20 Eye-Catching Ways to Style Curly and Wavy Ponytails

Once reserved for the gym, ponytails have now taken a modern turn and can really make a statement! With added braids and twists your curly ponytail can be taken from day to night as a perfect look for girls with shoulder length and long hair. Take a peek at our cute ideas of simple and stylish ponies.

Update Your Curly Ponytails

When you introduce interesting details, play with textures and height, your pony stops looking like a boring hairstyle everyone is wearing for comfort, not for chic. Here are creative ways to customize your ponytail.

#1: Ponytail with a Braided Element

If you love the fishtail but want to give your hair a little more freedom, combining the stylized braid with a curly hair ponytail is the perfect solution. The texture of the fishtail is blended with the messy waves for a look that creates natural beauty without fuss.

#2: Low Ponytail with a Braid Wrap

This style is easy yet impactful! A quick tutorial: add waves to the ends of your locks, leave out a section to braid, and pull all of the hair into a low ponytail. Finish the look by braiding the reserved section, and use the braid to wrap around the base of the ponytail. Quick yet elegant!

#3: Braided Fake Mohawk Ponytail

Seeing is believing… yes, you CAN combine French braids, curls and a ponytail to create a fauxhawk. Who knew? This look is perfect for a girl who wants to achieve a high impact look for her long hair, that will make onlookers do a double take.

#4: Double Braided Wrap Around Ponytail

Go beyond the traditional French braiding, and choose double braid with this lovely look. Four braids are twisted to wrap around the top of the ponytail. The end result features the fabulous cascades of curls, which are perfect even for a formal occassion. This ‘do can be also copied with a weave ponytail for a stunning look!

#5: Ponytail with a Lace Braid

This ponytail has an updo feel while still allowing the hair to flow freely. A section of hair is braided, and the braid is pulled out slightly for visual interest. The whole look is pulled back, which offers a high impact with a small effort.

#6: Low Twisted Flip-In Ponytail

If you have wavy hair (or are wondering what to do with second day hair), this look is for you. Easy tutorial: hair is pulled into a loose, low ponytail. Separate the hair right above the ponytail holder, and pull the ponytail through to create a twist. Voila! It’s a cute, easy look that will last all day long.

#7: Twisted Low Ponytail with Double Braids

The sleekness of the low curly ponytail is accented by the thin braided strands blended with the twisted sections. It’s a hairdo that is stunning and would be perfect for a formal event like prom. This goddess-like style works good both for straight and wavy hair.

#8: Fauxhawk Ponytail

Calling all cool gals! Truly, this statement ponytail combined with a fake mohawk shows why blondes have more fun. A high messy twist is paired with a pony that is completed by a wrap around to hide the tail base. This different from the standard pony combination will definitely add an edge to your look.

#9: Long, Blonde Ponytail with Rainbow Color

Perfect for a girl who likes to experiment with color, this long, blonde look starts with a wrap around and ends with cute colorful curls. The usage of rainbow hues adds depth, dimension and an element of fun to this cute hairdo.

#10: Ombre Ponytail with Bangs

Have business up front and a party in the back without sporting an awful mullet! The long, blonde ponytail is complimented by the brunette base with bangs. The look gives the face a pretty frame of bangs while offering the freshness of a curly ponytail.

#11: Messy Low Ponytail

Adding a vintage flair is all the rage, and this messy style can be done quickly when you are on the go. Perfect for curly hair, this style combines a low ponytail and face framing waves for a hairdo that can be worn with ease and pleasure.

#12: Formal Side Ponytail for Long Hair

If you need ideas for an occassion (such as prom or wedding), then this side ponytail fits the bill perfectly! The gorgeous mane is loosely pulled to the side to flow with a lovely cascade of curls. This hairstyle is both sexy and classy. If you lack the length or volume, the addition of fake hair can make the ponytail fuller for a glamorous feel.

#13: Lovely Afro American Ponytail

Show off black hair with this sleek style. The hairdo is a nice weave ponytail that can be styled as a formal look with a straight front and curled back. Whether you are headed for a night out or need a fun day look, this poofy ponytail will make all the straight haired girls envious. The contrast of sleek texture and natural hair is definetely impressive!

#14: Half Up Half Down Ponytail

The half up half down look does the double duty on a day when you are feeling indecisive. The front offers the height while the loose curly locks add a feminine touch that is perfect for relaxed carefree looks. A small amount of effort goes a long way with this elegant style!

#15: Stunning Ponytail for Natural Hair

Looking to leave an impression? This is definitely the hairdo that will do so! Long afro hair works awesome in this natural hair style. If you have a weave, this half pony will keep those curls at bay and offer a cute look for a night out on the town.

#16: Poofy Ponytail with Bump

If you want a curly ponytail for a formal occassion, then adding a bump is a nice idea. A wrap around with side bangs adds just the right amount of formality to this lovely poofy style. Whether you are attending a social gathering or wedding, this easy style is just the right fit.

#17: Low Messy Ponytail

Invited to the last minute brunch with friends? This can be your go to style because it’s so easy! Sweep hair into a low ponytail and let pieces fall out on the sides. Tug sections at the top to create a small bump, and you are good to go with this free style.

#18: Wrap Around Low Ponytail

What’s the best way to top a low ponytail? Why, a bump, of course! This cute style is adorable and a breeze to do. This is the perfect option for second day hair if you want to add some polish while giving your hair a styling break.

#19: High Ponytail for Shorter Hair

This style is so cute and has a vintage feel. The high wavy ponytail features a wrap around section with no bangs… perfectly elegant and stylish while being easy. Be sure to tease the top just a bit to add some height on the crown.

#20: Patterned Undercut with Ponytail

Move over cornrows, there is a new pattern in town! Gals with thick hair are choosing undercuts and adding a pattern to make a high impact once their locks are pulled up. Picking an undercut is fun, and whether you pick a sun or a bow pattern, you can definitely show off your personal style!

Whenever you are going out for the day or have a formal occasion in mind, a curly ponytail can be just the right look for you. Adding a braid or bump would personalize the look even more. Next time you are at a loss for a style, try one of our easy ideas to solve your hairstyle problem quickly!