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Updated on April 18, 2021
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2. Retro Pony with a Bow

pin up ponytail with a red bow


Love hair accessories? Not all that into hats? You can still embrace pin up girl hairstyles. Big, colorful bows evoke the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, so give your retro ponytail a little extra flair.

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Pin up hairstyles have never really gone out of style. Though the pin up era most recognizably took place in the ’40s and ’50s, the style dates all the way back to the 1890s, a time known for its gaiety, and includes the signature styles of the 1920s and the 1950s as well. The point is, there’s a look for every length, style, cut, and color of hair. If you want to update your look by giving it a retro twist, tempt yourself with some hair envy.

The Best Pin Up Hairstyles to Rock Today

Polished curls, sleek, smooth waves, delicate pin curls and mind-blowing Victory rolls look extremely sexy and often glamorous. Want to upgrade the chosen retro hairstyle? Think of an intriguing hair color solution to add to your look. Throw in some pink and black highlights into blonde hair or try the pastel hair trend. Here are some cutest hairstyles to check.

1. Voluminous Victory Rolls

half up victory rolls pin up updo


Victory rolls are one of the most popular looks from the 1940s. It was a particularly patriotic ‘do, but now it encapsulates vintage glamour. To be honest, this girl is killing the ’40s ideal: the hairstyle, the color, the red lip – perfection!

2. Retro Pony with a Bow

Love hair accessories? Not all that into hats? You can still embrace pin up girl hairstyles. Big, colorful bows evoke the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, so give your retro ponytail a little extra flair.

pin up ponytail with a red bow


3. Darling, You Should Be in Pictures!

Here’s another gorgeous girl rocking the starlet look. Many African American trendsetters of the day helped propel this style to popularity – fierce forerunners like Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horn stepped out and inspired the era even before the fashion models and runway walkers.

formal side pin up hairstyle for long hair


4. Gray Pin Up Hair

A retro hairstyle gets a modern update thanks to the stunning silky gray hair. The edgy dye job combined with the flawless styling of the defined waves and cropped bangs show how you can bring a throwback style into present times.

Curly Gray Pin Up Hairstyle With Bangs


5. 40s Pin Up Hairstyle with Flowers

There are lots of various pin up hairstyles, but the most popular looks are those that draw inspiration from the Vargas girls. To master the ‘do, style your hair into a polished low updo with pin up bangs. Finish the look with two flowers on each side to accentuate your eyes.

Auburn Pin Up Hairstyle


6. White and Purple Half Updo

Check out this time-spanning hairstyle. It draws inspiration from many famous decades. The white blonde and purple ombre hair is certainly a more modern touch, but the half updo with defined curls and rolled bangs recalls glorious eras of the past.

Blonde And Purple Half Up Pin Up Hairstyle


7. Curled Pin Up Hair

You don’t need elbow-length hair to create a beautiful pin up hairstyle. This look is proof of that. The mid-length mane is styled into defined curls, while the bangs are curved to open the forehead and caress the temple. A beautiful bloom completes the look.

Medium Red Pin Up Hairstyle


8. Green Vintage Curls

You probably won’t find any old pictures of green pin up girl hair, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the look. A funky hair color is a great way to modernize your pin up curls. Here, the black contrasting bangs add another unique touch.

Mid-Length Curly Pastel Green Hairstyle


9. Long Orange Pin Up ‘Do

If your hair is long and lovely, you can create a pin up look out of the simplest half updo. Her front layers have been pulled back off her face and the crown has been teased to create a voluminous mane. Finally, the ends were curled for an old school polish.

Long Pin Up Hairstyle


10. Box Braids in Retro Style

Show off your beautiful braids in a pin up hairdo. You get to really appreciate the texture of your braids with this vintage-inspired half-up look. The hair flowers add a pop of color to the look.

Black Pin Up Hairstyle With Braids


11. Medium Pin Up Curls

Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with blonde curls and red lipstick. It’s an iconic look of the 50s. However, the pin up hair has transcended decades, so it looks as good now as it did then. Just take a gander at this beautiful ‘do for proof.

