Shades of Red Hair – 40 Red Hair Color Ideas for 2021

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#2: Amber Waves

A signature color can be created by blending different shades of red hair. The look in this photo uses a darker shade for dimension and lighter hues to highlight for shape and structure. For old Hollywood waves, brush out curls made with a 2-inch barrel curling iron.

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Shades of red hair are the most impressive and bright! While blondes and brunettes are arguing who looks showier and more beautiful, redheads are simply enjoying life. They don’t need to participate in absurd discussions. With such a bright hair color, they are just divine! Fiery reds and deep burgundy hues can be recommended for women of any age. Besides, different varieties of red hair color flatter not only girls with very fair skin tone. The present day palette of red hair hues is so versatile that many women can find their unique red, auburn and chestnut shades.

Trendy Light Shades Of Red Hair

The lighter shades of red hair flatter women and girls whose natural hair color is warm blonde. These are going to bring out the playful note of your look, softening your facial features and adding a naughty spark to your eyes. The darker red hues or plum red hair color shades become all brown-haired women and dark brunettes. Once you find your ideal hue, all the world will be at your feet! Look through our new review of the most stylish red hair color ideas and choose the one you’d like to try during your next visit to the salon.

#1: Burgundy Brown

This is an ideal shade for women with pale complexions. The mix of strawberry and rose colors adds warmth to cool toned complexions. Plus, it’s subdued enough to still work in conservative environments.

#2: Amber Waves

A signature color can be created by blending different shades of red hair. The look in this photo uses a darker shade for dimension and lighter hues to highlight for shape and structure. For old Hollywood waves, brush out curls made with a 2-inch barrel curling iron.

#3: Punk Princess

Turn heads with sunset colored strands. A hand-painted mixture of neon yellow, orange and peach creates a unique color that is equal parts pretty and punk rock. Make sure to keep your eyebrows a natural color and your makeup muted so the look doesn’t appear like a costume.

#4: Fire Engine Red

When you are rocking a vibrant shade, it’s best to keep lighter highlights to a minimum because they could dilute the hue. It’s actually better to incorporate darker sections to give the color depth and make it look more luxurious and bespoke.

#5: Asymmetrical Auburn Cut

A chin length cut could be boring and conservative, especially because it’s such a popular style these days. Separate yourself from the crowd with a bold mahogany red hair color and a creative slanted cut accented by fringe-short side bangs.

#6: Carrot Top

A bright color is the easiest way to step up a standard medium haircut. Red hair of this shade can be hard to pull off; if you feel intimidated, ease into it with a classic style that won’t overwhelm. Soft beach waves towards the ends will thicken up fine strands and add more body and movement.

#7: Crimping It

Crimps may have been something that you wanted to leave in the early 2000’s. But, everything old becomes new again. Loose s-shaped waves in a copper color are a modern version of the retro hairdo. A middle part is ideal for women with round cheeks because it slims at the widest part.

#8: Fiery Ringlets

There are many different red hair colors to choose from. The key to finding the perfect shade is to pay attention to the undertones in your complexion. Cool tones can work with deep shades like burgundy while warm tones can pull off reds with an orange base like auburn.

#9: Sassy Layered Style

One of the best ways to get body into thin hair without big curls is by flipping out the ends. This works best for medium length hair that has been layered. Make sure to ask your stylist for long face-framing options.

#10: Classic Curls

Looking for a formal downdo for your red hair? Search no further than this. Side-swept defined curls are a no brainer. Pair with a strapless dress to show off your style.

#11: Muted Molten Colors

Worried about your hair color fading? Go for a lovely pastel light red hair hue that is initially more delicate than bold and bright. If you like the pastel hair trend but want a more natural-looking color, try this soft shade instead of the typical smoky grey and lavender.

#12: Light Copper Curls

Tousled loose curls are the best everyday style for a young woman because they are effortless and glamorous at the same time; perfect for showing off golden highlights at the end of copper strands. A deep side part will hide chubby cheeks and slim your face.

#13: Red Alert

Some women are afraid to dye their hair bright colors because of the upkeep and maintenance. One trick is keeping your roots dark to disguise the growing out process. Plus, it avoids a harsh color against your hairline.

