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Updated on February 25, 2021
Many girls with short fine hair enviously look through the pictures with fancy updo hairstyles and believe that this beauty is not for them, because their locks lack the needed length and thickness. I’d like to dispel the myth and show you how fabulous you can look with an updo for fine short hair. It’s a great updo idea for your prom, wedding or any other epic event in your life where you need to look superb. updo for short fine hair updo for short hair back view Observing the abundance of curly updos in red-carpet looks, we realize that these have been a big hit of the last few seasons, and they are still on. If your locks are at least of the classic bob length, you can easily afford a curly updo, regardless of your hair thickness or its structure. This updo hairstyle can be styled on both straight and curly fine hair. In case your hair is straight, you need to curl it previously with a flat iron. If you curl your short locks often, the good news is our updo can be also done on the base of yesterday curls. So you can alternate your casual hairstyles: playful curls today and the elegant updo tomorrow. Here comes the step-by-step instruction.

Elegant Updo For Short Fine Hair – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Prepare The Base For Your Updo

Fine hair usually lacks volume and looks limp. Curls add the desired volume and create beautiful texture as a good base for a curly updo. Curl your hair with a flat iron, previously dividing it into sections. Start from locks in the nape and keep working up towards your crown. Clamp a lock at the roots and rotate the flat iron so that the lock passes between the plates of the appliance from roots to ends. Curl the locks in the temples away from your face, holding the flat iron vertically. Once you have finished, tousle your curls slightly so that they acquire the shattered texture. This way your updo will look more voluminous in the end. how to curl your hair at home how to curl face-framing locks

Step 2: Backcomb The Crown Section

Your updo will look more elegant and sophisticated with a light bouffant that is achieved with backcombing of the locks in the crown section. Section off thin horizontal locks and backcomb them with a flat comb. how to make updo with a bouffant

Step 3: Shape The Knot At The Nape

Carefully bring the ends of the locks together at the nape, as if making a small pony and swirl them into a tiny knot. Fix the knot with bobby-pins and hair spray the result at this stage. how to style updo for short hair how to make a knot for short hair how to do a low knot for short hair knot in the nape for short fine hair styling updo at home

Step 4: Arranging The Curls In The Temples

Now work on the edges of your updo. Take each curl on the sides of your face and bring it up and back towards the bouffant, arranging all the curls in fancy waves and fixing each wave with hair spray to keep it in place. updo for short hair tutorial updo for short hair step-by-step instructions how to style updo for short hair tutorial how to style updo for fine hair Let’s see the lovely look we’ve achieved. curly updo for short fine hair updo hairstyle for fine hair I’m impressed by the delicacy and exquisite elegance of this look. It’s pretty versatile, by the way. I can imagine it with an evening floor-length gown or a light casual summer dress. Feel free to borrow the idea and pin the Hair Tutorial we’ve done for you in Pinterest. curly updo for short hair tutorial
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