40 Beautiful Blonde Balayage Looks

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Blonde balayage is a technique used to create a natural-looking hair color that is not noticeable when grown out. The best part about this method is that it is custom-blended specifically for each person, so no new color is the same. It’s a perfect approach for those who desire a unique style because each of your friends could have the same color, but it would look different on everyone! Read on to see our gallery of the top 20 hairstyles below.

The Beauty Of Blonde Balayage

When a blonde hue is mixed with a light brown or another blonde, we are getting a dimensional hair color with the depth and dynamics everyone seeks in modern hairstyles. The following are the cutest examples of balayage for blondes.

#1: Medium Layered Bronde Hairstyle

Those who want a no-fuss style that will work easily with a jam-packed schedule full of events will love this haircut. The sleek layers and sophisticated color will blend well for any occasion.

#2: Long Wavy Layers

This is the ultimate “cool girl” hairstyle and a perfect look to fall back on when you are feeling uninspired. It is always appealing and will never go out of fashion.

#3: Full and Flippy

Amplify your color by adding flirty layers that will let the sun pick up on your highlights, creating movement throughout your style. Tasteful teasing throughout the crown will also add fullness to limp locks.

#4: Straight Silvery Blonde Hair

Don’t settle for boring long locks. Instead, opt for a cool and creative ice gray hue. It instantly elevates your overall style, and it won’t be inappropriate in business casual environments.

#5: Curly Caramel Hairstyle

With the right layers, you can let your hair air dry and result in seductive yet easy loose curls. It’s a beautiful and simple look for a busy woman who’s always on the run.

#6: Beautiful Blonde Hair

Blonde balayage is a lovely hair trend that looks good on a wide variety of hair types. Ditching the platinum blonde in exchange for more natural looking hues, this coloristic solution comes out looking almost like a more subtle ombre.

#7: New Look for Beach Waves

All of our Pinterest boards have long been saturated with photos of long, flowing beach waves. Mix it up a bit with a dye job that starts out dark blonde and lightens up as it stretches down the back. You can easily achieve these lovely beach waves on medium textured hair by “scrunching” it with a holding gel while damp. A little handiwork with a curling iron will get the job done, too.

#8: Sleek and Gorgeous

Love the look of blonde but not too thrilled about the upkeep? Chances are, balayage is perfect for you. In a way, it’s the poor man’s blonde – the roots are already significantly darkened so you don’t have to worry about regrowth as often, thus saving your added expense. A darker top and lighter bottom will add sheen and shine to your hair that will leave you feeling gorgeous.

#9: Color and Curls

If you love the look of balayage blonde hair but want something a bit fancier, try pairing it with some long, loose spiral curls. You can get this look with a medium barrel curling iron and some holding spray. Not only will it show off the shades of blonde and lovely layers, it will bring more body to otherwise flat and lifeless hair.

#10: Hue and Style for Thin Hair

If you have very thin hair, you probably already know that adding in hot rollers or using a curling iron can help to give fine strands a boost. But did you know that highlights also bring in some body and bounce? When you make your hair multidimensional with color, it won’t seem so thin any longer. A balayage color treatment combined with some good old fashioned curls will give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

#11: Simple Color

While some balayage styles involve several shades of blonde and a dramatic final look, this isn’t always the case. In this style, the change in hues is very subtle. If you love light blonde hair but don’t want to go completely overboard, this is an example of hair that lightens up while still looking natural.

#12: Dark to Light

On the other end of the spectrum, blonde balayage can be very dramatic looking. This style involves coloring hair light brown to blonde, providing a wide array of hues for ultimate beauty.

#13: Simple Style

You can enjoy this creative coloring even if your hair isn’t exceptionally long. Shoulder-length locks perform well on blonde hair, and a part down the middle keeps things simple and voluminous. Add a lighter shade of blonde to face framing layers to brighten up the face.

#14: Princess Curls

Remember the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, where Princess Aurora’s hair just bounced and flowed to perfection? Get that look yourself with curled hair and a blunt, straight-across bottom. Adding in some graduated color will brighten hair and enhance curls.

15: New Life for Fine Hair

Ladies with thin or very fine hair depend on the wonders of curling irons to get some sort of volume. Resorting to a balayage blonde treatment will make hair seem even fuller. Best of all, the highlights throughout your hair will define each and every curl or wave.

#16: Platinum Balayage

While this is a color choice that tends to err on the side of natural, there’s no reason why you can’t work some platinum blonde into the mix. For blondes who want to keep their signature hue but crave something a bit more eye-catching, a very light blonde is the obvious choice. Incorporating it into a balayage makes a dramatic statement without looking cheap or outdated.

#17: Fade for Long Straight Hair

If your hair is naturally very long and straight, you will have the easiest time at the salon. Hair that is agreeable tends to hold and show off color well, as is apparent in the photo below. You can lighten up gradually until you get to some seriously fun, sunshine-inspired tips.

