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Updated on June 26, 2021
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3. Short Line Up Haircut

A shape up haircut (another common name for line up hair) is the opposite of messy. The sharp edges around the hairline and beard help to chisel facial features, making any haircut a lot more handsome. In between haircuts, you can trim your own beard and learn to master the art of edging.

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What is a line up haircut? C’mon guys, it’s not that complicated. A line up just means your hairline is on fleek. If you’re still confused, we’ve got you covered with pictures of line ups that apply to just about any short and short-to-medium men’s haircut.

Line Up Haircuts

These, also referred to as shape ups, are characterized by the precise hairline, cut in a straight line and angled at the temples. You can combine this perfect hairline with any cut and style of your choice.

1. Pompadour Fade with Line Up

This haircut is evidence that a line up can be cool to try. Sorry, he didn’t #wakeuplikethis. This style requires some blow dryer love and some expert gel application. Not to mention that perfect line up! To keep it fresh, regular trips to the barber will be required.

2. Designed Side Part Fade

A line up haircut can be combined with any other style, because it simply means that the hairline has been edged to perfection. What makes this stand out is the designed side part, which gives another dimension to the line up. A good line up always blends well with other elements of the cut.

3. Short Line Up Haircut

A shape up haircut (another common name for line up hair) is the opposite of messy. The sharp edges around the hairline and beard help to chisel facial features, making any haircut a lot more handsome. In between haircuts, you can trim your own beard and learn to master the art of edging.

4. Long Top Temple Fade

This style is the right amount of retro and modern. It takes us back to the late eighties and makes us remember some good times, but the style still looks fresh even today. To create a perfect men`s line up haircut, barbers spray the hairline with water, hairspray, or apply aloe vera to keep hair in place before cutting.

5. Long Undercut with Line Up

Undercuts come in all shapes and sizes. No really. They can be totally smooth on the bottom, or have a fade. They can be a little ragged and unkempt, or like this incarnation, well cared for. For a clean look, ask your barber for a line up.

6. Bald Fade with Line Up

With high fades (where the fade starts up high on the head), it’s best to match where the fade starts with the natural appearance of the hairline. Here, the fade starts at the level of the hairline. Paying attention to details like that is what barbering is all about!

7. Smooth Low Fade

With a freshly done, line haircut, you might notice a little white line around the hair and the beard. Don’t worry, it’ll go away! That’s just the remnants of the aloe vera (or whatever spray or cream) your barber used to make it easier to edge the hair.

8. Retro Line Up

Edge up haircuts look solid in afros. This cut tapers low in the back and has a light fade around the temples. Combine that with some perfect edging at the hairline and you have a unique style that will have your friends asking who your barber is.

9. Edged Up Designed Haircut

Edging the hair looks really cool when incorporating other designs in the haircut. Notice how the arch starts at the temple, so that the hair there creates a triangular shape with a sharp angle. Any lines cut into the hair should be clean, smooth, and geometric.

10. High Fade with Clean Lines

One of the coolest things you can do with a line up is to make a boxed appearance. If your hairline is already mostly straight across (with no deep widow’s peak), then this is definitely a style you should try—especially if you like having your hair short.

11. Temple Fade Lineup

While line up haircut styles tend to be more common on textured hair, they work great on straight hair too. The hair will just need to be pretty short to pull off the look. This low fade haircut is super clean with the addition of perfect edging around the hairline, sideburns, and beard.

12. Mid Fade with Clean Hairline

When you get a shape up haircut, be sure to tell your barber how you usually wear your hair. If you like to part it on the side, that will affect how he makes the cut. Similarly, if you typically comb and style your hair forward, your barber will cut the hair at the hairline shorter than everywhere else so it all lays flat.

13. Side Parted Long Hair

This shape up haircut has perfect edging just on the forehead, because the temples are shaved clean to the skin. A line up is a versatile style that can be added to any haircut, so if you’re going to get a skin fade, you can still opt for clean lines on top.

14. Skin Fade Faux Hawk

For a line up haircut that isn’t ordinary or basic, go for a faux hawk fade. Halfway between a taper and a temple fade, this hip style is an urban, modern stand out. You can add gel or styling cream to the hair so it stands up. Since this is not an unkempt, punk look, plan on maintaining the edging.

15. Super Short Fade

No matter the hair type, whether tightly curled, wavy, or straight, any super short fade haircut should also have edging. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like you cut your own hair! Professional barbers are experts at choosing where and how to cut the lines.

16. Side Designs with Perfect Edges

While edging is typically all about following (and perfecting) the natural hairline, you can also have designs that are edged out. Think of it like blocking. Instead of just cutting in the design, the barber creates a stark difference in the length of the hair.

17. Edged Up High Fade

Any high fade haircut worth its chair time has edging. Imagine how messy the hair would look if the barber took care getting the smooth fade but neglected the shaping? If you’re lucky, that’s never happened to you. Most barbers edge all short, shaved haircuts.

18. Short Fresh Line Up

A line up for all edges provide a super clean look. So not just on the forehead and temples, but also on the cheeks in front of your beard, and behind your beard. You can also have the hair behind the ears and at the nape looking clean and perfect.

19. Short Wavy Line Up

While most people choose to go in to the barber for edge ups, it’s not necessary. If you trust your DIY skills, you can try it at home. It helps to watch some YouTube videos first! Especially with wavy hair, you need to use some kind of moisturizing or holding product to keep the hairline in place, so hair isn’t moving around while you are cutting it.

20. Sleek Mod Haircut

This suave cut just got a lot cleaner with smooth fading and perfectly edged lines. A designed side part with sleeked hair? We’re all about it. If this is the look you’re after, your best bet is showing your barber a picture on your phone. Trust us, it’s a little hard to explain.

Most likely you’ve had some form of a line up haircut before. But if not, you’ve likely gotten enough inspiration to pick the style that’s exactly right for you. The best part is you’ve also learned the lingo.

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