20 Ash Blonde Hair Looks You’ll Swoon Over

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By this point it is more than just well-known that blonde hair garners a lot of attention and praise regardless of the actual shade. In fact, one of the best things about blonde hair is that there are so many variations of it that a shade to suit practically everyone can definitely be found in the vast blonde palette. In this case, the specific shade of blonde in question is ash blonde. Ash blonde hair is a decidedly more muted tone of blonde, but it is still capable of turning heads and making the same impact as other blonde bombshell shades.

Ash Blonde Hair Hues

Light ash blonde, medium ash blonde, natural ash blonde and dirty ash blonde are the most popular tones to highlight the ash blonde hue. Generally, blonde hair color requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking fresh, but because ash blonde is more muted it doesn’t require as much upkeep, which is ideal if you want to reduce your hair prep time.

Whether you’re already on the ash blonde team or looking to become its member, there is a host of inspirational images here to make your styling decisions easier. Take a look at the pictures below, featuring some of the best ash blonde hairstyles around. Get ready to see the light…the ash blonde light!

#1: Spiky Ash Blonde Cut

“Short” and “sweet” are the two instant words that come to mind when you take a look at this adorable ash blonde spiky haircut. Here, ash blonde hair is cut in a textured pixie and then finger-styled in different directions with a product to achieve the final sassy look.

#2: Ash Blonde Highlights

When you want to try out some ash blonde hue, but prefer to do that subtly, perhaps trying it with highlights is the best way to go. The long, brunette hair is punctuated by ash blonde highlights placed throughout to create an understated sun-kissed look.

#3: Ash Blonde Colormelt

Can`t choose between dark and light ash blonde shades? You may combine them! Smooth soft colormelt can create a real magic on your hair. Find a super-talented colorist first, and describe him or her what you want. If the master is really yours, he or she will feel what you desire in a moment.

#4: Side-Swept Ash Blonde Hair

This picture proves that ash blonde hair can be extremely sexy, especially when it is styled like this. Here, long ash blonde locks are deeply side-parted and then swept off to one side. The finishing touch is the soft, subtle waves that are placed throughout.

#5: Dimensional Beach Waves

Beautiful beach waves are not just great for the warmer months of the year, in fact, they are so flattering that they look good year-round. Light ash blonde is the top color of this two-tonal look with a darker base.

#6: Ash Bronde Ombre with a Head Chain

An ash blonde hair dye can give a stylish boost to brown locks if you opt to go for a trendy look like in the photo. Accessories are an easy way to add some personality to your hair. Here is a cute idea to accessorize your style: a dainty hair chain is placed on top for a Grecian look.

#7: Bouncy Waves

Ash blonde hair and bouncy waves is a match made in the hair heaven. As this picture shows, spiral waves are incorporated all through the hair to create a fullness and fabulous texture, sure to turn heads.

#8: Sensual Ash Blonde Flip

Taking inspiration from prior decades is always good for some winning hair looks. The ash blonde hair color here is the base for the sensual 70s-inspired waves complete with the flipped front.

#9: Smooth and Sleek Ash Blonde Hair

Sexy retro waves are always in style and always flattering, especially with long hair. This smooth and sleek look features an off-center part and a head full of swoon-worthy waves.

#10: Side Swoop Ash Blonde Hair

Some hairstyles are so editorial that they practically beg to be photographed. The light ash blonde hair seen here is tousled and dramatically swooped to one side while a sculptural shape is created at the top.

#11: Two-Toned Coloring

Balayage ombré hair and dirty ash blonde color join forces in this flattering wavy look. Punctuated by the side part, waves begin around the face and become more pronounced towards the ends.

#12: Brunette/Ash Blonde/Gray Waves

If it’s a modern take on the ash blonde look that you want, then this is the look for you. With just the right amount of edge – brunette, ash blonde and gray tones come together to create this eye-catching hair color. The finishing touch is slight beach waves that perfectly complement long straight fringe.

#13: Silver Rocker Cut

One of the best ways to style short hair is to simply go for it and embrace the edgy side. This light ash blonde rocker cut may seem understated because it’s all combed back, but the cut and the color prove otherwise.

#14: Pearl Blonde Pony

There is always a good time to embrace a tousled ponytail, and when you want to show off your ash blonde hair color, the time is definitely right. This textured low pony features a hair-wrapped base to secure it and a handful of waves placed within the actual ponytail.

#15: Ash Blonde Ombre

With lowlights, you can also achieve interesting hair color effects. The brunette base of this look is given a light boost with the ash blonde tone that has been spread mid-shaft to ends, with occasional lowlights sprinkled throughout to create more depth and dimension.

#16: Flat-Ironed Ash Blonde Hair

Grab that trusty flat iron and get to work! Smoothness is the ultimate goal with this long and lovely style, as the ash blonde shade is the stage for overall flawless hair.

#17: Long Face Framing Locks

If you are not ready to become a blonde right now, you may try to add light shades to your base color. Thin contrasting streaks near your face and lighter ends is all that you need in such a case.

#18: Slicked Back Ash Brown Hair

“Fashionably fierce” is the best way to describe this slicked back dirty ash blonde look. Totally runway-ready, long locks are combed back and topped with pomade to ensure they stay put.

#19: Long Hair with Subtle Highlights

One more great way to go blonde is to make highlights on your locks. They will ideally soften your dark hair color. If you have round face, the middle part will help you to elongate it a little bit.

#20: Ash Blonde Ombre Lob

Whether long, short or medium, bob is a hairstyle that is invariably in trend. This ash blonde long bob features a chic, chunky bang, and the rest of the hair is softly flipped in.

These images of light, medium, dirty and dark ash blonde hair color feature several lovely hairstyles to try on your own or to ask your stylist to recreate. Ash blonde, same as any other hair color, will look its best depending on the care and maintenance you put into it. Be sure to give your locks regular TLC, and you will surely reap the benefits of rocking head-turning ash blonde locks!

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