#14: Full and Flirty

Those who need some inspiration for red hair color ideas should look to one of the most famous red heads of today—Julianne Moore! She embodies class, elegance and style while rocking long vibrant copper red strands; Style with all black to make your hair really pop.

#15: Bangs and Highlights

Everyone loves the casual chic “French girl style.” Tousled bed head and mysterious bangs are all you need to look instantly classy. If you have a round face, make sure your bangs fall past your cheekbones so they don’t highlight your widest points.

#16: Red Riot

Punk rock styles tend to be more creative and colorful. When you want a saturated red look, it can be hard to also have dimension and depth within such a bright hue. Blending different shades of red in similar tones will achieve this without changing up your desired color.

#17: Stand Out Cinnamon

Many people usually conjure up images of orange or deep crimson when they think of shades of red hair color, but there are also more subdued options. A rich brown with reddish tones will warm your complexion and won’t be too outrageous for traditional environments.

#18: Simple and Straightforward

While this may not be the most innovative or cutting edge hairdo, it scores major points for its versatility. A long blunt cut can be worn in a variety of updos, braided styles or just long and loose. Because the color is so rich, balance it out by styling with soft purple eye shadow and a floral top.

#19: Vintage Vixen

This style is a unique mix of retro and modern edge. The short blunt bangs and red lips are reminiscent of pin-up legend Bettie Page. But, the pastel orange-y color tinted by yellow and the bold brows feel very fresh. By fading the top of the style from a bright orange to a soft subtle peach, you are able to create a look that’s all your own.

#20: Spicy Side Bang

If you’ve made your mind to go for a red hair color, why not to go all the way? There is nothing subtle about this style with its vibrant tomato red. It looks like one hue, but this professional color was actually created with a blend of red, orange and even yellow tones towards the ends.

#21: Classic Light Red Hair Color

Actress Lily Cole knows that lighter hues of red hair flatter girls in their mid-20s miraculously. Lily’s long locks with a warm tender sheen look attractive and a bit sassy. The same hue can nip a few years off for ladies over 30, especially if they complete their looks with a popular today nude makeup.

#22: Gorgeous Strawberry Blonde

Trendy light red hair colors appear chic and elite. Nicole Kidman’s strawberry blonde looks awesome in elegant updos and casual, free-flowing hair styles. It suits women with peach skin undertone and blue or green eyes. Nicole was gifted with her beautiful reddish blonde hair color, but having softened her natural color to the strawberry blonde, she has turned into a divine beauty.

#23: Ginger Shade Of Red Hair

Today ginger red is so popular that the imaginary club of celebrity redheads welcomes a few new members every new season. To try this cute hue, you do not have to expose your locks to the aggressive action of permanent dyes. If your natural hair color is dark blonde, you may resort to semi-permanent products. Marcia Cross gives us a bright example of burning ginger red hair for inspiration.

#24: Caramel Blonde As An Alternative

Here is one of the most versatile hair hues for girls and women who like to experiment with looks in different styles. It’s not actually red, but we can’t classify it as a cool blonde shade either. Cara’s long locks shine in the sun, revealing the warm caramel tints. If you are not ready to go red, but want to approach this hue, caramel is a perfect alternative.

#25: Amber Shade

Jessica Chastain hit the mark when she had her hair dyed into the amber red tone! Its golden notes set off hazel or blue eyes ideally. In case you want to follow Jessica’s example, know that it’s not going to be difficult to choose makeup and outfit to pair with amber red hair. It’s a good match for both pastel tones and rich saturated colors.

#26: Copper Shade Of Red Hair

Even the most pretentious style critics admitted that the warm copper hue ennobled appearance of Amy Adams. The asymmetric wavy hairstyle reveals the beautiful oval of Amy’s face. The bright lip color isn’t out of tune with the whole look. And the delicate eye-make up adds expressiveness to Amy’s beautiful blue eyes. If you want to try the hue, take into account that it’s not the best choice for women with pale skin and light-colored eyes.

#27: Fatal Honey

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough knows how to look showy. She compliments her fiery red mane with red lip color, and these two are a blasting duo, indeed, as we can see in the picture. Oh, well, this is how fatal women look!