Blonde Pin Up Hairstyle


12. Bandana Glam Hairstyle

Hair accessories feature prominently in many pin up looks. Instead of a clip, this long side ‘do introduces a bandana which coordinates with the rest of the outfit. Don’t overlook those details when you’re working on your pin up hair.

Side Pin Up Hairstyle For Long Hair


13. Curly Half Up Style

Try playing around with the size and shape of your curls. You can create a variety of looks without losing that pin up feel. The hairstyle features smaller ringlets with the bangs styled into an off-center victory roll.

Half Up Curly Pin Up Hair


14. Long Pin Up Hair

Pin up girl hairstyles are a cinch for those with flowing long hair. The right curl can easily give your look that coveted retro finish. These defined curls combined with the mini pompadour and red bandana have pin up girl written all over them.

Pin Up Hairstyle With A Scarf


15. Voluminous Blonde Pin Up Hair

If you want a proper pin up girl look, go for big, unapologetically voluminous hair, such as this. This shoulder-length hairstyle is very glamorous thanks to the tousled waves and the sweeping bang flip.

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Curly Bob


16. Victory Roll Pin Up Updo

For those who cannot get enough of victory rolls, you need to try this oversized look. It’s quite the statement but it is still very wearable. Ensure that your ‘do holds its shape by using a strong hold hairspray. Then tie a kerchief around your big hair.

Vintage Pinup Updo


17. Pink Hair in Tight Pin Up Curls

When you’re searching “vintage pin up girls” on the internet, you see many images of hairstyles where the curls are clearly defined like these ones. You may not see many hairstyles featuring bubble gum pink hair, but it is a cute look that updates an old ‘do and introduces it into today’s fashionable reality.

Curly Pastel Pink Vintage Updo


18. Short Blonde Pin Up Curls

Calling all girls with short hair that is on the thinner side, you need to remember this vintage-inspired hairstyle. The soft waves add volume to your mane, making it appear thicker than it actually is. Plus, this is such an elegant style.

Curly Blonde Vintage Bob


19. Flowing Red Pin Up Hair

When it comes to pin up ‘dos, there is no such thing as having too many curls or too big hair accessories. Her beautiful red hair looks stunning thanks to the undone waves and rolled bangs. Add in a large hair flower, and you’ll be a sexy modern day Vargas girl!

Red Wavy Hairstyle With Pin Up Bangs


20. Sleek Pin Up Waves

Are you a bit intimidated by how voluminous pinup hair can be? In that case, opt for a sleek style. To achieve a retro look, ensure that your waves are defined by using a lightweight serum or gel. You’ll end up with a modern take on a throwback ‘do that is easy to create.

Medium Brunette Pin Up Hairstyle


21. Retro Pin Up Updo

Even an updo with a headband can be as glamorous as flowing curvy waves. To achieve this old school look, gather your hair onto the top of your head, leaving out some face-framing tendrils. Divide your mane into three sections and style each one into a roll. Curl your tendrils and add a polka dot bandana.

Blonde Pin Up Updo With Bandana


22. Vintage Half Up Half Down

One victory roll is great, but two is better. Don’t worry about trying to scoop your bangs off of your forehead. This girl opted to leave her bangs completely out of her victory rolls and the finished look is stunning. The petroleum color only adds to the appeal.

Pin Up Hairstyle For Pastel Hair


23. Wispy Hairdo for Short Hair

Pin up hairstyles can work for those with very short hair too. It’s just a matter of how you style it. She has used the length of her hair to the maximum advantage by sweeping the bangs to the side and backcombing the crown section. You can copy this cute hairstyle if you wear a pixie. Add in a polka dot bow and you’ll get proper short pin up hair.

