Sally Underwood
Updated on December 19, 2023

Instagram and magazines may be full of images of hair that’s thick and voluminous, but, for many of us, the reality is hair that’s, well, a little less than full-bodied. Genetics, styling and even postpartum hair loss can leave us with locks that are less bouncy and more on the fine side. So, what can we do to get thicker hair naturally for glossy, full locks? Read on to find out.


For immediate impact (that can work for years to come), there are a few styling tips to instantly make hair appear thicker.

1. Trim Ends

Wear and tear often makes the very ends of our hair slightly thinner than elsewhere on our heads. So, to create an overall impression of thicker hair, make sure to trim the ends regularly (at least every six weeks).

2. Go Wavy

Waves and curls naturally add dimension and fullness to hair, making it look thick. Create beachy waves by styling hair with a curling tong or even straighteners. Or, for heat-free waves, allow shampooed hair to dry naturally in plaits.

3. Switch Up Your Parting

A wide or thin-looking part can give hair an overall impression of fineness, so help take the focus off by switching to a side, or even a zig-zag, part for a fuller look.

4. Keep Styles Short

The longer hair is the thinner it generally appears, so keep styles shoulder length and above for a sense of thickness. Equally while layers can help make some styles appear fuller, for hair that is really fine skip them and instead go for a blunt, one-length finish to give a thicker, fuller look.

5. Highlights and Lowlights

Adding a couple of different tones to hair can create a three-dimensional effect which adds a sense of thickness. Just make sure to deep condition colored hair to preserve its health and prevent breakage.

Hair Care

Encourage healthy hair growth for beautiful, long thick hair by getting locks as healthy as possible with the right products.

If you have a big event coming up and a little bit of time to work on the health of your locks, it could be possible to get hair looking thicker in as little as a month, simply by protecting and conditioning its length.

6. Scalp Care

Hair health starts with a healthy scalp, since this dictates how well hair can leave our follicles function. Product buildup or dry skin can block follicles, preventing hair from growing healthily. To counteract, incorporate a scalp scrub like Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Water-Activated Scalp Scrub into your routine twice a month to help your hair grow long and thick.

7. Clarifying Shampoo

Between exfoliation times, help to prevent further product buildup by using a clarifying shampoo such as Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo.

8. Brush Gently

Regular hair brushing helps to prevent tangles and to distribute healthy oils through our length and to the ends. But, using the wrong brush, or being too firm, can cause breakage. Instead, opt for a gentle tool like Revlon’s Detangle & Smooth Cushion Hair Brush, and take the time to brush hair gently and in sections.

9. Deep Condition

Our strands are prone to breaking and weakness over time, so make sure to protect and repair your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment, like Biolage’s Hyrdosource Conditioning Balm, for thick, healthy hair.

10. Skip the Serum

While serum is a great product for frizzy types, finer ones can become weighed down by this product. The result can be hair that has less body, so skip the oilier or silicone varieties and instead keep to thinner, lighter leave-in conditioner formulas to add shine for beautiful, long thick hair.

11. Thickening Products

Alternatively, opt for products specifically designed to make hair appear thicker by adding volume. These include shampoos and conditioners such as Love Beauty and Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.


We know that what we put into our bodies has an impact, and, to get hair to grow healthier so you can have long, thick hair, there are plenty of vitamins and other nutrients that can help.

12. Vitamins

There are plenty of specifically-designed supplements aimed at supporting hair’s needs with ingredients like Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as iron. One option is Advanced Biotin with Keratin, or, alternatively, check out Ouai’s Thinning Hair Supplement for stronger, longer hair after 90 days.

13. Fatty Acids

If you don’t fancy a targeted supplement, you could instead up your levels of Essential Fatty Acids for hair health, with a product such as Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules.

14. Healthy Food

As well as being great for your overall health, you can increase your intake of the vitamins needed for beautiful long, thick hair with a natural diet rich in fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and protein.

Quick Fixes

While you’re unlikely to be able to get hair permanently thicker overnight, there are a couple of temporary fixes that will get thick hair fast.

15. Dry Shampoo

Not just a hair savior on days between washing, dry shampoo is actually great for volume, too. Spray close to the roots and throughout your hair, making sure to get the sides and underneath too, before massaging it in for instant volume and thickness.

16. Hair Extensions

For a long-lasting fullness, consider extensions. Just make sure to get high-quality ones because if they’re applied wrong, they can actually damage your hair.

17. Mind the Gap

For any small gaps that show when your hair is in a ponytail, use eyeshadow or bronzer similar in color to your own hair to quickly fill them in.

18. Narrow Parting

Similarly, if your parting is starting to look a little wide, you can add some eyeshadow here, too, for a full effect.

19. Color Spray

Easier still, there are colored hair sprays or powders, such as L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up, which can just be sprayed quickly through any thinner areas for instant cover.


20. Ask a Professional

Finally, if your hair thinness is less an issue of hair type and more a sudden change, or if you are losing hair rapidly, consider going to a dermatologist or trichologist for an expert opinion on some further options.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally full-bodied hair, but for finer hair types there are plenty of fixes, both quick and long term, to get your hair long and thick.

And whatever hair type you have, always make sure to look after your hair’s health with a gentle product routine, plenty of water, fruit and vegetables, and regular conditioning.

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