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Updated on February 16, 2021
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8. Flat Pompadour Haircut

While not ideal for all hair types and age ranges, this flat top pompadour is pretty impressive for those who can afford it. The trick is in the cut itself – hair must be cut at an angle and styled with a blowdryer and setting product that will freeze that “blown back” look in place to last all day.

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The strong vintage feel that only a pompadour can have is making a confident comeback. The look is achieved by creating extremely high volume on top with super short sides. The contrast in length adds interest, intrigue, and tons of drama. Not for the faint of heart, this haircut is for guys wanting to stand out from the crowd. It’s a great look for young men who want to look dapper and cool.

Modern Pompadour Hairstyles

To style a chic pompadour you need long hair on top, that’s why a long top short sides cut or a taper with elongated top section or even a fade with a longer top can work as a pompadour haircut. Volume is crucial in pompadours – the higher the better. As for texture, you can either go for straight high shine back-swept strands or polished waves and even some curl. Pompadour is not about mess, it’s a well-groomed dandy look.

1. Curled Pompadour Haircut

We are in awe about this modern pompadour and how it incorporates so many textured elements. The groomed beard, buzzed sides, and straight-plus-curly lengths on top all work together to create this fabulous look.

2. Ready to Rock Pompadour

Add a beard to this pompadour hairstyle and you’ve got a totally hipster vibe. Take note that the beard is very well groomed and not shaggy or sloppy. This type of haircut is refined and polished, so if you want to pair it with facial hair, it has to be done neatly. We think this guy pulls it off perfectly!

3. Slicked Back Pompadour

Check out this super thick and silky pompadour hairstyle that just rolls up and back into place. The lengths on top are edged out with a crisp border to separate it from the side. What a fun and trendy detail!

4. On-the-Edge Pompadour

The barbering skills it takes to create this zero fade are amazing! The hair is cut so short even in the longest area on the sides that it creates an awesome ombre effect. A straight line is cut into the sides as a border separating the top from the sides. The pompadour hair on top is styled perfectly with lots of straight up volume pushed back effortlessly.

5. Parted Pompadour Haircut

Hipsters rejoice with this great pompadour hair that fades down to skin. Wear this cut styled high as a pompadour or simply swept back and to a side. Pair with a neat facial hairstyle for extra style points.

6. Extreme Pompadour

No longer reserved for used car salesmen and cartoon characters, the pompadour haircut is back in style and better than ever before. For this look, hair is styled into one heck of a wave, adding height to the wearer and meaning a hefty investment in hair gel.

7. Fade Into Style

If you want to add a throwback to your childhood into your current hairdo, go for a fade. Hair all but disappears at the ear line, but darkens out again into a full beard. This is a grown up version on an old school hair tweak that looks amazing on any male hair type.

8. Flat Pompadour Haircut

While not ideal for all hair types and age ranges, this flat top pompadour is pretty impressive for those who can afford it. The trick is in the cut itself – hair must be cut at an angle and styled with a blowdryer and setting product that will freeze that “blown back” look in place to last all day.

9. Mohawk with a Twist

Let’s be honest – a Mohawk just makes us smile. Especially this one that works a pompadour hairstyle into the hawk. Combining a line up, taper fade down the back and sides, and plenty of attitude, this is one Mohawk that will definitely turn heads.

10. Low Key Style

If you don’t want to make a huge statement but still love the idea of a pomp, go for this cut. Hair is left longer in the front and then brushed back over the shorter section. Keep facial hair to a minimum if you want to draw attention up top.

11. Loud and Lively Pompadour

Curly haired bros band together! Here is a new hairstyle that flaunts your sexy curls without being mundane. This style relies completely on curls and confidence – so if you have both, head on over to the salon.

12. Modernized Choir Boy

Those 1950s boys next door we love to fall in love with at the movies receive an update with this style that combines a clean undercut look with a dense pomp. A modern pompadour has got sharper with a distinct side part.

