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Updated on August 01, 2021
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Reminiscent of the striped copper stone, tiger eye hair is the update to balayage we’ve been waiting for. The hair trend pulls warm tones from dark hair in the natural style we’ve come to expect from painted-on highlights. Geology buffs rejoice.

Tiger Eye Hair Color Inspiration

Adding bronze, caramel and gold highlights, choose warm or neutral shades depending on your skin tone. Use the following ideas for inspiration and work with your colorist to customize the tiger eye trend for you personally!

1. Swoon Worthy Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Balayage For Long Hair

Instagram / @glamiris

Don’t be afraid to really go for the striping effect of the true tiger’s eye stone. Because the balayage technique is aimed at blending different colors harmoniously, the outcome will be so much classier than stark highlights that start at the root.

2. Warm Dimensional Color

Tiger eye hair is all about color. We’re talking deep, warm base colors that transition to nearly edible shades of caramel. Bronze tones can help to tie in the darker and lighter shades and play nicely against a warm skin tone.

Dark Brown Bob With Caramel Balayage

Instagram / @prettylittleombre

3. Sitting Pretty Balayage

While the trend is typically best applied to dark hair, that doesn’t mean your overall look has to be dark. If you want to brighten up your hair, be sure to include the fairest color, like a bright gold or even champagne, into your face framing highlights, especially those near the eyes.

4. Dark Copper Tiger’s Eye

For a really natural way to pull off the trend, ask your stylist for dark caramel highlights with soft transitions between the shades. Because these painted-on tones start high up on the hair and continue through the length to the ends with the brightest midshaft, they appear far more natural than ombre-style highlights do.

Brown Hair With Balayage Highlights

Instagram / @off7thsalon

5. Elegant and Trendy Balayage

The tiger eye hair trend is perfect for medium to long dark hair. You can completely transform your look without doing anything remotely unnatural. When you combine this youthful hair color with bouncy waves, you really can’t go wrong.

Golden Brown Ombre Balayage

Instagram / @ulissessj

6. Extra Long Luminescent Waves

The exact definition of hair envy, this style is full of light and life. Thick healthy hair becomes even more glamorous when treated to luminescent highlights. To get these curls, wrap large sections of hair around the biggest barrel curling iron you can find. Let them set and then shake them loose.

Long Tiger's Eye Balayage Hair

Instagram / @cris_cobucci

7. Lit from Within Waves

These glowing and flowing waves appear to be lit from within, which is a big part inspiration of the natural tiger’s eye, which is known for reflecting light off its surface even when the stone is flat-cut. Colorless gloss treatments and moisturizing products will perfect your new color.

Long Balayage Hair For Brunettes

Instagram / @venalove

8. Best Balayage Ever

Tiger eye hair color can also work in a more neutral color palette. If you have cool toned skin but are dying to try the trend, then opt for something that doesn’t step too far into the warm color territory. These tones will be the perfect balance for you.

Bronde Balayage For Black Hair

Instagram / @southmarksouth

9. Glistening Copper Highlights

The way the light hits this hair color shows off soft auburn and red tones mixed with a bit of gold which is so flattering on dark hair. You can add a subtle texture to your hair by curling top layers with a large barrel curling iron. Follow up with a glossy smoothing cream to add shine.

Long Brunette Hair With Highlights

Instagram / @hairby.ashleypac

10. Warm Brown and Deep Auburn Curls

This version of the tiger eye trend takes inspiration from the redder of the stones. Cinnamon hair color is often applied to light and medium brown hair, but what about dark brown hair? This shade is perfect for dark brunettes looking to add warm, reddish highlights.

Auburn Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @off7thsalon

11. Dreaming of Dark Brown and Bronze

This hairstyle pulls together all of the colors that make tiger’s eye stones so stunning. You can see the bright golds, the warm reds, and the deep browns. Because the highlighting technique here applies colors in both thin and chunky streaks, the mixing of shades is subtle and natural.

Long Brown Hair With Highlights

Instagram / @live_love_dohair

12. Dark Hair with Caramel Tones

With the warm and woodsy tones of this hair trend, you’ll do wise to accessorize accordingly. A muted, nude lip and earthy beads are an intentional way to play up the natural inspiration of the hairstyle. Think of it as some sort of organic chic!

Brown Blonde Medium Shag

Instagram / @maeipaint

13. AuburnTiger’s Eye

To have any success with this hair color, it must be warm toned. And it can even be so warm that it almost skews red. Auburn shades are perfect for you if you want to balayage your hair without it looking blonde.

Light Brown Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

14. Dark Gold Layers

What’s so beautiful about this natural stone (and the new trendy hair color inspired by it) is the dimensional blend of light and dark. Dark hair forms the perfect base for gold and bronze highlights. Long layers help to really show off the color combo.

Black Hair With Caramel Balayage

Instagram / @masey.cheveux

15. Every Reason to Go Caramel

As if there weren’t enough reasons, this luminescent hair color reminds us that it just might be time to go caramel. When applied in the right tone, caramel looks amazing on everyone. Luckily, long locks aren’t a necessity for the trend.

16. Warm Auburn Waves

The tiger eye hair color trend is truly open to interpretation. Some variations of the stone appear almost sandy while others are nearly red. These bronze and auburn shades look incredible on a long bob with trend-right waves.

Bronze Highlights For Brown Hair

Instagram / @romeufelipe

17. Multitoned Glamour

Tiger eye hair color gives you an opportunity to go big and bold with balayage. Sure, balayage has started out as a way to apply natural, summery highlights, but this new trend shows us that the style has evolved. Larger, more noticeable highlights are ultra glam.

Blonde, Red And Brown Balayage Hair

Instagram / @lrshairdesign

18. Rustic Chic Balayage

Warm, earthy tones of your hair absolutely should be coordinated with your outfit. When you’re rocking this style, go for creams and off-whites instead of bright whites. Also, wear bronze or copper colored jewelry instead of silver.

Dark Gold Highlights For Brunettes

Instagram / @vintagerocha

19. Every Shade of Auburn

For a balayage look that’s perfect for redheads, try a combination of auburn shades. This color includes bits of brown and orange, so, it has a warm glow without being too red. Plus, this naturally occurring color helps you pull off a chic earthy look.

Reddish Brown Balayage Bob

Instagram / @laelannmarie

20. Hand Painted Caramel Curls

Tiger eye hair color done with thin highlights is incredibly elegant. Ask your stylist for an auburn base with caramel and golden highlights. These shades will brighten up your entire appearance. Try curling hair from the midshaft down to modernize your style even more.

Auburn Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @ommefammekwafuur

If you thought balayage couldn’t get any better, tiger eye hair has just proven you wrong. This trend recreates the lit-from-within quality of the stone to give you gorgeous, glowing locks. Yes, earth science does come in handy afterall.

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