaged or color-treated strands, setting 390°F to 450°F is for hair without any special needs and kinky curls.

Material and design:

The nano-titanium, 1-inch, contoured 3D floating plates make styling snag-free. Titanium coating heats up fast. Ceramic releases negative ions, and hair gains a sleek finish without losing moisture. Sounds real simple.

The LCD-screen is a bonus for such a low price: no guesswork, no time wasting, no chance to fry your locks.


If you don’t operate your gadget for 3 seconds, it locks. You will have to slide on the screen from plus ‘+’ button to O/F to unlock the device. At the same time, the built-in controls prevent the iron from shutting down when the device is used. The button ‘P’ serves for choosing between the three temperature settings mentioned earlier.

Voltage: dual, 100-240V, you just need an adapter.

  • Salon heat
  • MCH-heater
  • Auto shutoff
  • Nano-titanium floating plates with no gap between them
  • LCD screen
  • Safety lock
  • Salon-length swivel cord
  • Works with all hair types
  • Hook design for hanging
  • Dual voltage
  • Budget-friendly
  • The 3 sec auto-lock feature may be confusing for beginners
  • Feels a little bit heavy
Reviewers say that the KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron is the best hair investment you’ll ever make. You get a lot of features for a low price. It is unique starting from the design and the digital touch LCD display, ending with a wide range of temperature settings. The latter option makes it the ideal tool to work with on fine hair, coarse strands and all hair types in between. What’s more, when you buy a KIPOZI product, apart from the professional flat iron, you get an exquisite package with a cute velvet pouch (not heat protectant) and a money-back guarantee.

#7: Xtava 2-Inch Flat Iron – Infrared Hot Styling Tool for Long Curls

Last but not least is the flat iron with the widest plates and the best abilities to straighten thick and curly hair. This iron will turn every day into the perfect hair day.


An important advantage of the Xtava flat iron is the variety of heat settings available. This iron comes with 10 temperature settings with a minimum heat setting of 265°F and maximum of 445°F. The manufacturer recommends using between 265°F to 300°F for heat-sensitive hair, between 300°F to 380°F for healthy, normal locks and between 380°F to 445°F for thick hair.

The heat up time of 1.5 minutes doesn’t make it the fastest on this list, but it is merely inconvenient. Just section off the top layer of your hair, brush your teeth, or apply an awakening face mask and your tool will be ready to go. The Pro Satin model has a 1-hour automatic shut-off function for added safety.

Material and design:

Xtava iron has the widest plates in this selection at 2 inches. As in all other flat irons reviewed here, they are floating plate with ceramic and tourmaline coating. Infrared heat means that less stress is put on the cuticle, moisture is locked in, and frizz is reduced. Hair looks like you just had a salon keratin treatment.

The Pro Satin looks futuristic thanks to that red line in the middle of the bottom plate. The packaging also includes a useful heat resistant travel case. A very nice option for a gift.


Reviewers write that the Pro Satin’s buttons are not complicated, the plates slide well along strands, the outside ends of the device do not get very hot. If you double tap the on/off button, it will lock the temperature setting so you can’t accidentally change the temp in the process of styling.

A lot of Amazon buyers ask whether it is possible to open the plates of this beauty-gadget wider. To make styling your thick locks easier, gently press down on the plates and slide the small lock near the cord.

Xpert tip for those who are going to use Xtava: detangle each section before flat ironing with a wide-tooth comb in order to avoid speed bumps.

Voltage: dual (110 – 240V, AC), must be used with a high-quality compatible adapter.

  • Wide adjustable plates
  • Ceramic and tourmaline coating
  • 10 clear temperature settings
  • Dual voltage
  • Automatic shut off function
  • Digital LCD screen
  • Infrared technology
  • Swivel cord
  • Stylish design
  • May be too thick for curling locks
Designed for thick or long hair, Xtawa flat iron is too wide for creating curls and processing short bangs. But the quality of the Xtava straightening tool is almost identical to that of the professional models. This may be the flat iron for you if you are looking for a powerful styling device that will work fast and pamper your hair at the same time.

Buyer’s Guide to Flat Irons

If you are going to buy an all-in-one hot styling tool, you definitely have a ton of questions. Here are the answers to the most crucial among them.

What Parameters Are Most Important?

You need to take into account your hair type, the frequency of use, the desired result — sleek strands, beachy waves or crimped curls — and a dozen of other features, such as:

Type of heater

Coil, PTC or PTFC. The latter is common for ceramic irons, is based on far-infrared heat. The far-infrared heat lowers hair damage and seals in moisture. Choose PTFC heaters.


Note: This doesn’t mean the max temperature. When the flat iron is lifted from the hair strand, the heater loses nearly 80 degrees. A quality iron will quickly recover this loss of heat. This feature is called the recovery time. The majority of flat irons have 40 to 60 watt heating elements. Lower wattage means that reheating takes longer.

Types of plates

Ceramic (without ‘hot spots’, with infrared heat), tourmaline (for better glide, silky finish), titanium (for long-hold effect), cheap metallic (wear quickly and may damage hair).

Max temperature

The good temperature for keeping hair healthy is 370°F, this temperature is enough for fine and normal hair. Of course, the best choice will be an iron with an adjustable temperature mode.

Width of plates

The optimal size is 1-inch. This gives you good control and more styling options. Wider plates are perfect for thicker or longer locks, slimmer ones are good for curling and for those who travel.

