Cynthia Dhimdis
Updated on December 20, 2023

Do you want to master some simple long-hair styles for special occasions? In this article, Los Angeles-based stylist Cynthia shows 7 easy and cute party hairstyles for long hair that can be recreated in 15 minutes or so. They’re all great styles for heading out to a party!

You can watch the following 7 video tutorials, choose one and let your hair do the flirting!

The List of My Favorite Hair Products

These are my most frequently used hair products and tools. Therefore, I recommend them for creating the hair styles in the below tutorial videos. You can opt for alternatives with similar functions (texturizing, volumizing, taming and so on), but I think many women will find life-changing products from the list of my current favorites:

Color Wow Dream Coat, for shine pre-blowout.

I love to spray this on wet hair before a blowout. I like to use this product if I want to achieve a sleek look in which I want my hair to appear glossy and shiny. This is great for those who have dull hair and want more of a shine to their hair.

Totalee Mist, for volume and texture pre-blowout.

This product is great for those who have slippery hair and won’t hold a curl. I spray this product in before the blowout, and it adds grit and texture to the hair, making the curls last a lot longer. This product is super lightweight, as well! It does not feel sticky at all.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, for volume and texture.

Who doesn’t love a good texture spray? This is my holy grail. I use this after I curl my hair. I spray this throughout my hair, and it brings it to life. This spray adds volume and texture to give it more of a lived-in look than a regular polished look.

The Dry Bar Triple Sec, for texture and grit.

This is also a cheaper option for a texture spray, which I love as well. This one gives my hair texture and an airy feeling, making my curls look effortless.

The Ouai Dry Shampoo, for volume.

Aside from how great this product smells, I love how well this adds volume to my hair. It just gives it that extra oomph, along with absorbing oils from the hair so it makes the look last longer without getting oily.

The Ouai Matte Pomade, for sleek looks and flyaways.

Love this for any type of sleek ponies, buns, braids, etc. This product is matte, so it does not make your hair look super wet/oily.

Oribe Free Styler Hairspray, a working hairspray for a flexible hold.

This is a great hair spray for flexible hold. It still adds hold, but it is not sticky, unfortunately.

CHI Farouk Royal Treatment Rapid Shine, a lightweight spray for gloss and shine.

Love this product for my sleek looks. After I straighten my hair, I like to spray this all over to give my hair that extra shine and gloss.

7 Hair Styles for Long Hair

These hairstyles are my lifesavers! I believe every woman should master a couple of special hairstyles for special days…. or nights. Enjoy playing with your hair and learning new hair-styling secrets!

1. Coachella Buns

I love this hair style because it is super easy to do, yet super cute to wear to festivals, events, etc.

Key Tips:

  • Backbrush ponies to achieve fuller buns, and it adds more texture to buns, making it easier to mold and secure. I’m using The Dry Bar teasing brush.
  • Add random bends to the hair with flat iron for texture. I’m using GHD Platinum+ 1” Styler.
  • Add random braids for an extra pop of detail.

2. Pierced Accent Braid with Messy Waves

A little edgier than the regular beach waves, this cute party hairstyle is also great for basically any kind of party.

Key Tips:

  • Alternate directions of the waves.
  • It’s an effortless look, so slide the curling iron through hair quickly and slide through the ends so that they are not curled, and you’ll get more of a wave. The messier the better, so no need for perfect curls.
  • Braid hair, starting with a Dutch braid and adding hair as you braid, but once you get to the round of the ear, start doing a regular braid.

3. Soft Pretty Curls

I love this look because it is versatile, you can dress it up or dress it down, and it will go with pretty much any type of event. This hair style is perfect for when you are going out to an event, such as a wedding, date night, holiday party, or even just a night out with some girlfriends.

Key Tips:

  • Gather the front section of hair and tie from the back to make sure it stays tucked behind the ears. I like to use the Ouai Matte Pomade to make the front part sleek, and it also gets rid of flyaways.
  • Curl everything going away from the face. I’m using the GHD 1-inch Classic curling iron.
  • Curl from the mid to the ends.
  • Brush out curls to get a soft wave. I’m using Olivia Garden Supreme brush.
  • Use Amazon bang clips to help keep hair in place and finish with Oribe Free Style hairspray.

4. Pull-Through Braid Into a Messy Pony

When you’re exploring a summer festival, and on your Day 2 in the camping tents, I totally feel you. All you need is this hairstyle. It is perfect when you don’t have access to an outlet but still want to do something cute with your 2nd-day hair. This is also great for when you are camping, at a lake, anything outdoors, this cute party hairstyle will come through!

Key Tips:

  • And a quality dry shampoo, such as Oribe or Amika. It creates a volumizing effect and adds texture.
  • Tie top mohawk section of hair, then clip away. Then, grab a section of hair beneath it and tie it together. Split the first section of the pony in half and then bring up the second section and clip away. Keep doing this throughout the hair until you reach the neck, then you can just make a pony. I know this sounds confusing, but if you watch the video, you’ll see that it is much easier to do than it sounds!

5. Flirty Textured Pony Tutorial

Oh, who doesn’t love a good pony! Ponies can be worn literally anywhere! If you are going to a special event and want hair away from the face, just do a cute snatched pony. Or, going to the gym and want to still look cute? Wear a cute pony. It’s easy to do and can be worn for any type of occasion.

Key Tips:

  • Split hair into two sections; it will help you have more control of where you want the pony to lay and prevent it from sagging, since there is less hair in the section.
  • Back brush curls for a fuller pony.
  • Spray hairspray on a toothbrush to tame any extra flyaways.
  • Wrap pieces of hair around the curling iron; do some away from the face and some toward the face to add texture.

6. Romantic Curls

This look is great if you want to show that you put a little more extra effort in your hair. It is more of a glamorous curl and is great for special events, such as a wedding, red-carpet event, date night, etc.

Key Tips:

  • Curl everything in the same direction and pin the curls.
  • Brush out curls to get a softer wave.
  • Keep playing with the hair with your hands to try to mold the hair how you want it to lay.
  • Use the setting clips to keep hair in place, and then spray it down with hairspray.
  • Back-brush curls to make them look more full. I’m using Bumble and Bumble Strong Finish Hairspray for hold.

7. “Wavy Baby” Hair

Who doesn’t love the beach waves!? This is my favorite look because I love to wear this as my everyday hairstyle. It is an effortless look that can be worn to work, the beach, any laid-back event, etc. It’s easy to do because, for this look, you don’t have to worry too much about perfecting the curls. Once everything is brushed out, it all comes together as an undone look, which I love.

Key Tips:

  • Alternate directions of the curls (except for the top front section I curl away from the face).
  • Slide curling iron through the ends, instead of curling them so it has more of a wave finish than a curl finish.
  • Start curling at the top of the strand vs. the middle or bottom. I’m using GHD 1.25 Soft Curl Iron.
  • I use a wide-toothed comb to break up the waves to make them more soft and effortless.

Hopefully, I’ve just added some new cute party hairstyles to your arsenal. Follow me on Instagram for more hair inspiration, tips and ideas.

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