7 Best Bumble and Bumble Products That Work Miracles

Best Bumble And Bumble Products

Bumble and Bumble is a premium range brand, so be ready to discover some seriously amazing products in this article.

To tell you the truth, it was hard to choose the top 7 among so many options, but we did it.

So, meet the best Bumble and Bumble products for every hair type. Time to entrust your locks to professionals!

The Best Game-Changing Bumble and Bumble Products

We have rounded up the most famous and top-rated Bumble and Bumble products that pro stylists and reviewers swear by.

ProductBest ForPrice
Invisible Oil Primer
Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer
Heat protection and priming
Check Price
Thickening Shampoo
Thickening Bumble And Bumble Shampoo
Volumizing flat locks Check Price
“Save the Day” Protective Serum
Save The Day Serum
UV-protection and repairing damaged locks Check Price
Straight Blow-Dry Balm
Blow Dry Balm
Straightening and smoothing Check Price
Thickening Full Form Mousse
Thickening Mousse
Boosting volume and sculpting Check Price
Curl Defining Creme
Curl Defining Styling Creme
Taming curls and fighting frizz Check Price
Brilliantine Creme
Polished sleek looks, messy bobs Check Price

#1: Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer – The Greatest Heat and UV-Protectant

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil is the name of Bumble and Bumble’s collection of professional hair products, the main aim of which is to reanimate locks deprived of natural moisture. This particular product is a pre-styler. Being a top seller among Bumble and Bumble products, it has a lot of benefits for women’s manes: it prevents hair breakage, conditions locks, and makes them soft and shiny.

We use so much heat on our hair every day that we really need to think about using a good shield against this type of damage. The Bb. hair base is a softening thermo-protective mist with special uva/uvb filters. Invisible Oil Primer is the best bet for dry, coarse, and/or brittle hair. It makes styling easier, hair becomes tangle-free and it gets rid of frizziness. Say goodbye to dry ends too!

The Bumble and Bumble primer includes 6 main components: coconut, argan, macadamia, sweet almond, safflower seed and grapeseed oils. And somehow this mix doesn’t weigh hair down. So, if you are not priming yet, start doing it right now, it has no contradictions!

The product looks like a typical leave-in conditioner (the word oil is misleading) and has a fresh fruity smell with sweet hints.

How to Use:

Must be sprayed on damp hair before styling. The next day, apply it to dry locks to refresh hair and restyle the mane if you do not plan to wash your hair. An easy way to revive second-day waves; try it!

  • heat protective with UV-filters
  • anti-frizz
  • color safe
  • light texture
  • may be used daily
  • paraben-, silicone- and sulfate-free
  • is great in conditioning
  • perfect for hot weather
  • may not withstand high temperatures >450F
  • contains alcohol

The Invisible Oil line also includes a whole pack of other marvelous products with a perfect reputation — a shampoo and conditioner duo, a pre-shampoo masque, a cleansing creme, a unisex finishing spray and a very light hair oil.

#2: Thickening Bumble and Bumble Shampoo – A Fantastic Product for Fuller Hair

Every woman with flat, fine or thin locks wants a quick decision that will make her hair appear fuller and more dimensional. Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening line was created for such cases. So if you are looking for volumizers that work after just one use, you are in the right place!

The product from the following line we have chosen as our favorite is a Bb. Thickening Shampoo. It provides instant results and can be used right before styling. Apart from volume this shampoo also gives hair softness and shine thanks to a perfect blend of moisturizing and nutritive ingredients: pro-vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, glycerin, wheat protein and aloe vera. They revitalize locks, soothe the scalp, heal irritations if any, and makes hair look bouncy.

Bb. Thickening shampoo has a ‘natural’ mild smell and clear, thick consistency. As reported by reviewers, it’s best for fine hair and oil-prone locks. It also acts as a good clarifier for hair that needs a rehab from tons of styling products and environmental pollution.

How to Use:

Wet hair, apply a dab of product, gently massage into hair, lather, and rinse. Repeat if needed. For better results it may be followed with a Thickening Conditioner.

