St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyles – 15 Snazzy ‘Dos For Those Who Are In Love

On St. Valentine’s Day a miracle happens: millions of couples from all over the world confess their love, get married or simply give surprises to their other halves. Every lady should look her best, when going through these exciting moments. A romantic hairstyle will make your man’s heart beat faster, and you’ll feel even more attractive and feminine.

Ideas of St. Valentine’s Day hairstyles for short, medium and long hair can be peeked when viewing pictures in women’s magazines or on TV. But it’s better to choose the trendiest hairstyle varieties, looking through chic images of celebrities from different events. Our review offers you the best hairstyle ideas you can use when planning your hairstyle for St. Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Long Hair

#1: St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Idea For Long Hair From Jennifer Lopez

One of the trendy looks we have seen on the catwalks is a simple downdo with sleeked back straight tresses. Jennifer Lopez got inspired by this hair idea and brought it to life at the American Music Awards. If you want to duplicate the look for Valentine’s day, remember that you need to achieve shiny locks with well-trimmed ends. Bronding is an awesome hair color solution for brown hair to go with this hairstyle.

Jennifer Lopez St Valentine's Day hairstyle idea

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#2: Rihanna’s Sensuous Curls In A Romantic Updo For Long Hair

Rihanna knows how to transform from a scandalous celebrity with red hair into a sensuous beauty with the tenderest glance. A messy curly knot, loosely gathered at the nape from delicate curls, is going to look lovely as a sensuous Valentine’s Day updo. A few face-framing waves and sooo-looong eye-lashes can drive any guy crazy!

Rihanna curly updo idea for valentines day

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#3: Valentine’s Day Glamorous Braid From The Gossip Girl Blake Lively

Braids remain in trend from season to season. The easiest way to enhance your femininity is to go for a braided hairstyle. Blake Lively has one lovely braid to show off. Basically, it’s a sleek pony on the crown, loosely braided and “messed up”. The ideal sleekness and the ideal mess is a very cute combo to try for Valentine’s Day!

Blake Lively braided pony hairstyle

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#4: Long Dimensional Waves From Megan Fox

Long groomed locks with gorgeous balayage highlights are impressive enough to be considered a complete hairstyle. You may style your long locks into light waves and let everyone admire the dimensional effect of your ravishing free-flowing hairstyle. A long layered haircut as a base will let you achieve the best result.

Megan Fox long brown hair with red highlights

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#5: Cute Without False Modesty – Katie Holmes’ Adorable Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

Girls with long hair love top knots. Katie Holmes suggests a super cute messy knot on the crown that can be done without a comb. Lift your locks into a high pony and fix them with elastic. Twist your pony and wrap it around its base to shape a spontaneous knot that can be additionally pulled at slightly to enhance the messy feel.

Katie Holmes bun hairstyle idea for St. Valentine's Day

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St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Medium Hair

#6: January Jones’ Medium Curly Hair With Fabulous Texture

Exciting or thrilling? You decide what impression you want to make on Valentine’s Day. With textured golden blonde waves like January Jones’ you can easily achieve your goal. Flirty bangs, loose lovely curls, and a breathtaking hair color are among the most appealing choices for ladies with medium hair.

medium wavy hairstyle for blonde hair

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#7: Kate Mara’s Easy St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Solution

Kate Mara prefers the most versatile medium length, because it’s a good base for a wide range of versatile hairstyles. Most girls want chic waves for the lovers day. There are at least 2 ways to achieve Kate Mara’s loose waves. You can either use a large-barrel curling iron or blow dry your locks with the diffuser attachment and your favorite curl-enhancing product.

Kate Mara wavy bob

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#8: Gorgeous Hairstyle With A Retro Touch From Taylor Swift

Flat-ironed tresses with a curvy face-framing wave are a brilliant hairstyle idea for a romantic dinner with your special someone. Ceramic flat irons can straighten your locks, adding them shine of a glazed finish. Shaping the ideal curve of the face-framing lock requires some skills. The curve hits at the level of your eyes, making your glance more expressive.

Taylor Swift Valentines Day hairstyle idea

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#9: Emma Watson’s Updo With A Twist – St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Idea

If you plan to wear a dress with a beautiful cut on the back, follow Emma Watson’s example and make a lovely updo. Emma’s hairstyle features a twist that starts from her side parting and goes round towards her bangs. Wear fancy ear cuffs or eye-catching earrings to complete the look.

Emma Watson updo

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St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Short Hair

#10: Short Whimsical Curls Of Charlize Theron

Marilyn Monroe’s blonde fluffy curls are constantly cited in modern red-carpet looks. Charlize Theron’s delicate waves and red lips bring us back to the elegant and glamorous 50’s. You may also get inspired by this mood and create a fabulous feminine hairstyle for short hair.

Charlize Theron short blonde curly hairstyle

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#11: Julianne Hough’s Short Wet Hairstyle As An Easy Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

One of Julianne Hough’s latest hairstyles is extremely simple in styling and quite interesting in its hair color solution. The contrast of the platinum blonde and chocolate hues is the zest of Julianne’s look. With short hair it’s easier to venture on a new hair color. So, don’t forget to refresh your haircut and plan a color upgrade beforehand.

Julianne Hough short hairstyle with highlights

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#12: Evan Rachel Wood And Her Asymmetric Brown Bob

Evan Rachel Wood opts for an asymmetric A-line brown bob with subtle reddish highlights. We love her chic look and recommend it for Valentine’s day as a cute hairstyle idea for girls with short hair. You will need to style a side parting and backcomb your hair for volume on the crown. Make sure you define the ends of your locks, as an edgy touch will be right to the point for this stylish ‘do.

Evan Rachel Wood bob hairstyle idea for St Valentines Day

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#13: Sweet St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyle From Kristin Chenoweth

A voluminous short hairstyle with chic side bangs can make you the queen of someone’s heart. Short hairstyles with side locks, tucked behind the ears, always add an extra sweet touch to your look. Provide the sufficient volume on top to balance the sleekness on the sides. We love Kristin’s golden blonde hue and the irresistible charm of her short hairstyle.

Kristin Chenoweth short blonde hairstyle

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#14: Catherine Bell’s Amorous Waves

Curls flatter every lady. You only need to find your perfect pattern and size. Catherine Bell shows off her short shattered waves, slightly messed at the roots. These flatter most girls and women and impress any man. Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to try a curly hairstyle. After all, even Cupid wears curls!

Catherine Bell short wavy hairstyle idea for Valentines Day

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#15: Kristen Stewart’s Short Edgy Hairstyle With Side Bangs

There are girls who shy away sweet cute girly hairstyles, because their nature calls for more rebellious looks. Kristen Stewart shows us a good example of a short edgy hairstyle with asymmetry and cool texture that you can succeed with at home.

Kristen Stewart short edgy hairstyle

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St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, romance and new emotions. Our hairstyles will let you feel more confident and seductive. We girls, know that a hairstyle can make our day. And nothing magnetizes a man as much as shine in his woman’s eyes. Lots of mutual love to all of you, ladies!