The Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 70

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Age is not a hindrance to good taste and desire to look attractive. A flattering haircut and a beautiful hairstyle are affordable in any age. This selection of images with styles for older women will help you to get inspired by the looks of womens who are aging gracefully, remaining beautiful and feminine through the years.

Refined Hairstyles for Women Over 70

Here are trendy haircuts and new ideas of hairstyles and hair colors for 2017.

#1: Short Layers with Highlights

Blonde highlights on a soft brown color look so pretty with aging skin because they are not jarring (like overly dark colors can be). Ask your stylist for a piecey cut (that will provide tons of volume to fine hair) and highlights through the bangs and upper layers.

#2: Short and Sweet Crop

Hairstyles for women over 70 are supposed to do two things: work well with your bone structure and give texture to thinner strands. For very fine hair, choose a sassy crop to show off your beautiful features in a way that’s very modern and cool.

#3: Beautiful Gray Curls

Curly ladies need to let their locks shine! Whether your hair is naturally curly or you choose to go to the salon each week, curls are a wonderful way to add volume to mature hair. What’s more, they allow pale strands to shine in the light.

#4: Hint of Punky Blue

With colored hair being so popular for women of every generation, you can make use of your naturally pale strands. Just like young blonde women can easily add streaks in vibrant hues, older women with white hair can experiment with no major commitment. Keep in mind that blue takes the longest to fade!

#5: Perfect Ash Blonde Pixie

When choosing among short haircuts for women over 70, be sure to focus most on the overall desired shape. This classic style provides a rounded shape with the sides and back being clipped very short. The key to keeping it feminine is height on top and bangs in the front.

#6: Spiky Blonde Crop

This look is a definite go-to for ladies over 70. Deservedly so! The very short bangs in the front are called a fringe—so be sure to use the proper lingo when sitting in the styling chair. You can ask for spiky texture on top with pieces going in different directions.

#7: Pretty in Pastel Pink

As if to prove any naysayers wrong, this hairstyle shows that over 70 year old women have just as much opportunity to show off their personal style as anyone else. Expertly done, the pretty pastel color and soft waves give a retro vibe that will have people smiling wherever you go.

#8: Modern Layered Cut

For a grandma hairstyle that will convince the little ones you’re still cool, opt for a layered bob with long pieces in the front. The face-framing layers will add a lot of character to your look. Steel gray hair looks very sophisticated when kept smooth and sleek. Treat your strands well by using your straightener briefly and on the lowest setting.

#9: Straight and Simple Haircut

Wow! Is that real? Certainly looks to be so! Women over 70 might not be chomping at the bit for face tattoos, but low maintenance haircuts are always in demand. With naturally straight hair, all you have to do is go in for regular trims so the cut keeps its shape.

over 70's short gray hairstyle

Instagram/ @ashdoescolor

#10: White Hair with Side Bangs

White hairstyles were known for reading not just old—but old fashioned. No more! The straightness factor (instead of tight curls) keeps this cut looking cute and modern. The smart addition of side bangs has the same effect, while being incredibly flattering to boot.

#11: Textured Maroon Pixie

We love short hairstyles for women over 70 in shades of maroon. Why? It lets you show off your style without being too out there—the exact balance most women want. Adding thick-rimmed black glasses only makes the textured style all the better.

#12: Daring Rainbow Highlights

There is a clear YOLO mentality at work. You Only Live Once! It’s never too late to have tons of fun with your hair and not care what anyone thinks. Talk with your stylist about your favorite crazy colors and let the magic happen. Enjoy the stares and the extra grocery aisle conversations!

#13: Caramel Twists and Curls

Medium length hair is a definite favorite because it remains low maintenance while still providing some length. These soft golden and caramel shades are flattering on older women because they create a mild background for aging skin. Cute curls and long bangs make for the best age-appropriate modern style.

#14: Dark Red-Brown Crop

Hairstyles for women over 70 are very flattering when they feature texture and some sass. Very short sides and textured layers on top are a sure fire way to look sassy. Find a lightweight texturizing cream that won’t bog thin hair down.

#15: Thick Gray Pixie

Not all women over 70 have thin hair. If you’ve kept a lot of natural thickness, but still want the ease of short hair, then go for it. Pixie cuts look great on thick hair – get a feathered cut with neatly tapered sides and back.