  • lightweight formulation
  • volumizing
  • color-compatible
  • doesn’t weigh down locks
  • has clarifying tetrasodium EDTA
  • not sulfate-free, contains sodium laureth sulfate
  • includes alcohol

The Bb. Thickening line includes a shampoo+conditioner set and other products for creating full-bodied looks: a structurizing spray, shaping mousse (#5 in this selection), styling creme and finish. Amazon reviewers are nuts about all of them!

#3: “Save the Day” Protective Serum – Daytime Repair Fluid for Damaged Locks

92 percent of reviewers say that after using the Protective Bumble and Bumble Serum their hair looks healthy, and 88% notice great improvements. Promising results, as for the moisturizing oil. What’s even more attractive is that it is beneficial for all hair types, even oily locks.

So, the Bb. Repair Serum is a fluid that heals your scalp and locks: infuses hair with rich oils and antioxidants, gives plenty of moisture, smoothes and softens strands. It protects hair from hot weather and sun rays as it includes UV filters.

The “Save the Day” fluid has been created with Advanced Hair Repair Technology. The main component of the serum is camellia oil. It helps to prevent split ends and makes existing ones less noticeable. Other nourishing ingredients are the evening primrose and pomegranate seed oils, hydrogenated castor oil, quinoa seed extract, panthenol and proteins. The fluid easily copes with frizz, eases combing and gives body to previously lifeless brittle locks.

Bb. Protective Serum is a great fit for any hair texture, density and length. It is a real savior for damaged, dry and color-treated locks. It has an oily but light consistency so it feels less heavy on hair and is easier to apply to strands. The fragrance is not irritating.

How to Use:

The serum has to be worked through damp locks without rinsing. Air- or blow-dry hair and follow with your fave stylers. Reviewers say 3 pumps per day are enough for short hair, up to 6 for longer locks.

  • has UV filters
  • is concentrated but lightweight
  • safe for colored hair
  • softens locks
  • paraben-, sulfate- and phthalate-free
  • daily product
  • adds body and shine
  • not alcohol-free

If you are one of those hair ‘abusers’ and your locks are really exhausted, you may try one more product from the Repair line — an Overnight Masque.

#4: Straight Blow-Dry Balm – For Quick At-Home Smoothing and Straightening

If you have curly, frizzy or at least slightly wavy hair, you know what a hassle blow-drying can be. It takes a lot of time, damages hair, and makes it dry and brittle. The Bumble and Bumble brand has a great solution for you and your nerves. The Straight Blow-Dry Balm will gift you smooth and silky hair for up to three days and protect it from heat damage. Exactly what you need, ya?

The Bb. Blow-Dry Balm is safe enough to be used daily if needed. Thanks to the well thought-out formula and the lightweight consistency, it doesn’t make strands look greasy and flat. Panthenol and glycerin help to protect hair from humidity and hot styling tools. Hair becomes sleek, soft and more manageable with every use. You will not need to flat iron your hair so often, and this means less frizz.

It has a water-based formula so the consistency is not very thick. The smell is neutral, most people say it’s not irritating. It does wonders for curly hair, coarse and frizzy locks.

How to Use:

The balm is a leave-in product. Work a small amount through your damp hair. Blow-dry using a brush.

  • anti-frizz (no frizz for up to 3 days)
  • adds shine
  • heat protective
  • non-greasy lightweight formula
  • color safe
  • reduces drying time
  • sulfate- and paraben-free
  • ideal for hot weather
  • may not work for oily hair
  • includes alcohol

Reviewers recommend using the Bb. Blow-Dry Balm sparingly, otherwise it may leave heavy residue. The brand also has a Straight Shampoo and a Conditioner that de-puffs strands and tames fly-aways.

#5: Thickening Full Form Mousse – To Easily Create the Illusion of More Hair

It is said that the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Mousse defies gravity. With its three main benefits for hair—boosting volume, building hold and sculpting—it really adds dimension to the locks, fullness and shine. Big hair is always in trend, and this thickening mousse will help to copy any catwalk style you want!

