22 Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair to Rock in 2022

Pinterest and Instagram are full of incredible prom hairstyles, but so often, finding inspiration images for naturally curly hair is difficult. Natural curls offer their own unique beauty, and the key to curly prom hairstyles is working with the natural hair texture rather than against it. This still gives you tons of options, and hopefully, these images will provide some inspiration for creating the perfect prom look for your big night!

#1: Hot Half Up to Rock the Prom

Half up styles work exceptionally well on curly hair. For your perfect curly half up, gently twist the hair back rather than braiding for an accent. This will keep the lines clear and prevent the style from feeling chaotic or overdone.

Curly Prom Hairstyle

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#2: Just Twist It

Twists can deliver the magic that differentiates your prom style from your everyday half up. The twist can be more visible or subtler depending on how much you expand it (an extra bobby pin or two are important to secure expanded twists though).

Curly Hairstyles for Prom Night

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#3: Braided Headband

If you do have your heart set on a braid, just know that adding highlights to your hair will make it more visible, but it will still blend into your curls. A braided headband looks feminine and romantic, making a great choice for the prom night.

Prom Hairstyles for Curly Girls

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#4: Half Updo for Long Blonde Waves

You can also just let the curly locks speak for themselves when creating a half updo. Use bobby pins to hold them in place the way the hair naturally falls, with just slight sweeps back to open up your face.

Curly Hairstyle with Face Framing Pieces

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#5: Prom Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

With the right approach, beautiful prom hairstyles can be created on any hair length. If you have medium-length curly hair, a half up is the best way to go.

Finger Waves on Shoulder Length Hair

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#6: Prom Hairstyle for All Curl Types

Make your natural texture shine through with this beautiful and super easy style. This look accents each person’s unique hair type and works with wavy hair, curly hair, and coily hair.

Half Up Style for Coily Hair

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#7: Add Some Flowers

Adding fresh or fake flowers can be a great way to add a gorgeous accent without taking away from naturally curly hair. Delicate flowers will make your updo look feminine and romantic.

Curly Updo with Flowers

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#8: Half Updo with Flowers

If you prefer bolder accents, consider adding bigger flowers to your hair. However, keep in mind that they work better with half updos. For an updo, choose something more delicate.

Half Up Style for Curly Girls

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#9: Mind Blowing Volume

Craving extra volume to rock your prom night? Here’s the trick: gathering the curls to one side can create alluring volume on your mane.

Curly Hairstyles with Extra Volume

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#10: Swept Back Curly Hairstyle

Gathering more curls to the back of the head opens up your face and gives you tons of fullness. This is one of your best options if you’re going to wear statement earrings at the party.

Half Up for Bouncy Curls

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#11: Braided Half Up

You can allow the crown to be more structured and defined by incorporating some braiding into it. For a more glamorous look, add a sparkling barrette.

Half Up Style with Braided Bun

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#12: Airy Crown

Keep the crown airy and light to achieve this super feminine look. For more defined curls, use a curling iron and your tried-and-true styling product.

Prom Hairstyles for Blonde Curls

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#13: Romantic Updo

Various updos are a great choice for a prom night. Making sure there is volume in the crown section and then keeping beautiful curls loose in the bun will keep the romantic feel of the look.

Romantic Prom Hairstyles

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#14: Messy Curly Updo

Want to know a secret? Both defined curls and fluffier curls can feel voluminous with bobby pins placed strategically (and textured hair hides bobby pins better than anything else)!

Messy Bun for Curly Hair Type

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#15: Best of Both Worlds

Updos can be extremely versatile, indeed. Leaving more curls out of the bun can help you feel more like yourself if you want an updo but usually wear your natural curls loose on a daily basis.

Messy Updo for Curls

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#16: Beachy Vibes

Keeping the fluffy curls out of the bun can also give that feeling of being “not too done,” if a relaxed look is more your vibe. Such hairstyles look incredible on blonde hair.

Undone Updo for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#17: Sleek Prom Style for Curly Hair

Sleek and polished is more your thing? Keeping pieces all tucked into the bun can allow you to rock your naturally curly hair while still creating a super chic prom hairstyle.

Prom Updo with Fishtail Braid

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#18: Chic Low Bun

Adding a hair piece can create a clean line between the crown of the hairstyle and the bun. It can be helpful if you want to make a naturally curly style feel defined and intentional.

Low Bun for All Hair Types

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#19: Bright Accent

Working with the warmth or coolness of your hair, dress, and other accessories is vitally important. Make sure your hairstyle accent works with the rest of your look.

Prom Hairstyle for Dark Hair

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#20: Feminine Look

Feel like a queen by combining glamour and femininity in one look. This can be easily achieved with the help of hairpieces that give the perfect balance between floral and sparkle.

Simple Updo for Prom Night

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#21: Side Hairstyle for Prom

Curly hairstyles that drape over your shoulder are perfect for both medium and long hair. They can show off length without making you overheat while dancing!

Side Ponytail for Curly Hair

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

#22: Low Curly Ponytail

And of course, a classic party pony is a great option for curly prom hairstyles. It offers all the beauty of your natural curl without worrying about hair being in your way during the prom festivities.

Low Ponytail for Curly Hair

Instagram / @laurasnyderhair

In the end, all curl types can look amazing in curly prom hairstyles, you just have to find a look that suits both your natural curl pattern and your personal style! Many of the ladies I style like a combination of styles they’ve seen online, and that’s always an option. Don’t feel limited to just one look. A capable stylist will be able to tailor the feel of your favorite elements from different styles all into a cohesive prom hairstyle that highlights your natural curls.

If you need more inspiration for hairstyles for natural curls, straight hair, and anywhere in between, you can find me on Instagram @laurasnyderhair or see behind the scenes from curly hair upstyling trainings I run through @baebarindy.