#16: Chic Side Undercut

Undercuts are very popular now with the younger crowd. When done in a beautiful shade, such as maroon, they’re not out of the question for older women either. Choosing the right color will help you pull it off.

#17: Fun White Mohawk

Hair styles for women over 70 can be so much fun! Let’s be honest—this look is amazing. Pristine white strands are molded into a perfect Mohawk that is longer in the front and shorter in the back. The sides of the hair aren’t too short, making it very wearable.

#18: Extra Short Gray Haircut

Gray hair can be a signature look. Everyone’s gray is just a little bit different, and this lady sports a stunning, dove-like shade. The super short pixie cut works great with a classic or a modern style. Have fun showing off your favorite hoops, danglers, and studs!

#19: Straight Gray Bob

The mistake a lot of ladies over 70 make is not that they go gray—but that they go unkempt. Allowing hair to go gray is a good move as long as you don’t let it get straggly! Choosing a blunt edge bob makes a positive statement about gray hair and shows that you take care of yourself.

#20: Long White Locks

For a 70 year old woman who is proud of her pale strands, long hair is a great option. Use moisturizing creams and oils to promote growth that doesn’t result in split ends. To style in a way that won’t cause damage or breakage, twist damp hair into a low bun and continue to air dry. Untwist and voila!

#21: Layered Bob Haircut

Elegant and refined style of Helen Mirren proves us that looking stylish is achievable in any age. You shouldn’t certainly try on every new trend, but it would be good to follow the modern upgrades which occur to classic haircuts and hairstyles. The silver bob with layered ends from Helen Mirren looks breathtaking. Both the cut and the style will be appropriate in everyday life and at any special event.

bob haircut for women over 70

EverettCollection /

#22: Soft Salt and Pepper Waves

There are certain hairstyles for women over 70 that are always flattering, and this is definitely one of them. This medium length haircut is lightly layered with soft waves placed throughout for a cute, modern look. The style also features an off-center part, while the majority of the waves are concentrated around the face to frame it gracefully.

#23: Trendy Short Haircut

If you do not want to expose your locks to the aggressive impact of chemical hair colors, follow the example of Judi Dench. She has found a way to ennoble her grey hair with a beautiful silvery hue. In combination with a trendy pixie haircut and a sassy hairstyle, you will achieve a stylish contemporary look.

short pixie haircut for older women

Featureflash /

#24: Refreshing Hairstyle For Women Over 70

Ravishing Jane Fonda shows off her signature layered haircut that can flatter any woman especially with an oblong face shape. Such a sassy hairstyle and neutral makeup will be right to the point on the days when you want to forget how old you are in order to look particularly attractive and fresh.

Jane Fonda hairstyle

HelgaEsteb /

#25: Stylish Elegance

A woman, who has devoted her life to fashion, can be a great example to follow. Carolina Herrera’s hair is dyed into a natural dark blonde hue, that is the best way to cover grey hairs and look younger. Carolina’s haircut is styled backwards with a hair dryer and styling product. The elegant moderation of her look is supported by the statement earrings and matching brooch which fit very well into the look.

short hairstyle for women over 70

HelgaEsteb /

#26: Splendid Voluminous Hairstyle With A Rounded Silhouette

One of the renowned beauties of the 20th century, Sophia Loren, has passed the 80th milestone and looks wonderful. Her hairstyle is still extremely voluminous. Sophia claims it’s because she washes her hair with kids shampoo. Well, thick locks curled away from the face are a signature stroke of Sophia Loren’s individual style.

short curly hairstyle for older women

HelgaEsteb /

#27: Short Curly Hairstyle For Older Ladies

Betty White brings to the screen the ideal image of a granny any kid would love to have. The actress looks very sweet and attractive. She always wears makeup and a lovely hairstyle. Her short locks are slightly curled to achieve a nice volume around her face which is important for older women, because commonly with age hair is getting thinner.

short voluminous hairstyle for women over 70

s_bukley /

#28: Modern Medium Layered Haircut

The golden blonde hue of Candy Spelling flatters her skin tone and looks great on her medium-length layered locks. The haircut brings out the softness and femininity of the famous author and TV personality. If you want to wear bangs, give your preference to their light varieties with graded ends. Heavy bangs in older age draw attention to under eye wrinkles.