The Bb. Thickening Mousse contains panthenol, soy and amaranth proteins, and wheat amino acids. They’ll condition your hair. Castor oil is good for hair growth, it moisturizes and softens locks, and willow bark extract has soothing properties. There are also a lot of amino acids in this product that make up the proteins found in human hair, de-frizzing components controlling flyaways and ingredients that maintain the right moisture balance, preventing flakes and irritations.

Works for healthy fine-to-medium hair of straight or wavy texture. Belongs to Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening line. It has a creamy consistency and mild ‘salon’ smell.

How to Use:

Shake the bottle, spread some mousse through your fingers and apply to damp hair (starting from the roots and processing to the ends). Blow-dry. To create even more volume for fine hair apply some product to the roots at the crown, lift, and rough dry with fingertips.

  • boosts volume
  • works with all textures
  • safe for color-treated locks
  • phthalates-, sulfate- and paraben-free
  • provides enough hold
  • suitable for men too
  • not alcohol-free

If you use too much mousse (more than a quarter), you may have problems with blow-drying hair. The product will hold locks in place; a brush can hardly detangle such knots.

#6: Curl Defining Creme – A Proven Product to Shape Amazing Curls

The Curl Defining Creme belongs to the Bb.Curl line, which aims at controlling the hair chaos curly-haired girls may face. An award-winner (one of Allure’s Best of Beauty), it helps to define curls, hydrate them, and enrich them with a blend of moisturizing oils. But first things first.

The Curl Defining Creme works in 100% of cases, thanks to the unique Hydra Sculpt Blend polymer. The formula also contains a mix of hydrating Brazilian oils: babassu, pracaxi and Brazil nut oils. One more powerful ingredient is the cupuacu butter that comes from a tree very similar to the cocoa tree and nourishes dry, brittle hair, promotes elasticity and durability, and protects locks from UV rays. Other moisturizers are glycerin, barley and wheat germ extracts.

The Bb.Curl Defining Creme is best for wavy and curly hair textures of any density. It’s used for the “waves to ringlets” curl pattern. It has a white, creamy and quite thick consistency (but is not sticky) and a very light smell.

How to Use:

Apply to damp hair starting from the roots and ending with the tips. Air dry or diffuse. Some women even use it between washes: they take some product, mix it with water and calm down the frizz where needed.

  • UV-protective
  • oil-infused
  • anti-frizz
  • super moisturizing
  • provides great hold
  • gives shine to curls
  • no harsh chemicals
  • may not be effective for oily hair
  • some reviewers say that the bottle is not suitable for this consistency

Other Bumble and Bumble curl defining products that really work: The top-selling Bb.Curl Primer, an award-winning 3-in-1 Bb.Curl Custom Conditioner, a customer-approved Conditioning Mousse.

#7: Brilliantine Creme – Exclusive Product for Creating Polished Looks

A pioneer among all Bumble and Bumble products, Brilliantine Creme was created for razor cuts and still doesn’t have serious rivals on the market.

Brilliantine creme gives hair a sexy piecey look. It is oil-based (includes castor seed and rosemary oils) but lightweight at the same time. The creme absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave hair looking greasy. Rosemary and sage leaf extracts stimulate the scalp and cleanse it; glycerin softens the emulsion; alcohol in this formulation helps to smooth strands.

Together the ingredients create a perfect blend that provides a 5-star hold and marvelous texture. The main role this product plays in styling is defining layers and keeping style in place. It brings the best details of the haircut into focus. After drying it stays soft and has a slightly wet look, which is perfect for modern shags.

The consistency is described as something between a cream and a wax of white color. The smell is very mild, some reviewers describe it as nutty, others say it is a typical sage or lilac fragrance; either way it’s quite fresh and pleasant.

How to Use:

May be used on damp hair before blow-drying for volume or on dry locks to add hold. Take a little tiny bit of product between your fingers, spread it around and work it through your hair. If you style your hair with fingers, you’ll get a tousled look. If you use a comb, it will result in a sleeker style.

  • provides excellent separation
  • gives hair extra sheen
  • for both genders
  • has thick consistency
  • gives enough hold
  • moisturizes dry locks
  • in rare cases may leave hair sticky
  • not alcohol-free

If you need extra hold, stylists recommend using Brilliantine Creme with a styling wax.