13. Simple Sleek Simon

A simple cut with plenty of style, this sleek and dynamic look for men is charming but spiced with a drop of eccentricity. If you have some out-of-the-box accessories to add like a chunky earring or carefully coifed facial hair, then this could be a fun one to try.

14. Higher Up

Go to a barber you trust to avoid looking a bit sleazy. If this style is done right, it will look perfectly awesome. It’s also suitable for a variety of ages from young kids to baby boomers.

15. Flat Top Pompadour Haircut

This is one pompadour hairstyle that relies a bit on ethnicity. Darker men maintain the proper hair thickness to get this cool flattop ladies will love. Caucasian men with thick hair will look handsome with it as well.

16. Curly Q

This is a mens haircut that is fully hipster without being inappropriate for the workplace. The charming curl grazing the forehead makes for a likeable look that works well for 20 and 30 somethings.

17. High on Life

How much height can you get when you’re learning how to style a pompadour? If you can get more than this guy, you will need to watch out to ensure you can still fit through the doors without bending over. This is one style that is definitely fun and keeps the wearer in charge.

18. Updated Pompadour Haircut

Short pompadour cuts are all well and good, but for today’s modern men, something with a bit more creativity is often requested at the salon. This one involves different levels of cuts that form a wave that almost looks like a braid when it’s done.

19. Winning Facial Hair

If you love the height of your hair but don’t want to look too yesterday, focus on the facial hair to balance out the look. Go for a throwback mini handlebar mustache and a beard that thinks for itself.

20. Fauxhawk with a Pompadour

Wavy hair is fun to style, as it often takes on a life of its own in a positive and unique way. Gel it up to get these criss cross curls that look endearing styled as a fauxhawk. They actually remind a loose braid.

21. Curly Top

If you love your curls but want to try something different, go with a curly style that is combined with a skin fade. This is also a great style to show off an ear or neck tattoo. Pompadour hair doesn’t always require the classic “swoop” – sometimes it’s just about letting your curls flow free.

22. Product Free

This likeable, natural cut offers the long hair a bit of freedom without being weighted down with gel or holding spray. Don’t be surprised if women want to run their fingers through your hair – with such softness and incredible layered texture they definitely will.

23. Perfectly Shaped Pompadour Hairstyle

This cut is one for the books. Combining a medium length pomp with a perfect fade and shaped facial hair, this is one style that will be sticking around for quite some time.

24. Curly Taper Fade

A low fade can be amped up with natural curls and subtle facial hair. This pompadour haircut almost doesn’t look like one, but it adds just enough volume to make your hair look good without going overboard.

25. Pointing Forward

This hair is shaped to a point in the front, but in a way it remains charming and wearable. You’ll need some product to hold this one in place, and the thicker your hair, the easier it will be. Don’t forget to add a trimmed beard and ‘stache to finish off the look. If you are more on the hipster side of life, ear gauges and tattoos complement this style well.

26. Faded Pompadour Haircut

This particular pompadour creates a cool tidal wave shape. The low fade is done by an expert. Check how exceptionally it gradates from long to short.

27. Pompadour Haircut with a Crazy Contrast

Of all the pompadour hairstyles out there, this one is definitely unique and different. The fade is done immaculately. The sideburns are groomed nicely until they reach the beard area where all bets are off for neat grooming. The crazy texture in the beard is a sharp contrast to the detailed work on top, but it makes this a one-of-a-kind look, and very interesting indeed.

28. Rolling Back Pompadour

The entire top section of hair is pushed forward and then rolled back. It looks like a wave and it’s a great option for super thick hair. To get hair to stand up and roll it back like that requires a ton of strong hold gel or hairspray. Cement your style into place so you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day.

29. High Top Pompadour

Need to gain a few inches and look taller? These hair-raising men’s pompadour hairstyles definitely give you some height. This one is huge and totally raises the roof!

30. Short and Sweet Pompadour Haircut

There are so many variations of the pompadour haircut. This one is created on shorter hair but achieves the same rockabilly feel. If you have an oblong face and can’t afford a super high pompadour, try this more modest, neat variation. The volume is greatest on the top and in the front, and it fades back gradually. A nice short pompadour alternative!