#28: Mind-Blowing Tangerine Shade

Eccentric people can’t live a day without bright impressions. Tangerine hair color makes your look more flamboyant, and your actions are getting more confident accordingly. Christina Hendricks appreciates these fabulous effects of tangerine hair hue and uses them to her advantage. Messy curls and a light lift at the roots are all it takes to achieve the gorgeous celebrity look.

#29: Chic Dark Auburn

There are not so many people with natural red hair. If you are not a natural redhead, but a brunette, and you want to try a reddish hue, you’ll have minimal risks with auburn hair color, the one that features a reddish brown tone, like Ariana Grande’s. The girl has also opted for the exquisite fade of auburn into the lovely caramel at the ends. So sweet, she’s a cutie!

#30: Cinnamon Red

If your eyes are green or gray and you have peach skin undertone, the cinnamon red hair color will flatter you and look extremely feminine on your locks. Check Emma Stone’s image to visualize the result. The light waves and the exclusive hair color like this are going to turn you into a style icon. Wow, red is truly multi-faceted! Who knew?

#31: Chocolate Red

There’s one interesting unwritten law. When you change your hair color for a new, unexpected hair hue, you attract positive changes into your life. Drew Barrymore’s color is the mix of chocolate and red hair shades. Sophisticated hues like Drew’s are going to attract to you extra attention, revealing your good taste and sense of style.

#32: Red Hair Color In Highlights For Brown Hair

Lily Collins is a tender girl with a high contrast in her looks. Rich dark brown hair color with very thin red streaks is a gorgeous solution for brunettes who want to make their hair color unique, introducing bright warm tones at the expense of highlights.

#33: Tangerine Shades Of Red Hair In Balayage

Cool-toned brunette Emily Blunt once tried a warm brown tone and didn’t miscalculate the success of her new look. The silky golden brown harmonizes with her blue eyes. And the bright tangerine highlights, placed strategically around her face, enhance the impression.

#34: Dark Auburn

When we think of Hollywood redheads, Julianne Moore is the first to come to our mind. Although in the past she had to dye her hair into blonde and brown to adjust her appearance to the requirements of her roles, red hair color has always been Julianne’s priority. The actress aptly combines warm and cool tones of outfits with her beautiful red locks and gives her preference to a neutral makeup.

#35: Copper Red

Debra Messing often tones her brown hair with copper and rusty red hues. The dark copper hair color flatters hazel eyes and warm skin tone. With such a shade, you are going to look fabulous even with a simple hairstyle, like Debra’s.

#36: Pomegranate Shade Of Red Hair

We love Rihanna’s lyrics and her hair experiments. Everyone remembers her bright red locks which became a sensation. Only confident and bright from nature young ladies can duplicate such a challenging look. And note that when you are going to try “risky” red hair color ideas, it’s better to experiment with semi-permanent dyes.

#37: Cherry Shade

Shades of red hair color like this rich, sexy tone can be also referred to as burgundy or cherry cola. Sharon’s hair color is bold enough, but it’s noble and sophisticated. What can we say? Ozzy Osbourne’s wife looks gorgeous and much younger than her age.

#38: Rosewood Shade Of Red Hair

Rosewood hue flatters women with medium brown and dark brown hair. Willa Ford knows that the right hair hue is going to brighten not only her eyes, but her whole life! Willa’s rose red tone is an appropriate hair color for everyday life, but at the same time, it’s fairly fancy to seem ordinary or hackneyed.

#39: Burgundy

Black and burgundy is a new fashion color code of the current season. In this relation purple reds or wine hair hues have become a cool hair trend. If you don’t want to limit yourself with burgundy lips or Bordeaux lacquer on your nails, try wine red as a hair color. Experiment like Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Rihanna!

#40: Plum Red Hair Color

Plum hair hues are more into the blue black tones, but they still have a reddish brown note in them. This particular hair color will be flattering to brunettes with a cool skin undertone. Cher Lloyd is aware of the strongest points of her appearance, and she brings them out with her trendy hair color.

Different shades of red hair convey your look different moods. Warm reddish caramel tones add a sassy note; bright orange shades let everyone know that you are fun to be around, and deep wine shades are just extremely tempting and mesmerizing. We hope you’ve liked these red hair color ideas and made up your mind about you new hair hue.

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