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Updated on December 21, 2022

How about getting creative with intricate braids? Fishtail, Dutch, French, double – the sky is the limit to your options. If you don’t want to chop off your locks but would rather try some creative styling instead, you should definitely check out the concept of the milkmaid braid updo.

Present-Day Milkmaid Braids

Now it’s hard to say where exactly this updo originated from – Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, or, maybe, Greece – but today this style is universally popular and worn by fashionistas in every corner of the world.

1. Bright Milkmaid Braid with Bangs

If you adore the finesse of a classic braid and are longing for the effortless elegance that a milkmaid braid offers, consider styling your hair through a fusion of the two. The combination works amazingly for girls with bangs, so try it if your bangs aren’t grown out.

messy milkmaid braid updo


2. Thick Milkmaid Braid

You may say that not all girls are blessed with such rich, long, thick hair. Yes, but you can always use extensions, can`t you? The model in this photo did the same trick. Another aspect that makes this thick braid so beautiful is the chunky auburn highlights; by weaving highlighted hair into a braid, you get a super pretty result that makes the hairstyle even more interesting.

messy chunky milkmaid braid with highlights


3. Dutch Milkmaid Braid

You can incorporate a Dutch braid into your crown-like hairstyle by dividing your hair with a middle part along the back and weaving two braids upside down. An alternative for using hairpins to secure the braids in place, a Dutch milkmaid braid will look and feel fantastic throughout the day and night.

milkmaid braid updo with dutch braids


4. Pastel Purple Milkmaid Braid

It’s amazing what impact pretty pastel colors have had on beauty trends! Something that was once reserved for punk subculture is now worn by every other girl in the street. Pastel colors look equally pretty on short, medium and long hair alike. Purple, pink and blue are all personal hair color favorites for girls around the world, and they all look stunning with milkmaid braids.

pastel purple hair color and milkmaid braid updo


5. Milkmaid Braid with a Scarf

You shouldn’t let shorter shoulder-length locks stand in the way of your beautiful milkmaid braid; get a chic accessory like a bandana or a thin scarf and weave it into your braid. You will not only enjoy a fabulous braid, but also get that retro glam edge we all adore.

milkmaid braid for shorter hair


6. Messy Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Several aspects make this crown-inspired hairstyle drop-dead gorgeous. First of all, a fishtail is used instead of traditional braiding. Secondly, two overlapping braids are done in a messy texture, creating a full and dynamic look. What could you want more for a stunning casual updo?

messy Blonde updo with fishtail braids


7. Double Milkmaid Braid

If you’re not fond of fishtails but you still want a full milkmaid braid, use traditional braiding techniques while keeping the idea of two main braids. Ladies with long hair can easily try out a double milkmaid braid on any occasion.

milkmaid braid updo with two braids


8. Messy Milkmaid Braid

Channel your bohemian roots with a messy milkmaid braid that won’t be too fancy for everyday wear. The key to a messy milkmaid braid that still doesn’t get out of control is to let a few locks fall free in the front and add a bobby pin every here and there.

loose and messy burgundy milkmaid braid


9. Neat Milkmaid Braid

A neater alternative to the messy milkmaid braid is the sleek one. What the two have in common is the loose locks, but a sleek braid will have the rest of the hair elegantly secured in place.

classic milkmaid braid updo


10. Fishtail and Milkmaid Braid Twist

If you can’t choose between a fishtail and a regular braid, you can always blend both as milkmaid braids. Use one fishtail braid and one traditional or Dutch braid and place them one next to the other for a double milkmaid. Make sure to secure any loose strands with bobby pins.

milkmaid braid with fishtail


11. Thick Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Upgrade your fishtail braid game with a thick milkmaid hairstyle. Let a few strands naturally frame your face, take the rest of your long hair and weave it into a large fishtail braid. Bring it around your head and secure the braid with bobby pins.

updo with messy fishtail braid


12. Basic Milkmaid Braid

Keep it sweet and simple with a basic milkmaid braid for both casual and formal events. If your hair is longer, take the braid and wrap it around your head. In case you lack length, make two braids and unite them at the top.

simple milkmaid braid updo


13. Boho Milkmaid Braid

Your milkmaid braid can look even more adorable when you go for extremely messy texture. Leave as many loose strands out as you please, both around your face and all over the head. Put in a few bobby pins so your braid doesn’t come apart and enjoy the impact.

messy brunette milkmaid braid updo


14. Tight Double Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids look very nice in natural texture. Vary the tightness of your braids and position them closer to or further from the hairline, trying to find your most flattering look. Smooth the edges for a neater finish.

double milkmaid braid for natural hair


15. Milkmaid Braid for Long Thin Hair

Super long and wavy hair can be shown beautifully through a loose milkmaid braid with a couple of free-flowing locks in the front. You will get the benefits of a milkmaid braid while highlighting your long hair at the same time.

milkmaid braid with face-framing locks


16. Full Crown Milkmaid Braid

A milkmaid braid always looks glamorous from the front, but how about the back? Turning your milkmaid-inspired hairstyle into a full crown braid will make it look more fabulous than ever.

crown braid brunette updo


17. Red Hot Milkmaid Braid

Whether you’re a natural redhead or you chose to dye your hair fire red, a milkmaid braid will always look splendid on you. As your hair color is already striking, you can opt for a simple messy milkmaid braid with two loose strands in front.

milkmaid braid updo for red hair


18. Pushed Back Double Milkmaid Braids

For a traditional approach to milkmaid braids, don’t leave any locks loose in the front and comb your hair neatly behind your ears. Add a drop of sheer elegance by choosing two milkmaid braids instead of one.

two milkmaid braids updo


19. Messy ‘Do with Highlights

Fishtailed milkmaid braid with a messy finish and sun-kissed babylights are a fantastic choice for bringing some fresh changes into your hairstyling routine.

fishtailed updo with highlights


20. Single Milkmaid Braid

This is a perfect braid you can achieve with relaxed hair or extensions. However, a milkmaid braid updo with natural hair would look here even more beautiful.

milkmaid braid for african american women


As you can see, the wonderful world of milkmaid braids is filled with all sorts of ideas to help you get started. Nevertheless, the best hairstyles are tailored to your personality, so don’t be afraid to get creative and braid your way to the enhanced beauty!

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