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Updated on May 07, 2021

Holistic beauty means to consider the wholeness of the body, mind and spirit to achieve our happiest and healthiest selves. Also, it’s about conscious consumption and living in harmony with nature, by using herbs and buying eco-friendly products. A holistic hair therapist would rather recommend you add more greens to your diet than suggest you buy that expensive hair care line. Today, we’re lucky to be talking to holistic “hairapist” Tara McAdams, who extols the virtues of her true passion — holistic hair care!

Why Has the Hair Industry Turned More Green?

As more and more people begin to realize the dangers of harmful chemicals in the ingredients of our beauty products, they are beginning to want more plant-derived and naturally sourced products. Historically, our ancestors not only ate plants, but used plants and fungi for medicinal purposes, used animal hair and wooden brushes to tame their locks, bathed in sugar and salt, and moisturized their skin with honey and plant-based oils. Our skin and hair are important components to having a healthy lifestyle, and what products we used should be as important as the food we eat and the medicines we take.

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The majority of people who use mainstream hair and beauty products do so because they offer consistent results, but there is little regulation by the FDA on beauty and hair products and what goes into them. The industry essentially polices itself, determining whether or not their products are safe with very little oversight, but now people are making demands for safer, eco-friendly products and products made from less harmful plant-based materials. Consumers are looking for cleaner products that will be free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde and lead.

How Do You Take a Holistic Approach to Hair Care?

But taking a holistic approach to hair care isn’t just about the shampoo we use or the styling agents that give the trendiest new ’do, it is about taking care of your hair from root to tip in such a way that honors the growth cycles of your hair and not stripping it of its natural oils. Washing your hair is just a small piece to the whole pie, when it comes to taking a healthier approach. It goes beyond any product and how to care for your hair on a daily basis from the brush you use to the pillow you may sleep on. A healthy diet rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids helps grow your hair longer and stronger; eating a diet rich in dark leafy greens and vegetables that contain silica help prevent split ends and gives us shinier, fuller hair.

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While “cleaner” and more plant-derived products tend to cost more up front; in the long term, it is an investment into your hair that becomes priceless. With products like After Sun Hair and Body Bath by Oway, you use a fraction of product with each cleaning, and you wash your hair less frequently. Choosing a healthier hairbrush for the kind of hair you have is another way to keep your hair more nourished. Many holistic hair stylists recommend a boar-bristle hairbrush, but for vegan-friendly hair, a nylon-bristle wood brush will do because they help distribute the oils on your scalp and won’t damage and break the hair like traditional plastic brushes do. Take inventory of the hair accessories you use on your hair, as well, when taking a more natural approach. Pins and clips can damage and break your hair, and you should never sleep in them. Avoid plastic hair ties and plastic barrettes by choosing fabric hair ties, using a touch of conditioner on the metal teeth of a barrette, and also avoid pulling your hair so tight that it leads to breakage and traction loss around the temples. These simple tips will lead to healthier hair and reduce the risk of thinning and fraying.

Choosing the right stylist is also important when wanting to take a more holistic approach to hair care. Look for salons that use organic products and are committed to being environmentally responsible. Set up a consultation with your stylist on hair-cutting techniques and healthier dyes when you’re wanting to highlight or color your hair and get feedback on their personal philosophy. Your stylist’s goal should not only be to make you happy with your cut and style, but also to have your hair reach its full and healthiest potential.

What Does a Holistic Hair Routine Look Like?

To take a holistic approach to hair care means to adjust your hair products and routines to your actual needs, not the marketing ads. Also, holistic beauty junkies adore herbs and their natural superpowers. The YouTube channel, holistichabits, has 745,000 subscribers and is full of DIY recipes and toxic-free beauty tips. By the way, owner Sarah Marie Nagel’s hair is amazingly long and healthy!

DIY concept is also good because you know what you put inside your homemade hair care products. Also, it become a satisfying hobby, if you’re a crafty soul. YouTuber Ela Hale loves sharing her favorite natural hair products’ recipes on her channel:

Getting a holistic salon treatment is also a great option. As a salon educator and natural hairapist, I share my favorite hair treatments on my channel. If you’re interested, this is the Shirolepa hair and Scalp treatment at Tmac’s Holistic Hair Studio in Daphne, Alabama, United States:

Take care of your hair from roots to ends, inside out. Feel free to DM me for a holistic hair care advice or scroll through my Instagram page for tips and tricks.

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