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Updated on September 18, 2021

High-octane hair is having a moment right now. And it seems everywhere we turn, locks just get brighter and brighter. And, while all the colors of the rainbow are fair game, teal hair color is shining like no other. Get your hands, er hair, on some beautiful blue-green locks of your own by trying one of these 20 trendy looks.

Teal Hair Dye Ideas and Variations

Of all the unnatural hair colors, teal is the most appealing and versatile. It’s not as provocative as shocking pink or overly romantic as lavender, but it’s fresh, intriguing and awesome in combinations with other natural and unnatural hues. Here are the most interesting ideas with teal as a hair color.

1. Split Down the Middle

Can’t decide between purple and teal hair? Get the best of both worlds by dividing your hair in half! With one side purple and one side teal, people will know you don’t play favorites when it comes to your hair color.

Half Teal Half Purple Hair


2. Beautiful Blue Melt

Jump on the two hottest hair trends of the season by going for a teal colormelt look. The dynamic blue duo will definitely shake things up in the hair department.

Teal Hair With Blue Highlights


3. Peek-a-Boo Color

Can’t commit to a full-blown unnatural color? Try a super subtle black and teal ‘do that still proves you know how to have a little fun. Keep the teal highlights in the bottom half of your layered hair, so they peek out here and there and don’t overpower your mane.

Dark Brown Hair With Subtle Teal Highlights


4. Two-Toned Highlights

Teal blue and purple are a match made in the hair heaven. Keep them together as the hair gods intended, by going for a blended highlighted look that weaves the two shades seamlessly.

Teal Hair With Purple Highlights


5. Tickled Teal

Take the plunge into the teal hair land and cover your entire head with the beautiful bold color. This lovely shade looks great on an equally trendy haircut like a long, choppy bob.

Medium Length Light Teal Hair


6. Pretty Pastels

Teal and purple take a toned-down turn when weaved into champagne blonde locks. Place the light pastel shades on small pieces of hair randomly, so they are a nice surprise when you run fingers through your locks.

Blonde Ombre With Subtle Teal Highlights


7. Bottoms Up

Give your hair a black and teal makeover. Try a drastic ombre look that keeps the blue-green shade on the lower half of the hair. When blended well, the color transitions beautifully and adds some life to your black mane.

Black To Teal Ombre Lob


8. Prismatic Waves

Teal hair dye works beautifully with a variety of shades, so why stick to just one or two? Throw a rainbow twist into the mix and your hair will be the talk of the town.

Wavy Bob With Rainbow Highlights


9. Green With Envy

Just when you thought a super-short, angular bob couldn’t get any cooler, try adding a layer of teal. And don’t cover the roots if you want a modern look. Let your natural color peek out a bit, and so your own style.

Green Asymmetrical Bob


10. Taste the Rainbow

Candy-colored hair is the stuff of dreams, especially when there are luscious curls involved. Teal, blue, purple and red make for a Skittles-inspired hair look that is sugar and spice and everything nice.

Purple, Red And Blue Pastel Hair


11. Cut Up and Colorful

If you’re a brave one when it comes to your hair, try an ultra-edgy look that combines a bleached, buzzed cut with dark teal hair. No one will call you simple or boring again.

Asymmetrical Teal Dye Undercut


12. Candyland Locks

Rainbow hair is hotter than ever, so why not give it a whirl? Even if your hair is shorter, like a medium bob length, try braiding back the top half to show off the prism of colors you’re rocking in your hair.

Rainbow Pastel Hair


13. Braided and Blue

What’s better than teal blue hair? Braided teal blue hair. Give your cutting-edge colored look even more street cred by creating an angular braid that wraps seamlessly around the head.

Asymmetrical Braided Half Updo


14. Teal, Blue, and Gray

There’s nothing simple about a ‘do with analogous shades to complement your new teal hair color. Your multi-dimensional mane will be the perfect conversation piece at any party!

Teal Hair With Blue Highlights


15. Blue, Red, and Ravishing

Teal and red are a great hair color pair. A two-toned ‘do sporting red up top and teal or blue on the bottom can really liven up your hair in a big way.

Two Tone Red And Blue Bob


16. Teal Ombre

Mermaid hair is real, and this gorgeous aquamarine ombré look is the perfect way to prove it. Go from vibrant teal to light, ashy blonde, and you’ll be giving The Little Mermaid a run for her money.

Teal To Gray Ombre Hair


17. Sassy in Sapphire

Teal hair takes on many tones, including the jewel-colored ones. Sapphire, amethyst and emerald join forces and transform your hair into a ravishing style that people can’t help but look at.

Blue Hair With Teal Highlights


18. Holographic Hair

A plethora of color is just what your blonde hair needs to get ready for summer. Introduce your ashy blonde mane to a new world of vibrant hues like teal, blue, pink and yellow. Make sure you enlist the help of a color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner to protect your beautiful color.

Multi-Colored Pastel Hair


19. Braided, Bunned and Beautiful

Take your teal locks to new, braided heights by coupling them with a cool hairstyle. Split your colored mane down the middle and braid both sides upward toward the top of the head. Once you hit the crown create a messy bun on each side. Don’t worry about it looking too imperfect. The messier, the better.

Teal Hair Updo Hairstyle


20. Marine Dream

Teal hair has a new, more sophisticated look when melted highlights are involved. This super-blended look features a high-end touch that doesn’t look like your at-home boxed hair color.

Teal Balayage For Black Hair


Now that you’ve seen the amazing opportunities that come with teal hair, it’s time to take action. Get yourself to the salon and give your locks a vibrant and colorful makeover. You only live once, right?

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