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Usually it is 1 to 2 years. Of course, the more the better.


The more often you will use it, the more high-quality (and expensive) gadget you will need.

Is a Flat Iron with the Max Temperature and the Lower Heating Time the Best?

Not really. The device itself is not designed for heating to its highest temperature every day, this can wear it out quickly. Mind this if you plan to use it more than 3 times per week. The same with heating time. The faster your iron reaches its peak, the less it will serve you. A good average is 45 seconds to reach 392°F.

Is Size So Important?

Most people are satisfied with 1-inch flat irons. If your hair is very long or coarse, the larger versions of a straightener may work better. Mini flat irons are used for bangs. Length is important too. Plates have to be no less than 3 inches long so you don’t waste time processing small sections.

Is It Safer to Use a Blow-Dryer for Straightening Hair?

The hair dryer vs flat iron argument can last ages. The first device does not provide a constant heat, but it controls the formation of hair’s hydrogen bonds, that’s why the shape holds better. A flat iron is used to completely change the texture of the hair by applying heat, and this effect lasts much longer. Blow dryers can be used before flat ironing, but not instead, especially if your hair is naturally curly and coarse.

Ceramic vs. Titanium Plates: What’s Better?

Different metals distribute heat in different ways. Ceramic is good for fine and normal hair, titanium is great for thicker hair. Ceramic heats evenly and is gentle on hair, titanium provides higher temperature settings, but can cause damage if used carelessly. Tourmaline powder adds shine. There are a lot of models with plates made from a mix of these materials.

Why Not Buy a Flat Iron with Aluminium Plates for $5?

Ceramic, tourmaline-infused, and titanium flat irons are better: they heat evenly, cool down quickly. They also have more advanced heat controls than cheaper straighteners. The latter usually have just two options: zero and high temperature. Metallic plates may also pluck out some hairs during styling.

One more sad fact: cheaper coatings can sometimes wear off and expose the metal underneath and this can damage your hair. Another problem of simple metallic straightening irons are the hot spots. Hair melts in them, it smells bad, such plates catch hairs, and are very difficult to clean.

What Temperature to Choose for Styling with a Flat Ironing Tool?

For colored, bleached or fine hair, choose lower heat settings. Normal hair is usually styled at mid-range temperatures. Coarse and thick hair often needs maximum heat, higher than 370°F. Healthy hair can withstand temperatures between 450°F to 480°F.

Hair products also hold heat. Thus you should opt for lower temperature styling if you applied any product (serum, oil, hairspray, etc.) on your hair.

How to Use a Straightening Iron?

  1. Start with dry, detangled hair.
  2. Divide hair into manageable sections.
  3. Clip the upper layers on top of your head to keep them out of the way.
  4. Test a new styler on a small section of underneath hair, adjust the temperature.
  5. Process all underneath layers, gliding the device from roots to ends for straightening or curling away from the face for beach waves. Then repeat the same steps with upper layers.

Is It OK to Use a Flat Iron Right After the Shower?

No, if you don’t want to burn it. You may begin styling with slightly damp hair if you are in a rush, but not wet hair. One exception is wet-to-dry flat irons (Babyliss, U9, Remington).

Do Ceramic Flat Irons Damage Hair?

Every flat iron, even professional and the most expensive ones, can cause damage if it is used incorrectly. So, let’s repeat the main rules: pick the right flat iron for your hair type, size, material, and temperature.

Then, prepare your hair for flat ironing. A tip for fine hair: use volumizing products, such as a lightweight shampoo, volume-boosting conditioner, and/or mousse. A secret for thick hair: opt for smoothing products. A shampoo, conditioner and serum trio will work perfectly. Blow dry thoroughly.

Say no to flat ironing wet strands, using broken tools, and straightening your hair every day (your hair needs a little TLC sometimes).

What Products Can Be Used Before Flat Ironing?

You have to be very selective about the products that you are going to use before straightening. Flat iron clamps down on your locks, so the product has nowhere to disappear and is ‘boiling’ into the follicle.

Let’s take argan oil for example. It does amazing things for thick, unruly hair, contains antioxidants, fatty acids (omega 3, omega 9), vitamins C and E, moisturizes locks and makes them silky. Note that you have to blow dry your hair after applying this oil before straightening. Do not apply it to locks in the process of flat ironing!

Another way to avoid damaging locks is to buy a good pre-styler (hair primer). Read more about top drugstore heat-protection sprays, oils and serums.

How Long Does the Hair Stay Straight After Flat Ironing?

It depends on your hair type and flat iron quality. Hair can remain straight anywhere from 5 to 6 hours to 2 to 3 days, or until it becomes wet/damp.

How Often the Straightener Needs to Be Cleaned?

You will get the best results with a perfectly clean flat iron. Clean the plates with a damp cloth every time after using it. Especially if you spray heat-protectant on your hair, which is highly recommended. To clean product build-up from the sides, use a soft bristle toothbrush. If you have extra money, buy a special styling iron cleaner.

How to Make Flat Iron Usage Even Safer?

A clever decision for those who use a flat iron frequently will be to buy a special silicone heat-resistant mat, that offers protection for temperatures up to 480°F.

These 7 best and hottest flat iron models are rated as top hair straighteners by real people who bought them at least once and tried them on fine, thin, thick, or coarse hair types. You will get straighter, sleeker mane without frying, drying or dulling you hair. You won’t be disappointed with one of these top flat iron models.