medium layered haircut for women over 70

s_bukley /

#29: Short Curly Hairstyle For Ladies Over 70

Andrea Romano looks fresh and youthful, and it’s mainly the merit of her sassy short hairstyle. If you want to wear your locks grey, find a way to neutralize the yellowish hue. The hairstyle itself is not difficult, but very showy, and it does become Andrea.

short sassy hairstyle for grey hair

HelgaEsteb /

#30: Asymmetric Short Haircut

The stylish asymmetric short haircut of Ann Robinson is completed with long side bangs. It’s a great idea to embrace for women with round faces. If you also like bright hair colors, remember to treat the root growth in time, because grey roots in such cases are very noticeable.

short haircut with bangs for women over 70

s_bukley /

#31: Best Medium Hairstyle

In the age over 70 many women decide on short haircuts, but Julie Christie has become an exception. Her hair, slightly longer than the shoulder level, is dyed into a radiant ginger blonde shade and styled into the gorgeous retro waves. Large waves arrange a flattering volume around your face, and you are ready to shine and sparkle like a celebrity!

medium curly hairstyle for older women

EverettCollection /

#32: Long Layered Gray Hairstyle

Opting to keep your hair long after the age of 70 is a tricky decision, because length can add age. However, if you are blessed with beautiful healthy hair and you decide to keep it long, this lovely layered style is the best option. This look works well with thick hair, as well as with thin hair and everything in between, because of the way the layers frame the face while adding dimension and structure.

#33: Side Bang with High Crown

Hairstyles for women over 70 can still be very cute and trendy, as evidenced by the shoulder length layered hairstyle in this picture. It features a flattering side part and bangs that fall delicately over one eye (but can be swept back or pinned to the side.) There is also a teased crown to add height and drama to the otherwise understated look.

#34: Pixie Cut

It is a bold choice to wear very short hair at any age, but after 70 it’s often the most flattering option. This cute pixie cut has a few layers to give it definition and dimension. Additionally, the back and sides are cut very neat, showing just how chic short haircuts can be. It’s easy to style and a pleasure to wear.

#35: Textured Medium Style with Thick Bangs

Seventies hairstyles run the gamut from very short to shoulder length, medium length, and everything in between. This medium-to-long style contains a little bit of texture on the ends in the form of waves, while the top of strands is left straight. The focal point of this look is the thick bangs cut straight across the forehead. This type of bangs is going to be more flattering for oval and long faces.

#36: Black Hair with Gray Balayage

Looking sleek and lengthy, this hairstyle is one of the best ways for older women to wear their gray hair in a beautiful and stylish way. The long bob like this flatters a variety of hair textures and face shapes, and it’s specifically flattering with round faces.

#37: Short and Curly

This is a pretty popular type of 70s women’s hairstyles. Short haircuts like this one are made modern by the presence of strategically placed layers throughout to keep the hair from looking dated. Curly texture adds volume which is often very flattering for older ladies.

#38: Layered Bob

The cute bob hairstyle like in the photo is trendy, modern and flattering for women of any age. Here, you have a medium length style that is parted in the center with layers that frame the face while also adding depth and volume. The whole idea of this look is to keep it current, but still age-appropriate – this bob does just that.

#39: Braided Bun

Is there something interesting in terms of hair styles for women over 70 when it comes to black hair? Here is a cute idea for black women. African American women of any age look very flattering with braided hairstyles, and this braided bun is no different. Here, the hair is placed in cornrows and then styled into a low bun that rests beautifully at the nape of the neck.

cornrows with a braided bun for older black women

Instagram/ @kersti.pitre

#40: Low Chignon

Many older women prefer to wear their hair in considerably more conservative ways, but that doesn’t mean such hairstyles should be boring. This classic updo is a low chignon that works great with various hair textures, hair colors and hair lengths. It’s a popular updo hairstyle, best suitable for special occasions.

These pictures show us that older ladies can look very stylish with simple haircuts and hairstyles. Use ideas of celebrity looks to find your own perfect hairstyle that won’t let you forget that you are a contemporary woman who knows how to present her beauty and charisma in the best light.

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