Pin Up Hairstyle For Short Hair


24. Perfect Second Day Hair

It just happens so that another iconic pin up look is an excellent fix for second or even third day hair. Some dry shampoo, a little shine serum, and a few bobby pins take care of your roll – a signature of pin up hairstyles, by the way. A scarf takes care of the back, but remember that bolder is better.

pin up updo with a modern update


25. Classic Pin Up Curls

The soft curls framing the face, pinned perfectly in place – this is a classic retro look. It’s perfect for medium hair and because curls always do better on the second day, this is another fab style for days when you want to skip the shampoo.

medium-length blonde pin up hairstyle


26. Easy Elegant Updo

Here’s an excellent, glamorous updo for long hair or medium hair. The hat isn’t necessary, but you have to admit that it really makes the look. Though the finished product looks intricate, pinning your curls is as easy as … well, as easy as opening up a bobby pin, honestly.

curly blonde pin up updo


27. Loose and Laid-Back V-Rolls

Pin up hair doesn’t have to be perfect. This is laid-back and a little tousled version of victory rolls you can do yourself even if you are a beginner in hair styling.

blonde asymmetrical victory rolls hairstyle


28. Classically Elegant Pin Up Style

Many classic pin up ‘dos strive for this kind of perfection. The sheen of dark brown or black hair lends itself well to the signature shine of the era’s hairstyles – the idea was for loose but structured gleaming curls.

glamorous wavy pin up hairstyle


29. The Perfect Curls for Long Hair

This is an ideal retro look. Seriously, it’s top-to-bottom perfection, from the long curls to the cute hat. She has it cocked at the perfect angle with that big, beautiful, rolled curl styled to balance the hat.

curly pin up hairstyle with rolled bangs


30. Easy Curls for Straight Hair

Not everyone’s blessed with curly hair. You might have a little bit of wave but not a lot of definition. What you can do is to add a few large, defined curls with a thick barrel curling iron. It looks like that’s what this lovely lady’s done.

side-swept curly pin up hairstyle for medium hair


31. From Pin Up to Starlet

This is more than pin up fabulous. This girl has Rita Hayworth hair going on. Those are some serious curls, perfectly arranged but still bouncy and natural. Here are your hair goals!

pin up curly hairstyle for thick hair


32. Pin Up Rolls Updo

Seriously, these are enormous bouffant rolls and this style is so on point. This is legit pin up girl hair. Try it, we beg you!

brunette pin up roll updo


33. Vintage Meets Modern

How cool is this? Vintage pin curls meet the modern ombre trend, with a shock of bright purple dip-dye – to die for! Check out some images for this mix, there are several colors that actually add to the pin up look.

blonde and magenta pin up hairstyle


34. The Rosie Riveter Rock Star Look

Here’s another reason retro looks go well with black hair. It’s inexplicable but it somehow works. The more important point is this pin up hair itself – just look at it. It’s a little edgier and grittier than other looks of the era, more like the Rosie the Riveter badass look. See: Alex Vause, OITNB.

pin up hairstyle with a headband


35. The Curliest Updo

The intricacy involved in this style won’t be easy, but the patience is worth it. Actually, once you have your hair up, the curls shouldn’t be too hard to pin and spray in place. It’s just a very involved process.

blonde curly pin up updo


36. A Little ’50s Flair

Although this is still technically a pin up era ‘do, there’s something vivaciously ’50s about it too. The high ponytail, the bouncy curls, the straight curled under bangs, and that adorable headband – they speak of soda shops, jukeboxes, and poodle skirts.

pin up updo with bangs and headband


37. A Headscarf Goes a Long Way

It seems too good to be true, the ability to create signature pin up girl hair when most of your hair is covered. However, the headscarf is practically iconic, especially with perfectly curled bangs peeking out.

brunette pin up hairstyle with a scarf


38. Vintage Charm for Short Hair

To make an ideal vintage hairstyle a lot of patience and serious styling skills are needed. Sleek and neat, it can`t be messy and undone. That is why if you want to create a pin up girl look, you have to find the best hairstylist you can. This is your priority number one!

Sleek Curly Pin Up Hairstyle


39. V Is for Volume

Here we have another enormous roll that definitely impresses. Because it is so big, you’ll have to work to get the volume, but structuring a roll this large isn’t that hard at all.

voluminous pin up updo


40. Retro Curls with Modern Color

As mentioned, when it comes to pin curls short hair is best, but medium comes in at a close second. As long as you don’t have too much hair to pin, you’re generally okay – in that, you won’t get frustrated after twenty minutes and give up on the whole look.

funky pin up hairstyle


The point is, there are pin up hairstyles for every type of hair – long, short, or medium; thick, fine, or curly; red, black, or pink. It comes down to picking a style that defines your features and works with your locks. What’s your pin up poison?

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