7 Best Curling Iron Models and How to Choose One

Best Curling Irons

Getting the best curling iron for your needs is the foundation for beautiful, bouncy curls. This step can take your hair routine on the next level. But first you have to immerse yourself into the world of different curling iron materials, heat settings, barrel sizes, types of curls and other important criteria. Luckily, we have made it easier to decide which iron will best match your needs without all the guessing.

The Best Curling Iron

There are so many professional curling irons to choose from, all unique in terms of heat index, special features, as well as design. We have identified and researched the top tier, highly-reviewed, and most talked about hair curling tools available to help you decide.

Heating timeAuto Shut-offLCD displayMax TemperaturePrice
Editor’s Choice
30 secYesYes410°F (210°C) Check Price
Conair Infiniti Pro
10 secYesYes400°F (204°C) Check Price
Hot Tools
20 secNoNo430°F (220°C) Check Price
Jose Eber
1-2 minNoYes410°F (210°C) Check Price
20 secNoNo420°F (215°C) Check Price
30 secNoNo450 °F (232°C) Check Price
The Beachwaver Co
30 secYesYes410 °F (210°C) Check Price

#1: Remington Digital Curling Wand — The Right Hairstyles’ Choice

Salon-worthy tresses are difficult to achieve, but with the Large Pearl Ceramic Wand, styling is a breeze. Remington Digital Curling Wand includes some of the best features available, like a high-tech wand made of real pearl, a state-of-the-art ceramic surface for a silky finish, as well as a quick 30-second heating time. This curling rod also has an easy-to-read digital screen and an automatic shutoff feature for optimum safety.

Remington’s packaging is attractive and includes a heat-resistant glove for protection. A swivel cord allows a wide range of motion for comfortable curling at any angle. With its eye-catching color and extremely affordable price, this clipless curler would also make a perfect gift.

Heating: Remington reaches maximum heat within 30 seconds making it hassle-free during early morning rushes for quick styling. The salon-level heat rises to a high of 410℉ (210℃) and has a temperature lock to ensure equal heat distribution. Don’t worry about forgetting to turn it off either. It has a 1-hour automatic shut-off feature.

Material and design: Pearl-coated ceramic plating makes plates smoother and stronger, and ensures consistent heat. The cone-shaped design allows you to achieve that show-stopping style.

Using: The barrel ranges in size from 1 inch to 1 ½ inches to create coils of varying sizes. The iron also features a swivel cord for flexibility while styling and heat settings are easy to see and adjust.

Voltage: Unfortunately, this only has one voltage (120V) in a mid-range.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Safe to use with automatic shut-off
  • Flexible swivel cord
  • Pearl ceramic coating
  • Temperature lock
  • Takes some practice
  • Temperature buttons are sensitive
The Remington Digital Ceramic Wand is a champion curling device right now, especially at its affordable price point. It’s aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and easy-to-use. Consider this wand while searching for a way to create foolproof curls. Remember to protect your hands, as it heats up very quickly.
A quick tip: Curl hair with cone facing downwards to create tighter curls and add volume to shorter hair.

#2: Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret — The Most Futuristic Curling Tool

The Infiniti Pro is certainly unique on the market. This revolutionary way to create shining, spiraling locks is suitable for every hair texture and length while also offering a 5-year warranty. Packaging is futuristic in design but is from a trusted, well-known brand. With this heat tool, straight strands go in, perfectly coiled hair comes out.

Heating: The Infiniti Pro has 2 heat levels as well as 3 timer settings. With the timer settings, you can choose between relaxed, medium, or compact curls. The high-performance iron heats up in an instant and is extremely efficient. Although there’s no automatic shut-off, it does come with a safety sensor. Guides at the center position hair while 2 professional heaters blast locks from every side. Reaching highs of 400℉, you’ll achieve the curls you want without the risk of damaging hair.

Material and design: Hair is brought into a tourmaline chamber, held, timed, and heated. Tourmaline technology reduces the risk of frizz while protecting locks against damage. It’s designed to fit easily into your palm for simple, flexible styling while its safety sensor helps you achieve tangle-free, curled locks.

Using: It includes a sleep-mode for energy saving, a professional brushless motor, as well as technology to eliminate static. There are only 2 heat levels, which can be slightly inconvenient. Includes a barrel cleaner, a 6-foot swivel cord, and visual and sound indicators to aid in foolproof results.

Voltage: It isn’t dual voltage unfortunately so an adapter will be needed.

  • High-performance heater
  • Safe due to brushless motor and safety sensor
  • Timer settings to customize a specific look
  • Energy saving sleep-mode
  • Ceramic technology for frizz reduction
  • Tricky learning curve because of design
  • Time-consuming
  • Heavy
The Infiniti Pro Curl is a hardworking curler. If you have a lot of hair, it may take more time as each section of hair must be small enough to get a defined curl. It makes hair styling fun and interesting while offering a modern take on the hair curler. It’s not suggested for everyday use. It eliminates some safety concerns as there are no exposed surfaces to burn fingers or countertops.