31. Pompadour with Long Lengths

Really long strands can be given a whole new look when contrasted by closely clipped sides that create a fauxhawk effect. You can style this cut as a high pompadour or simply sleek it casually back like in the photo.

32. Faded Pomp for Natural Hair

Although black men prefer shorter haircuts, modern pompadour is also a great way to look stylish and handsome. Ask your barber for faded sides and a longer top. Thanks to the natural texture of black hair you will easily manage this cut without any styling products.

33. Sweet Swoop Pompadour

This comb over effect is daring and different. The sides are buzzed up higher than a typical pompadour style. Thick hair is combed up and over and secured with hair gel.

34. Outrageously Outlined Pompadour

A sharp design looks like it is carved into the hair to outline the top mohawk section. The creative detail really takes this look to the next level. Strong gels and hairsprays are required if you want to know how to style a pompadour so it holds all day long. Comb hair up and back so it stacks on top of itself.

35. Full Impact: Before-After Pompadour Cut

Who doesn’t like to compare “before” and “after” pictures? The after photos are impressive. You can see how a haircut makes a big difference to your whole look, and you instantly turn from an average guy into a stylish man.

36. Mop on Top Pompadour

Do not go for this pompadour hairstyle if you have thin hair. Thick locks are required to create this volume enhanced ‘do. A blend of Mohawk and a Pompadour sounds and looks like a great idea, isn’t it?

37. Voluminous Pompadour

Want to know what it feels like to be Elvis? Grab some blue suede shoes and ask your barber for this crazy huge pompadour, and you’ll get pretty close!

38. Layered Pompadour Haircut

A parted pompadour haircut gives this look an interesting asymmetrical twist. Check also how the hair is tapered shorter and shorter from the front to the back, which renders a cool feathered effect to the style. The sharp part line is totally unexpected but really fun.

39. Fashionable Bald Fade Pompadour Cut

Be a pompadour master with this incredible version that has sharp side burns, pointed beard, and a skin fade to boot. The entire package adds up to one awesome look.

40. Pompadour as a Major Chop

It can be hard to stand out with a generic male hairstyle. You definitely won’t fall into the generic category with this pompadour cut. Hair goes from long to short very rapidly and creates a chopped circular edge all the way around the head.

If you want to live like a rock star and stand out from the crowd, then a pompadour haircut is what you need. It gives every guy a sense of style and screams fashion in a good way. The haircut has a fun retro feel and it’s awesome because there are so many different and unique variations to it depending your hair type or texture.

curly pompadour hairstyle for men Taper Cut and Pompadour High Shiny Pompadour with Faded Sides high shiny pompadour with shaved side parts long top fade haircut for white men Sleek Pompadour For Receding Hairline Pompadour With Skin Fade And Beard Flat Top Pompadour For Thick Hair Mohawk With Fade Undercut For Black Men Taper Fade With Quiff Curly Top Shaved Sides And Back Haircut Side Part Pompadour With Undercut Short Pompadour Haircut Long Top Short Sides Slicked Back Hair Pompadour With Taper Fade Pompadour For Thin Hair Tapered Pompadour Haircut Hipster Taper With Shaved Side Part Black High Top Taper Fade Slicked Back Undercut For Men Skin Fade For Curly Hair Guys Long Top Taper Haircut Short Pompadour with a Fade Long Top Taper Cut For Curly Hair High Flat Top Pompadour formal long top short sides hairstyle for men men's pompadour for natural hair blonde pompadour hairstyle for men fun men's brunette pompadour short sleeked back men's hairstyle men's fauxhawk Faded Natural Pompadour pompadour with undershave pompadour with fade and shaved lines short sides long curly top men's hairstyle pompadour mohawk hairstyle extra high pompadour for men tapered pompadour for guys Asian pompadour hairstyle for men side-parted sharp taper