What Else Do You Need to Know About the Bumble and Bumble Brand?

Some additional details that customers ask about before buying Bumble and Bumble hair products.

The Short Story of the Bumble and Bumble Brand

The Bumble and Bumble brand has been working on the salon floor for more than 40 years and creating innovative products for two decades. Its founder’s name is Michael Gordon. He gained his hairdressing experience at the Mayfair Salon, London, but always wanted to have a wider range of clients and more possibilities to implement innovations into his beloved industry. That is how, in 197,7 the first Bumble and Bumble New York salon was opened.

Within a year B&B had become one of the top 10 NY salons (according to Vogue). In 1988, its stylists discovered the straight razor, and in 1990 the first Bb. product was launched—texturizer Brilliantine (our #7). The team invented a “bad bob cut”, created the first salt-spray and air-dry creme in the world, and have taken part in dozens of fashion shows over the last 20 years including Moschino, Proenza Schouler, Zuhair Murad and many others. There are Bumble & Bumble fans among A-list celebrities too — for example, Kendall Jenner likes the Surf Spray and Natalie Portman once expressed her love of the Alojoba Conditioner.

Michael Gordon sold the B&B company in 2000 and founded another brand. Now B&B is one of Estee Lauder’s brands with the same philosophy to be amazing hairdressers, constantly learn and grow, create editorial-quality products and revere authenticity and creativity. It has a university for hairdressers and salon owners and is a powerful influencer in the hairdressing industry. Worth trusting!

Strong Sides of Bumble and Bumble Products

A lot of women are unsure whether to buy or not to buy B&B products because of the brand’s high price tag. However, we found at least 8 reasons why they are worthy to be purchased and tried. Customers respect and love (and you will too) the Bumble and Bumble brand for:

  • their unparalleled wide catalog of products for all purposes, hair textures, densities, and colors;
  • their perfect understanding of different hair textures’ problems — especially those naturally curly gals have;
  • gentle formulas that literally ‘recognize’ the hair problem and concentrate fully on solving it;
  • constant innovations that provide more and more benefits for hair;
  • many adore the pleasant smell of B&B products, it is always light and discreet;
  • a wide choice of bottle sizes, apart from standard bottles you may buy a travel-size and 1-liter products;
  • cruelty-free policy – Bumble and Bumble products and ingredients are not tested on animals;
  • all products are backstage tested and salon-approved.

What Are Bumble and Bumble’s Key Ingredients?

Of course, every product has its own list of ingredients, but most often we have seen the following components on B&B’s packaging:

  • moisturizing and soothing aloe leaf juice;
  • follicle strengthening vitamin H (biotin);
  • conditioning hydrolyzed wheat and soy proteins;
  • vitamin E, protecting hair from environmental damage;
  • sea kelp extract for added shine;
  • rockweed extract – for hair elasticity.

Bumble and Bumble uses a lot of oils in its products for curly and coarse hair types, natural starches (corn, tapioca) in hair powders, and polymers in volumizers. Other interesting ingredients we came across are silk powder (for texture), sea and lake salts (Surf Collection), kukui and mango seed oils, lanolin wax, beeswax and others.

What Other Products Are Bumble and Bumble Famous For?

It is worth mentioning several more legendary products here — The Surf Collection first of all. Its products help to achieve those ‘perfectly imperfect’ beach waves. The Surf Collection includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a surf spray and a blow-dry salt foam spray. Must-haves for summer!

Other helpful products are Sumo Stylers (gels, clays, pomades and waxes for both men and women), and the Bb. Color Gloss hue enhancers.

So, you have just seen the 7 best Bumble and Bumble products plus some additional opportunities for all hair textures and densities. We bet you’ve found a lot of interesting solutions to your hair problems. The greatest part is that any B&B product is worth the money. Starting with rich formulas and ending with pleasant fragrances and stylish packaging, Bumble and Bumble products are leaders in the market. And please heed this warning: they are pretty addictive! You’ll never want to use your old hair products again.

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