#3: Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron — Salon Quality Effect at Home

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron is not only pleasing to look at but one of the more progressive styling tools offered today. Its 24k gold-plated barrel visually distinguishes itself from other professional curling irons. This iron is ideal for a variety of curl creation and adding volume.

Heating: The Hot Tools 24K Curling Iron reaches maximum heat quickly. Patented pulse technology senses heat loss then restores it quickly so the iron stays hot throughout the curling process. It includes 10 different settings reaching up to 430°F, as well as a built-in rheostat control to memorize your ideal setting.

Material and design: This 24k gold on the barrel accelerates heat circulation, making it both stunning and efficient. It includes a handy safety stand and a soft grip handle. It’s available in purple, gold, and black.

Using: Turning this tool on is simple with an on/off switch. The 8-foot swivel cord and soft-to-hold handle optimize time and flexibility while styling. Multiple settings allow you to style at your personalized speed and heat preference, no matter your hair texture or length.

Voltage: Hot Tools 24K Curling Iron is only 110V. You may need an adapter when traveling.

  • Consistently generates heat
  • 10 settings
  • Integral rheostat controls
  • Patented pulse technology
  • Affordable price
  • Only 110V, will need an adapter
  • Easy to disturb heat dial setting
Consider the Hot Tools 24K Gold Spring Curling Iron for your staple curling iron. Its technology stays hot to enhance curl after curl during styling. It curls every type of hair, whether waist skimming length or a grown-out pixie. It’s long-life heating elements, the variety of heat settings, and gold barrel make this curling iron a must-have. If you aren’t in love, the great warranty allows you to return it within a year.

#4: Jose Eber Curling Iron — Lightweight Option for Every Day Use

The Jose Eber Curling Iron is sure to produce bigger, bouncier, longer-lasting, smoother curls while leaving fewer creases. Its clipless design gives you consistent heat for faster curls without creasing the ends.

The Jose Eber iron has all the important features. Its lightweight design, 360-degree swivel cord, ion technology, and dual voltage qualities assure safety, reduce hair damage, and create salon-worthy curls and waves.

Heating: The barrel can heat up to 410℉ (210C) within seconds. The heating glove helps handle hot locks of hair. Its inventive design gives you consistent heat while reducing damage caused by traditional curling irons.

Material and design: Jose Ebers Clipless Iron measures 25mm (1 inch). Its barrel is made of Korean tourmaline, which produces shinier, healthier coils. Its lightweight, convenient design weighs less than most other curling wands, making styling a breeze.

Using: Since it’s so lightweight, it makes the curling process that much easier. Its cord rotates 360 degrees, making it extra flexible. The weighted handle makes it safe for resting on the counter and adjusting settings for higher or lower height is effortless.

Voltage: This iron is dual voltage, 110-240V. It has a voltage resistance system so its cord doesn’t become overheated while using.

  • Multiple heat settings
  • Provides option for weaker parts of hair
  • Consistent heat distribution
  • Durable
  • Negative ions
  • Lightweight
  • Heat control system is difficult to use
  • Extra long hair or very short hair may not curl the same
  • Easily tangles
The Jose Eber 25mm Clipless Curling Iron is currently top notch on the market, mostly because of its user-friendly features. It’s painless to handle at home and great for bigger, bouncy curls. The best part? Its healthy-hair promoting Korean tourmaline barrel.

#5: Revlon Salon High Heat Curling Iron — The Best Bubble Barrel

Revlon’s Salon High Heat Curling Iron is the leading bubble barrel wand out right now, so rest assured that it actually works. It’s known for creating effortless, bouncy curls. Its packaging is pretty and simple, but the iron itself is a salon-quality tool, it’s a must-have.

Heating:Its ceramic technology heats up quickly to a professional heat level of 420℉ with even heat distribution to prevent damaging curls. It has 30 heat settings to guarantee that you can find a setting for your specific curl needs. The barrel can create different curl shapes as well as handle thick hair.

Material and design: Revlon’s Bubble Curling Wand has the technology to help achieve rapid results. Its unique ball-shaped barrel gives you natural-looking curls with looser and tighter pieces. Tourmaline ceramic helps keep the heat even while quickly giving you all-day hold.

Using: The tip remains cold for gripping while styling. The tangle-free swivel cord offers easy maneuvering and flexibility. The on/off button is all you need to turn it on and easy-adjust temperature settings make styling a breeze.

Voltage: Includes dual-voltage for worldwide use.

  • Quick heating process
  • Easy hold hair
  • Unique ball-shaped barrel
  • Salon-quality curls
  • Cord is extremely short
  • Instructions must be read beforehand
The Revlon Bubble Curling Wand is perfect for achieving effortless, beachy waves and natural-looking curls for half the price of a salon visit. We recommend this device for mornings when you need to get ready quickly and look put-together.

