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Updated on August 26, 2021
Ombre straight hair is a beautiful way to showcase your hair color without a ton of effort and upkeep. With a good colorist and a reliable flat iron, you can pull off this look no matter what your hair type is.

Ombre Straight Hair

With straight hair it’s important to show the smooth fade or transition of color. You may introduce ombre highlights or decide on the fade that starts at the mid-length level. The second option looks good on long hair. Ombre highlights will work even for the length of a shoulder length bob.

1. Straight Beauty

Highlights make long hair look longer, which is even further accentuated by straight strands. Using a high quality flat iron, choose a dramatically straight look when you’re hoping for a beautiful change.

light brown to blonde ombre for long straight hair


2. Bright and Bold Black To Red Ombre

Since straight hair showcases color so well, why to stick only to natural hues? A bright fire engine red, an electric blue or a cool purple can really make hair pop.

red ombre for straight black hair


3. Dramatic Color Change

Many varieties of trendy ombre straight hair demonstrate subtle transitions of color, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You may also try this dramatic dark to light style with beautiful blonde ends.

black to blonde ombre


4. Going Dark With Light Brown To Black Ombre

Another standard trait of ombre hair is dark on top cascading down into a lighter hue. Mix things up by trying out a reverse ombre. It’s creative while still remaining gorgeous.

reverse brown to black ombre


5. Shoulder Length Hair With Ombre Highlights

Hair doesn’t need to be super long to look good with an ombre style. Shoulder length hair is just as beautiful, and if your hair is of medium thickness, it will look even better. Best of all, it will take less time to flat iron your hair in the morning if you weren’t blessed with natural straightness.

long bob with ombre highlights


6. Multicolored Ombre With Rainbow Strands

Utilizing the dark to light technique, you can liven it up with some rainbow colored strands. These will look really fun on straight ombre hair, but you can also experiment with some added curls.

pink blue and purple ombre highlights


7. Understated Color

Sometimes ombre color can be too dramatic for one’s personality, which is why trying a subtle ombre may be best. If you end up loving it, you can always go for something that makes more of a statement. It’s much easier to add than reverse when it comes to hair coloring.

dark brown hair with subtle ombre highlights


8. Short and Sweet Ombre For Bob

Too often we associate long hair with flowing, Disney-princess inspired locks. In real life, where we have work, school or kids to look after, a shorter style is perfectly acceptable. Short long styles look just as lovely on hair that doesn’t reach past the shoulders.

brown blonde bob with ombre highlights


9. Black-Red-Blonde Ombre Hair With Bangs

Ombre for straight hair is fun to wear in a variety of hues, and it is made even more unique with bangs. These will soften the dramatic look of the color while beautifully framing your face.

red and blonde ombre for straight black hair


10. Color Into Curls With Subtle Ombre

Straight hair can quickly look dull or weighed down when it grows long. You can fix this by adding some curls to the bottom of your mane. Locks of medium thickness will hold curl best.

dark blonde ombre for brown hair


11. Sleek and Sassy Ombre Hair For Black Women

Use short straight ombre to bring some fun and sass into an otherwise ordinary hairstyle that stays on the short side. Perfect for a professional environment, this shoulder-length ‘do is layered to further showcase the color.

caramel brown ombre for black women


12. Creative and Bright

Ombre on straight hair looks lovely for any occasion, but it gets really fun when you work some truly vibrant colors in from top to bottom. Following the same technique of “dark to light,” this straight hair starts out fuschia and works its way down into an orange-yellow.

purple to red ombre on straight hair


13. Burgundy Ombre Highlights For Black Hair

Another form of a subtle ombre is blending it with highlights. Choosing a color that compliments your natural hue, you should have a few highlights on the top strands, with more color gradually increasing with each layer.

black hair with burgundy ombre highlights


14. Shades of Blonde

Sweet and simple, this traditional blonde ombre is beautiful on thinner, straight hair. Add in some light layers to welcome in the dimension and further definition of color.

brown to golden blonde ombre


15. Lovely Layers

Ombre straight hair turns even more beautiful when you add in some angled layers that cause hair to truly cascade and tumble into different directions. To get this look, blow dry your hair with a round brush to achieve the flared layers.

brown blonde ombre for long hair


16. Highlighted Angles

Go for an angled cut and then add in ombre hair color to draw attention to its beautiful lines. Highlight the tips and sides, leaving a darker shade at the roots. Angled cuts can soften strong facial features and also really score in the trendy “messy” look department.

brown blonde hair with ombre highlights


17. Into the Blue

Mega-long and straight hair can look lovely with a brightly colored lower section. If your hair is very dark, choose a vibrant color like this electric blue. If you do go for a bright shade, be sure to keep the ends regularly trimmed. The color will draw attention to the quality of your hair.

black to blue ombre for long hair


18. Natural-Looking Ombre For Straight Hair

Part of the ombre’s beauty is the fact it illuminates hair without a lot of effort. You don’t need an intricate style or a stressful morning routine when it comes to a straight ombre. Just choose your colors, go to the salon and you’re good to go.

straight brown ombre hair


19. Pretty in Pink

At a medium length, this hairstyle features fun pops of pink throughout. It’s a great choice when you’re looking for something whimsical and fun that won’t break the bank.

pastel pink ombre for brown hair


20. Colorful Long Hair

A subtle ombre looks best when one color gently darkens into the other. This can be taken a step further with variations of gorgeous colors that complement each other. One example would be an ocean-inspired light green into a deep blue. You could also choose pink to red, yellow to a deep orange, or even white into black.

light brown into blue ombre


Don’t be afraid to try an ombre on straight hair. It’s one of the most creative and classy color techniques out there right now, and everyone, starting from young teens to older professionals, is rocking its graduated hues. If you are nervous about trying a bright color but would like to try, pick up some hair chalk or temporary dye before going for a permanent solution at a salon.  
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