#18: Low Maintenance Color

Blonde balayage is very low drama, meaning you can get it done at the salon and forget about any stressful sort of upkeep for weeks – even months. If you’re a laid back girl who cares more about life than beauty, then this is one color trick that will really set you free.

#19: Dark and Curly

Using some of the darkest shades, this style goes from brown to light caramel. Still adding in blonde notes throughout, this golden head of hair is further enhanced with voluminous curls.

#20: Deep Side Part Style

Keep normally lifeless hair looking fabulous by adding in some hair color and styling into a deep side part. Switch sides regularly to keep volume going.

#21: Ash Blonde Beauty

Love the graduated color of balayage blonde hair but want something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary? Check out this ash blonde hue that takes after the current grey hair trend. Ash blonde seems almost grey/blue in some lighting, bringing a more stunning, unusual look to the trendy color.

#22: Very Light Color

You can pull off balayage hair using a very light shade of blonde that fades into platinum. This will work well on naturally blonde hair that wants a boost, or for those with fair skin.

#23: Long, Dramatic Curls

Get hair that stuns a crowd and truly turns heads by combining color and curls. This hairstyle is gorgeous, girly and easy to pull off on long hair.

#24: Long and Young Hair

Teens and twentysomethings can wear their hair long and straight beautifully. Try a balayage blonde style that takes advantage of length and texture, like this one with the rounded, darkened top and lighter middle and ends.

#25: Bright and Sassy

Keep things short and sweet with this balayage hair that works together with short, choppy layers and adorable beach waves.

#26: Loose Messy Waves

This radiant blonde hair color features slightly darkened roots and the platinum blonde as a base, diluted with streaks of very light golden blonde hue. If you like ashy blonde tones, this technique and the color scheme may be something that deserves your consideration.

#27: Sweet Blonde Curls

Use your color to emphasize the beauty of your curly hair. Springy blonde curls are sweet and sassy at the same time. And the darkened roots play wonderfully to add lots of visual volume to your hairstyle.

#28: Mid-Length Waves

Brown blonde hair is one of the most popular hair color choices today. Floating blonde bayalage pieces throughout the surface of your style instantly brighten and refresh your hairdo.

#29: Pretty in Lavender

A great example of how you can use bright colors in a subtle way. If you are worried about committing to the look, this is the best time to utilize hair chalk or temporary dye for a quick yet fun color.

#30: Short and Sassy

You can still utilize balayage on short blonde hair, as this choppy copper style shows. The dark roots and lighter ends create dynamics throughout the layered look. If you are a pop fan, this style is reminiscent of the uber-cool La Roux and is great for a woman who wants an interesting hairdo that is still approachable.

#31: Sweet and Stormy

This hairdo is full of beautiful contradictions, which is what makes it so unique. Pairing romantic loose curls with the edgy lavender and pale blue colors, this look manages to be polished yet tough at the same time.

#32: Sleek and Straight Brown Blonde Hair

Bronde is an incredibly popular mix of blonde and brown tones that creates a golden, sunkissed hue. Super straight hair can appear as fabulous as curls especially when it’s paired with the right makeup. Just add dark eyebrows, winged liner and the crisp middle part for a truly fail-proof style.

#33: Short Angled Bob

An angled style is a great way to create fullness in a short look without curls. If you want to rock blonde bayalage hair in a conservative environment, this is a worthy option. Worn by “girl bosses” like Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé, this bob will rule the boardroom.

#34: Medium Wispy Layers

If you are looking for more movement within your bob haircut, try this heavily layered look. The choppy blonde pieces add texture and dimension to your chin-length style. It is the perfect balance between sleek straight hair and bouncy curls.

#35: Small Double Braids

A great way to accentuate balayage on blonde hair is with a couple of simple braids. They add a lot of visual interest to your style and texture for those with fine hair.

#36: Layered “Bronde” Hairstyle With Bangs

If you have thin hair, you best bet with going blonde is to keep some brown tones throughout to keep your hair from looking too flat or one-dimensional. Layers and bangs also give your strands some fullness.

#37: Side-Part With Curls

If you are ever worried about how to style your colorful balayage highlights, take a cue from this lovely hairstyle with loosely curled ends. The pale blue adds a pop without contrasting too much with the cool tones in your dirty blonde or light brown hair color.

#38: Sleek and Shiny

This is a great caramel shade for women with warm skin tones. The lovely honey hues will pick up on the yellow and red undertones in your complexion and instantly brighten your face.

#39: Wild White Waves

Blonde balayage hair can come in various shades, and this white blonde color is perfect for a free-spirited girl with a carefree attitude. Don’t worry about dark roots with light hair, they add to the edgy appeal of this style.

#40: Multi-Colored Curls

Can’t decide which color to highlight with? No need to choose just one. Accent your blonde hair with thin pieces in multiple colors which blend together for one bold look.

Blonde balayage is a perfect option for women who want to highlight and accentuate their hair without over-processing. This technique delivers custom-blended and often natural-looking results that work good on any hair texture as the pictures above have shown. It is definitely a process that is here to stay so make sure to jump on board.

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