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Updated on April 17, 2021

Have you ever dreamt of changing hairstyles the way you change clothes? Well, it doesn’t seem so unrealistic, anymore! Now, with a wig, you can wear a different one every day of the week or you can change them up whenever the mood strikes. Wig brands now have managed to produce higher quality synthetic coiffures. Also, social media gave birth to countless beauty bloggers who are the greatest source of inspiration today. For the next time you feel like dramatically changing your look, we have collected 10 different and fashionable ways of styling wigs, inspired by beauties from all over the Internet!

1. A Wig That Matches Your Makeup

We don’t have as much time as Instabloggers, who apply tons of makeup and spend hours on taking selfies. But, this idea is worth remembering to use on a special occasion! The color of your wig can be inspired by eye shadow palettes, lipstick colors, or random pieces of clothing. Monochrome looks are as fashionable as never!

Mauve Wig With Blunt Bangs


2. A Wig for Creative Braiding

Hair bloggers love wearing wigs because of the new possibilities for styling and, in particular, braiding. If your mane isn’t long enough to try that tempting braid tutorial, you can buy a wig and have fun with it. And, yes, it can be the one with unicorn pastels!

Unicorn Colored Pastel Wig


3. A Wig with Vintage Vibes

Retro-inspired looks and good Ol’ Hollywood aesthetics look cute on almost everyone; that’s why they call them classic. British blogger @beautyspouk often experiments with Marilyn Monroe locks or Brigitte Bardot fringes. Her Internet friend, @neciashairstyling, provides her with personalized vintage wigs. “All my coiffures are synthetic hair, lovingly hand-styled to perfection,” Necia says. And, this process looks like true art!

Monroelesque Blonde Hairstyle


4. A Shitty Wig for Selfies, Only

If you weren’t lucky enough to pick a quality synthetic wig, you can still creatively use it! And, by that, we mean taking fun selfies to surprise your friends and add new colors to your account. If things are too bad, you can always crop the hairline. Makeup blogger @victoria_anne_makeup shows how it’s done!

Platinum Grey Faux Hair


5. A Wig for Street-Style Moments

Street fashion bloggers have to shoot all the sh*t they get from brands. Sometimes it’s hard to create a look that differs from your other Instagram pics. And, that’s when wigs really help! YouTuber and makeup artist @ganzayagn rocked this pink coiffure, pairing it with a velvet jacket and hip jeans. And, this photo brought her the max amount of likes.

Rose Gold Lob For Black Women


6. A Wig to Wear with a Hat

If you’re unsure of your ability to adjust your wig properly, and the hairline still looks unnatural, you can always wear a cute headdress. From wide-brimmed hats to tiny French-girl berets, there are options for everyone! Makeup blogger @maddiecarina knows this trick and actively uses it!

Long Blonde Wig With Full Bangs


7. A Wig for a Mermaid Look

Worried that you’re not having enough fun? Start taking notes. If you feel like rocking unicorn hair, it’s wise to try on a wig before going for an expensive hair-coloring appointment. Going mermaid can be harmful for your hair, while wearing a wig has no room for regrets. You can choose any shades you like, vibrant or pastel, and then style this dreamy mane however your heart desires.

Blue To Yellow Long Wig


8. A Wig for Impulsive Women with Scissors

If you’re always busy growing out hair and then planning a bob haircut, you need a mini collection of wigs. Hiding long hair under a short wig can be challenging, but video tutorials on YouTube will surely help. Fashion blogger and YouTuber @sophierimmerr loves this game, and it’s always interesting to watch her switching among different moods and lengths, just by changing her wig.

Brunette Faux Lob With Side Bangs


9. A Wig to Recreate an Iconic Look

Cosplayers always used wigs, and social media only boosted this movement. For example, the grand #bratzchallenge made women all over the world recreate the looks of Bratz dolls (as if contemporary ladies don’t do it on a daily basis!). Anyway, beauty blogger @itsisabelbedoya would not be able to achieve such a stunning result without wearing a wig.

Pastel Pink Mermaid Wig


10. A Wig for the Other Side of Your Personality

Sometimes it’s hard to translate what’s happening inside our head. But, being creative helps! Some women would simply make do with eyeliner and red lipstick, while others would color the whole face red and wear a headband with devil horns. Listen to yourself and be open for new ideas, because, y0u know, YOLO!

Angel Devil Hairstyles With Wig


Hopefully, you’ve found some tips and ideas that’ll inspire you to try on some wigs and enhance your personal style! And, who knows? Maybe your experiments with style will lead you to gain millions of followers.

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