#6: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring — Curling Iron With 50 Heat Settings

BaByliss irons are famous for their renowned technology and making an iron that suits every hair type. The packaging is simple, but it’s what’s inside that counts. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium has plenty of perks: high heat without the wait, titanium, nanotechnology, and no-hassle instructions.

Heating: This professional iron heats up almost instantly, saving you time and energy. It features 50 different heat settings, a salon-quality maximum heat level of 450℉, and a turbo-heat button to boost warmth on command.

Material and design: The Nano Titanium Curling Iron is designed to fit into your palm comfortably. The advanced So-Gel technology helps give you tangle-free, textured waves with a smoother barrel than most curling irons.

Using: You can keep track of the temperature with adjustable temperature control. The 360-degree swivel cord makes movement and styling extra simple. For healthy curls, temperature controls provide first-rate heat without damaging the hair.

Voltage: Dual voltage capabilities.

  • Lightweight
  • 3 different sizes
  • Turbo heat feature
  • High heat without the wait
  • Long power cord
  • On/Off switch where hands touch iron
  • Tip of iron gets hot when styling
  • Long handle
With advanced technology, a sleek design, ideal price point, and effortless use, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron can be the best curling iron for everyday use. Compared to other trending hot tools, this one promises long-lasting curls for up to 4 days. Compared to other trending hot tools, this one promises long-lasting curls for up to 4 days.

#7: Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron — Designer Curling Tool from Sarah Potempa

This tool was established by celebrity hair guru, Sarah Potempa. After explaining the process of achieving beachy waves time and time again, Sarah decided to come up with the idea for the Beachwaver. It was the first rotating curling iron ever created and has since become a favorite styling tool for many wavy-haired mavens. It’s simple to use and provides quality, defined waves in just minutes.

Heating: The Beachwaver’s heat ranges from 290ºF  to 410ºF in only 30 seconds, giving you plenty of styling time in the mornings. Its ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly, top to bottom. It also has an auto-off feature, perfect for those days when you are in a rush and forget to turn it off.

Material and design: The Beachwaver features a 5.5 inch long, 1-inch wide barrel. Dual rotation can be controlled with button controls while hair is swiveled around to create glossy, wavy locks. It’s efficient, lightweight, and easy-to-use for beginners.

Using: Using this tool is as simple as turning it on and adjusting the temperature. A home button allows you to reset the settings to original. It includes an 8-foot cord for basic movement when rotating.

Voltage: These devices are only available in the USA.

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Dual rotation
  • Digital temperature clock
  • Speed switch with fast/slow rotation options
  • Clamp release
  • Possible tangles
This is one of the most popular tools for waves on the market, and it’s been out for quite some time. With Beachwaver, all you have to do is press a button and rotate your hair until it’s perfectly wavy. It was tough to find cons for this device, as most people are obsessed with their beach-ready hair after using.

Buyers Guide to Curling Irons

To help you decide which curling iron is ideal for you, here are answers to some common questions found on forums, blogs, and shopping websites.

What Is the Difference Between a Curling Wand and a Curling Iron?

A curling iron has a clamp, while a wand has only a barrel. Each option has its pros and cons. We recommend reading the reviews to understand which shape is right for you.

How to Choose the Right Shape?

While choosing the right shape, pay attention on these options and read what are they for:

  • Straight barrel allows to get defined ringlets and coils.
  • Spiral barrel guides your hair into the spiral locks.
  • Cone wand allows to get smaller or bigger curls depending on which side of the wand you’re using — smaller or bigger.
  • Bubble curling iron helps to achieve naturally looking curls and make your hair look originally curly and perfectly (un)done.

These are the most popular curling iron shapes today. Of course, brands always experiment and invent new futuristic designs, so think outside the box and be ready for unexpected lucky finds among hot curling tools!

What Size Is Best for Medium Hair?

A 1-inch barrel would be great, but you can adopt almost every curling wand/iron to your needs.

What Size Should I Use for Fine, Straight Hair?

A 1-inch barrel or bigger, the bigger the barrel the looser the curl while smaller barrel is for tighter curls.

How to Choose the Right Material?

Ceramic (as well as Tourmaline) material lets out a gentle heat while minimizing damage and protecting hair. It’s filled with negatively charged ions that do not strip hair of its moisture. You can also choose Titanium barrel if your hair is coarse and hardly holds heat. Metal steam barrels are suitable for fine hair that can’t normally hold curls. All these options are reliable and +/- safe. We don’t recommend Chrome barrels, because mostly they don’t fight frizziness and may damage your hair.

What is Ionic Technology?

Ionic technology emits negative ions which neutralize the hairs atoms and eliminate the frizz making your hair shinier and smoother. So in case with curling tools, it is a strong plus.

How Can I Make Curling Safer for My Hair?

Always use a heat protectant serum or spray before heat styling your hair. Then, pick a curling iron that has adjustable heat settings and a ceramic barrel.

Everyone needs a curling iron in your beauty tool arsenal. Hopefully, this guide is helpful to choose between the many kinds of irons with a wide range of features. Which would you purchase for the curls of your dreams?